January 31, 2001-4:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Cowards of Pacific Updated:

Yah, that's right I've found another long time trash talking newbie want-to-be for everyone! Our newest contestant is Evil Orion of UWO err...wait...(looks for the guild of the week)...E&K.  Now normally when people make warring guilds they put charcs in that actually have decent skills.  Is it just me or does only one person in that guild even have a GM skill?  I guess they're too busy making cheesy ass webpages for their 4 members and talking shit from in their house to actually get some skills and learn to PvP.  Today in Yew this bumbling gang of fools tried to fight 2 OPP members and lost miserably.  Six corpses later and one red OPP they retreated to talk trash from the safe confines of their House (villa NE of Yew bank).  So next time you are in Yew stop by and say Hi to them for OPP.  Oh yah...OPP has declared war on all of their stones...Think they'll accept? hahaha...

Cowards of Pacific

Open 2 browser windows then Click Here on one and Click Here on the other...

The real pic is courtasy of OoB.  Thanks for getting to the bottom of that mystery guys!

What would a Cowards post be like without pics of them doing what they always do best:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Pics courtesy of The Order of Balance [OoB], yah click the link!

January 30, 2001-8:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

DF News:

OPP "was never" a big guild. OPP never won any war without DF and CH help. They started out from the X-road as thief guild stealing from newbies and notopking. Jackal started banking in Ocllo when Dracus of FL was coming back to UO and after NC left UO. DF and OPP became friends after good start and we became allies. Due to the lack of wars for us we started putting members into OPP stone to war TL, OoB, TL, VVV, D&S, ESF, TBH, BH, TSL, Orders and other enemy guilds. Back then TSL and OPP were not friends, after a while TSL, TBH and OPP became friends and conflicts started between TSL ( Orders stone Was it BH? ) and DF. After OSI posted about Faction, more conflict between TSL and DF arose. TSL wouldn't accept DF's war challenge directly so DF decided to join Dr$ to fight TSL. Only 50% of DF were on the DR$ stone due to fact that most of us was busy in real life. Then Jackal decided to do his great faction planning by joining TSL to their allies column and helping TSL attack and killed couple of DFs. So that was when he decided to pick TSL over DF and CH, but things didn't went as smooth as he planned. DF, CH, VVV, TDP, =I= became friends and we worked with each other to glorify the Minax faction along with other guild that join when the first day of faction. OPP, TBH, TSL, DP OoB, and bunch of other newbies joined SL. This leads to the death of  TSL and TBH and back to #1 and #2. At the moment, OPP only have four active members (Orion, Likewed, Terak, Jackal ), but Terak dies too much so he decided to join CoM to spy for SL and block us while we fight. Which he is wasting a good account to help do OPP dirty work.

Full Post (DF News)


*gets out his secret decoder ring*


Hmm...and what do we have here?


"OPP "was never" a big guild. OPP never won any war without DF and CH help. They started out from the X-road as thief guild stealing from newbies and notopking."


When OPP UO was in its prime we had over 80 members.  At the time we warred SM and had open declarations on XLords, Crimson Sky, KGB and PGC (the stone those guilds were on).  Has DF ever had 80 active members?  DF didn't even exist when OPP started warring!  CH was started in Jholem by Nightmare and they warred the Pimps of Jholem for control of Jholem bank.  I met Nightmare at the X-roads and supported his war against Pimps of Jholem.  Without our support CH would have been crushed because they were both smaller and less skilled.  On numerous occasions I came to Nightmares support and helped him forge his guild.  Ch no longer exists and died the day DF took it over.  OPP has never even had thieves on our war stone (X-Roads Assassins).  Anyone who was actually around in the fall of 97 knows that Thugs [OPP] and Clan Blood were PK guilds.  I remember meeting YY Boy at the X-roads and at the time he was in "Hong Kong Police", or is "Hong Kong Police" the old name for Dragon Family?  I suppose Chaos can call all the great pvpers in Xlords, KGB, and CSE "newbies" but I wouldn't.  Ohh...and how does a Dread Lord notopk?


"Jackal started banking in Ocllo when Dracus of FL was coming back to UO and after NC left UO."


Actually Jackal started banking at Occlo because several old time OPP members owned houses about 15 seconds from the bank.  OPP started banking in Occlo because Jackal called out the regroup points and he banked at Occlo.  Get it?  I don't know why this is all so confusing to DF...OPP and DF became allies during the KGB war (which started in August of 1999, which was some time after the NC war because NC went to EQ which was released in March of 1999.).  I guess Chaos's memory is a little fuzzy...


"Due to the lack of wars for us we started putting members into OPP stone to war TL, OoB, TL, VVV, D&S, ESF, TBH, BH, TSL, Orders and other enemy guilds."


Uhhh...Actually the only DF on the OPP stone were YY, Dumb, and Purgatory and that was with second charcs.  OPP never even warred OoB...Umm you said TL twice...DF warred D&S so umm? ESF was order and DF was chaos so umm?  OPP warred BH, TBH, and TSL long long before DF and OPP were allied.  Why would DF join OPP to fight order when their own stone was chaos?  I'm confused...What exactly did he list those guilds for?


As far as DR$...TSL were OPP allies for about a month before DR$ was restarted for the week.  TSL wouldn't declare war on DF because they didn't want to put OPP in an allied warring situation.  DF didn't care about that because they went ahead and joined DR$ putting OPP in that bad spot that TSL was avoiding (See OPP News September 11-14, 2000).  DR$ then mass recruited guilds like TDP and PH (long time OPP enemies) and began attacking OPP and blue healing our enemies.  This problem was brought to DFs attention and was ignored.  After several weeks of this OPP declared war on DR$ and requested DF leave the stone and resume a TSL war on their own stone.  DF refused and DR$ accepted the war (it didn't seem to bother DF that they were on a stone that was warring allies).  Right after the war was accepted 3 OPP members were killed by DF at Occlo and didn't even try to fight back.  OPP took the fight to DR$ and didn't attack DF on DR$.  This became a problem when Orion of OPP killed Henry of DF after Henry refused to stop attacking.  DF began going all out on OPP so OPP attacked and took control of Occlo.  DF members quickly quit the DR$ stone from inside their house in Occlo and came out to talk.  Shortly after DR$ undeclared OPP and DF rejoined.  A day or so later due to internal conflicts DR$ fell apart and went away.  Then DF proceeded to join the TDP stone which was at war with OPP.  Weeks of attacks on OPP by DF on the TDP stone led to an OPP declaration on DF (See OPP news November 25-26, 2000).  The alliance officially ended and war began.



As far as us not being active, anyone who plays know there has been a group of 5-10 OPP traveling around since Saturday.  We haven taken the CoM base twice everyday since Saturday and stolen all the sigils every time.  Terak joined the CoM stone because of "something interesting" outlined below on News for January 29.  Do you honestly think Houdini has only one 7x Gm charc in OPP?  Silly kids...BTW Chaos I'm still waiting for you to answer my question regarding your post outlined in OPP News for January 29 or should we just assume you were lying?



I just want to say a couple things about this whole "DF is cheating" deal.  OPP has made our case and continues to provide proof to back it up.  Obviously if we had totally conclusive proof we wouldn't make it public.  DF has admitted to using a number of different cheats.  On the OPP msg board the GM of DF admitted using the "horse kill method".  I call killing a blue horse in town an exploit and a cheat and he calls it a method...go figure.  What is funny is that DF has yet to even deny using councilors and loopholes in the game.  They have said we should get firewalls (Chaos I got another question for ya bud.   Since you have such extensive experience with Networking and I'm sure you know more then me since I'm only a Networking Major in College: How will a firewall stop people in an online game from using exploits and abusing counselor and Gm powers? You can answer here) which will be really helpful...yah I was talking about firewalls...uhh...Apparently we don't know game mechanics either and hell, how would I know anything about UO mechanics, it's not like I've played for 42 months, been an active reader and poster on all development forums, and posted all updates on this news page since its existence have I?  Last and definitely least DF claims that the reason every major guild and every faction has complained about them is because we're all losing and we're "sore losers".  DF has all but admitted their guilt by becoming so defensive so quickly and constantly trying to change the subject.  Every time anyone posts anything about exploits DF immediately moves the focus to something or someone else or becomes surprisingly sarcastic.  They have even resorted to posting long drawn out fictional stories that insult and falsify half the Pacific Shard and it's history to get the focus on other people.  I find this all very amusing and I find posting about it even more amusing.

January 29, 2001-11:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

UO Recruitment:

Just a reminder that we took the Mages Only restriction off joining OPP UO Pacific a few weeks ago (so stop emailing me asking, go look for yourself!).  So yes, if you are a warrior and are looking to join we will consider you for membership.  I would also suggest that those wanting to join read how to join very carefully, if I get an email from someone and it doesn't list the proper info I will just delete it.  Also, keep in mind that when joining OPP UO you are also applying to join the OPP Online Gaming Guild (which you will be part of when you become a full member), so you do not need to apply twice.

Click Here for Info on Joining OPP UO

January 29, 2001-5:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

Beta Phase III CDs Ship:

We have started to send out the beta III CDs. 1200 will be sent out this week, and these people should expect an e-mail quite soon. Next week we will add 3000 new testers at the start of the week. If everything goes well, we will add 1600 more testers by the end of next week.
Please do not contact us with questions about your beta status. We are not able to check your beta-status. If you don't receive an e-mail, you are not part of the beta. We are planning to add more beta-testers with regular intervals. This means that it is difficult for us to inform the people who haven't been picked out.

Anyone get in?

January 29, 2001-2:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

DF Loose Their Minds:

"I guess OPP can never win against DF. I repeat myself... OPP choose their side and they are loosing for it. Now since they can't win, all they can hope is to claim that DF cheats."

-Doby GM of DF

Full Post


"Everyone know that Jackal is Losing Respect, when they lose a war, he make Excuse to cover it up."

-Chaos of DF

Full Post


Talking about complete psychotic head cases...  This sounds like some other people who we used to fight.  Why do guilds think that they are winning when it takes 2-3 on 1's to stand a chance?  Yesterday at West Brit Bank 5 OPP took on 6 DF, 1 CoM Newbie, and 1 Wiseman...killing 5 DF and making the rest run.  Then a gate opens with about 15 assorted CoM and 3 OPP die while killing 4 more assorted CoM (10 CoM dead vs. 3 OPP dead).  Now who is winning?  Sorry, but the fact that you have massive numbers doesn't win you wars.  The Minax bandwagon began to slow down and what did DF do?  Quit and joined another Faction that had more people.  What they don't realize is that most people in CoM can't stand them because they never help anyone and they're always running.  Soon the rest of CoM will quit to join another faction and DF will have to jump again when the odds even up.  


This bit about choosing our side and loosing respect?  Actually if they remember correctly DF were the ones who started attacking OPP and calling us racist names.  OPP worked for months to work out problems and DF pretty much just laughed at us.  So why would any of us care about respect from people who backstab their allies and so called "friends".  Also I would love to see a DF member please let me know how many wars OPP has lost and tried to cover up (Post Here).  So I'll repeat this statement that I end up saying every war.  Until you can win even battles you will never win a war.  I fully expect DF to war OPP until they get banned or until SB comes out.  We both knew at the beginning that neither of us would ever give up. So sorry DF, you started this war, you started the cheap/lame tactics, and you started the miraculous strange happenings and you'll have to pay the consequences.



Something Interesting:

While SL had the sigils at our base we made walls of tables with only one way through so our base would be easier to defend.  About 10 separate times councilors came to remove the tables and tell us that using them to block the way was a bug.  The councilors would conveniently come just before a Minax attack.  This is the CoM base a couple days ago:

We repeatedly sent in CoM to remove the candles (because 3 different councilors told us it was legal) and they replaced them.  So hmm, lets think...

January 27, 2001-3:10 A.M. PST-Jackal

More Updates:

-Today we have updated two sections.  First, we updated the Screenshots section of Sorcery to include two new screenshots and two Wallpapers.

-The two screenshots have our heroic Centaur venturing into the Desert Regions where he first finds an Irekei Temple and then comes face-to-face with a Giant Scorpion.  The two Wallpapers show off our Black Drake, the second also including a female Paladin.

-The other update is our Guild section. Going along with the theme of the week (when we first showed off the World Map), we have updated the Guild Section to show you the list or Titles/Ranks for each Guild Type.  Pay special attention to the bottom of the page where it gives you the prerequisites for the top Guild Ranks.


Keep them updates comin...

January 27, 2001-3:10 A.M. PST-Jackal

Has anyone noticed that although you may never or very rarely loose connection or lag when it does happen there is a DF on the screen?  I would guess I’ve lost con about 5 times since I got my DSL due to connection problems.  Since we started warring DF I’ve lost con about 30 times and there is always a DF near me (why is that?).  Has anyone noticed that sometimes the DF they’re fighting gets healed even though there is no one around?  How does a townie heal with magic when they are running with their weapon in their hand?  Has anyone noticed people disappearing when they get low?  This has been happening a lot since the DF wars.  So I wonder what makes people want to cheat the system to win?  I can understand little things but on a large scale why would anyone want to obviously and blatantly abuse their power.  They must know they will be caught but I guess they figure it doesn’t matter since UO will be gone in a few months.  It’s sad that people have to go to these extents to win and It's funny that people have to go to these extents and still can't manage to win.




What the fuck is with this newbie?  I’m new ressed in stat loss trying to get to Moonglow bank with 5 of the 8 regs.  I see Mega and assume if I attack he’ll just run off like every other orange.  So I run around a little and another orange comes and says “1vs1”.  I say nothing and start to head out (we all know 1vs1 means wait till Jackal is low then kill Jackal) Mega hits me for 60 with his hally, poisons, and ebs.  I died.  This is nothing special but what I find pretty funny is he proceeds to laugh at me.  Then his little buddy says:

“hehe take a screenshot, that was 1vs1 and I didn’t even attack”. 

Mega replies with:

“nah I’ve killed him plenty”

First off, Mega you have never killed me (yes I mean when I’m not new ressed).  He must think he’s Wiseman or something making up little tales of greatness to impress the morons just over from Tram.  Ohh well, I’m sure this type of stuff happens a lot when I’m not around, but meaningful slander of morons definitely belongs on this page, so here it is.

January 26, 2001-5:10 P.M. PST-Jackal
Chesapeake and Sonoma:
Some OPP members have been playing Sonoma and Chesapeake again. Both sections have been updated and re-opened.
OPP Allies & Enemies Section Updated

January 26, 2001-2:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
Patches and Updates:
Pacific has been patched with a number of changes:
Update Center
Spawn Changes (who cares)
Karma Locking (who cares)
Fixes to the Faction System
Players not in factions will no longer be able to enter faction strongholds. This includes pets and hirelings of non-faction members. A bulletin board will be placed outside of the faction strongholds, to allow players to sign up to join the faction.

A problem with faction stones losing accurate records of the faction’s town guards and shopkeepers has been fixed.

A problem with faction hued items appearing on players who are not carrying a town sigil has been fixed.

A problem with faction voting has been corrected, so that faction members may only vote once per voting session.

January 26, 2001-1:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
CDs Ship for Beta III:
We have now started to print the CDs for AO beta III. E-mails to the people who have been picked out for this stage of the beta and CDs will be sent out at the start of next week. This will be sent out in several batches over the next few weeks.
Again, we would like to remind you that printing and sending out the material you need to start playing will take some time. This is only an update about where we are in the process at the moment.
Anarchy Online

January 25, 2001-5:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
OPP Begins Preparations for Shadowbane:
With Shadowbane beta rapidly approaching OPP has begun to make preparations. For starters we will be taking applications for members, info on alliances, and any other ideas you may have. I strongly suggest that any of you out there who don't know what you're doing when UO goes under (or are planning to go to UO2) make up your minds (and not go to UO2 because, well OSI is running it...). For those of you saying: "this is my last online game", you're full of shit. If you are willing to put the effort into reading this page you will be in another MMORPG. The only questions are which, when, and with whom. The way to really have fun in a game like SB is to be TOTALLY prepared and with a successful and LARGE group. When SB is released we will all be useless newbies in a New World which we will know very little about. More info and news to come about OPP preparations for SB...Stay tuned...
Click Here for info on OPP Shadowbane

Official OPP EQ recruiting ends (EQ Sections Closed).

January 25, 2001-4:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
RPG Planet Poll Ends:
Last weeks poll which previewed a number of MMORPGs and asked which massively multiplayer online RPGs people are most anticipating that is expected to come out in 2001. The results are not surprising but definitely interesting. The one surprise of the group is the game that came in third: Ultima Worlds Online: Origin, what kind of a drunken moron voted for an OSI product? Go see for yourself.

January 24, 2001-11:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
The Shadow Legion Leaves UO?
Note to all:
The Shadow Legion's presence in Ulitma Online is most certainly in its dwindling moments. Many members have moved on to other games, while others await the release of the next adventure of choice. As such, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few words to mark the closing of this chapter.
This is my chance to thank everyone that made TSL what it was. Thanks to all members, past and present. Thanks to our friends and allies. Thanks even to all those idiots that we killed countless times, you have no idea how much fun you provided. Thanks to everyone.
I have played UO for the better part of three years. In that time I have probably experienced most of what this game has to offer. I can say without a doubt my time in TSL was easily the best of it all. That enjoyment had little to do with the mass of victories, heaps of loot, or even the coffers of gold. Simply put it was the friendship.
Friendship is what it is all about. The thing about true friendship is that it never really dies. TSL like friendship, will not die. I have no idea where TSL is heading. I have no idea what the next batch of games will produce. I have no idea if I, or any TSL member, will be interested in any of them at all. What I do know is that we came together as friends, and we leave this game as friends. Personally, I can't ask for a thing more...
Dryden - Guild Master of TSL

From the TSL Webpage
Perfectly said...and I think all of us that have been with UO for some time see the end. Every time a guild leaves UO, UO becomes easier, less fun, and a crappier game...So with every departure we wonder when will the last major guild leave?
Today we see TSL go, who will be next?

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone in TSL for being great allies and great enemies. I guess it's easy to appreciate a group when you have both faught with them and against them. I'm sure our paths will cross again, so until then...
*tips his hat*

January 24, 2001-1:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
Links Section:
The Shadowbane part of the Links Section has been updated with major guild links.
Info compiled from:
Aerynth Atheneaum
Crossroads of Shadowbane
Shadowbane Vault

January 23, 2001-1:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
Info Dump:
Information release arrives! Check out our new Title Page with updates centering around the Interactive Political World Map. Specific areas of detail include:

Sneak Peak of our first Beta World, "Aerynth"
Details on the first 8 Safeholds (GM-Run Cities)
Hypothetical Examples of Player Kingdoms as they change over time
Information on Guild Formation and Leadership
Coat of Arms Examples
Guild Titles and Ranks
Kingdoms, Provinces, and City-States
City Building and Defenses
and screenshots of how player decisions change the Political Landscape over time!

Make sure you read the Interactive Map FAQ for details on all of this and more.

Tons of new info. Definatly worth a look.

January 22, 2001-11:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Beta is Ready:
"The team are doing the last preparations for the beta III CD. We will send out a mail to everybody as soon as we are starting to print the CDs. This should happen in a few days. Please remember that printing and sending the CDs still will take some time."
Anarchy Online

January 20, 2001-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Future of MMORPGs:
It looks like the first two massive multiplayer online role-playing games we'll see this year will be Anarchy Online and Shadowbane. Shadowbane clearly has the bigger community at this point and looks like it will be a huge success. Anarchy Online is more of a sleeper because there really isn't all that much info available about it. RPG Planet has done an article called "The Most Promising MMORPG" which lists most of the upcoming MMORPGs and gives you the opportunity to vote on which you think will be best. I hate to say it but Shadowbane is the one game that looks like it will follow through with all their promises. Shadowbane's graphics are very clear and crisp (see new swamp screenshots) but you may never see them because I believe they are still going with a system that uses less pixels to cut down lag (in other words, if you can't keep up you will loose graphic quality rather then lagging). AO also has decent graphics (although they don't look as nice as SB's IMO) but Funcom hasn't said what they are planning to do about lag (AO will have somewhere around 100,000 people in each world. With that many people, a large world, and good graphics they are going to have to have one hell of a system to keep it "lag free").

Info, Links, System Requirements, Previews, Interviews, and Files for Shadowbane
Info, Links, System Requirements, Previews, Interviews, and Files for Anarchy Online

These are the two sites i go to for frequently updated info on AO and SB:
AO Basher
SB Vault

If you're looking for links to info sites for each game check all the network sites and links for each game here.

January 20, 2001-1:00 P.M. PST-Josh

CS Clan:

Jackal and I have decided to try an OPP CS clan. The let downs from OSI have pushed a lot of OPP members out of UO into other games. We will be looking to recruit new members and setup matches with other clans. If you would like to join or setup a match, Email Josh.

January 19, 2001-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Links Section:
The Links Section is being continually updated (daily) so if you're looking for guild, rant, news/info, movie, sites click here. I would appreciate it if everyone linked would return the favor and those of you who have us linked and still haven't updated for the new address please do so

January 18, 2001-4:30 A.M. PST-Jackal
Faction Updates:
My main comp is down so I've been updating in notepad (bear with me).
Faction wars have been going very favorably lately because it seems most shadowlords have put the effort forth to try to better the faction. As of right now SL has several guild pages updating info, several chats, and a message board. Shadowlords continue to hold down all the cities even though True Brits and Councel of Mages have began to grow in power (while Minax has been suffering). Last night there was a large clash for the sigils between SL and CoM forces which ended in yet another decisive victory for the Shadowlords (for more info on that battle click here).

In other UO news Vet Rewards are on Pacific finally and just as I expected it has kept thousands of people in UO for another month (OSI is actually smarter then us and that is sad). Keep the bait coming OSI and your mindless followers will send their money.

In guild news it would appear that while TBH is making a comeback TSL is in a bit of a mess with people unhappy with the new leadership (this is none of my business but it is "news" and the people have the right to know!).
Also ODB now has a website.

This Post on the OPP Message Board touched off a bit of a debate that some of you may be interested in.

OPP has been number one on the Ultima Online Top 100 for Clans
since they updated their site. If you're looking for UO sites this is a great place to start looking.

January 18, 2001-4:40 A.M. PST-Jackal
OPP Webpage Refreshed:
All sections of this page have been updated to keep them as current as possible. If you have any questions regarding OPP, the games we play, or our members please read the appropriate section before emailing us.


January 17, 2001-9:50 P.M. PST-Jackal


I haven't been able to play UO much but as far as I can tell everything is the same (that's a shocker). People are still cheating and I guess DF jumped to COM. There are also some Faction Changes coming in soon to address the bugs and blues. Ohh, yah...Vet Bait came in today and on a good note I've finally come to my senses and started selling off all my rares and rewards.

January 17, 2001-9:50 P.M. PST-Jackal


If everything is still going as planned everyone can look forward to the next phase of AO Beta any day now.
The Items Section has three updates now:

January 17, 2001-9:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Official Site

The Horizons Official Site got a facelift and looks a lot better. There are also a few links to new fan sites and some info about a Horizons eGroup.
Check It...

January 13, 2001-11:20 A.M. PST-Jackal


Could everyone please update your links sections with the new OPP Webpage. Also, if you have an opinion about any of the new games coming out please take the time to comment here.

January 12, 2001-12:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

What's Next?

I've heard a lot of talk lately about the future of gaming and why "insert favorite game here" will be supreme. It seems Dawn has somehow popped up and pushed its way in with Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, and Horizons. In comparing and contrasting what we know about the above games I've come to the conclusion that I haven't talked to anyone that has been able to convince me what will be best. I plan to publicly compare these games over and over as times goes by but first I would love to hear what game you and your guild will be going to and why? If you haven't decided yet tell me why? The more info the better. My goal here is to make sure everyone is able to make an educated choice when the time comes.

January 10, 2001-10:21 P.M. PST-Jackal

Webpage back up!

More to come...

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