January 29, 2002-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

SL Takes Britain:

The exploits continue.  The exploiting is picking up as we seem to be hit with something new everyday.  To be honest I have no idea how this last one was achieved because I was gone when it happened, but here is the situation.


Yesterday in the late afternoon Minax forces took the SL base.  A few battles followed as SL and Minax forces fought back and forth for the Brit and Yew sigil.    Both sigils changed hands a number of times throughout the night.  Once the primetime hours hit SL forces logged out and Minax had no one to fight.  We held the sigils until sometime between 10PM and 1AM.  When I got back on around 1AM, I personally re-stole the Brit and Yew sigils and delivered them to the Minax base with Naomi Genova of OPP.  Neither sigil was corrupted and both were reset for sure as late as 1AM on the 29th of January.


When I woke up this morning SL owned Britain.  Now there is absolutely no doubt that some sort of a massive exploit was used here.  I have checked the server status and there has been no crashes that would have reverted the sigil timer.  I know that the majority of SL are well aware of this too.  All the SL that were on the 28th saw groups of Minax reset that sigil.  So Britain sigil was corrupted through the use of an exploit and the GM I spoke to about this seemed well aware of the situation.  I say this to the SL who are exploiting:  A number of you have been reported for numerous exploits that have been used spanning the last month.  We have documented the major game altering exploits and have pictures and video of at least the one's we have witnessed.  Just recently we leaked a little bit of what has been going on and people seem very upset.  OSI now has all of our information and there's no doubt in my mind that after the latest exploitation that people will be banned.  OSI may be lazy and stupid but they're not going to let someone turn sigils instantly or in a few hours.  By doing this, whoever did it has affected the game play of every person involved in the Faction System.


I'm very concerned that a lot of people may be targeted due to the widespread cheating that has been going on.  The whole "I didn't know" ignorance is going to get you all banned.  I urge those of you who are not doing anything who may be in the top 10 or so SL guilds to tell your guildmates to stop.  As much as OPP is against cheating, we don't want to see all of our competition banned because OSI came down too hard on this problem and just banned the guilds.  We don't need another mass banning on Pacific so STOP CHEATING!!!

January 26, 2002-6:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

SL Comes Out of Their Holes:

Yesterday when I logged in I was informed that SL had been holding the sigils since the server crash-a-thon of the 24th.  Apparently they had taken advantage of the fact that the log-in servers has been acting up for almost 24 hours.  I went to scout the situation around noon and of course there was already a very large group of SL defending.  Minax grouped up as best we could and attacked.  Battle after battle, Minax forces kept attacking (unlike SL who only attack if they have huge numbers, other factions, and plenty of dragons).  We simply didn't have the numbers to put up any sort of fight as SL piled in all day and night.  A few of the SL were doing a good job defending their base, playing within the rules set forth by OSI, and having a good time.  I commend those SL who who actually came out to fight and have fun within the rules of the game.


Unfortunately, certain groups of SL decided that their base, traps, tamers, and numbers advantage wasn't enough and started exploiting a number of bugs that seriously affected the outcome of the battle as the night went on.  It's absolutely ridiculous that these guilds feel the need to be constantly exploiting.  Fortunately for us, we were ready for an exploit-fest after the last few SL base defenses.  We managed to get pictures and video of everything that was going on.  I've decided to publicly post some of the things that were going on below.


The groups of SL (mostly KGB, B&B, SDS, and HH) would group up near the back stairs of their Faction Stronghold.  Then they would wait for someone to come on incoming names and meteor them through the wall at huge distances.  As you can see from this picture and this picture they were firing their meteor swarms well past the legal distance.  After killing someone they would then proceed to teleport through the wall to the outside of the stronghold.  We captured pictures and video of almost every present SL using these exploits to their fullest extent as they would camp the walls of their base, fire meteors ridiculous distances at people who were well off their screen, teleport through the walls to go loot, then teleport back in through the walls to safety.  Here are just a few pictures to show how widespread the exploiting was, including the majority of the SL Guild's Guildmasters and ranking members: Romeo, Ryu, Fenris, Gummo, Naylor, Tybalt, Ozzy, Lan, Matt Bellis, and Castro.


After GMs had been poking around for awhile one of these genius's put together that they should probably stop:

Conversation between Lan, JuJu LaRue, Castro all of Bad & Beautiful [B&B]


JuJu LaRue: heh Cheater

Castro: nah

Castro: thats all skill

JuJu LaRue: OPP is telling on us to gms for that

JuJu LaRue: id stop

Lan: fr what

Lan: Teleporting?

JuJu LaRue: Teleporting through walls

Castro: laf

Castro: calling us cheaters

JuJu LaRue: Well

Castro: i didn't know it was a bug

Lan: me neither

Castro: all bases have fucked up shit like that

JuJu LaRue: ye

JuJu LaRue: they do it too but

JuJu LaRue: they gonna call

JuJu LaRue: they already did


Then Spazito Chavez of Knights of Glory and Beer [KGB] runs up as Castro proceeds to explain how to gather the sigils through the use of yet another exploit.


Castro: to jack our sigils

Castro: u hold a chest in your feet

Castro: log out with it

Castro: on your cursor

Castro: it drops you on the roof


The conversation was cut short as a fight broke out.


I'm not sure if the GMs just took down names or actually talked to the exploiters, but the exploiting did stop after the GMs showed.


Minax continued to attack and this time had enough people to make some progress.  As we pushed the SL back we were attacked from behind by TB and CoM.  To be honest I was left shaking my head and laughing.  SL had us outnumbered in the protection of their base and still needed TB and CoM to help SL push Minax back (after our group fell back the TB and CoM left).  As we waited stat loss the sigils were beginning to turn so we fell back to our cities and a number of massive SL loses followed.  Finally after hours of fighting SL was able to stealth people up to the sigil monoliths and drop the sigils.  Seven of the eight sigils had turned leaving just Britain up for grabs.  After losing the last of the seven corrupted towns we headed back to SL with a decent size group and took down the horde of SL at the crypts easily.  Without TB, CoM, or the use of exploits the SL group stood no chance against a Minax group that was about 3/4 SL's size.  After their defeat the SL logged out, apparently happy with their seven towns and unwilling to face another relatively even battle.


It's pretty stupid that after almost a week of very little action to none at all, we have a group of 40+ SL to deal with.  Where are all these oranges other days?  Trammel?  Blues?  Whenever they have low numbers they don't log on.  It's frustrating to us because we log on to PvP and have fun.  It seems to me like our enemies only log on to gank and talk trash.  It's now very clear that its all three factions vs. Minax and it's crystal clear that the main SL guilds plan to exploit any bug they can to achieve victory.  It's my opinion that a number of things lead to SL getting the sigils back that ranged from less then honorable to downright cowardly:

-SL forces took advantage of the fact that no one could connect to Pacific for most of a day to cover the majority of their sigil defense (from the time our group started to get home and log on we had less then an hour before the sigils corrupted).

-SL forces bore us for days by not logging in, then suddenly log on with numbers that they know we can't even come close to matching in non-prime hours.

-SL forces fall back on blatantly exploiting known bugs when the tables start to turn on them.

-SL forces trash the spirit of factions by using TB, CoM, and a constant supply of blues to help them guard anytime the balance starts to shift in Minax favor.


Again, congratulations to the SL who just logged in to have a good time and recapture the sigils.  To the rest of you, I truly hope that you're not banned but if you are you certainly dug your own grave this time.

January 24, 2002-3:40 P.M. PST-Jackal


This is from a post I made a couple of days ago:
Just to clarify, we fielded a countermeasure for this exploit several months ago. It's still working today. This fix greatly minimizes any advantage someone using this hack would enjoy, while also logging the appropriate account information.

Since this fix went live, we've banned many accounts for attempting to use this exploit, and will continue to do so. We also keep tabs on other possible exploit software to ensure it has no meaninful impact on the game.
Rest assured we take this very seriously.

Full Thread

January 24, 2002-3:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Fun Stuff!


*connection lost*

January 23, 2002-3:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Will You Be Able To Handle it?

I've read argument after argument from big time SB fans about roleplaying in SB.  For those of you who have kept up on our articles here for the last few years know that I believe that the roleplay argument is a big myth.  There's a huge group of fans planning to move from UO Trammel, EQ, and the tame AC servers because of the roleplay and city building opportunities SB offers.  WP has done a hell of a job of selling the game to the masses.  Unfortunately, the game is not going to appeal to those people.  The majority of online gamers base their fun on "win or lose"/"rich or poor".


Everyone needs to just face the fact that the vast majority of the people in SB will be ignorant, immature, geeks, who take the game WAY too seriously.  Most people in SB will not roleplay in the style that the SB Lore dictates (in-fact most people will never even read it).  The vast majority of the dedicated player base will play for the challenge of constant PvP and I don't think that the current fan base can handle constant PvP.  I'm not sure how many of us old Dread Lords still exist in the UO community, but I remember PKing a lot of people numerous times for weeks straight and then never seeming them again (odds are they quit).  I can't tell you all how many times I've popped some random guy from some so called "roleplay" guild and had him come back and cuss me out.  Most people who turn to computers for entertainment are seriously lacking in the social skills, self esteem, and temperment departments.  They get killed, get angry and flip out, break something, go spam a message board, get laughed at by everyone, and end up quitting because they can't face the embarrassment of losing.  I'm sure most of you can name a handful of guilds off the top of your head that have been so caught up in their own image that they would rather quit the game, than admit they lost a battle or a war.  Mark my words, SB will be nothing like anyone has ever played before.  People and guilds will get utterly slaughtered and if people don't find some enjoyment in losing battle after battle they will quit.


I hadn't seen any of this mentioned in plain terms before so I thought I would toss it up for everyone to think about.  There's no doubt in my mind that Wolfpack will put out a great PvP game in Shadowbane.  What I'm worried about is the average fan's ability to handle how complex surviving in SB will be.

January 23, 2002-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Something to Fight...

Some SL actually decided to show their faces tonight.  Starting in Moonglow where SL forces were killed, then to Skara where they were killed in back to back battles, and finishing up at the KGB Tower where they were again, killed.  

It wasn't a particularly active night, but we did have a good time having at least some oranges to fight.  The Glow and Skara fights were pretty average.  SL groups were spoted killing guards so OPP gated in and of course had to chase them down for every kill.  However, the battle at the KGB Tower had an added bonus.


A small group of OPP had been camping the KGB tower for most of the night.  As more OPP showed up I guess a blue KGB noticed and called for backup.  Assorted KGB and HH gated in and engaged the small OPP force.  With backup on the way the small group of OPP stood their ground and prevented the KGB from grabbing any quick kills.  The main OPP group moved in and caught SL forces off guard killing several as they ran for their tower.  Amongst the group running for the tower was Jetstar, long lost leader of KGB  (apparently he's changed his stance regarding house hiding) and a number of KGB blues and greys.  After retreating to the safety of their tower the SL forces tried dropping EVs from the roof (hmm that didn't work).  With the our enemies in disarray and ressing their fallen mates we rushed the KGB tower killing the remaining SL forces including Jetstar who tried to hide and then run down the stairs.  Unfortunately, KGB blues managed to ban us before we could grab any loot. Thus came the demon rush.   Again, blues foiled our devious plan by blocking the door.  So we gated out in search of more oranges and to give the SL a chance to regroup (regroup? heh).  One of the Minax present had lost connection so I stayed behind to keep him invis as we gated out.  Jetstar must have noticed this as he rushed out of the tower trying to EV the disconnected Minax (umm he was in stat loss so he fizzled about 10 times, bright guy that Jetstar) and his blue helper dispelled the remaining demons.  One of our spies blocked the door, and bam Jetstar was in a 1vs1 with yours truly.  After running around the tower trying to hide several times he took a nose dive outside his own door with his blue helper hurrying to grab his loot.

No doubt the points you start with=P


I'm suddenly reminded of all the trash talking and board spamming we've heard from KGB since they returned to Pacific.  Just two weeks ago after SL corrupted the sigils behind a force 40 strong, Jetstar made this post.  How does that crow taste buddy?  KGB was never even able to reach 1/3 as many points as OPP with more active members and behind a huge alliance of SL guilds.  They've lost 1/4 of their membership since SL corrupted the sigils and they're dropping steadily.  So with KGB at the brink of destruction for the third time a calming silence engulfs the KGB leadership as the forums suddenly seem much quieter and more rational.

January 22, 2002-11:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Nothing to Fight...

The SL fighting lately has been pretty much non existent.  Through our two day hold of the sigils and throughout the weekend we found very little to no opposition.  Amidst claims of domination from our enemies we continued to find no one to fight.  On Monday we did manage to find a decent grouping of oranges.  Unfortunately they spent well over two hours in this house comboing out the door, never coming out to fight.

There was over 10 oranges in there with a number of thieves and two DF noto's outside (Johnny and Malice on blue charcs).  Apparently they're now executing the "bore our enemies to death" tactic...


"OPP Got slaughtered again tonight, that's right we all logged on blue characters and popped all their pouches!"



January 21, 2002-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal


11 New Pictures

J's Austin Trip Report

January 20, 2002-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Minax Takes the Towns:

There's been a lot of talk lately from the suddenly returned and promptly disposed of DF and bandwagon SL guilds of OPP inactivity.  I found this hard to believe due to the fact that whenever I am online I see OPP members out alone or in small groups complaining that there's no oranges.  As the SL bandwagon peaked about a week ago, Minax forces attacked the SL base for days straight trying to get to the sigils.  We never resorted to teaming up with other factions or brining in huge hordes of dragons.  OPP played for the the chance to have some oranges to fight (even if SL had almost every advantage).  It made guarding the sigils and trying to take them fun for everyone!


OPP started guarding the sigils at 10PM Friday night.  No attacks were made until around noon on Saturday (14 hours later).  The initial attack was all SL and was stopped (a fun/pretty even fight).  SL then proceeded to team up with numerous TB guilds, CoM guilds, and their force of 10 or so SL guilds.  The final SL count was 16 White Wyrm's and somewhere around 35 oranges.  Our significantly smaller Minax group (keep in mind this was around noon, to have that many on at noon is craziness) only managed to kill eight SL WW's before they started breaking through our front defenses.  As SL broke through the surviving Minax forces regrouped immediately outside the Minax base and kept fighting even though we had lost the sigils.  Within 30 minutes we had killed the SL around the Minax base, sieged the SL base, re-taken the sigils, rebuilt our defense, and started guarding again.  The Minax base wasn't attacked again at all.  After a 42+ hour guard you would think that our so called active enemies could have mounted at least two major attacks against the "newbie house hiding OPP who never log in".


It's my opinion that our enemies have no intention of playing UO for fun.  Their motivations are ones of revenge.  Look up and down the lists of guilds that are now teamed up to fight OPP.  We've defeated them all in the past and now it's just a long shot last hope alliance because all that matters to them is winning.  UO is supposed to be something people do for fun.  The facts of the matter remain, yet the leaders of our enemies continue to talk trash on message boards everyday.  Even while we were guarding the sigils and waiting for at least some sort of action our enemies spammed message boards.  Face it, you stopped playing for fun and started playing to kill OPP.  Just admit your intentions and stop talking about how badass you are on boards.  If you were as good as you all say you are, then we wouldn't be dealing with the situation we're currently faced with.


This is just another perfect example of what our enemies are made of.

You may return to your Message Boards...


Thanks to everyone who showed to help.  All the Loyal Minax and especially those who were on between 2am and 10am.  Thanks to nBc, OCC, and the rest of the Minax Guilds.

January 17, 2002-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Shadowbane Beta, Phase III:

Wolfpack Studios and ubi.com are pleased to announce that the official North American closed beta test has commenced for the eagerly anticipated fantasy-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) Shadowbane. Over two years of game development, internal testing, and design work by Wolfpack Studios has culminated in the release of this closed beta test. The selected group of beta testers, chosen from the rapidly expanding Shadowbane community, have started to enter the lands of Aerynth™ and experience the immersive world and addictive game play of Shadowbane this week.


"We are very excited that Shadowbane has reached this key milestone, and we are looking forward to seeing how the world of Aerynth and the community evolve during the closed beta period," said Jason Rubinstein, General Manager of ubi.com. "This test will help us further shape and define this great project with Wolfpack Studios and lead the way to commercial release."
Full Release



January 16, 2002-2:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Star Wars What?

A few of you have asked me whether or not OPP is looking at Star Wars Galaxies as a possible expansion.  Obviously this game is too far away to consider, but for now I'll tell everyone I'm not looking at it as a possibility because of this.  Whether or not OPP will consider it is still up in the air, but for now we won't be covering it.  If something changes and they decide to put some effort in to PvP my opinion may change.


I see no difference between using a Human to bash a NPC Orc in UO and using Some Squid Guy to bash a Giant NPC Slug in SWG.

It's all too mindless for me... 

January 13, 2002-3:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

It was to Good to be True:

After the huge amounts of SL that have been on the last few days and SL claims to dominate through the weekend, OPP decided to log on in force tonight.  Personally, I stayed home with plans of stomping our opposition.  OPP forces camped the KGB tower for almost 12 hours straight.  I was there for about 7 hours of it and during those times we saw less then 10 KGB.  OPP forces met very little resistance and only two major SL groupings which were both put down quickly.  For the last three hours we've encountered very little to no resistance anywhere.  Just random groups of one or two Trammy SL.  Is this how SL reacts to large groups of OPP?  Again, when SL had their big groups out OPP repeatedly attacked all day.  When the tables turn and OPP fields around 20 Minax, SL is no where to be found.  Well, not no where to be found as we saw the majority of KGB heading in and out of their tower on blue characters.  It's abundantly clear how this war will be fought.  When the combined SL guilds have huge numbers they will group and try to gank OPP.  When they don't have twice our numbers they will log out or play blue characters.


A few SL have attempted to lure the public into believing some half-baked bullshit version of the truth.  Pictures were posted here claiming that OPP was house hiding at the X-Roads.  We will fall back to our homes around the X-Roads to regroup after large fights.  However, enemies will not be allowed to stand foot on our territory for long.  The pictures here (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) are the completion of the battle from where this picture originated.  As you can see, oranges arrived at the X-Roads, OPP gathered ourselves and killed them as we did several times that night as SL attempted to attack our home.  While SL posts single pictures to back up some long winded ridiculous version of "what happened" we'll continue to bring you short, precise versions of the truth with pictures and links to back up every single fact.

Keep Trying Kids...

January 12, 2002-4:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Webpage Update:

Members Section Updated

Links Section Updated

Joining Sections Updated

UO Information Section Revamped

UO Joining Section Added

January 12, 2002-2:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

So it Begins...again...

With the new SL Alliance taking the towns last night we figured we would have a tough road ahead of us.  This could possibly be the most outnumbered we've ever been and as unbalanced as warring has ever been on Pacific.  The only sizable active guild I can think of (other then OPP) that isn't in SL is W@R, and they spend most of their time in Trammel.  It's pretty safe to say if we had won those SL base sieges it would have been close to a miracle.  As SL corrupted the sigils and left the safety of their crypts the tables turned and immediately they began losing fights.  Without massive numbers and faction traps the battles went pretty well.  The SL group was anywhere from 20 to 30 any any given time but open field fighting is much different then trying to siege a well fortified base.  So the turn begins tonight.  I expect to see the SL guilds peak very soon and grow increasingly upset after losing numerous battles where they had close to 2 to 1 odds.  It should be fun to watch this new bandwagon snowball into oblivion...

January 11, 2002-11:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Shadlowlords Explode/Familiar Faces Return:

The bandwagon is in full swing once again with the combining of the CoM and SL factions.  A sudden peak in SL membership has brought back a number of people who were MIA or cowering in defeat.  The last 24 hours have been interesting to say the least.  An SL squad that boasted more then 50 guarded the sigils last night.  Numerous attacks by Minax forces ended in swarms of SL pouring out from the crypts and in from the surrounding forest.  The only tactic that we had any sort of success with was baiting and killing smaller groups of SL.  Unfortunately, this also proved to be our worst enemy as our enemies would panic every time the odds got close to even leaving us hurt and open for attack.  At one point our group had killed more then half of the defending SL and were still outnumbered by more then 2 to 1.  Our constant attacks lead to nothing more then a handfuls of dead SL.  We couldn't kill them as fast as they would res re-equip and get out of stat.


By early morning the SL base was still buzzing with activity.  As our numbers dropped and went to bed, SL forces seemed to stay about the same.  When I went to bed early this morning our group had diminished to 5 while SL still had well over 30 people in and around their base.  By 2PM this afternoon when I logged on UO, SL forces already numbered over 30.  At the time of our first assault our group of 11 went up against an SL force of 34.  Needless to say our groups were nothing compared to the SL numbers as they more then quadrupled our numbers throughout the afternoon.  The SL forces held their base well though our constant assaults (*note* it would be nice if our enemies attacked us more then once or twice next time we guard).  As our numbers grew SL forces used blues to keep doorways e-fielded and stairways blocked.  Slowly our members turned red and were unable to even approach the SL base amongst a flurry of blues.  We were forced to change our tactics and again move out of the SL Crypts entirely.


So where did this sudden burst of activity come from?  As stated on this page a number of DF still play UO regularly.  This was denied by DF leadership as they claimed on three DF remained on UO.  A steady group of about 8 DF have been online the last 24 hours.  A number of them were seen rejoining the SL faction today.  With the prospect of huge gank squads to kill OPP our old enemies filter back to their previous positions of power, now allied for one thing: Try to kill OPP.  It's funny how age old enemies all team up for that shot of taking down a few OPP (hell, I'm flattered).  The long lost guild of ESF even joined in the fun tossing a few members into the battle.  Groups of BoD popped up again as if they were waiting for their opportunity.  Almost every house near Yew has been busy with "I Ban Thee's" as hordes of SL head over from Trammel.  SL now holds the vast majority of the active Pacific Guilds.  Combined DF, KGB, B&B, BoD, ESF, SDS, HH, AW, and DC group up with numerous un-guilded SL in unprecedented gank squads.   Groups who had joined factions claiming to be able to take down OPP alone now cling to each other in fear of defeat.  Reports have it that some of the smaller guilds have plans to join up with this growing bandwagon leaving OPP and the dwindling forces of Minax alone in opposition.  We welcome this challenge with open arms and remind everyone: we've faced the rest of the shard by ourselves before.  This time we have allies and friends who have been quick to come to our aid.  The current SL alliance is impressive "now", but like all of those before you and even previous versions of yourself, mark my words:

You Will Fall...

January 9, 2002-3:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Stupid People Starve Themselves:

There hasn't been any solid SB news lately so I'm posting about something totally pointless.  Seriously, I just wanted to put up the little SB picture and tell people to stop Emailing me about it.  Lets break it down.  SB has not been released yet, so the information OPP has is from SB webpages.  Obviously any information we have that isn't off those pages is secret so umm...yah it's secret (get it?).  Those webpages tend to be PUBLIC.  Starting to understand yet?  So here's what you do: Click Here and then click Official Shadowbane Website.  If you're really confused and can't handle that many clicks then just Click Here.  If you actually Clicked Here then you will see that some one has been bad.  It's funny that these people are such crazy SB fans before they've even played the game.  The current SB fan club is like a cult.  A big scarry one too!  It's really frightening what people will do for you if you have the power to give beta accounts away.  I'll share a secret with everyone about the SB staff.  They love completely nutty fanatic fans.  If you'll notice the main people they they respond to are the ones who spend five hours a day watching a Forum grow.  We've been covering SB for several years now and you don't see any SB people paying us any attention.  Hell, We told guys like Luz Arius and Quark about Shadowbane back in the day and now they're 24/7 die hard Pre-SB fans.  Go figure...I guess the SB staff is learning the hard way about the nutballs that camp their site all day.  They're CRAZY WACKOS!!!  buahaha!  We told Quark about SB so he would stop playing UO and stop bothering OPP!

Woot, it worked...


If you're happy and you know it Click Here!  No really, do it and take that poll, it's kind of funny la!

January 8, 2002-11:45 P.M. PST-Jackal

...and What's This Here?

Some KGB guys have made a New Pacific PvP Page.  The page looks nice and has some sections that look like they could be interesting in the future.  As always, OPP seems to be the main topic of discussion and there's a few things that need to be clarified:


Their News January 4 regarding OPP News January 2:

...those members were kicked because they were a secondary character on a member's account. Basically, they were kicked by factions. Whats funny is that he even took a picture of a blue KGB member ( Chivas, who is still in KGB ) as if to say that KGB leaders were actually dropping from the guild.


Those comments were never made by anyone here.  The point being made in reference to the picture in OPP News is: when KGB isn't out in huge gank squads they are on blue characters avoiding any chance of being outnumbered.  Obviously this includes and more importantly is a direct result of KGB leadership...


Their News January 6 regarding KGB Dominance:

The Shadowlords have obviously dominated the Pacific Faction scene, holding off raids by both Minax and True Brits. True Brits have continuously tried to bombarb the Shadowlord base, but each time failing to do so successfully. Meanwhile, Minax has tried to test there own luck. The last few days Minax has been beaten upon with no contest. Shadowlords and KGB are now in control of many towns after bravely defending their sigils.


I can't really comment on the activity of the TB faction, but they have (since this weekend) at least attempted to guard the sigils two nights and we've watched combined SL fall victim to them both times.  Eventually, in both attempts, Minax forces took the base and the sigils.  As far as SL sigil guards, in every case OPP has also taken the base stopping SL from corrupting the sigils.  In-fact, since they bring this up...The only reason TB and SL have towns at all is because of the last two OPP trips.  The weekend of the Rave in Arizona TB took 6 of the 8 towns.  This last weekend, the weekend of the OPP California get together, SL managed to take 3 of the 8 towns.  Both times they corrupted their sigils while large numbers of OPP were out of town and no where near a computer.  Rather than arguing that SL has lost the major wars every night lets just look at a facts that no one can argue.  SL has attempted to guard the sigils everyday since KGB, SDS, and HH faction hopped.  They still do not control all the towns.  As far as individual kills, clearly if SL was dominating then the Top 10 SL Guilds would hold more factions points than OPP, right?  If you look at the numbers you'll notice the complete opposite to be true with OPP holding roughly half again as many points at the Top 10 SL Guilds combined.  You'll also notice OPP members holding half of the top 20 positions and combined Minax holding 13 of the 20 spots.  Clearly SL is very big and as with every major bandwagon of guilds will group of huge gank squads.  However, I think it's pretty clear who is doing the dominating out there.


Links Section Updated

January 8, 2002-2:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Back, Alive, and Doing Dandy:

Well, everyone made it home alive from last weekends OPP extravaganza.  Everything went well and yes, we have pictures from the trip.  After I format our other computers and set up our network again I'll scan them in and get them up with the few pics I managed to take from our trip at Azizona too.

January 4, 2002-2:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Fun Stuff...While it Lasted:

We had some damn good fights last night.  The fighting began around 10PM at the SL base where we had reports of about 10 SL guarding.  OPP headed in with a little less than even numbers and easily pushed the SL back.  As SL re-enforcements showed up a large group of Minax responded to a faction message and took care of them.  I thought the last SL siege was easy?  This one lasted exactly 12 minutes.  Like taking candy from a baby!

*snatches Kellee's Candy*


The fighting then shifted to the KGB tower where a number of KGB were inside playing house tag.  We grouped up with none other then Anton of TBH (Uhh Ohh!) and headed to KGB land with a horde of demons.  The KGB were quickly taken down as they attempted to recall and flee from their tower.   The KGB counter attack consisted of six blues who attempted to attack us while we were flagged from looting, which turned into flagged from PKing...One of the funniest moments was when this guy attacked Eternal One in front of five other OPP and proceeded to spam 1 vs. 1 (whoops).  Then this KGB who tried looting (that's KGB honor for you "homos").  Last but not least, my favorite is this guy who belongs to the guild OPP Sucks [0PP], which was started by OPP haters in KGB some time ago in an attempt to make false pics and impersonate OPP members (again KGB honor at it's best).  We ended up killing all but one KGB that and even this moron who came on a red and ended up running half way across Britannia spamming.


With all the KGB dead we headed to Minax base to foil TB's attempt to steal our precious sigils!  Five sigil carrying TB got dropped as the fight spanned from Minax base to TB base.  Several large battles (which were mostly marathon running) followed in Britain.  Then CoM decided to join the fun which left CoM recalling and TB house hiding in their Cabin.  This fight left 20+ orange corpses all over Brit.


With most of the fighting done for the night we all split up and started looking for smaller battles.  To our surprise KGB, vbb, HH, SDS, and some other random CoM had grouped up and were hitting us in Bucs Den.  This was the single biggest fight I've seen since the first few days of the DF war.  It's also the first fight that OPP has lost more then a few people in since the first week of the DF war.  The final numbers were 21 CoM with 5 dead and 11 Minax with 9 dead.  As the OPP stood there dead someone asked, "I forget what we do now, it's been so long."  LOL!  As we regrouped CoM looted and continued to pick off Minax that were slowing filtering through the moongates.  The CoM group then proceeded to gate out and disappear...Shortly after the server crashed for about 20 minutes.  Upon it's return it was apparent CoM were happy walking away for the night with their win and had no intention of grouping again.  OPP looks forward to more fights like this one in the future!  That's the first major grouping of orange we've seen anywhere except in a base in months.  It was great fun, lets keep it up!

January 2, 2002-9:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Will the Real Eternal One Please Stand Up...

Some gimp with the name Eternal One has been running around attempting to scam innocent folks out of their money.  Obviously we've found the source of prior confusion.  I found this guy in Trammel Moonglow after I received numerous ICQs about an OPP scamming them.  First off, you won't find Eternal in Trammel.  Secondly always make any sort of deal via ICQ or email.  Those of you who got scammed I'm truly sorry but you need to be more aware of what's going on.

Look at this guy.  He's riding a llama for gods sakes and his sandals don't match!  His red is the wrong color, his hat is dyed wrong, and so is his armor!!!  Sorry ass imposter!

January 2, 2002-4:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

CoM Gets Trounced...

After two weeks of utter decimation the guilds that have recently made up the Council of Mages Faction have decided to scrap the idea of trying to hold out alone.  CoM attempted to guard the sigils for almost a week straight.  As each night passed the guilds SDS, HH, and KGB swallowed another major defeat.  As their numbers dropped off, CoM forces faced numerous major losses everyday.  Every time they grouped up to fight they were stopped in their tracks.  In my opinion these last two weeks have brought OPP some of the easiest kills we've ever had.  The current form of KGB is perhaps one of the weakest/over-hyped guilds we've ever faced, combined with the small groups of SDS and HH who count on their ability to run away or house ban, it's been a regular slaughter.  Several days ago I received word that KGB and the other CoM bandwagon guilds were moving to SL in hopes of teaming up with the current SL and overwhelming the other factions (I'll laugh if the faction is too full).  This was confirmed last night as both CoM and SL grouped up to guard the sigils at the SL Crypts.


The fight began around 10PM PST and raged for several hours.  Again, this was possibly the easiest SL raid OPP has ever been involved in.  Members of HH, KGB, and SDS were easily baited out of their base and killed.  A group of five OPP managed to take down a total of 11 SL/CoM before we decided to assault the actual defenses of the base.  We put out the call for all OPP/OCC to come and rushed the remaining SL/CoM.  They were easily pushed back as their leaders recalled for their lives leaving behind their guildmates.  This battle was an old school ass whooping and just a taste of what may be to come as more and more guilds unite under a SL banner to battle OPP.



KGB tries to Jump Start their Old Propaganda Machine:

I got this link the other day and although this stuff isn't dated it is somewhat current.  At the risk of giving them exactly what they want (attention) I've decided to go ahead and respond.  Obviously the stuff on this page is just downright funny.  My favorite is the "KGB Making Waves" post.  Since when is a handful of kills making waves?  These updates are such outlandish bullshit that they normally wouldn't warrant a response...but this is KGB and I think it's only fair to let the community see just how full of shit this guild is and always has been.


Since this war started KGB has not even tried to fight an even battle.  We don't see KGB alone at all.  It's always huge hordes of combined oranges traveling around trying to gank single enemies.  When the big fights come all we see are KGB corpses or KGB loving the recall spell (we all know why KGB left SP).  All this from a guild that has dropped 1/3 of their membership in two weeks since they attempted to war OPP.  The same guild that can be found here with 89 points total.  An old school PvP guild with 30+ members that has less then 100 points?  ROFL!!!  Ironic isn't it?  Apparently KGB is proud of their new role as the doormat of the Pacific Shard.  How long they'll last is up in the air, but they're already disappearing (blue?).  Between their serious lack of PvP skill, dedication, communication, and inherent need to shoot themselves in the foot with bullshit propaganda, I don't see KGB doing much after we run them out of SL.  So to KGB I say this: you are all cowards, led by a number of complete cowards (blue?), and will be stomped back into oblivion again for trying to cross OPP.  Your every action proves us right and digs you a deeper grave as the PvP community learns to despise the new brand of KGB; bandwagoning, faction hopping, honor-less cowards.  You want to post about something?  Suck it up and accept our challenge, then post your corpses so everyone can what's really going down.



Speaking of Cowards...

Since we're giving out free hits to all the newbie guilds of UO lets not forget W@R.  Their most recent spin accuses OPP of ping flooding them.  Ping flood a speedhacker?  Go figure...Needless to say the quality of these pics speak for themselves.  Go check it out!

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