October 30, 2000-11:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

This Site:

News on this site will not be frequently updated for the next three weeks.  After November 17 this site will resume full coverage of all featured games.

October 25, 2000-11:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Counter Strike:

CS news will now be covered here.  The Links Section has been updated with some useful CS links.  I'm looking to add to the CS links section so plz send me any links you find useful.


New Halflife update released, click here to download.

October 24, 2000-4:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Solution to UO's Problems!

I figured out the main problem with UO.  It's so simple and such an easy fix.  It's even profitable from a business standpoint!  Every major problem and bug has come from one group.  This group has done nothing but bash and destroy UO since day one.  They have been set on one path which was to turn UO into something is simply was never intended to be.  Who are these game assassins?  What should be done about it?

They are the Development Team and I say Fire them ALL!


Lets imagine a UO without the Dev Team:

-A stable game that people could adapt to and learn without fear of constant nerfing and system changes.

-A game that you can make a clear decision on (whether or not to stay) which would create a constant steady following of veteran players who would make the game more enjoyable and challenging for everyone.

-A game where all the bugs would be well known and everyone would understand how to avoid them.  There would probably even be bugs to prevent bugs but it would all be right there and everyone would know.


Granted the bugs would be annoying but I would vote for a bunch of well known bugs any day over a bunch of ever changing cheats that only people with inside connections know about.  Imagine a UO that you could learn and know.  Imagine a combat system that didn't change so you could perfect it.  This is my final solution to all of the problems associated with Ultima Online.  Funny thing is I honestly think it would make UO a better game.

October 23, 2000-3:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

Lack of Material:

Just incase you haven't noticed there has been a serious lack of material lately and I'm sick of ranting about useless shit.  Nothing much has happened in UO or with UO.  OPP is moving back to our own stone (if you consider that news worthy) and some lamers tried to ruin the TSL Fight NightDF and TBH are busy slaughtering each other.  AO and Horizons have been silent for some time (I guess they have to spend some time actually working on their games).  I've been filling in my boredom with some Counter Strike and I've actually been considering making a real CS Clan and doing matches.  Only problem is to have matches we would have to be pretty damn good and well we're not.  I can't think of anything else to say so...

Click Here & Post Something about Something

October 20, 2000-3:45 P.M. PST-Jackal


"For starters I didn't think you could put more than 5 words together without forming some kind of complaint."

Full Post

"What makes me sick are these "forum warriors" like yourself that spew their virtual testosterone all over the place and leave thinking they are always right."

Full Post

-Makaeden of VVV


"i am not like jackal who claims he doesnt play, but somehow knows excactly how much and when other people play."

Full Post
"you wrote you were never on in your news. so how would you know what is going on?"

Full Post

-En Sabah Nur GM of VVV


Lets cover this little VVV issue with some old news.  These guys warred OPP and undeclared without claiming victory or any other BS.  I was shocked and made a very nice news post (OPP Archives March 12) declaring victory.  Nothing was said for a few months at which point Nur decided he should turn around and claim victory over OPP saying that we always hid and were never on.  Nur then continued insulting OPP and making up fun little stories about OPP while refusing to war (OPP Archives June 12).  VVV began to fall apart and some of their closest members began denouncing VVV's mass recruiting policies (OPP Archives July 21).  VVV still refused to war OPP but was dead set that OPP was nothing without our allies support.  A VVV sponsored  Tournament (OPP Archives August 20) was held and OPP defeated VVV without question managing to get 1st place in the mage and 5vs5 sections and 2nd place in the gimp townie section (VVV won nothing in their own tourny).  To me it's pretty clear that VVV is just a regular warring guild.  They war a few guilds at a time and that is it.  


The above quotes and just another example of the constant VVV bullshit.  Makaeden complains that all I do is complain (huh?) and calls me a "forum warrior"?  Nur says I posted that I never play on this page (Do you see that anywhere on here?).  The OPP war declaration on VVV stands but why would VVV want to back up all the trash talk?  They're just another cowardly group of trash talking fools who were left in the dust by OPP months ago.

October 16, 2000-6:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Legend Status?

Apparently BattyG/Karren has reached "legend status".  Since no one knew about this "legend status" I'm happy to say OPP News has reported this story first!  OPP will continue to bring you all breaking news first!

"i have reached legend status"

"i don't have to join any warring guild"

"i'm the only one on uo with legend status"

Cowards of Pacific Updated

October 14, 2000-2:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Nice Preview over on IGN:

Lots of nice stuff coming out about Anarchy Online recently.  There is several new previews out (this one being the best) and there has been rumors that AO will be going Gold in December.


"After speaking with a Funcom representative today, we've confirmed that Anarchy Online, now in beta phase two, will ship sometime in December."

This from AO Basher


This is the game I'm most looking forward to because they have been very upfront and decent to their fans.  So far every review I've seen has been surprisingly positive many calling AO the best game coming out rating it over UO2 and SB.

October 12, 2000-11:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Siege Perilous to have People?

OSI finally figured out that they royally screwed up SP.  So of course they have over reacted and made SP into a regular shard (pretty much).  It's possible that OPP would go to SP in full force if these changes are implemented soon.  If you feel like giving me some info about SP Email me and I'm may also looking for funding in exchange for whatever you may need on SP.

More Info

October 12, 2000-11:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

UO Depression:

Welp, I managed to set a good portion of today aside to play UO, deal with guild issues, and talk to some of the non-UO OPPers.  I find UO getting worse and worse and not because the system has drastically changed but because people are finally giving up.  I actually logged onto UO in the morning for the first time in months and there was literally no one playing in Felussia.  No oranges, no nothing.  So I left the house for awhile and came back in the early afternoon to find a few random orange gimps with no loot that cost me more in horse food then I gained from killing them.  The fights picked up as the day went by and I found myself with either not any orange or 25 oranges all chasing me around (not this is anything new).  OPP grouped up (sorta, as best as we can manage these days since we're all so bored and don't really care if we're outnumbered) and with DP's help we managed to break up the horde of oranges.  Yahhh...  Apparently that did it for our enemies and they logged out.  I decided to  play my thief and mess with the blue healing horde that sits around the graveyard.  That was swell...and wow I managed to steal about 500 each reg.  Boredom set in and I decided to look at websites and I even managed to update about AO and some sorry ass SB game.  I logged back in UO and killed some VVV and -I- who were apparently carrying out some plot to give my horse a heart attack.  50 apples and 15 or so dead oranges later I looked at my bag which had about the same amount of potions and regs I started with along side about 50 bandages (assorted in different color piles of 5), a few weapons, and half a set of ring mail.  I can't honestly say I was even challenged.  I found myself sitting in the Brit Graveyard talking to some old school folks about what else?  How great UO used to be...I can't see UO getting any worse.  It's hardly even fun anymore.  I view it more as a responsibility to OPP then some game I can't wait to play.  I guess that is a bad thing...So yippy I didn't gain or loose anything today, I died once, and I had a swell talk with some old friends.  Nothing is certain in UO anymore other then this: If OPP wasn't playing UO I certainly wouldn't be.  So I've come to the conclusion that none of us really have that much fun playing UO anymore.  We just do it because we're afraid of what would happen if we didn't.  Ohh, and Lum the Mad posted an interesting rant about UO on his page today.  Nuttbutter of TBH dropped by and posted a pretty damn good post about RL vs a game.  As you can probably tell I'm real enthusiastic right about now so I guess I'll go find something more exciting to do before I pass out due to boredom.  If you managed to read this far you should get an award of some kind.

October 12, 2000-4:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Movie:

Another AO movie is available off Gamespot.  I haven't had a chance to see it yet so I don't know what it's about but I'm sure it's worth a look.

October 12, 2000-4:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Games with Horrid Customer Support:

I will no longer be covering SB on this site.  My emails are clearly being ignored by Ashen (the liar in charge of beta accounts).  Obviously the Shadowbane staff think they no longer need our support so they most certainly won't be getting it.

October 11, 2000-3:35 P.M. PST-Jackal


In all games all guilds will be called names and insulted.  I like to think if a person is going to take the time to make a post on a msg board or a web page that they have some proof of the things they claim.  However, more often then not this simply isn't the case.  I wish that people would just think about what is happening before they decide to go off the deep end and make themselves look stupid.  Recently OPP has been having problems with falsified IRC logs.  I know these logs have been sent to OSI and several times these cowards have posted them on web pages.  I expect the readers of these pages to take them for what they are.  Blatant lies made by cowards who take a game to seriously and have actually learned to hate a pixel on a monitor.  They hate to such an extent that they will impersonate others, hack them, or actually threaten them in RL.  I will say this once as a warning to anyone that wants play this little slander game with OPP.  If you decide you want to post fake chat logs or Email OSI with complete lies OPP members will pay you back 10 fold for those mistakes.  If you decide you want to hack or threaten us in RL we will report you to the proper authorities.  I'm sick of all the out of character BS I hear on UO, see on msg boards, and get Emailed to me on a daily basis.  It's stupid and if you're too immature to handle a virtual game like UO drop what you're doing, pick up the phone, and tell the operator that you are a threat to yourself and those around you and you need help now!

October 11, 2000-3:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Dev Board Posts:

Horizons Vault has a nice update on some issues the Horizons Dev Team is looking at.

October 9, 2000-2:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

TSL Fight Night:

TSL held their first Fight Night competition last night and the winners were:


Special Rules Class:

Malik of TSL

No Rules Class:

Yaz of OPP


I wasn't able to make the tourny so if you have any question leave me alone and go here.

October 9, 2000-2:45 P.M. PST-Jackal


Two new Screenshots posted (1, 2)! 

Also look for an update later today or tomarrow with info about the somewhat finalized combat system.

October 5, 2000-5:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Dev Chat:

"Artifact Entertainment will be hosting another Development chat session Friday, October 27th at 6:00pm PST.
If you have any questions about the DEV chat, please EMail Ken Johnson ("Ulairi").
You can view the log of the last DEV chat by clicking here!"

October 3, 2000-12:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

WTF is This?

Has anyone ever noticed that the majority of the people with moronic guild titles have very little war?  For example this guy I ran into last night.  This is Gawaine Aka Warren brother of DaNiel.  Gawaine joined OPP back a couple years ago and was basically your average idiot.  He didn't last long and was kicked about a month after joining.  Shortly after that he quit UO.  Of course he decided to come back to UO at which time he asked to re-join OPP.  I said no (given the fact that he was a trash talking, immature, unskilled, whiner).  After a few months he got several OPP sponsors and was allowed to rejoin under probation and a promise that he would train hard.  During the most recent KGB war Warren's brother DaNiel asked to join which I allowed under the same probationary status.  Neither of them could handle the war and quickly turned to trash talking and breaking OPP rules which got them promptly kicked out.  Apparently they were both pissed off and decided to be slick and war OPP   which ended in countless deaths for both of them.  They both hopped around guilds for awhile trying to war OPP and eventually DaNiel started PKing newbies (since that's about all he could handle) and Warren found a spot in TBH.  He stopped the trash talking and fought against PGC in that short fluke of a war.  Recently OPP went to war with M^B (see October 2 News).  Warren quit TBH and joined M^B and had some ridiculous title "Owner of OPP".  DaNiel also joined M^B and is still M^B with the title "Owner of Jackal".  The M^B war has now ended and Warren is now in Nightmare Clan [NC] (a fake I assume).  His title is "OPP slayer".  The first thing that comes to my mind is: has Warren ever killed a member of OPP?  Has DaNiel ever killed an OPP member?  I can't remember one time where either of them  got a legit kill on anyone for that matter.  So I guess because of there wounded egos, lack of talent, and bad attitude these niftly little titles are there way of getting back.  Or maybe they just want attention (like I'm giving them now)?  Whatever the reason, these guys are a perfect example of what I can't stand about UO.  Both Daniel and Warren are complete and utter cowards who hide behind anything they possibly can to avoid the messes they start with their immature/idiotic attitudes.  Both the almighty Owner of Jackal and OPP Slayer are currently not at war with OPP.

October 2, 2000-2:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Alliances Revamped and Clarified:

OPP Allies/Enemies Section Updated


Current Allies:

Clan Blood (CB)

Dead Presidents [DP]
Dragon Family [DF]
Fallen Lords [FL]
The Black Hand [TBH]
X-Roads Assassins [XRA/OPP]


These guilds will of course be helped at all times unless fighting each other.  If any of our allies have a complaint I fully expect to be told about it immediately.  Not reporting problems will only cause more problems and there is NO excuse for attacking allies (even if they attack first).  Anyone not on the above list is to be considered a threat.  Any guilds that any of the above guilds are currently residing in (on their stone) are to be considered neutral.



Fight Night:

TSL is sponsoring a weekly fight night tournament.  OPP will be taking part so this is the perfect opportunity to get bragging rights.  Have some faith in yourself and go sign up!



Mercenaries of Britannia [M^B]:

M^B undeclared on OPP not long ago and I just wanted to give everyone a good laugh.  These guys were talking a lot of trash before the war.  Once it began I made a post (OPP News September 5)  saying they would undeclare in about 2 weeks.    That was followed up by the GM of M^B saying that M^B would never undeclare OPP and would fight us forever if need be.  So I was off by about a week.  It's funny how these lowly guilds think they are so tough and can rarely handle war for more then a month.  Look at GH, C^H,  and M^B.  Their membership jumps all over the place and there wars start and end with regularity.  Where is the leadership?



Recent Victories:

The Banes Of Chaos

legion of dragons

The Mercenaries of Britannia

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