November 30, 2000-12:00 P.M. PST-Jackal


Links Section Updated:

McManus Republican Army

Arcane Knights of Destruction

November 30, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Faction Update/Dev Update:

Well, it looks like factions won't be going in as soon as expected.  I was under the impression they would be hitting as soon as today and as late as friday.  Obviously this has changed but OSI did throw us a bone by removing magery from town!  So look for factions sometime next week.

More Info


New stat equations are being designed and to be honest they look interesting.  But keep in mind by the time they go in none of us will be playing UO.

More Info



Who will go where in Factions?

No one really knows exactly where everyone will end up but so far it looks like this:


Shadowlords: The Yewbies, TSL, other Evil Guilds

Minax: DF, TDP, -I-, VVV, WAR

Councel of Mages: Bunch of trammel virtue guilds

True Brits: Bunch of Brit gimps and trammel guilds


These of course are just my guesses of what will happen.  I figure it will all come down to two factions because it's not possible for a third or fourth to survive IMO.  CoM and TB will be rather huge to start but will almost completely collapse in a matter of days do to the guilds joining them.  So of course it will come down to SL and Minax and we will be right back where we are today.  You may have noticed that OPP isn't on that list and the reason is because we don't know what to do yet.  At first we had planned on joining CoM but it looks like every Trammel jackass will be doing that so scratch that idea (dealing with complete newbies isn't my idea of fun).  We may end up SL or we may just end up joining CoM or True Brits after all the other guilds get rocked and quit factions.  Anyhow factions will simply be an expansion of Chaos vs. Order with no pretty shields.  I'm still confused as to why it took the dev team a year to figure this all out unless the rumor is true that they sit around all day at work eating donuts and playing EQ.

November 29, 2000-11:59 A.M. PST-Jackal

Paladins of Order:

P^O website added to the links section.

We're always looking for more links to keep our links section as useful as possible.  If you have any send them to me.

November 29, 2000-12:35 A.M. PST-Jackal

Posts on this Page:

Most posts on this page aren't meant to be insulting so don't take them that way.  I simply rant about stuff and cover the relevant news of the games we feature here.  If you have a problem with my opinions on issues too bad!  If you think there is an error in the facts posted here e-mail me or post on the message board.  I keep hearing people talk about how I make up facts and news, yet no one can prove me wrong.  Why is this?  Maybe because my facts are the facts?  That is the only conclusion I can find, which makes me think that everyone talking about how full of shit I supposedly am is just jealous and making generalization about OPP to cover their own asses.

Prove me Wrong...

November 28, 2000-5:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Rexon + Eric

"Eric, I believe is not a good leader too but he is a good friend.."

-Rexon Former GM of TDP

Full Post


Kind of funny that Rexon openly admits that Eric if a horrid leader.  Just thought this would give everyone a good laugh.

November 28, 2000-4:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Gamespot Preview:

Gamespot has a decent preview of Horizons up.

Check it Out

November 27, 2000-11:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

WTF is this Shit?

""OPP is pretty good but still not good enough to be a threat."

Jen Lightbringer of DF

Original Post


Below I had said I was glad that no trash talking had started.  Apparently I was mistaken.  I'm not sure what Jen meant by this since obviously if OPP isn't a threat then no one else is.  The war has been totally ridiculous so far with DF/TDP/PFP getting slaughtered.  Most of the time they're outnumbered and running for town or houses (even though their membership has blown up).  So why all of a sudden is OPP not a threat?  I don't get it...I had hoped to avoid the mindless "I'm better then you", "no, I'm better then you" BS but I had to comment on this one.  DF has been around most of the time but I have yet to be involved in an OPP loss.  With all the battles we've won and NOT bragged about I would hope that DF would bite their tongues and let their actions do the talking.

November 27, 2000-1:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

Awww, Poor VVV:

"Jackal what makes you think we have to win large battles as long as we when the war. Opp has undeclared on us so many times what 3-4 times and if you bring back the KGB days man id have to say 10+ times so dont talk bout large battles when your lame ass lost that many wars."

Brahma of VVV

Original Post


*scratches head*

When did OPP undeclare on VVV?  Last time OPP undeclared a war VVV wasn't even in existence and KGB was falling apart.  It makes me sick how these immature and unstable screw ups run rampant on message boards making up stories to fill that void left by the fact that they have never achieved anything in all their time on UO.  I guess these VVV fools think victories will be handed to them on a silver platter...and he would dare bring up KGB?  KGB got pounded by OPP in every war we had including when I was in Clan Blood.  I guess it shouldn't surprise me when the VVV GM says things like this in r
esponse to posts.


"you had way more than 13 fucking lier, your such a fag."

En Sabah Nur of GM of VVV
Original Post


Check out the whole thread, it's pretty funny.

VVV Msg Board



War Updates:

The wars on all fronts have gone extremely well over the last few days.  I haven't seen this many oranges since the second PGC war.  It's been a lot of fun!  I wanted to thank TSL, TBH, and DP for the close support with our most recent conflict.  The fighting was crazy today and we still managed to win every major fight.  I also wanted to thank our enemies for being around to fight and not spamming our msg board with BS.

November 26, 2000-2:10 A.M. PST-Jackal

Dragon Family Alliance II:

I just wanted to elaborate a little on the below post.  DF has been OPP allies for some time as everyone knows.  Our ties go way back and this is something that I considered somewhat sacred.  Starting with the banning of several DF elders DF began to change.  This change is in the form of people like UltimateBMW.  The problem was that these new people joined during an off time in Pacific history which gave them a lot of down time to become friends with everyone.  When the fighting started the attitude came out.  It started during the HH war and continued to the DRS war and finally this "mock" TDP war.  These people (I won't mention any other names out of respect to DF, I just have a particular dislike for UltimateBMW) completely undermined the long standing alliance between DF/OPP and promoted lame tactics and cheating (we all know UltimateBMW hacked for that weapon and also has duped for other unnamed friends of his).  Obviously this caught the attention of guilds like DRS and TDP who loved the attention and immature attitude and quickly jumped in on the fun.  Problems amplified to the point where DF outright attacked OPP anytime they wanted to.  The elders of DF ignored it do to the fact that they were trapped between a friend or an alliance.  It all came to a boil last night when DF members on the TDP stone at Occlo began badmouthing and attacking OPP members.  DF on the DF stone started a blue heal fest which ended in TDP/PFP/AE/DF vs OPP.  OPP followed that up with a war declaration that was accepted the 25th.  The OPP elders, more specifically myself, didn't come to this decision lightly.  I spent months trying to work this out to no avail.  Looking back I believe OPP did the right thing by standing by our allies until the end.  If there is one thing OPP has proven we can do it is endure anything.  As this war rages I will continue to respect my old friends in DF and kill the new lamers who broke what was IMO the perfect alliance.


The first day of the DF/OPP war is in the books and I'm happy to say things are going very well.  Although we realize the odds are very much against us we have been here many times before and are prepared.


Cowards of Pacific:

COP updated with a few interesting additions including this guy:

BMW, next time you decide to talk shit to someone do so to someone who you stand a chance against.  He almost banned me too!  Almost...



VVV War Update:

VVV grouped tonight with -I-...

VVV died tonight to TSL and OPP...

November 25, 2000-11:10 A.M. PST-Jackal

Dragons Family Alliance:

As of yesturday the OPP/DF alliance is officially over.  DF has on multiple occasions broken our alliance starting with the DRS conflict which still carries on in TDP.  It's pretty clear that the majority of DF do not want to be allies with OPP.  I hate to see this happen since I've put 100's of hours into keeping this alliance but we are still being attacked by DF members who seem to go unpunished for breaking the alliance on a daily basis.  It appears that the only DF who want to stay allies play SP while the other run rampant with no control on Pacific.  I just wanted everyone to know exactly what is going on so no one is surprised.  More info on this late tonight when I get home.

November 23, 2000-2:15 P.M. PST-Jackal

Good Preview:

Gamespot has a decent preview with lots of info and some unreleased screenshots up.

Check it Out

November 20, 2000-6:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

I Wonder Why?

Ok all ya jackasses emailing me about how you have spies in OPP this is for you.  I looked through about 1/8 of my pics and I found these:

Were you ever friended here?

Were you in DRS during the TSL vs DRS war?

Did you join this bandwagon to find out how much they actually did dupe?

Uhh Ohh?  Isn't this one supposed to be hard to join?

Mass Recruiting is Bad!

Do Be Do Be Do...


Look guys, it's not hard to join a guild.  Actually OPP members have probably been in more guilds then anyone (as spies or assassins).  Agent OO'Stink has been in over 60 different guilds to loot, kill, take their guild stone, or all of the above (anyone remember the GOL party?).  Just about every member of OPP has spied on or stolen a guild stone once or twice.  It's NOT amazing that you may have a special little spy on the OPP stone.  Actually I could care less so go away and stop spamming my email with useless trash talk.


On a different note Mr T sent me this pic from the second PGC war that brought back some memories.

Check it Out

November 19, 2000-5:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

Nanotechnology in AO

One of the World Builders over at Funcom posted an article explaining Nanatechnology.

More Info

November 19, 2000-5:55 A.M. PST-Jackal


New Monster Concept Art

New 3D Model added (Human Female)

November 18, 2000-10:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

WTF Man?

Want more info on how the Democrats are making a mockery out of our political system?  The guys over at WTF Man have some funny shit up that everyone should see.

November 17, 2000-5:55 P.M. PST-Jackal


Full coverage of featured games has resumed.  All interesting info since 10-30-00 is covered below.  As many of you know there will be massive changes coming to OPP in the coming months, all of which will be covered here.  My computer has been down for 3 weeks and may be down even longer but I hope to be back by next week.

November 17, 2000-5:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

UO Third Dawn:

The latest attempt to dangle a carrot in front of our faces is now being rigged up over at OSI.

More Info

Info and Pics from Lum the Mad



OPP is also once again revamping our allies.

More Info



More Info on the Faction System Reprieve

In Development



ROT removed from Seige Perilous

More Info



Remember to stop by OriMag everyday!

November 17, 2000-5:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Progress of Horizons? 

"It is with great pleasure that we announce the new funding of the HORIZONS project.  Over the past few months there has been great speculation as to the progress of the project, as well a the financial support; many have been concerned that the project would fall through, or would not raise enough capital to continue.  This couldn't be any further from the events that have happened over the last few months.  We have finally established relationships with private investors to the point where we are now hiring for the entire project, and moving forward in full force.  We have already started on the ALPHA version of the game, and are expanding our offices to support the growing team of people who are working on the project. "

More Info



New Message Boards:

"In the coming months we'll be releasing a LOT of information and new goodies and we felt that the best way to do all of this was to move the boards in-house."

New Boards



New Concept Art:

"Douglas Shuler has released his latest creation for your viewing pleasure today! Featured in the Concept Art Section is a great picture of a Lamurian Guard in full detail."

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