November 28, 2001-1:45 A.M. PST-Jackal

You Down With OPP?

After months of constant posting on non-pacific forums and major guild forums for Duels we have received only a handful of requests.  No guild has stepped up and tried to 5vs5.  We have only received random 1vs1s requests that have all ended the same of course.  Just the other night some guy from Lake Superior came to pacific to find an OPP so he could "kick an OPP's ass", apparently so we would shut up.  I think his duel lasted about 30 seconds.  It was sad at best...I see all these posts about how badass people and their guilds are, but I see nothing other then talk.  So OPP will wait and just assume everyone expects to lose and are afraid to challenge.

Step Up?


On the topic of top PvP, there has been a lot of talk about the top group of PvPers on Pacific.  The vast majority of it is just hate back and forth between people who don't even duel.  So I took the liberty of asking the people who I picked as the top ten duelers who their top five were and here are the results of the top five pacific duelers from the people who actually know:




4-Azryk Azyr



So there you have it.  The only consistent thing in all the top five's was Houdini number one.  Anyway, nothing personal against anyone not mentioned except of course guys like Bloodcloud and Scrapper who always want to put their two cents into the top PvPers even though neither duel and they both IMO are complete cowards who only exist to play board tag.


The mana dump, guzzle potion, and recall combo is illustrated above by Scrapper of (wait no guild will accept him) guild, I guess.


1vs1 Scrapper Style, Is it just me or does Scrapper remind everyone of that guy Nikola da Pimp/John Lennon? Go back to your message board boys!  It's where you belong.



New Poll:

This poll is a simple one: Who is the most obvious speed hacker on Pacfic?

Go Vote!

November 25, 2001-1:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Revenge of the Felucians:

The current state of the Minax faction is one of confusion.  The largest Minax guild has less points then single OPP members.  They continue to run the faction and bankrupt the towns.  In response to this threat OPP is responding.  Since we have changed our official stance regarding sigils and will be taking more of an active role in Minax as a whole, we've decided to create the Order of Chaos and Corruption [OCC].  This will be a Minax guild run and regulated by OPP.  Anyone that we deem worthy that is in Minax may join.  If you are Minax and refuse to join or aren't worthy to join you will be executed as traitors.


We see this as an opportunity for Minax to be more organized.  The majority of the faction ends up going out alone due to the idiocy of [MNX] and the fact that OPP has such strict recruiting policies.  I have been approached by a large number of Minax who have wanted to join OPP but have lacked the necessary skills or sponcers.  This is your chance to get your foot in the door and do some fighting with OPP.


Since this may turn out to be a somewhat large undertaking some of these policies may change:

-To join OCC you will need to have ICQ and contact: 9527202

-If you have loyalties to anyone not joining OCC, DO NOT JOIN

-OCC will be expected to back all OPP policies and standards, including the execution of anyone OPP deems traitorous members of the Minax faction

-The main mode of OCC communication will be ICQ, you will NOT be allowed access to any OPP communication tools


Again, the purpose of this new guild is to give the loyal members of Minax who fight every night a group of guildmates to group with, OPP Elders to coordinate with, and most importantly OPP members to watch and train under.  Our hope is to clean up and organize the Minax faction while putting down the current SL and TB uprisings.


To join ICQ: 9527202

November 21, 2001-12:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Happy Downtime from OSI:

We are republishing the Lake Superior shard with fixes for two outstanding issues, to be active at approximately 12:00 PM Wednesday, November 21st CST. This publish will contain the following changes:

-Players will no longer be able to mine unlimited amounts of ore

-Several memory leaks have been addressed


We are also publishing the changes listed in Testing for Next Update, as well as the fixes listed above, to the Pacific shard, also to be active at approximately 12:00 PM Wednesday, November 21st CST. This will require an unscheduled maintenance to the Pacific shard, but we anticipate the shard will return within 30 minutes.

We will continue to monitor both the Lake Superior and Pacific shards to ensure the publish is working optimally, and will announce the release schedule for the remaining shards when it is determined. The changes will be added into Latest Game Updates once they are active on all shards.


FYI Section

Testing For Next Update


Faction fixes!

November 19, 2001-12:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

Revenge of the Trammies:

When OPP went Minax last Spring the Minax faction had about five active guilds.  Three of those guilds left immediately because they wished to be in a separate faction from OPP.  Another guild stayed and after being notoed and PKed into oblivion for talking trash, they fell apart along with the three who left Minax to war OPP.  This brings us to the stragglers, the Trammies.  When we joined Minax the guild [MNX] had 8 people and to be honest we barely knew they existed.  We would have never seen them if it weren't for the fact that their leader, Quiddity was constantly at the Minax base telling everyone to vote for him in elections.  This guild never fought in factions and either didn't play or spent all their time in Trammel.  As OPP started pounding SL, CoM, and TB the Minax faction began to bandwagon.  The OPP response was simple, Minax didn't exist on Pacific until we joined it and it is our faction.  Anyone who is in Minax without our permission will be executed.  It has been our long standing policy to oppose any guild that uses shady tactics (gate hopping, server jumping, speedhacking, trammy hiding) and obviously these new bandwagoners fit the basic description of cowards (described above).


With an abundance of OPP haters in Minax that were afraid to leave Minax (because they would have to fight us) the guild Devotees of Minax started mass recruiting every gimp they could.  This guild now has 85 members.  They are composed to faction newbies, speedhackers, gate hoppers, and all around trash talking cowards with one thing in common: they're scarred to fight OPP.  The Minax faction has had OPP in charge since we joined (before we joined we hadn't seen any Minax for months).  Minax gathered the towns behind OPP members who stayed at the Minax base by ourselves all night and morning guarding sigils.  OPP has run every town because we understand factions, we know how to run towns (build money and keep guards down in useful spots), and we won't bankrupt towns.  The faction treasury has gone for 600 silver to over 400,000 silver since OPP joined.  As of last week every Minax town had guards tactically placed in appropriate spots and large town surpluses of silver for emergencies.


The last election ended in a trammy revolution.  The MNX guild master obviously went to Trammel and grabbed all his guildmates so he could get over 100 votes.  They camped the Faction stone and when the election started flooded to campaign list.  Our ranking guys never even got into the election (including the faction leader for the last few months).  Now every town is bankrupt with little to no guards.  One of our main advantages over the True Brits is gone (bankrupt Britain with no guards) and MNX is still hiding in Trammel.  I guess those fancy titles look great next to their Glorious Lord titles as they sit at Brit bank in Trammel selling logs and fish steaks.  The other night after OPP reset the sigils (as we do every night) MNX members once again came wondering through to brag and revel in another OPP victory.  After the sigils were delivered they attempted to guard them.  Of course, OPP PKed every MNX at our Minax base for trespassing.  Some went back to Trammel and other returned to try to fight us.  About 20 MNX corpses later (mostly repeat deaths) they were all standing around new res spamming OPP sucks and other friendly remarks.


Isn't it ironic that guilds like MNX exist?  Their sole means of existence is to bandwagon behind OPP, even though we kill them every chance we get.  These types of people don't have the balls to step up and fight, so they accept getting PKed constantly, all this so they can go to trammel and brag about how "kickass" their faction is.  It sickens me that people like MNX even exist.  How amazingly pathetic do you have to be and how low does your self esteem have to be to accept being killed constantly by your own faction to fulfill some menial level of achievement that you know you're not even responsible for?  It's just sad, and what alternative does OPP have?  We'll destroy this MNX guild, but then what?  These people won't join another faction so they're just going to take up space in Minax and sit in Trammel all day.  I guess that sums up the "Devotees of Minax [MNX]" rather well...wastes of space...



On the Topic of: Wastes of Space:

I just read this.  I'm speechless...

*shakes head*

This reminds of the Fallen Lords under the now late Lord Lancelot.  WTF are these WAR people talking about?  Isn't this some reincarnated HH that came back to UO after being banned for duping the hell out of everything they could get their hands on?  This guild isn't even in factions for fucks sakes.


I thought OPP would be a challenging guild to fight. I guess I thought that because I  hadn't fought against their main characters for a long time. But alas, the only challenge I see from OPP (now FTS) is just that their guild is (was) twice as big as us and have more members online as a result. They are fairly easy to kill even when they outnumber us.

Full Report


When did OPP war this guild before?  Since we had to declare war on them I guess this means that they undeclared on us last time we warred?  Or is this guy talking about HH before they got banned?  FTS?  No really we're OPP, k thx.   I think this Lance guy is confusing himself or maybe he is Lancelot from FL!? hmm


Yes, OPP declared war on [WAR] and yes we sat outside their villa in Glow for hours and hours.  These guys won't fight unless they have mass numbers or major faction support.  I recall one point where we had six OPP outside their house with 14 assorted WAR, CoM, and SL inside.  The majority of them speedhack and under no circumstances will they 1vs1 or usually even 2vs1.  They have members like Gurl...That should just about say it all.  It's funny how they take pics from towns like Britain and post them on their site.  Yah, OPP went to Brit to fight WAR, you got it...It's funny because above I was talking about how amazingly cowardly these MNX guys who joined Minax are, and now I'm thinking: WTF these WAR gimps are worse?  At least the MNX gimps are in factions and stay out of houses long enough so we can PK them.  WAR won't even join Factions and play with the big boys.   I can't recall one battle that was a group of just WAR against OPP.  However, I do recall that death at their tower where three of us followed three of them through a gate into their tower where they proceed to ban two of us and all combo me 3vs1.  On top of that I was trapped by locked down tables and then I lost connection (I would have died anyway, but for fucks sakes is that something to be proud of?).  So lets leave this report at this:


OPP challenges the guild WAR to a 5 vs 5.  If OPP is no challenge I'm sure you all will have no problem killing us or putting a couple million on it?

Post Here


As far as guild warring I think the question to ask is why isn't WAR in factions?  Still res fighting, duel jumping, and house hiding too much eh?  Or maybe they're just afraid to be the guild with the least amount of points?  I think they're just jealous that OPP is still the highest point holding guild without a mule in all of UO.


Cowards of Pacific Updated

November 16, 2001-12:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

Racism and Profanity in an Online Game: Part II:

A while ago I talked about how certain groups of players brought racism into online games and the effect that has had on the corporations running them.  The problem seems to have grown considerably since then.  We all know some of these things are problems in the real world, but my question is: how can racism be a problem in video games?


All MMORPGs to this point have based their combat around race warfare.  The humans kill the orcs and the elves kill the dwarves and so on.  Some people say that this type of conflict in game actually promotes racism in the real world, but I would say that itís just companyís (who are trying to make money) using the most basic example of conflict (physical difference) to build a storyline for their game.  It makes sense to me.  It makes sense to Development Teams that create these games.  So why do I see people getting banned from MMORPGs on a daily basis for saying something in game that is deemed racist out of game?  Itís the same companies that are banning folks that are trying to promote roleplaying!  Arenít they the ones who paid teams to make race the focus of their warfare system?  Arenít they the ones who complain daily that not enough people roleplay?  If we stretched this a little you could make a damn good argument that those folks who are the most racist in game are just taking full advantage of the system set forth by the creators.  These companies bitch and moan that not enough people roleplay in their games.  Then they turn around and ban someone for saying something sexually suggestive to another character in game.  If I tell someone that their pixels are sexy am I sexually harassing that person in game or am I roleplaying?  Ever thought that maybe itís just a joke entirely?  How can these companies expect people to enter some fantasy world and roleplay when they keep enforcing real world standards in their game?  I would love to be able to roleplay in UO.  Unfortunately, OSI has everyone under a microscope.  If you so much as talk in game you can get banned for Racism, or Satanism, or Communism, or something like that.  I donít think they even know anymore.


When I enter any game itís like an escape for me.  I would like to enter a fantasy world filled with rich story lines and magical creatures, but I canít.  I canít because these companies keep enforcing real world laws in their fantasy roleplaying games.  If you roleplay anything other then an ďI love everyoneĒ character you can be banned for, wellÖjust not being a nice person.  After all we all love nice people, right?  Well, personally, I have this constant urge to maim the nice guy, but I guess thatís just me and the reason why gaming companies tend to despise me.  Some people hand newbies free gold.  I let newbies grab loot off the do-gooder I just turned into a corpse.  Are we really that different?  And if I kill Mr. Nice Guy and call him a dirty bastard should I be banned for roleplaying (is it any different then him calling me an evil fiend)?  Or should I be banned for roleplaying a character that has some reason to resent good or that particular Mr. Nice Guy?  Or maybe itís my understanding that, that character I just killed doesnít shower much and has no father?  The point is, once my computer loads up and I enter some mystical world all-real life laws should be null and void.  There isnít even a thin line between a roleplaying game and reality.  There is 50-foot brick wall between them.  Anyone that doesnít belong in an institution can figure out the difference.


If I walk down the street wearing some racist shirt and yelling sexist comments Iím going to get my ass kicked, but I wonít be arrested.  About the only place I would end up after a night of something like that would be a hospital.  So why is it that when I enter a world that is based on racism and sexism I can get booted out for roleplaying that very thing?  It occurs to me that companies are so terrified of being sued that they will tear their products to shreds in an effort to avoid a lawsuit.  Can you imagine someone taking someone else to court because they sexually harassed him or her in a video game over the Internet?  Thatís like a straight guy walking into a gay bar and suing the bar owner because some guy grabbed his ass.  When you jump in the water you should expect to get wet.   Itís amazingly stupid that cussing, spamming, and name-calling are reasons for account termination in MMORPGs.  Itís not that complicated:

Cussing = profanity filter

Spamming = ignore list

Name-Calling = profanity filter and ignore list


Are these tools really that complicated to use?  Or are the people behind the computers just too stupid to figure out these new fangled mouse type contraptions?  Iím just amazed by the level of idiocy that encourages someone to complain about being ďharassedĒ in a game.  Iím even further amazed that profitable companies shoot themselves in the foot over and over by punishing their customers for some unrealistic, out-of-game, politically correct standard that no one understands.  So what am I allowed to say or would companyís like OSI just prefer that everyone roleplayed mimes instead?  I usually donít have great solutions for major problems but I have this one!



November 14, 2001-5:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

Ideal Customer Support in a MMORPG:

I want a game that works.  As simple as that may sound, I look around at my choices and wonderÖwhy donít these games work the way they were intended to?   The problem is bad preparation and terrible customer support.  The major games need to have a working system mapped out before release that is over staffed and prepared to handle every single minute detail of every problem.  When there is a major support issue there should be staff members swarming all over it.  These games pull in incredible amounts of money and they could be making more if they were interested in treating their customers fairly and keeping them for the long run.


In Game Support:

There needs to be a system in place that has a number of solid checks (to make sure everyone is doing their job) and gives the support staff the necessary tools to solve the problems at hand.  For example: a player is walking out of town and somehow gets stuck in a tree (this kind of stuff happens and to say ďit wonít happen in our gameĒ is just ignorant).  The player should be able pull up a menu, which gives a number of options (much like the Ultima Online help menu).  After the option that covers ďcharacters being stuckĒ is selected the player should get an immediate response (after all, the player is stuck and cannot continue to play.  This type of help request should be the number one priority.  The next available GM should respond).  All of the new games have or have plans for some sort of a motion capture feature.  This feature should be put to use to both protect and police players when a help request is made.  There should be a five-minute video log kept of each character as they play (meaning exactly what each character does is recorded  as they do it and saved back for 5 minutes.  This could be extended if a player is being investigated for exploiting and needs to be watched).  When a GM help request is submitted those five minutes should be saved and the time from the help request till GM arrival should be recorded.  This would give the GM the knowledge necessary to handle the situation correctly.  They could go back and see exactly how that player got themselves in that particular situation (make sure no bugs were exploited), be informed enough to help the customer immediately (make amends for any loss that may have happened as a direct result of the problem), and have the actual log to submit to the Development Team so they donít have to waste time troubleshooting the problem.  The player is happy, the exploiter is screwed, and the Development Team can do their job affectively.


The other major in game customer support issue is corrupt or lazy GMs.  At the end of each support session a menu should appear asking the player if they are satisfied with the support they have just received.  If they choose no, they should be given some way to report a brief summary of their take on the situation.  This summary would be automatically sent with the saved video and GM log to a team that would be responsible for reviewing the customer support staff.  Itís imperative that there are numerous ways for the player to complain about bad service to unbiased staff members and be able to provide some sort of proof to back that up.  Accountable GMs = people who take their job seriously = low GM corruption = quick and reliable in-game support = problems solved = happy and loyal customers who stay with the game and tell their friends.


Online Support:

The official site should have a polling section that is updated daily with new ideas from the development team and support staff.  Just throw out ideas and see what people like: just ask simple yes or no questions that will help guide the future of the game based on what the customers want.  The most important section of any gaming site should be the Status section.  This section should be updated anytime anything happens.  If a server lags for two minutes there should be a post informing the customers why they just lost connection in the middle of that battle.  If anything is patched or changed in anyway the customer should be fully informed.  If there is a major problem of server outage there should be active progress reports posted to keep everyone up to date on whatís happening.  This is very simple to do if the system is set up correctly.  Again, preparation is the key and keeping the customer up to date on what's happening makes them feel like the people they send money to every month aren't just running off and taking vacations with their money.


Other Forms of Customer Support:

All in game support should be handled in game using the system outlined above.  The only form of in-game support that should exist outside of the actual game is Connectivity Problems.  This is another high priority issue.  If a player receives some sort of a connection error while playing they should be given two options: exit (so they can close, check the status of their ISP, and reconnect as quickly as possible) or test connection (so if a player is having constant problems they have a program that can trace their connection and find any possible problems).  A report should be spit out with suggested fixes and an attachment that can be easily saved for future reference or emailed to their ISP.  Phone support should not be an option for connection issues.  An 800 number should be set up for account and billing issues only.


Community Support:

This one is sketchy and has never even been so much as touched by any company thus far.  Those customers who spend hours everyday playing the game usually have a very good idea of how things are going.  There should be a number of people that are given the difficult job of reading fan/guild sites.  This would give people within the company a direct link to their own gaming community.  Much like the Community Managers that exist today but on a much larger scale.  These people would be plugged into the community and able to report back to the Development Team on the specifics of what people like and dislike from their own message boards and webpages.  Official Forums are often a waste of time!  A lot of people like them, but my stance is simple: they are a gathering of unhappy jackasses who get their jollies from trolling and flaming every post they donít feel like agreeing with.  Iíve read 300 post threads and by the 10th post forgotten what everyone was arguing about, because people donít know how to make an educated response and stay on topic.  The only real place to get an honest opinion is off guild pages.  Most pages would be a complete waste of time, but the ones that have active forums with mature conversations would tell the Development Team exactly what each type of community within their game likes and dislikes.  If it were up to me I would put up an Official Development Forum and a Q&A Forum only.  The rest of the forums are a waste because the staff member reading the posts has no idea who these people are, who they represent, and often what they are talking about.  It is much easier to get honest responses from places where people feel comfortable posting their opinions.  The majority of the mature people who have honest opinions and good ideas involved in MMORPGs stay away from Official Forums because they are so damn big and incredibly pointless.  I see a lot of great ideas and feedback on guildpages and I see very little useful information on official forums.  I think Iíve gotten more useful suggestions in my Email as feedback from posts like this, than Iíve seen in years on game specific Official Forums.


Gaming Companyís continue to wave shinny new ideas and graphics in front of our noses and we goÖwoahhhhhÖlike stupid zombies and buy their newest game, which turns out to be a pile of shit with great graphics and a handful of key features that didnít make release.  All of the MMORPGs that are out are great games, but none of them work correctly.  Theyíre bug infested, half done, piles of beta testing bullshit.  These developers seem to be missing the point.  All we really want is a humble staff that can produce a game that is done right from the start and works.  Is that too much to ask for?

November 14, 2001-4:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Ultima Online Pacific:

Over the last few months Pacific has gone through some somewhat major changes.  Several months ago Dragon Family rejoined factions.  The Veiled Alliance joined up with DF creating a SL powerhouse.  A few months later SL is in shambles and being run by a house hiding gimp.  DF is all but gone and TVA has left to DAoC.  In their place guilds like W@R and oddly-enough a bunch of guild-less trammys have stepped up to turn TB into a fighting force once again.  Rumors of the return of some SP players and their joining the TB faction has stirred up a frenzy and a new TB Bandwagon.  Out of no where some new guilds have joined CoM and rumors have it that some formerly war only guilds are joining SL.  With that said it looks like factions are taking shape again.


The Minax Faction has grown tremendously behind OPP.  I can't say that OPP likes the the bandwagon affect we've created, but both TB and SL are still larger factions.  Minax currently owns seven of the eight towns and unfortunately the only constant fighting force, although things are getting better.


There is some uncertainty that this will all pan out but we can always just hope that those people in TB, SL and CoM can kick it up a notch and keep the fighting going.


Think of it this way: rumors have it that the long promised faction patch will be hitting a computer near you sometime next week.

November 13, 2001-4:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Webpage Uploading:

All main sections are up and functioning.  Archives and member profiles will be unavailable for awhile.


Please report any dead links here.

November 13, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Webpage Uploading:

Different sections of the page will be loading and coming online over the next 24 hours.  This page will be updated as new sections become available.

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