December 17, 2000-11:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Factions Update:

If you didn't notice ShadowLords have retaken 7 of the 8 towns.  First off I would like to thank Fear from BattleVortex for making a complete idiot of himself by saying Minax owns Pacific (feel free to let him know how much of an idiot he is), thus rallying our troops.  I would also like to thank all the Minax for allowing us to steal and corrupt the sigils.  More specifically I would like to thank those individuals in Minax that told their our faction to log out in an attempt to "bore" us to death (sorry guys there are plenty of people in SL that can still fight for something other then l3wT).  I suppose I should also thank the DF that claimed that Minax owned SL because they got all the towns for their humor.  Most importantly I would like to thank everyone in SL that put in long "boring" hours (since Minax couldn't mount an attack) to retake towns.  


I've decided to change this site a little so Faction warriors can come here everyday before they log in for a Faction Update.  I've added a town list above that will be highlighted with the color of the faction that holds each town: ShadowLords | Minax | Councel of Mages | True Britains

I'll be adding more this coming week.

December 17, 2000-6:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Issue of Racism in UO:

This is something that has been bothering me since the POA days and no one has ever had the balls to address it.  The racism in UO is just ridiculous, it's everywhere, and just blatantly ugly.  How the hell does racism get into a fantasy role-playing game anyway?  What I'm about to say will probably sound racist but it really isn't if you take a step back and think about it.  


It's taken me years to begin to understand this and I've had plenty of experience dealing with people of other races in UO.  Most people in UO don't know what race the other folks are, nor does the thought of bringing it up cross their minds.  So why do certain people in UO (I won't be mentioning any specific names in this post) make an effort of bringing it up in every fucking argument?  Trust me people, most of the time when you die to enemies it's not race related (and WTF! is wrong with you for thinking that?).  Why would someone think getting killed in a fantasy role-playing game would have anything to do with RL, much less racism in the world?  Why do these people feel the need to call any American a "yankee motherbitch"?  Why is it that when you try to join some guilds the first thing they ask you is "HK la"?  I remember some time ago there was a group of about 10 reds PKing in deceit on Sonoma and when they attacked me they said "cocksucker American"...I said "HK la" and they said "dui" (or something like that...I don't know what any of this means) and just walked by...I was laughing my ass off.  WTF!  Why would a group of PKs base their killing spree on who is from Hong Kong and who isn't?  On the other hand there are plenty of people in America who do he same shit.  I remember when the Euro and Asian servers came out OSI had a huge problem with people going with racist names (what is a racist name anyway?).  In OPP's most recent war I heard people on both sides calling each other names that have nothing to do with UO.

*shakes head*


For me, my experiences with this started with the birth of the guild Punishment of Asia on Pacific.  They had some great PvPers and some very nice people but they also had an enormous amount of cheaters and racist pricks.  I can't remember a single time that I died to POA and wasn't called some sort of "racist name".  There was even a guild named USA fighting POA...What is this?  WWIII online?  "President Clinton fires missiles because he was PKed and called a "motherbitch" on an internet game."  I tried very hard to keep my mouth shut around POA because I was scared of being banned from UO. I really wanted to just go off on them though.  It made me really mad inside, in RL.  Particularly what bugs me is when people bring up racism in an Ultima argument.  For example a few days ago some guy made a post on a message board about spelling and the English language.  Somehow that was suddenly a racist attack on all Asians.  Everyone started calling everyone all kinds of fun names over what?  English errors?  People that I didn't even know were Asian started ICQing me saying some racist posted on a certain msg board.  I guess assuming I would go bash them...Look people, UO is UO.  UO isn't China vs American or Denmark vs Canada.  Sorry to disappoint you.


Everyone is racist in their own way (because of society) but what the hell does that or anything else in RL have to do with UO?  People joke all the time about race because it's funny.  It's not funny that someone is a particular race but it is funny that people of particular races take it so seriously that it completely dominates their thought process.  I bet someone is going to make some sort of a post somewhere calling me a racist for even talking about this.  Fuck it, I want people to think about this issue because it has become a problem even in the race-less/gender-less world of Ultima Online.  I'm sure those of you that have racist thought processes won't understand me at all and just assume I'm trying to repress them or something.  If you are thinking this right now do me a favor and think about the last 5 major decisions you made in UO and why you made those decisions the way you did.

December 16, 2000-12:40 A.M. PST-Jackal

Vet Rewards:

"We will be restoring a recent game backup of the Great Lakes shard to a test shard in the next several days, and we urge Great Lakes players to drop by and join in Veterans Reward phased testing. The current phase in testing will allow reward choices to only those accounts with 36 months or more of active status. You do not need to have a current character on Great Lakes in order to help test. Any 36+ month account can create character(s) on the Great Lakes Test shard to test the rewards system.

More Info



Links Section Updated:

The Prophet of UO

The Legend

Remember to drop by the Links Section anytime you need info on any of the games featured here or on Guilds.




"As a reminder, participation in the faction system is limited to those players who have joined factions. The development team is currently working on fine tuning changes to the faction system, and will be addressing the participation of ‘blue’ players who are not faction members. In the meantime, we urge that if you are a ‘blue’ player and wish to partake in the faction system, you take the time to join a faction and avoid disrupting other players from outside the system.  As this issue will eventually addressed by the development team, do not place harassment calls over non-faction players participating in the faction system."

More Info


Some Funny Quotes:

"Is it a rule that you have to turn pussy and run from every fight when u join TSL?"


Want to know more about Wiseman?


Ever wondered what the people in Minax think of DF?  Now you know...


If being smarter then you makes us pussies then I guess...Ohh, umm, yah, and I seem to remember not being able to find any Minax anywhere except in their base the day they stole the stones.

December 14, 2000-3:20 A.M. PST-Jackal

"Connection Lost"

If you haven't noticed the log in server has been down lately as well as a few other useless tools like the UO webpage.  Apparently terrorists bombed the OSI building in Texas...err, well actually its just bad weather but a bombing sounded better.  The power is out, the phones are down, and even the back up generator is down.  Estimated time till it's fixed?  Haha...are you kidding?  This is OSI we're talking about!

December 13, 2000-1:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Horizons IRC Chat:

Who: The HORIZONS team and you!
When: Friday, December 15th at 6:00 PST
Where: in the #horizons room

More Info

December 13, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Check your Facts?

Being the brilliant guy he is, Fear over at BV decided he would publicly make an ass of himself by posting some abstract rumors from the DF Site on the BV webpage.  This is truly an embarrassment to Battle Vortex.

I hope they weren't planning on keeping their Pacific fan base...posts like that will most certainly hurt their reputation.

December 11, 2000-2:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Blues in Factions:

Its a well known fact that Minax and more specifically DF have been using about a 1 to 2 ratio of blues to oranges.  I've mentioned this before and although I consider it extremely lame there isn't really anything that can be done about it and there is no point complaining.  The DF News caught my attention today and here are a few quotes:


"We were totally out numbered 30-40+ SL vs 20+ Minax. The worst part about Shadow Lord, with all those numbers Shadow Lord had, They always need to depend on  " Blue bug" to block the Stronghold for them."


For starters the largest group SL has had together in the last 3 days while I was on (and I've been on a lot usually during prime time hours) was 33.  Yesterday alone my scouting of the Minax forces in SL Stronghold was 42 + 7 blues.  We attacked them with 12 people (all SL members) and got boxed in the back by 4 DF Second charcs that were blue.  This is just one example but in every single DF fight we have to deal with large numbers of blues.  Like I said it does no good to complain about it but WTF are they thinking complaining about SL blues?  First off I was unaware SL had any blues and even if we did, which is possible, there is no way in hell we have more then a few.  On the other hand DF are asking their blue friends to come along and "help".


A mass ICQ sent out by an Elder member of DF:

"We need help in minax stronghold.. soon we will loss it.. COME!
ANY HEALER cast Efrield.. load your char to fight.. help!"


But hey, DF doesn't have blues...


"All the sudden the Game Master GM show up, warns all the blues ( 7 SL blue helper ) to stop interfere,  and abusing this blue exploit. GM repeat the message couple time by telling them to stop, this offense is Banable."


This isn't a banable offense and if the above was true (which it isn't) DF would be banning their own guild.


I would guess about half my deaths have come from being boxed or trapped by blues helping Minax.  This is a problem in the system and DF uses this giving them a major advantage in every fight.    Also they have adopted a tactic of blocking doors with horses, dragons, and anything else they can find.  As soon as any SL goes gray trying to kill them there are usually anywhere from 5-15 blues to attack the gray.  Last night in a battle for the Minax Fort I died to blues after going gray killing a dragon.  I got ganked big time so I looked at the names that had attacked me and came up with 11 blues.  Next I went into the Minax fort and watched them in action.  Chaos of DF (the person who made the absurd update) was asking Darkon and Faya to jump in a Poison field made by Blaze of OPP giving him 2 counts.  I proceeded to count oranges and blues:

22 oranges

19 blues + 8 blue dragons + 10 blue horses/ostards

The most recent DF News post is absolutely ridiculous and of all the people to be talking about blues it just happens to be the one that ICQs them and asks them to jump in EVs and walls.  Talking about hypocrits..good lord man...

December 9, 2000-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal


Its official, factions is royally fucken screwed.  Factions has only been in for a few days and here are the things OSI has managed to screw up so far:


-total chaos during big fights due to server instability

-a kill point system that is completely screwed up no matter how you look at it

-a state of helplessness due to voting delays

-a bugged murderer reprieve system

-massive blue intervention in a system that was supposed to be free of such problems

-a chaotic faction recruitment system


...and we're not even a week into factions yet.  A team of decent programmers and gamers could have easily built a whole game in the time it took the "special" people over at OSI to put in a faction warring system that is supposed to be a fix to a problem created more then 2 years ago with the addition of stat loss.  Add a combat system that is the most ridiculously unbalanced in online gaming history to that and we have the present state of UO.  The funny thing is we all have been forced to rate "enhancements" on a scale of -1 to -1000 or large mistake to gigantic mistake.  What the hell are we paying for anyway?  A bunch of so called programmers with the IQ of lab rats that were recruited out of high school off the "special short bus" to "enhance" a game that needed no "enhancements" to begin with.  It's wrong that they even call themselves a Development Team to begin with since the current team hasn't actually developed anything.  Maybe we should just call them what they are, thieves. These people have successfully stolen every good part of every other game and implement it into UO.  On a scale of -1 to -1000 given the amount of time spent and hype done for the factions update I give it a -998 right behind UO:R at -999 and Stat loss at -1000.


First and foremost the largest problem is the kill point system.  I seriously doubt that the person responsible for this was even coherent when it was programmed or maybe was fired while in the process.  Not only does this system promote res killing and new res fighting but it also punishes people for fighting and risking death.  Last night I had upwards of 180 kill points which for the most part came during Jackal vs (insert any 10 names here) fighting.  I logged tonight with 124 kills because I died a few times.  Yet the coward with a T1 that camps the healers, runs from anything even close to a even fight, and doesn't care about defending sigils or strongholds has every single advantage in this system.  There are a number of simple fixes for these problems that were outlined by numerous people (including myself on this page) back when factions were in testing.  I have come to the conclusion that OSI is trying to punish us for being their customers because there is no other possible reason for this.  Maybe the dev team did these things on purpose because no one is actually dumb enough to make these idiotic mistakes...I can imagine these bastards sitting around talking about how badly they're going to fuck over their customers...


Lets say we'll reprieve murders so they can "get back in the system"!  HaHa, but we'll get those bastards good by having the guards kill them while blue and we'll sort of umm...forget to fix a bug that lets them take counts for killing oranges!


Then we can say the system stops blue intervention by stopping blue healing! Before that we can slide in a system that flags people gray for looting their own kills and call them criminals to "everyone" that way blues can actually jump in the fighting instead of just healing.


After that we can make all recruitment open in all factions and allow faction mates to attack each other at will, causing chaos for anyone in a leadership position.  If these leaders aren't confused enough we'll make it impossible to elect a leader for a week and hopefully by then everyone will be so disgusted with our system they will have quit.


The general idiocy that spreads like a virus from the top down in UO makes me so crazy that I stay up till 2am ranting like a psychopath.  Factions suck yet I stay with it because of the responsibilities I have to my friends and guildmates.  At least I still get some satisfaction out of watching groups of trash talking oranges die by the hundred.  So I continue to offer my expert opinions and leadership to a game that I often think is hardly worth my time.

December 8, 2000-2:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

Well, Well, Well...

Look kiddies its Richard Nixon!

Just a few things to note about factions:

-Evil Lord Hades and his friends suck at pvp and their faction is a joke

-There was more DF blues out blocking and walling then DF oranges fighting

-TDP still isn't even in a faction

-Viper of S-K is a trash talking moron

-BattyG doesn't even try to fight so why is she orange?

-Shadowlords owns every city in Britannia (see above if this confuses you)

-KaLiBaH over at Pimp Styles Productions is my hero

-The people at WTFMan are way to funny

-Shamelessly linking other sites is totally wrong and if you want me to stop you should click here, here, here, here, and here.

Yah so the last few had nothing to do with factions..I get confused sometimes.  Now I'm going to sum up all the warring today in one sentence and end this update:

Shadowlords completely beat the shit out of every other faction on the shard.


December 7, 2000-2:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

Shadowlords Consume Skara Brae &Yew:

Yesterday was a great day for the Shadowlord faction!  Although the gankfest continued it was tolerable because the groups were much smaller.  Last night SLs corrupted the town stones of Skara Brae and Yew:

We can now create faction goods like armor, weapons, clothes, etc (not many have because the cost (in silver) is so high).  SLs pretty much dominated the night except for a few large Minax groupings.  We had 2 great fights for the SL stronghold where smaller groups of SLs pushed back larger groups of Minax.  A lot of people have voiced opinions that factions are unfairly stacked toward SLs and OPP only joined to "gank".  Let me clarify a few things because I've heard a lot of bitching and complaining lately from our enemies.  OPP went into the SL faction after a meeting where we discussed our options which were:


-Join SL with our allies CB, DP, TBH, and numerous other friends 

-Join CoM with a bunch of trammel jackasses

-Join Minax with all our enemies

-Join True Brits?  Umm no...


The solution was pretty obvious and the vote was one away from being unanimous.  If you are one of the people saying OPP just ganks everyone you can stop reading this and leave this webpage now, thanks.  Other factions rule other shards so the SL base can't be much different from the others.  There is a member cap on the largest faction to keep the numbers close to even.  Frankly, I've seen groups of Minax twice the size of any SL groups, but for the most part SL has better pvpers which has brought us wins.  So I ask you people complaining how is the system unfair?


As far as OPP goes we've been very active and we've been racking up kills at a nice rate.  The majority of us are rank 10 in SLs (the highest rank) and have been pulling in silver and and other loot in piles.  It's late and I need to get some sleep so I'll leave you with a pic that illustrates how well things are going:

December 6, 2000-3:30 A.M. PST-Jackal


Factions is the biggest cluster fuck in the history of online gaming.  Honestly, it was funny slaughtering all the trammel newbies but how long will they last?  CoM and True Brits are almost totally non existent already leaving Minax and Shadowlords.  Back and forth we went, killing the shit out of each other in battles that had upwards of 60 people in them (and lag from the gods). Some of the battles left piles of bones that completely covered the floor.  For me it was sort of fun but it was so much of a gankfest that there was no way to control a group or use any skill.  It was simply click as fast as possible and hope you don't get comboed by 8 people at once.  Deaths were pretty much just bad luck and bad timing.  Basically, so far Factions have been funny but not fun.  I managed to get my kill points over 80 once then back to 67 again before always loosing tons because of pure gank deaths where 5 people just happen to click me at once.  What is the point of all this anyway?  Controlling towns is totally pointless and gaining kill points is also totally pointless.  I'm already sick of factions and they just went in....Don't worry it will just get worse and worse.

Think all those stones will be there next time I log in?  I don't...

*falls asleep*

December 5, 2000-9:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

Factions Are In:

Yup, factions went in as planned at about 7:25Am PST this morning.  OPP successfully went into the Shadowlord Faction and started kickin some ass:

Councel of Mages taken over


True Brits taken over


We didn't feel like going to T2A to kill all the Minax so we are currently just hitting CoM and Brits and will continue to.

December 4, 2000-9:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP & Factions:

OPP will be joining the Shadowlord faction tomorrow for faction wars.


Current Situation:


Minax=TDP, WAR

CoM= KBR, -I-, VVV



I think DF will end up Minax but they still haven't decided.


OPP is currently focused on preparing for factions therefore we will not be fighting guild wars tonight.

December 4, 2000-5:30 P.M. PST-Jackal


I realize everyone wants to know what faction OPP will be joining and we are currently having an emergency meeting to discuss our options.  I'm a bit pressed for time so that is all I'm going to say now.  Check back later for more info.

December 4, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

War Update:

Fights were fun again and very interesting this time as OPP was trying traps and tricks to even out the numbers (OPP had 7 and DF had about 13+).  Do to the numbers there was no real straight up confrontation until after traps where set.  Fighting started up at Maginica where OPP was trying to group but got attacked in the process.  Jackie was the only DF loss while OPP lost 4.  The fighting then moved back to Occlo where Kwong, Wing, Locke, and BMW died (ohh yah some moron named Proudmore as well) while OPP again lost 4.  We both regrouped and fought again in Occlo and I actually took a pic of this one:

OPP lost 4 in this fight as well and DF logged for the night after it.  The fighting was pretty good and no one was trash talking so we all had fun.



Correction to December 3 OPP News:

It was said that Kwong of DF had res killed me which although he was present he did not do.  The below article has been corrected and I offer my apologies to Kwong for the mistake.

December 3, 2000-4:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

War Update:

Fighting went very well again yesterday and the evening produced a large group of DP/OPP/TBH/TSL:



Obviously this group held Occlo all night without a problem.


Unfortunately, earlier in the day I died which I guess is bound to happen from time to time, but what really surprised me was this:

Siggka was one of the ones who had died to me a few minutes before and decided to follow me to the healers

Melody decided to jump in the fun

Finally peter

Wing came along and asked why they were res killing me and these were the responses.  An easy training target?  So DF are still training charcs...and they train them on new ressed people at healers?  Umm yah ok...


After killing 4 DF over a span of about 15 minutes in a 1 vs about 15 they had the nerve and audacity to pull the above!  To be honest this did piss me off since I hadn't been looting the DF I was killing and I had been ressing and gating DF out when they die.  They had no reason to camp the healers (not that anyone ever does) seeing as I was the ONLY orange in the area and IMO deserved some respect for fighting way outnumbered and winning (which DF hasn't even tried to do).  So far in this war the closest thing I've gotten to a 1vs1 was Wild Bill with a bless spear and no equipment.  The closest thing I've had to a 2vs1 was today when Dumb and Gris (I had to dispel there gate the first time just to get a 2vs1) started to fight me 2vs1 but gated out before I could get there reflect off and start fighting.  Every single time I've gotten a DF or TDP alone or even close to alone they have run off or recalled.  I suppose you could say they are just using tactics to win but how can anyone claim to be winning anything when:


-You run when there is fair or close to fair odds

-You can't hold ground

-You spend more time hiding then regrouping

-You don't carry on a constant war

-You are forced to stop accepting wars (1, 2)


And DF has 76 people in the guild now!  I wish they could just admit it like one TBH member said.  Since the universal excuse so far has been that our side (DP, OPP, TBH, TSL) of this war has had more people I took the liberty of looking up some guild memberships:


DP42 + OPP49 + TBH32 + TSL52 = 175

DF76 + -I-27 + TDP42 + VVV30 = 175


Hmm, could it get any better?  This war is almost totally even and it would be totally even if it wasn't being fought on DF home turf where DF has massive amounts of blues and several houses to hide in.  So how is this war really going?  It's probably the most one sided major war OPP has ever been involved in and it's pretty obvious people are already getting upset and this may turn into a very ugly war very soon.

December 2, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

War Update:

Yesterdays battles went extremely well for OPP forces.  We had a decent sized group on for a good portion of the day and caught the DF/TDP forces (which outnumbered us until about 10 PM PST) in a number of traps for mass kills.  We mopped up in Occlo early in the day, held out during the middle of the day (when DF outnumbered us 3 to 1) getting more kills then DF/TDP, and dominated the evening with the help of TSL.  All in all the battles have gone extremely well so far and we hope to keep it up.

December 2, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

More Art:

Part II of the concept art for the Ku'lak is up.

Horizons News

December 1, 2000-10:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Links Section Updated Again:

Keep those links coming in people.

Links Section 

December 1, 2000-10:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Lots of Info:

The Horizons FAQ Section has totally been redone and more art has been added to the concept art section.

Horizons News

December 1, 2000-10:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Equipment, Spells, & Armor:

The official Anarchy Online Site has a new section up where they will be slowly releasing info on equipment, spells, and armor.  Beta was also mentioned, basically beta phase III is pretty close.

AO News

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