December 31, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Point Gimping?

While on my routine check of websites today I decided to take a more in-depth look at the Top Twenty Faction Guilds in UO.  Of those top twenty guilds thirteen of them have point mules.  Of the top ten guilds eight have major point mules.  How can anyone be proud of the fact that their guild is on the list under a point mule?  The Top faction guild: Grudge Inc. of Baja has a total of 33 non-point mule points.  The majority of these guilds literally transfer every single point they can.   So here's a list of the fakes, guilds who die to often to hold a spot on the list without transferring points to a safe character:

1.   Grudge Inc. (Baja)

2.   Death In Excess (Europa)

3.   M&D (Baja)

4.   The Smurfs (Europa)

5.   Terror Guard (Catskills)

6.   Newbies with Attitude (Great Lakes)

7.   Sigil Stealers (Chesapeake)

8.   Mates of Ownage (Drachenfels)

9.   Leazas Kichiku Force (Yamato)

10. Lords of Death (Baja)

11. Ku Sa Re (Izumo) 

12. Etherlords (Europa)


On that note I thought I would give props to the guilds who don't need a Point Gimp to be in the Top 20.  These are real UO PvP guilds:

1.  Righteous Avengers (Great Lakes)

2.  Legion of Doom (Chesapeake)

3.  Oinland (Chesapeake)

4.  Black Shadow (Sonoma)

5.  The Resurrection (Catskills)

6.  Soul of Guards (Wakoku)


I was gonna post more but i'm bored so umm...yah The End

December 30, 2001-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

True Brit PvPers! err..What?

The current state of the True Brit Faction is summed up pretty easily: speedhackers, tamers, and axers.  It's pretty clear what their PvP relies on when The Top 10 TB Guilds' hiding average is over 40.  I think it's a safe bet that every other TB you go against will run and hide (with their GM or close to GM hiding) either as soon as they see you or as soon as they get hurt.  TB counts on massive numbers, large amounts of NPC Dragons, and a guild of speedhackers to support them.  This is actually understandable when you consider the backgrounds of the top guilds and top people.  They're either fresh out of trammel or message board monkeys.  The relentless gibberish we hear from these people is easily ignored, but there's some things that definitely warrant posts: massively exploiting the game and totally ridiculous trash talking.


Last night one OPP found some action in Britain and was engaged in a 5 vs. 1.  He called for backup and as always the TB were easily swept up and killed.  As Smithy ran for his life (as he always does) he managed to get this enlightening statement off:

"Smithy: all they do is hit panic"


In a fight like that?  Hell yes, I guess these TB people are so accustom to OPP killing all 5 of them in 1 vs. 5's that they consider anything more or closer to even: unfair.  When Smith isn't on his blue charcs popping our pouches he's usually running around with recall pre-casted.  I see him alone pretty much every time I play and it's always off to the races.  To the point where I just stand there and laugh or chase him with my feared fishingpole of vanquishing.  He has high hiding on both charcs and relies on it to stay alive.  I have a lot of respect for terrible PvPers who openly admit they need practice, but where does this moron get off questioning the PvP of a guild that has repeatedly stomped him, his guild, and his faction.  It's to the point that the only person we even see from Smithy's guild is Smithy (and that's only for about 15 seconds as he runs away to his house or hides somewhere).  So to Smithy and his little band of cowards, our offer for a fair fight or duel stands, but I'm guessing he knows that already and also knows what will happen.


As the night went on a group of W@R gathered inside the TB castle to defend the sigils.  An OPP caught the last part of an interesting conversation and managed to snap one pic before he was seen:

"Wiegraf: I use gear"


Damn right you do, along with the vast majority of your guild.  We've sent in log after log of these guys bragging about exploiting to OSI.  All you have to do is watch them for 30 seconds during a big fight and you know they're hacking. When paged, GM's respond that W@R is being investigated and action will be taken when their investigation is complete...swell.  So until then we're expected to just sit back and watch these people continue to use one of the most blatant exploits in UO history.  It makes me wonder where all this cash OSI gets every month is actually going...

December 28, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Magic Mountain Trip:

The finalized trip plans are below.  If you plan on attending please contact Jackal immediately (don't email).  If we're not expecting you then you won't have all the info you'll need.


*All the times listed below are Pacific Standard Time*

We'll be meeting up at Coco's in Valencia around 9:30-10:00 AM on Saturday January 5th.  Before you arrive call our cell number or if you don't have a cell just ask for the OPP group (we'll let the hosts know).  If you're the first people there just tell them you expect a group of about 15, but we don't need a table set up or anything.  If you plan to eat breakfast show up early enough to get your food and be done by 10:00.  I would suggest showing up no later then 9:00 if you plan to eat there.   At 10:00 we'll head over to Magic Mountain and stay till closing time (8:00PM).  We'll be hitting only the bigger rides (if you want to go on jet stream and log jammer stay home).  We'll start on the Viper side of the park and work our way around.


Useful Info:

Coco's Bakery Restaurant
23710 Valencia Blvd
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Fax: 661-259-4147


Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 255-4100
From the Los Angeles area, call:
(818) 367-5965

Go to Map Quest and print out a map from your place to the Coco's before you go.  I don't want to have to deal with anyone calling lost.

December 28, 2001-3:01 P.M. PST-Jackal

Bitter Sweet Victories [A War Update]

Council of Mages is now officially the newest bandwagon on Pacific.  Since OSI nerfed moongates a lot of action has dried up.  Most of the trammies are content staying at home bashing orcs for 50 gold.  Rumors of some of the larger guilds putting another stone in factions have all but disappeared and with them the hopes of another boost for Pacific Factions.  Some of our new SP arrivals are already tired of UO and moving on.  KGB has already dropped 15+ members and after more then a week in factions boasts a whopping score of 57 (what's it mean when single members of OPP have about 3x as many points as the entire guild of KGB?)  As we predicted KGB is already trying to forge a number of alliances.  KGB is rarely seen without SDS, vbb, DF, or HH and they all seem to be working together (or house hiding together, even when they have odds) and are using the same UOAM among other things.    It's been fun having oranges to fight, even if it's never on even ground or with equal numbers.  With the huge amount of CoM on lately guilds like B&B have even decided to make a comeback (at least he left tram right?)  The remaining DF that have fled their stone in defeat are even teaming up with KGB with hopes of killing an OPP or two.


So the fight continues...



OPP/OCC vs. Minax:

There have been a handful of new Minax around lately trying to tag along with OPP.  Let me remind everyone that if you are not on the OCC stone, OPP will consider you another useless bandwagoner.  Minax has plenty of members so do us all a favor and don't hop to the side that's winning.

For OCC Information Click Here then ICQ: 9527202 [Do Not Email]



Policy Clarification:

As you probably already know OPP does not res or horse kill.  A lot of people have been complaining lately so I'll take a few minutes to clarify:

-You are considered new res by OPP if you have a res robe on, have not been healed, haven't talked trash, have had no loot passed to you or attempted to loot anything, and are in the healers shop.  We will give you a fair chance to res and leave the area to re-equip.  If you hang around until the fighting is over OPP members will gate you to a neutral healers or shrine at their own discression.

-OPP considers a fight even as long as you hold your ground and do no turn and run as soon as you get low.  The second you run you are subject to mass gankings.  Running is not part of an even/fair fight.  OPP will fight the even fight and not call for backup if you fight honorably.

-OPP will only kill your horse if you attack us with it.  However, we will not let any orange walk up to get their horse unless there is no other fighting in the area.  We suggest that you wait until the battle is are over and OPP has left the area to retrieve your horse.

December 20, 2001-2:01 P.M. PST-Jackal

and so it begins...

KGB has joined Council of Mages...

The first 3 vs. 3 of the war took place at the KGB tower.  As you can see Houdini, a mongbat, and a horse vs. Romeo Montague, ryu, and Corpus.  This is just the first of many house hiding battles I'm sure OPP will encounter against KGB.  Although the valiant forces of good did manage to slay the furious horse and ruthless mongbat of death, Houdini managed to drop the other three (two shown in pic).


"I ban thee"


December 20, 2001-2:21 A.M. PST-Jackal

SP starts rubbing off on Pacific:

It's well known that Siege PvP consists of gank, run, then board talk.  First the guild vbb and now KGB have moved back to Pacific after years on SP.  At first we looked forward to some new blood and hopefully more mature attitudes towards warring.  Unfortunately, both guilds have brought the general lame newbie attitude that exists on SP to Pacific.  KGB is still spamming boards talking trash and has yet to join any major warring.  vvb is seen maybe three times a week and only when they're in gank squads.  You have zero chance of getting a 1vs1 with any member of either guild.


The one thing that has always made Pacific different then all other shards is our ability to somewhat control our emotions.  When people get upset they go duel it out in a safe area where everyone could watch.  We always had semi safe areas where people could duel or hold events.  These things were fun and made our shard interesting and exciting.  OSI gives us very little control over Britannia so it's on the major guilds to take large strides to make things more then what OSI reluctantly spews out for us.  Most shards consist on bless weapon res-fighting with the occasional gank or marathon run to a moongate.  I see Pacific heading down this same road.  Unfortunately, all this new blood has overwhelmed OPP's ability to handle the ignorant masses.  Every night OPP is attacked by combined faction forces.  Guilds from all over will team up to fight OPP and Minax.  They bring along blues to pop our pouches, loot our kills, and box us in.  Normally I welcome the challenge, but when it spreads to places like the duel roof I just shake my head.  It's like these groups who have lost numerous wars to OPP are so upset and blinded with rage that they don't realize they are ruining the very thing that makes UO worth logging into.  They're so focused on defeating OPP, spamming owned, and typing "showscore" that they forget everything else and turn into complete cowards.  A number of people who have spent the last year dueling under a safe haven created by those before them are now turning on that very thing.  When we're looking for oranges we know they're on the in the duel area hiding from us.  Every night when we can't find a damn thing to fight these cowards are hiding up there dueling.  That's fine and we handle it by either going up and joining in or dueling amongst ourselves.  Yet when our enemies are all grouped up they hit the duel roof and gank any OPP there.  The double standard exists for every single guild I can think of.  They see the chance to catch an OPP off guard dueling or looking to duel and go crazy.  "OMG we might kill an OPP!"  Obviously it means that much to all of them.


OPP met up in Arizona this last weekend and in one of our coherent moments had a discussion about honor.  All these guys run around calling OPP lamers while claiming to have honor.  KGB claims to protect the innocent and fight with honor.  Please...These guilds are nothing more then gangs of mass recruited gimps who are here today and gone tomorrow.  Active one month, totally inactive and gone the next.  The same guys every few months fighting under a different banner trying to achieve victory over OPP.  Every time lowering their standards further to get at least a little taste of victory.  OPP will never lower ourselves to the level that these cowards exist at.


With that said OPP does have to take some action to protect ourselves from bottom feeders like SDS, KGB, vbb, P^H, etc who have such little success in wars that they have to gank people who are new ressed trying to recall or in the middle of a duel.  Since the break up of DF there has been no organized group to oppose us, thus it's time to round up the newbies once again and put them in their place.  Since all factions team up against OPP on a nightly basis and everyone seems hell bent on turning the duel roof into a war zone, we'll be making some changes.


OPP continually tries to make this game for fun for the people of Pacific, but we won't risk continual deaths for a bunch of ungrateful idiots who either hide in tram or spam our message board all day.  From this point on the vast majority of our oranges will be KOS on the duel roof, whether you're in the middle of a duel or not.  Anyone who is seen assisting these people in any way shape or form will be executed as well.


There will no longer be any safe zones on this shard for anyone who crosses OPP.  It's sad that it has to come to this...just remember when you end up dead and saying "all OP can do is gank, this game sucks" just remember that it was you who ruined what others had tried so hard to make fun and it's not the game that sucks, it's your cowardly attitude.  Consider yourself warned.

Cowards of Pacific Updated

December 18, 2001-1:21 P.M. PST-Jackal


Ever gotten "spanked" in a guild war? Have you "owned" players in PvP? In a game like UO, where players from all over the world come together in a society of their own creation, it's common for terminology to evolve into new meanings. Sometimes those words are innocent, like the words above, and sometimes, as in the case of the word "rape," they're not. The word "rape" is not an acceptable term to use in UO, regardless of whether it's being used to mean the act of sexual assault, or simply having "raped" someone in PvP (meaning to have won, or dominated, the fight).

Why is there no distinction made? Well, our GMs have no way to discern what someone actually means when they use certain terms, and we will not get into debates as to the intended meaning of terms that are considered offensive by others. So if the word "rape" is used, and called in as harassment, the player will have their account penalized up to and including termination, regardless of the context.

When talking to other players you don't know, don't assume that they understand your meaning in cases like this. They could be new to the game, or maybe not a native English speaker. In short, please consider your audience when speaking



Well, what OSI's saying here is if you say something that can be misinterpreted by someone then you can be punished.  So what is the final answer to this problem?  What does OSI want everyone to do?  Role-play mimes?


They don't want anyone to communicate in their game and that's all there is to it.

December 17, 2001-11:51 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Trips:

We're all back from our latest trip to Arizona and are already planning our next trip.  We'll be meeting at Magic Mountain (for directions) in Southern California on Saturday January 5, 2002.  Any non-OPP that are interested in going feel free to contact me and ask for more information.

December 16, 2001-10:51 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Great King Speaks:

Jetstar of KGB is once again spamming his opinion of wars he never participated in, in a game he still doesn't play.


Why does KGB get top billing on the OPP site? Why is Jackal focusing so much attention toward my guild?


Well, Jet...If you actually played UO and read websites (before you stuck your foot in your mouth) this is a gaming news site.  On this site we just happen to cover News that's happening on UO:Pacific.  KGB coming back to Pacific after several humiliating defeats is actually news to most people.  The part you seemed to stumble on was the "top billing" area there.  You consider a handful of posts  over several years that point how clueless your entire guild and leadership are...focus?  Let me make this very clear for you since, by your ignorant post, I'm sure you're already confused: OPP post about KGB because we don't like cowards and after-all, KGB seem to be number one on this list.  People being cowards makes us want to war them and in turn publicily make them out to be the cowardly little girls they are.


I'm not going to waste my time rehashing the truth just to point out the basic facts that everyone has proved about KGB for years.  Instead, so we can keep the attention of our dimwitted KGB friends I've decided to play a fun Clicking Game:


Along came OPP. Who were just another group of house fighting lamer opportunist PKs. It was news to them that hiding in a house on the X-Roads did not spell victory. Undeclaring a stone war is not defeat. In our stone Wars with OPP on Pacific, we continually dominated OPP time and time again. Standing out in front of their house at the X-roads while they cowered inside gets old, and we moved on.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc, etc, etc...

Scroll to the bottom and work your way up for a recount


To be honest I do grow tired of listening to Jetstar.  In his post he even claims that I tried to join KGB.  There's a point where KGB stupidity reaches so far and becomes so amazingly ridiculous that I don't even have to say a word.


A group of KGB veterans decided that a return to Pacific was in order, and with all KGB endeavors I support it 100%. It is too bad that our return is tainted with the familiar spin of Jackal and his inability to speak the truth. I can assure you one thing, we may not be the best, but we will certainly make our presence felt as we have done since the beginning of UO.


About the only place KGB presence has been felt is all over multiple message boards.  KGB has mass recruited 40 members and is still afraid to join the Pacific warring scene.  Spamming everyone's message boards isn't going to change the fact that KGB has undeclared on OPP twice and is now supposedly going to be the top guild with zero wars.  What's next?


KGB will declare on some gimped out group of newbies that a lot of people dislike.  They will only declare one war and will not join factions.  Next KGB will mass recruit everyone they can get (20+ more).  Eventually the bandwagon will hit the wall and KGB will undeclare and then immediately declare victory.  This process will repeat until KGB either claims to be the best or someone hands them massive defeats even when outnumbered (thus destroying the bandwagon in a matter of days) at which point KGB will "move to another game". 


Regardless the point that KGB has always missed with OPP is we're stable and no amount of bandwagoned gimps can stop us.  In fact, there isn't a single guild in all of UO that cares to try.  OPP controls KGB actions and their destiny as always.


The Original OPP Archives (let it load then scroll to the bottom) has detailed pics, quotes, and accounts of the Original KGB war, that let me remind you, KGB undeclared.  While I'm at it let me toss in the fact that it took KGB well over a year to accept our war declaration that was declared the first day of the guild warring.  For topping on that cake lets also mention that neither PGC accepted the OPP war declaration and OPP has defeated every single ally KGB has ever had.


Put up or shut up children!

December 11, 2001-7:51 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Cowards Return:

For those of you who missed it or just didn't care, KGB is back again.  Will this return warrant more then a two day war and immediate declaration of peace?  Maybe, it certainly looks like KGB is getting ready to get involved.  Since the beginning of their return last week they have quadrupled their membership which now stands in the low 40's.


Last night showed us our first glimpse of the new KGB bandwagon.  A group of about 10 KGB were traveling around with several TB and SL faction groups, healing, looting, and attacking OPP greys.  I have to admit the constant notoing and count giving did remind me of old KGB.  Non-the-less KGB is still very unorganized and hasn't mass recruited anyone who really understands how to lead group PvP yet.  All of them except Ryu died at least once last night.  I guess a rocky start is expected=P  So what's in store for KGB?  More recruiting?  More trash talking?  Maybe more propaganda on their page by people who don't even play UO about how they are "going to be on top"?


One thing seems for sure at this point: KGB is totally focused on trying to disrupt OPP and Pacific Faction warfare without actually getting involved and participating in the system.  The long KGB tradition of abusing loop hopes in the UO warring system continues.  This time around they are blue healing factions, looting in faction wars, attacking people who are victims of a corpse flag bug, and attacking anyone who goes grey for any reason.  Between the constant trash talk we heard last night Romeo's oh-so familiar "newbie" that he runs around spamming, I've already come to my conclusion.  KGB isn't equipped or prepared to join the Pacific warring scene.  After being run off Pacific once, then Seige, now they are apparently preparing for a short war and then to "move on to another game or shard"...again


Its interesting to hear claims from Jackal and former OPP that the somehow defeated KGB. KGB handed OPP their asses time and time again, until in the end they refused to even leave their house at the Xroads (known to KGB members as "The Coward Shack"). I am confident that KGB will again rise to the top of the UO Pacific ladder and once again prove that we are one of the most organized and powerful guilds in UO History.

Jetstar of KGB

Full Post


So Jetstar will continue to talk about a game that he never actually logged in to and still doesn't, while KGB runs around ganking duels and looting wars they're not involved in.  Do you see KGB anywhere on This List?  What's that word under "Recently at War With" next to the KGB Roster?


Hey Jetboy, you want to start talking about history?  By all means go look at the OPP Archives.  We have pics, quotes, and links to back up every one of our claims.  Where are the pictures and quotes in the KGB Propaganda Machine?  Let me remind you that it was TBH and OPP that put down your PGC and sent you packing.  Or are you still claiming that undeclaring your  OPP war then trying to reform PGC to fight TBH and losing had nothing to do with your sudden shard jump?


So I guess OPP will be seeing KGB blue at the next big faction battle, just like old times.

*look a blue KGB*



Dragons Family Gone for Good?

The DF stone has experienced a major drop off in recent weeks.  Apparently they are "all playing DAoC", or that's what they would like you to think anyway.  The Dragons Family stone has lost over 30 members since their expansion to DAoC.  What I don't understand is if DF is gone to DAoC why do I still see the vast majority of them playing UO?  Why are the orange members always on blue charcs and why are the other 30 or so not on any DF stones?  Is only half of DF actually DF?  Or did DF realize that with only 30 members they couldn't possibly compete with OPP?


I see DF affiliated characters on a daily basis.  A see several DF on the Duel roof everyday/night, but never on the field fighting.  DF will claim that they are all playing another game and that I'm just making up things, so lets look at their membership more closely:

About 1/2 of the current DF Roster still plays quite actively (look at the names).  They post about UO events regularly on their Forums (and recently attempted to hosted a tournament.  Nothing against DF hosting events but don't claim you don't play, then host a major event.)  Not to mention the handful of other DF Stones that conveniently undeclared their OPP affiliated wars.  On top of that all the so called DF that bandwagoned to their stone to war OPP are suddenly back in a separate faction doing their own thing.  These names look familiar?  Maybe a few here?  Even a few in here (join long time enemies for a shot at OPP)???  How about here?


I could go on and on, but you get the point.  DF members are still very active!  To avoid a repeat of their last embarrassing attempt to quit factions, the main DF are playing other charcs on stones that mysteriously lost their 099 declarations.  The other guys who had claimed to be DF all along when DF rejoined factions have all left and are mixed up in every faction, including Minax (What are you thinking Kaz?).  This is part of a post in response to a claim by Yokuni that OPP will "disband and lose a war to DF" made months ago as DF was rejoining factions:


1 -DF will bandwagon and accept any OPP haters they can find

2 -There will be a few weeks of constant fighting where ESF, DF, BOD, TVA, and all the other SL will team up in 40+ gank squads

3 -DF will begin to win some battles due to massive numbers but will become restless as OPP members bait and pick of strangers.

4 -DF will begin to claim victory and say that they can't find any OPP because the group of 10 or so OPP won't go head on against their 40+

5 -After being baited off, killed, and tricked into even fights DF bandwagoners will become angry and quit.

6 -The bandwagon will peak and begin to come down, the fights will become increasingly even and DF will start taking massive lossses.

7 -The weaker loyalists that need gank squads to fight will fall off and disappear.

8 -The big name bandwagoners will claim something ridiculous and find an excuse to turn the tables and war DF.  Then they will claim to have never liked DF anyway.

9 -The message boards will fill to the top with claims of victory while DF is very difficult to find if not gone entirely.

10 -Eventually DF will either switch shards or claim to move to another game to avoid an embarrassing loss.


So lets follow along here with what really happened:

1 -DF begins to rejoin factions.  They join SL, which just happens to have a number of guilds that they could team up with.  As opposed to joining TB or CoM where they would be on their own and have weaker bases.  TVA quits CoM and joins SL to allie DF against OPP.  DF faction membership kicks up to 60+ very quickly and includes a number of TB who had just lost their towns to OPP and were upset with their faction's lack of ability (Nikola, Kaz, Obscene, and their whole TB crew).

2 -There was huge combined SL gank squads out almost every night hitting moongates, towns, bases, and the X-Roads.  SL retakes the towns.

3 & 4 -When did the DF board become active?  What are DF still claiming to this day?

5 -TVA quits Pacific and moves to SP along with a number of DF who are "sick of Pacific".  ESF claims to be busy with RL things and doesn't log in (convenient timing).  A number of TDP and assorted DF bandwagoners quit and make their own guilds.

6 -Guilds like TL, B+S, B&B pick up a number of SL who are quitting due to problems with DF and turn up the jets in CoM.  Several small SL guilds quit and move to CoM and TB.  OPP groups start taking out the large SL gank squads with ease.  DF can't handle the sudden jump in oranges as people rejoin TB and COM factions revert from SL vs. OPP to more of a balanced system.

7 -The DF guildstone drops from 60 to 40 in one week.  DF drops from over 1100 points to less then 600 during this time (200 of those being held on a point mule).  Occlo falls silent and is filled with only blues.

8 -All the old TB who were supposedly DF rejoin TB and begin warring DF.

9 & 10 - DF claims OPP is dead even though Minax has the towns and DF is non-existent on orange charcs.  They then claim to have moved to SP and their stone drops to its current level.  DAoC hits stores and DF claims to have moved games even though half their membership still plays actively on blues and the other half have quit DF and moved to other guilds and factions.


If DF quit UO why are they holding on to UO accounts?  Why are they still playing on their non-faction charcs (and don't tell me you're refreshing your houses like last time I asked, morons)?  Why is DF undeclaring OPP wars?  Why did their faction stone drop more than half in size?  If DF doesn't play why would it matter who's orange?  Why would DF members need to quit factions and undeclare wars?


I bring this up because of recent claims by a number of DF to have defeated OPP and also because KGB will follow a very similar pattern if they join factions (Except their bandwagon will be much smaller and less organized with very little help from other factions).  So is DF dead?  No not at all.  In-fact I wouldn't doubt some sort of a comeback if KGB or another group of guilds starts fighting OPP.  The fact of the matter is most of DF still play UO.  They just lost their massive numbers and aren't skilled enough to be successful against the odds so they are making excuses.  OPP has 20+ people to DAoC and you don't see us backing down do you...All these DF excuses just don't make any sense and all seem to contradict each other.


Due to the fact that the DF faction stone is totally inactive in any faction fighting (OPP was the only major force to oppose them and their whole bandwagon), the DF war stone has undeclared on OPP and 099, and DF we still continually see DF on blue charcs: OPP Major Victories Updated.


Cowards of Pacific Updated

December 9, 2001-12:01 A.M. PST-Jackal

Notice a Trend?

Minax Lead by OPP =

Not to mention a reasonable tithe rate.  I guess its not a total loss because the MNX only wasted half our factions total silver in two weeks...

December 5, 2001-2:32 P.M. PST-Jackal

Advocates of WAR [W@R]:

Our last poll seems to have gotten on the nerves of these exploiters.  The single biggest group of speedhackers that have ever existed on Pacific are actually claiming that they don't use any cheats.  W@R members accounted for 87 votes in our last poll.  Granted there are numerous people who speedhack all across the shard (LIL Joe, Obscene, Illussion, Giotto, etc), but look up and down the W@R roster and you will see hacker after hacker.  As most OPP have said W@R isn't really a big deal because, even with their hacks, they have a lot of trouble getting kills.  This is where I differ and the reason why I'm not afraid to post the names of anyone who is exploiting.  IMO anyone who hacks and more importantly any guild that promotes the use of a massive exploit should be dealt with immediately. most people know its damn obvious who speedhacks and who doesn't.

Raynor of W@R

Full Post


They know they exploit and anyone who has ever gone up against them knows they hack.  Every time a GM is paged regarding W@R or their members they say: This guild is currently being investigated and although you may not see immediate results, the appropriate action will be taken.  Seems OSI knows W@R hacks as well.  I guess the only thing left is to wait and watch them bounce around on our screens until they're banned for good.

New Poll Go Vote!

I left out Durst since, obviously everyone recognizes him as the biggest hacker on Pacific.

December 5, 2001-4:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

Round Three?

Sources in KGB say that, at this point KGB has no plans to war OPP.  Classic KGB lack of communication and discipline is in full swing again.  The acting GM of KGB: Romeo Montague, is already hitting the Pacific boards:


Nice try Jackal :)

Mass recruiting are we?
If you mean by pulling some former members from other guilds, then sure.
Only 3 of those people on our guild member list are new recruits/candidates.
It was a nice try though
Romeo Montague
KGB Pacific Minister

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Three new recruits?  Wouldn't more then two of these people be a candidate, or do new people join KGB with Knight titles?  I guess since about 30% of Pacifics older population was KGB or PGC at some time or another you can argue that recruiting people who were KGB two years ago for three days isn't mass recruiting.  I would tell you it is, but KGB has always mass recruited.  Why not just admit that KGB uses new recruits as fodder?


And Rich you might be right. When we proposed comeing back to Pacific, we thought many of the Capitol Faction and Primary Factioned KGB would be hesitant (DAoC, SP, EQ, etc.) But after we submitted our nice OPP talks to other KGB we seem to have a ton comeing over from the other worlds. So you may be right, 2 weeks, 40+.

Romeo Montague
KGB Pacific Minister

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So you are going to join factions then?  Some KGB say yes, some say no, but the fearless leader seems to be planning on it, right?  40+ in two weeks?  Again, classic KGB tactics, mass recruit, declare one war, gank them for a few days, undeclare, declare victory, repeat.  But hey, that's not bandwagoning or mass recruiting!!!  It's just the KGB way!  


So is KGB joining factions or not?

Eternal One: Afraid to join factions?

Demros: no

Gyum: yes

Confused?  I think they are too...


Looks like all of KGB is just confused and unorganized.  I think everyone hoping for some new end-all-war are over estimating the leadership abilities of these people.  They can't even figure out what they're talking about.  Who knows, but I certainly don't have high hopes...

Just another Repeat of May 23-24?


December 4, 2001-4:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Mini Update:

We will be publishing fixes for the following issues to all shards, with the exception of Oceania, today, to be active following their Wednesday morning maintenance periods (local server time). These changes will be active on Oceania following its Thursday morning maintenance period.
  • Bank checks will no longer be taken by non-bank or non-minter NPCs.
  • New player quest gates will no longer leave new players frozen.
  • It will no longer be possible to bypass the wait timer associated with escorting NPCs.
  • Activation of Holiday trees

December 4, 2001-4:45 P.M. PST-Sub Zero

From Sub:

Looks like KGB is back and recruiting like there's no tomorrow. I just Hope they end up joining factions so they cant use hordes of TB to hide behind and jump in for kills or that god forsaken patio house at Yew. Oh my god do I hate that “house”. Do me a big favor next time all you SL that hide in there : next time there is one of me outside and 5 of you, come out and at least fight. We should have some good fights with them though, will be quite interesting even if they continue not in a faction direction.


It seems to me that a lot of people quit and old ones are coming back, or left to go to a different shard to find that nothing will compare to Pacific. Or is it that everyone is to busy flaming each other on a board I'm not going to mention. It’s a game boys and girls ( you know who you are) have some fun and give OPP a decent fight once in awhile. I know when I get on to fight as a group I continually see little to no opposition. The speed hackers log off and the trammelites go back to trammel. But who is left that we continue to group up and fight you may ask. TB has had some formidable groups not in the sense of skill, but numbers. That's it. Just TB and scattered factioners and P^H (which by the way doesn't really count  as a guild with such low level skilled players as ceFix and Speed.) When KGB do come back, they should make my time I actually do log into UO a little more fun.


December 4, 2001-4:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

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December 4, 2001-1:45 A.M. PST-Jackal

As UO Turns...

Quick Update for all you people emailing me bothering me (yah you can stop now, umk?)


MNX down from the high 90's to less then 70 since the creation of OCC...


KGB back and mass recruiting everyone in sight...


Massive fall out has struck DF...


W@R continues to mass recruit speedhackers...


vbb goes Council of Mages...


This is the last day to vote on our current poll


Look for another Update later today!

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