February 27, 2001-6:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

People are Morons:

I've been playing a lot of CS lately and for good reason...the game is pretty fun.  I take this game incredibly lightly which is part of the fun.  The part that is stupid is people taking this game seriously.  It's probably the number one cheated game on the net.  On the servers I play (anywhere I can find completion, yes a lot of little kids play CS and just suck) there is usually a good amount of people cheating.  It's fun that way because none of the cheats are major, so it sort of raises the playing field for those people who don't cheat.  Once you play the game for a few weeks you pretty much know everything, so then it's just working on reaction time and knowing every nook and cranny of each map.


I get banned pretty much daily for cheating, even though I actually don't (because most admins learn to hate me, like everyone else who pisses me off).  I pretty much just use handguns, grenades, and either the TMP, Mac10, or if I feel like sniping, the ever popular Scout.  All the rank whores get mad when they die to the cheap ass little guns and kick me, which actually just makes me laugh at them.  I guess that is the appeal of a game like CS.  People do whatever they want and if they die...well shit, they're alive again in less then three minutes.  They ban me from the server and I change my IP and jump back on.  If you haven't tried CS I would suggest playing it.  If you're saying: "Well, Jackal you make that game sound stupid"  I probably do, but in the end it's fun to have a game that is just a big joke.  It's a good break from everything else=)


Remember if you're going to go buy it, buy Halflife then DL Counterstrike...don't get ripped off and buy CS as a stand alone game.

February 26, 2001-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

People are Idiots:

I get emails regularly asking me to link sites...I really don't have a problem helping people out if they actively update their site and link us back.  But, why is it that 90% of the guilds that ask to be linked don't bother linking us back?  Why do people come to our board and post links to their sites which bothers our viewers without at least having the courtesy of linking us back?  What does this site look like...some kind of free "hit" service?  So to all of you idiots out there who think they can use us, piss off...we don't want your kind around here.  Go back to your website (that will get no hits now) and keep pretending that people give a shit.


Secondly, WTF is up with people who claim to be "RPers".  Does it mean you're special because you can point out something that is insanely obvious to the average person?  Personally, I think saying: "I am a RPer" means you are either totally stuck up or a complete head case.  Everyone who plays MMORPGs Role-Plays and everyone is a "RPer".  Is playing some craftsman different then playing some immature moron who steals from newbies all day?  Yes, but they are both role-playing!!!  This brings me to my second point: the people who ask me to link their sites, then tell me they won't link ours because OPP isn't a "RPing" guild.  What kind of freakish double standard is this?  Now look at you, you have all been taken off our links section (after all, I use it as my favorites list and I don't want to accidentally click any of your sites) and you can apprehensively go back to your menial tasks, like typing for hours and claiming that because you use words long lost, (for good reason) you are somehow better then the rest of the online community.  In the end we all know that any guild who claims they are "RPers" are just openly clueless.



Webpage Info:

The Links Section has been updated and changed a little (again) so it's easier to use.  The Joining Sections should be up and running again soon but there is no ETA on when everything will work again.  I need a small graphic that I can use for Anarchy Online News Updates!  Anyone that has something like a logo that is original and small like the rest of them, sent it to me.  My failure at making one is shown every time I make an AO news update=(

February 26, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Beta Phase III:

Yah, so Beta Phase III has begun and it would appear that AO has yet to disappoint their fans.  There's a lot of info leaking out even though Funcom has basically put the cork on people saying that if they leak anything they will be permanently banned from AO.  Here is one of those legal type previews brought to you by IGN.  The Official AO site released a few wall papers for those, promote the game to yourself type people.  There are so many new pics up I don't have the time to link them all.  My suggestion is if you want to see them go to this site and follow their links.

February 25, 2001-4:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

You Know You're Famous When...

People spend a significant amount of time trying to mock you.  Now I wouldn't really consider this attempt much of a success but I find the fact that he even tried very amusing.  It's sort of funny in that 12 year old short bus way...

February 23, 2001-6:30 P.M. PST-Jackal


Some new beta screenshots and a new wallpaper...

Wanna see um?

February 23, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

The State of OPP UO:

OPP UO will be making a few changes:

-Scaling down our UO presence and slowing recruitment

-Orion will be taking over the OPP Factions Stone

-Veracho will be taking over the OPP/099 War Stone

-Jackal will still be playing on a limited basis, mostly just for guild purposes

February 23, 2001-3:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

New World Art:

Chris Rush provides us with more great concept art today! You can find Chris's latest creation in the World Artwork section.

Horizons Main Site

February 23, 2001-3:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Some News Finally?

The AO team finally decided they would let people know what's going on (sort of)...


The rumors are correct.  We will also send out a few hundred new beta CDs next week.  I'll update the site about this at the start of next week.  In the meanwhile...new for the fan sites:o)


New Screenshots:

AO Stratics: 1, 2

AO Lore: 1

AO Forge: 1

AO Mystics: 1

AO Zocks: 1

February 21, 2001-11:30 P.M. PST-Jackal


Best fucking Grammy Awards Show I've ever seen except:

-Christina singing in the wrong language...

-Shakira saying something about her home country, Columbia...Two words: GO HOME!

-The complete idiots outside the show protesting about an artist (Eminem) who's lyrics they either have never heard or are to ignorant to understand.

-The Winners of the Best Native American Music Album acting like idiots: one guy was wearing what looked like a an American Officers Uniform (like he just scalped General George A. Custer himself) and his partner thanking Jesus?  or as one of my esteemed guildmates said:


"...he thanks Jesus Christ... WHAT IN THE FUCK!? does anyone else find that kinda FUCKED UP!?"


*raises hand*

I do, I do!


Funny that I'm completely appalled by a few people's actions and still think it was a great show...I guess it really was just that good!


If you're ever in need of something insanely special remember to CLICK HERE!

February 21, 2001-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal


Someone made a movie type thing for SB and I guess it's worth a look...


New Beta Screenshots:

Right now they have them in as wall papers (who knows why?)...

Click Me!

February 21, 2001-12:20 A.M. PST-Jackal


There is and article over at the FL site about privacy, or lack of privacy when it comes to OSI and EA.  It's just a teaser right now but stay tuned to see what exactly is goin down over in Austin.

February 20, 2001-2:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

I Love These Guys:

We wanted to let the player community know what was happening with HORIZONS, and now that HORIZONS is under full-scale development, we have made the decision to add another underwater race. The main reason for this was to balance the vast underwater expanse that will exist. While we are not yet prepared to announce the name of this race, we wanted to let the community know that we are going to evolve the underwater realms even more than originally anticipated.


Having said that, the initial release of HORIZONS will not feature either of the underwater races. The main reason for this is so we can release the game in a timely fashion, and focus on the realms that the player base is most familiar with. However this does not mean that we will not have Lamurians in the game; as a matter of fact, we are planning on releasing the playable underwater races roughly 3-6 months after initial release so that we have ample time to balance them properly. It is not defined as of yet whether or not these two races will be blood enemies, but they will be distinctly different, and have open conflicts.


Another reason that we decided to choose this path was to show the versatility of the game and the evolution of game features without the need of purchasing an additional patch in order to receive large-scale game enhancements. We want the player community to be excited about how HORIZONS was designed to truly grow as time passes, and this approach will define just that.

More Info

February 20, 2001-1:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Ebay Auction:

Lee from DP is quitting UO and selling his account that has charcs on the Pacific and Arirang shards. Included on this account is a Marble House in a great location near Yew, a number of rares and semi-rares, and 26 GMs in total.

Bid Here

Lee also has a number of Blessed vanqus up for auction and another account with a GM Axe Gimp!

Here is the Full Listing

February 20, 2001-1:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Ummm? Hello...

I received this from OSI the other day and ummm...well see for yourself:

The Ultima Online Player Relations team identified your account as repeatedly abusing the sigil exploit to illegally color items on your character. It was determined at that time to permanently close the account due to the exploitative nature of the act. After reviewing your account and its associated violations, the EA Account Administration team has concluded that this termination is in complete accordance with the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct of Ultima Online which you agreed to during the creation of your account. 


Account Name: kgouge2 

Character Name: Jelly Belly 

Shard: Atlantic Items 

Used: wizard hat, bear mask, sandals, others 

Number of Logged Incidents: 57 


This exploit clearly violates several statutes of the Rules of Conduct, which specifically state:

? You may not modify any part of the Ultima Online Service or Web Site that Origin Systems does not specifically authorize you to modify 

? You may not use the Ultima Online Service or the Ultima Online Web Site for any activities other than activities that are permitted within the game world. 

? You will not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the Ultima Online Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user of the Ultima Online Service. 

? You will not do anything else that interferes with the ability of other Ultima Online users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases the expense or difficulty of Origin in maintaining the Ultima Online Service for the enjoyment of all its users. 


As this clearly is not an intended function of the game system, and because of the certitude of the logs of the incident, we are unable to authorize any further investigation of this matter in regards to your account. 


The EA Account Administration department was created to perform a comprehensive and objective review of each and every termination decision made by any division of Electronic Arts; it does not manage the support of or make the rules for any of the products or services offered by Electronic Arts. We respectfully ask that you please do not phone or email Electronic Arts or Origin Systems regarding this matter from this point forward, as this termination decision by the Ultima Online team is final. We also ask that you understand that all statutes within the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct still apply to you as per the original agreement, especially the sections regarding terminated members of the service. Sincerely, William Leverett EA Account Administration Banned@ea.com (c) Former Members. Members whose Accounts have been terminated by Origin Systems may not access the Service in any manner or for any reason without the express written permission of Origin Systems. Active Members may not knowingly allow former Members whose Accounts have been terminated to use the active Members' Accounts or User IDs.


Interesting for me to learn I had an account on Atlantic that I wasn't paying for and had no clue existed!

I wonder what the guy who was supposed to receive this email is doing...

Those morons can't even tell someone they are banned without fucking up...

February 18, 2001-6:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Webpage Updates:

-The Links Section is working again and has been updated with more sites.


-The Members Section is still under heavy construction as we add profiles and gather member info (note: if your name isn't on the members section we need to discuss a few things.  We left roughly 40 names off so don't think we're picking on you or nothin=P)


-All Joining Sections (Online, CS, SB, UO) are still DOWN and will be for a bit longer, so if you are looking to join up email me and I can send you the sign up form.

February 18, 2001-6:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Meridian's Beta Journal:

If you want to read the full thing click here.  If not scroll down, I'll be picking out a few choice quotes...

If you want to see the screenshots you'll have to click here and scroll down some.


I was hired by Wolfpack to write fiction, and up until now thatís exactly what Iíve been doing. Bear in mind that I am neither a developer or a programmer, and Iíve had little impact on the design of the game as a whole. Also, Iíve never played any other MMORPG. Never Ė no UO, no AC, no EQ, nothing.


-Lil'bit about Meridian...


Second, I know thereís been a lot of questions about how viable the Mac version of Shadowbane is Ė well, Iíll be playing Shadowbane on a Mac here at the office. It works. Trust me. 


-Your Macs will work with SB


After logging in I come to the roster screen, with five empty slots waiting for characters to fill them.


-5 charc slots


Beregund doesnít really suit itself to a last name, so Iíll go with a title Ė ďthe BoldĒ is not only suitably heroic, it also has that alliteration going for it. And, now that we can finally put spaces in our last names (a very recent development, Iím told),


-World Specific first names and global last names when you leave your home world


In Shadowbane we've got lots of types of dialogue - the basic Say message puts text over your head and is only audible in the immediate area, Kingdom messages are city-wide, and there are Tells that only a specific character can hear. As if that weren't enough, there are also Guild specific and Group specific channels, for secure battlefield communications.


-No need for ICQ or IRC in SB


Note the dusty track down the middle of town: it's a road - a player made road. Walking back and forth across the terrain actually deforms it - after a few dozen passes paths develop, and grow into dirt roads. With everyone coming and going to equip and train, all the grass got stomped out of Brellamere very quickly.


Off to find the Grobold village and earn some experience. Thanks to the automatic road building, I don't even need to ask for directions. At the edge of town there's a massive road veering off into the hills. Talk about canít miss it! The Grobold village must be a pretty popular place.  


-So you'll know if you are in an inhabited area when you are exploring and travel between towns/villages/cities should be simple


Groups divide experience from all kills, can divide treasure, and also grant an experience bonus based on the size of the group.


-Bonuses for large groups


I'm also linked to the Brellamere Guild Tree, joining the local Nation. Now that Iím a member, I seem to get more experience, and recover faster.


-Faster recovery and greater experience gains when belonging to the local nation???


I figure Iíll adjust the transparency of my map window, move my two power buttons (aggressive and defensive stance: the beginning Fighter powers) off of the Command HUD where I can get to them.


-You can put your menus, buttons, and chat windows where ever you want


The short swordís light enough that stamina is never an issue (I lose a bit of stamina every time I swing, but also recover some between swings). It does less damage than the axe, but itís faster. At first level, Beregund needs to pause for a breather between kills. One Grobold can take me down to about half hit points. The Health regenerates quickly - but only if I'm out of combat mode.


-Stamina loss for swinging and faster health regeneration when in neutral mode.


Duel wielding is cool, you can see the hits coming in two at a time and overlapping. The fight ended up taking about a minute, and it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. The two short swords made all the difference, although I did eat up stamina twice as fast. Hopefully, at future levels I can boost my Strength and get more damage out of these swords.


Every time I read the updates I get more and more excited about this game. It certainly has a lot of great features and if, in fact it is relatively stable at this point, that is great news!

February 18, 2001-1:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

UO Comes to a Grinding Halt!

This is it for the PvP community...I figure even if OSI gave all the accounts back it wouldn't make a difference.  UO has been in a steady decline for years and this is the last down hill run for the PvP community.  I would guess there are about 7 people left who are capable of organizing attacks.  That is simply not enough and when it falls on their shoulders to organize attacks constantly they will get burned out and quit.  Then there will be no organized PvP and that will be the end=(

It's sad to see it all finally unravel but I guess this is what everyone had been talking about for the last few years.



Some people have been emailing EA to complain about OSI an this seems like a good idea (even if they forward the msgs to OSI they still know people are pissed).  If anyone wants me to post anything here that they think may help them get their accounts back just let me know.

February 16, 2001-1:20 A.M. PST-Jackal

Leveling the Playing Field (PvP in UO):

Try this on for size:


-Was it ever said or posted anywhere that the purple hue change was a bug and banable?


So why would a number of noted pvpers be banned for doing something that was never defined as a bug?  If a new player walks down the road and picks up a bag how is he supposed to know whether that bag is a new item or a bug?  I doubt this question would even cross the new players mind.  He would simply pick up the item say: "neato" and keep going.  Numerous times in the UO Tutorial it is said that many items or things you come across in UO are unique and are part of the exploration process of UO.  New things will be constantly introduced into UO without being publicized so the player may enjoy the process of discovering new and interesting items.


I guess what every argument comes down to is what defines a bug?  In the Terms of Service (TOS) it clearly states that exploiting bugs in UO is a no, no.  So I'm asking anyone out there that knows: How is a player supposed to differentiate between a new item and a bugged item if OSI doesn't comment on what is what?  And even if they do is it the players responsibility to go to the OSI webpage or forums everyday to keep up on the new "bugs".  Personally, if I programmed for a company like OSI (which I would never do) I would make sure that everyone was fully aware when a coding MISTAKE was made.  Then I would publicly apologize for making that MISTAKE.  Next I would let everyone know that I consider any use of this MISTAKE a violation of the TOS.  Once that was said I would be interested in fixing my MISTAKE quickly so it affects as few players possible.  After my MISTAKE was corrected I would take appropriate measures to to fix any damage caused by my MISTAKE.  For example: if someone's rune book was turned into a grape do to a programming MISTAKE I would turn it back into a rune book.  Any massive exploitation of my programming MISTAKE would be taken out on me for being ignorant enough to make the MISTAKE and then publish the MISTAKE without proper testing.


OSI is trying to use the TOS as a legal document of some kind as a reason to ban accounts.  However, the part of the TOS outlined as the section the banned people violated only refers to the exploitation of bugs.  So if something was never labeled a bug how can someone be in violation of "exploiting a bug"?  As far we knew the purple hue change was purposely implemented as a perk to people participating in Faction Wars.  Through the discovery process so widely bragged about by OSI, players came across this unpublicized new way to dye items.  I could go on all day about this but what it comes down to is this:


If something or some action is never labeled as illegal to do or have then you shouldn't be punishing your customers for it...


Especially if the whole thing was your company's fault to begin with.

February 14, 2001-11:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Happy Valentines Day from OSI?

Just wanted to say happy V-Day to everyone who got banned!  Instead of presents OSI decided to send out emails this year!


February 14, 2001-3:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Mass Bannings?

Apparently there have been numerous bannings for using the "purple hue change".  I'm not sure exactly how many people were banned but since just about everyone in factions used this bug in one way or another I would guess thousands.

February 14, 2001-12:20 A.M. PST-Jackal

Member Profiles Created:

The Members Section has be revamped with more info, emails, games, and profiles.  All the profiles are incomplete right now but we should have most of them up and complete sometime in the next 7 days or so.

February 13, 2001-2:20 A.M. PST-Jackal

Baja PK Ring I:

I want to start by saying this is one of the funniest things I've ever been part of in all my time on UO.  Back in the day a group of newbies would have easily been dealt with, but in this new age of three day old newbies that can't play a charc that doesn't have hiding and a house within 2 screens we can actually win fights.  We started out at the X-Roads and we all died to these these 2 towneis with parry (*note to self* newbies with 50 arch & tac do no damage to people with parry).

See we're all lined up ready to pounce!


So we ressed and met some guys at the X-Roads that decided this was funny and they should re-equip us all and gate us to the Grave Yard.  This is where the fun began:

We started out with two fast kills and moved on to...

a nice gentleman on his roof enjoying the action, till 5 arrows hit him in the head... 

Here is some other poor fool that we ran down.  This kill was pretty funny because this guy actually knew how to PvP but we all fired at once and he died=P  Basically, I think we all died about 3 times while killing 8 guys (that I saw).  After we all ended up dead and were blue again (yah none of us went red somehow).  Our little friends from the first part of the attack came back and had this to say:



In Pac News:

Since CoM has been doing all this "owning" during the day I decided to log on UO early tonight and look for oranges.  Well, needless to say at 5:30PM PST there was about 10 Oranges in Magincia and we killed all of them, took the mag sigil, and left (wow we got owned....).  After our little killing spree on Baja we came back to Pac and had several fights that SL won all of (yes we have the mag sigil still).  Out of sheer boredom Houdini and I got in a fight with these guys and after killing all of them about 3 times they decided to stay inside=(

Hell 6 vs 2 is pretty scary!

Anyway, fun night and more SL victories (but remember...SL is being owned)...

February 12, 2001-2:20 A.M. PST-Stink


Im starting a newbie PK ring on the baja shard. You make 1 lumberjack, and leave 4 slots for pks. Each newbie starts 50 arch 50 tac. I supply the weapons, u supply the arrow/bolt making material. This has been done by me before and was the most fun ive had on UO in a long time. Its strength in numbers, the more the merrier. ICQ me (19227929) if you are interested. there's a test run tonight! TRY IT OUT!

February 12, 2001-2:20 A.M. PST-Jackal

Site Updated:

As promised in OPP News on February 5, 2001 the site has gotten another overhaul.

The following sections of the Main pages have been updated:






The following sections of the UO pages have been updated:

Info & Joining

Allies & Enemies

Cowards of Pacific


The following sections of the SB pages have been updated:

Info & Joining


-The Archives section has been split up by month and year for faster load times

-All joining sections of the this page are currently down and being reconstructed (so if you were hoping to sign up right now you get to wait a few days!)


-A number of links have been added and removed from the Links section.  Remember to keep sending your favorite gaming links to us.  If you are submitting your site to be linked please make sure the OPP Site is linked somewhere on your site or I will not link you.


-Several people have been removed from the Cowards of Pacific section and a new section has been added for the new breed of UO player created by UO:R.


This site is still holding strong on the EQ, CS, and UO Top 100's.  We are in the Top 5 for clans for each game.

EQ Clans

CS Clans

UO Clans

February 10, 2001-11:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Shadowlords Get "Owned":

In-between our "owning" sessions Shadowlords managed to steal and hold down the sigils for 24 hours.  Beating back about 20 major attacks from other factions and killing about 30 CoM Dragons/Wyrms.  Since the beginning of last weekend CoM has managed to scrap together one major victory.  One out of (keep in mind that SL is being owned) eight nights.  For real though, it's happening again...The CoM bandwagon is starting to die and look what happens?  Sure, CoM was great when they had 2x as many active people as any other group but what happened?  Could we have another Minax to CoM hop on our hands? (guys you're running out of wagons to jump on, what's next TB?).


"When is Jackal gone to run outta excuse for losing the war?"

DF News


Well shit...I seriously don't have anymore excuses.  With SL clearly dominating what am I supposed to say?  Even though Minax bandwagoned onto CoM to create the largest faction this shard has ever seen, they are still losing (wait, does that count as an excuse?).  These people are so incredibly full of shit it boggles the mind.  Oh yah, one last thing...


"Dominate Time Zone 3:30AM- 5AM EST"

DF News


He's referring to SL...

So that's what?  12:00PM PST to 2PM PST?  I don't know about you guys but ever since I started UO the prime hours for pvp have been from about 11PM PST to around 3AM PST.  These hours have moved some with time but can anyone answer this:

If DF is so busy owning everyone on the shard for 22 hours of the day how did SL just hold the sigils for 24?


I rest my case...our enemies are totally and absolutely clueless....


Notice how they never even try to defend or argue their cases.  They just make new posts about how they are so great and leave out the fact that everything they have said and are saying is totally untrue.

February 10, 2001-2:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

SB Stuff:

A couple of items for you today.  First, of course, we have updated our Sorcery section with new screenshots.  These screenshots have been taken by one of our beta testers, the Centaur known as 'Argannon the Black.'


Next up, we would like to unveil our new Shadowbane Forums.  For those of you who have been using SBForums, you will notice the format is almost identical.  For those of you in Phase 1 beta, a new Beta Forum has been added for announcements and questions relating to the on-going beta process. Additionally, you may notice a few new fields in your profile:  Guild, Guild Homepage, Race, and Class.

February 8, 2001-7:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

In Testing for Next Update:

-Holiday trees will be going down next patch in deed form and will need to be picked up by the owner (more info)


-Stablemasters pricing will be fixed (more info)


-Faction Traps will now give the "placer" silver for killing (40sp) or hitting (20sp) leading to a kill.  Removing traps will now require a tool that can be made by a master faction tinkerer (good idea!), will cost 500 silver + 10 ingots, and will have 25 uses (more info)


-Good aligned creates will attack evil alligned characters (good idea but the evil creatures sure as hell better not attack evil alliagned charactors) (more info)-


-Player owned vendors will not give checks to their owner if the amount being claimed is between 4,999 and 1,000,000gp (more info)


-A seperate window ill not pop up when item IDing a magic item.  This window will explain all kinds of useless crap for newbies (more info)


Full list of things In Testing for Next Update

February 7, 2001-3:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

More Beta Testers:

We have started to send out the next batch of 3000 AO beta e-mails and CDs today. When we have gotten these people in and everything is working well, we will add at least one more batch of testers.

Anarchy Online

February 7, 2001-2:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Yippy Skippy Kill Counts!

OSI finally got off their asses and added a new section to their webpage which shows info on each faction.  In looking at this I think you could safely say that on certain shards some guilds pretty much completely rule (not that kill points mean much of anything but...umm 1514 is a lot) Look at this guy's kills (can we say: point transfer?)  As far as Pacific goes P^O has the most points.  There is more options here but most of them still don't work (and you though OSI could do something right the first time?) so I'll be updating later when they do.

February 7, 2001-12:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

Well Shit!

I accidentally deleted the post I made this morning about the battles this weekend hell if I'm going to redo it so umm...

-Friday Night CoM wins

-Saturday Night SL wins

-Sunday Night SL wins

-Monday Night SL wins

That's pretty much what it said...

February 5, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal


In the words of Josef Hall, President of Wolfpack Studios, Inc. "Today marks a unique turning point on our journey from 'development house' to 'entertainment provider'."  For more information, view our latest Press Release:  WolfPack Studios, Inc. Announces Phase One Beta Test of Shadowbane!

In addition to our Press Release, we have updated the Shadowbane Beta page to reflect the various phases of our Beta Testing.  Please take note that we are not accepting any more Beta Applications.

February 5, 2001-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP News:

We've made a few relatively large strides here recently and we're getting ready to make a few more.  First I just want to draw every ones attention to the UO Top 100. The OPP site is clearly number 1 in the clans section and we've pushed our way up to the 20's in the main section.  This puts us up with the likes of player run shards, rant sites, auction sites, and bug sites.  For being a more specific type of a webpage dedicated to a guild (that most people dislike) we're doing great and it's thanks to all of you that come in and read our useless ranting=)  Hopefully there will be several new people updating here soon to give some new perspectives on issues.  Also, we'll again but revamping existing sections and adding new ones.


SB Recruitment:

Shadowbane recruitment is going quite well and I thought I would take a second here to explain what we have planned as far as new people for SB.  If you take the time to sign up before beta gets into full swing you may be included in some of our smaller decision making processes.  If you wait to sign up because you think you aren't sure or whatever, you will come in like anyone who joins once the game is public: the lowest level.

February 5, 2001-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

CoM Base Under Siege:

The last few nights have produced huge battles for the Sigils.  Last nights fighting lasted several hours and included 2 cities.  SL forces gated into Britain and quickly took the healers area dispatching the roughly 7 CoM in the area.  The battle continued in Britain for about an hour as SL forces moved around chasing the super fast CoM all over Britain.  After the fighting died down in Brit the SL group gated to Magincia where a huge fight broke out.  There was 35 CoM, 4 dragons, and 2 wyrms defending the sigils.  SL had half that number and no dragons.  The fighting in Mag was mostly hit and runs for the first half hour and I didn't think we had a chance of winning.  I was absolutely shocked as we blew through CoM troops all the way up to the CoM bridge where another large battle broke out leaving piles of corpses.  By this time more SL had come in and an ESF tamer with 2 dragons.  The extra people helped us make the final push and take the sigils.  Thanks to everyone involved, that was a great battle and a rare one at that.

February 3, 2001-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Last Nights Fighting:

At about 10 PM PST a battle between SL and CoM broke out for control of Magincia.  SL moved in killing about 5 CoM and 2 dragons forcing the remaining CoM to retreat into their base where a large long battle ensued.  The battle raged between the interior of the CoM base and the Magincia side of the bridge.  In my estimation there was about 15 CoM inside the base and another 10 or so split up running around Mag and camping the healers (yes, Weak III is a total lamer, he just sat at the healers shop avoiding the fight and res killing).  After several hours and several stat loss periods SL was forced back and killed by an onslaught of 4 dragons=(.  All in all the fighting was good and to be totally honest I was shocked that we lost.

February 3, 2001-12:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

One Lag Problem Solved:

This afternoon it was brought to OPPs attention by our DP brothers that "someone" or "some group" have been using ping floods to lag whomever they wish.  This knowledge was forwarded around and it became clear that this was a very large scale scheme as literally 100's of SL's were being ping flooded.  Personally my ping went from 120 with 20% packet loss to 22 with 0 loss.  If this is the first time you are hearing about this and your ping has been significantly higher lately change your IP.  There are a number of ways to do this, but if you aren't sure how I would suggest calling your ISP and reporting what is going on.  The specifics of who is responsible and where they live will not be released because this is out of our hands.  Simply take this knowledge and use it to repair your connection times and get back in the fighting.  Most importantly keep in mind that UO is just a game and not worth RL problems over.  Also remember that changing your IP is just a temporary fix, it could be re-attained so if you have any people you aren't sure about on ICQ be wary and DO NOT post on any msg boards run by people whom you do not trust or that have IP stamping (IP Stamping on the OPP board has been disabled).


As many of you have probably heard there are updated versions of UOF going around as well as a new program used to speed up "settings" that works with a number of games including UO and CS.  These problems are being dealt with by OSI with patches but they are not by any means solved.  Last night an unnamed member of COM ran around my thief 4 times over a span of about 2 screens while I was at full run with a 17 ping.  Most of these cheat programs are easily detected by OSI and are easily recognized in UO.  Call a GM as soon as you see someone running super fast, knowing exactly where people are hidden, or disappearing.  Even if OSI can't find a problem they will document your complaint and when the reports stack up they will do a full investigation on that person.  We all know OSI is incompetent at best so everyone needs to do there part and complain.  A good place to start would be here, explaining any problems you have experienced while playing UO and who exactly (be very specific) is responsible.  I can assure you this problem will be solved if you do your part and let OSI do there job!

February 2, 2001-3:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Screenshots:

Jeux Online

SB Mystics

SB Bibliothek




Don't forget to visit SB Vault for the largest collection of SB info and quickest updates.

February 2, 2001-3:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

Stratics AO Chat:

The First Crossroads Network Round Table chat between the players and developers of Anarchy Online is scheduled for Saturday, February 3rd, at 3 PM ET (Noon PT, 8 PM GMT). The chat will be available to you at #aochat on Xrgaming IRC, on the following networked servers:
irc.sorcery.net, port 6667
kechara.sorcery.net, port 6667
valinor.sorcery.net, port 6667
This week's topic is "Worldbuilding". Please have questions ready directly related to this topic.

February 1, 2001-3:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Items:

Time for another presentation of items in Anarchy Online! This time, we present the Energized Metal Arms, the Disaffiliation Sniper, and the strange Breiflabb.

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