March 30, 2001-7:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

The State of UO: 




10 dead oranges...

*connection lost*



"lol, he died"


March 29, 2001-7:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

True Brit Bandwagon Breaks:

The DF created bandwagon of the month, True Brits has seen a number of major loses the last few days.  Over the last two weeks we have seen the real True Brits be forced to leave their faction in protest, the TB faction grow to the point where forces of more then 60 True Brits were on and fighting at once, and we have seen several absolutely pathetic attempts to cover up faction hopping.  After all that, the Shadowlords are beginning to take control again.  Now it is just a matter of time before each faction's numbers balance out.  


"In about 10 days most of TB will have cleared out and DF will have lost their advantage again.  True Brits numbers will drop off and soon DF will have to fight even battles again.   At that point they will either drop out of factions or jump for the THIRD time!"

OPP News March 14


Last night SL grouped up and totally ripped up any oranges we saw.  Here is a great report on the nights festivities.



Notes of the Night:

-DF blues were in Trisnic healing Faction guards *exploit*

-DF members at the Britain X-Roads were using a blue healing bug so that non faction members could be involved without risking death.

March 28, 2001-7:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

SB Forums Moved:

Links Updated Accordingly

Shadowbane Forums

March 28, 2001-4:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Progress of Shadowbane:

This is for all of you wondering what's up with SB.  We had been avoiding the coverage of all the rumors here because...well they're rumors.  Apparently some ignorant people think that God Games will back out as SB's publisher.  Lets go out on a limb and say this does happen: With the recent cancellation of UO2 does anyone honestly think that SB won't be able to pick up another publisher?  The only immediate competition SB will have is Anarchy Online.  SB already has tens of thousands of fans!  So here's Warden to tell you all what's going down:


You seem to imply that somehow we're "dodging" some subjects, when in fact the opposite is true -- we're telling you, flat out, that we aren't in a position to talk right now.

I realize that a lot of people have doubts, and thats unfortunate.. more unfortunate, perhaps, because there's not really much I can do about it.

In the meantime, beta continues to move forward, we're hiring new people on a weekly basis, and no one at Wolfpack seems worried. Let me be very clear on this point : Shadowbane WILL be released. We are not concerned for the future of this product.

If you've grown weary of waiting, I guess I can't say that I blame you. Go take a breather, and I hope you'll still be interested enough in Shadowbane to take another look when you see it in the stores.

Full Thread


These haters need to shut up!  I can tell you right now that I totally believe Warden and I know SB will be released.  However, I do think it will be slightly delayed and will come out missing a few features.  What really matters is that Shadowbane is released before Fall and it will be.

March 26, 2001-9:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Teaser:

This week's updated is the next in our series of in-game movies.  This one entails two stalwart adventurers lost in the Swamps of Irydni.  For a larger version of this same footage, be sure to check out our community fan sites.


We are also unveiling our official Polls section.  Participation in these polls will give us feedback on the types of features you think we should concentrate on in the future.  The topic of our first poll is "What Specialty Class are you most interested in playing?".


*twiddles thumbs*

March 26, 2001-5:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

Last Comments on DF:

For the most part these people either don't understand English well enough to know what we're saying or just choose to be openly ignorant (I tend to think it's option two).  Although I try to steer away from updating about the useless babblings of DF members, some things need to be commented on for the last time:


Can OPP accept that they are defeted in ANY way???? I mean we beat them on UO we use bugs we get more hits on our web page we macro. Why can they not accept that.

-Ivan/Osiris of DF

Full Post


This pretty much sums up the DF mind-set toward OPP.  You tell me: When exactly has DF defeated OPP in UO?  If you're referring to a number of small scale battles that happen on an hourly basis in UO and always include lots of other idiots (contrary to popular belief we do die sometimes)...Congratulations DF, you have killed some OPP in the course of this war!  Way to go guys!


IMO DF has become what is commonly referred to as a "vapor" guild.  They have no leadership and count on RL racial ties to hold their guild together.  When they are faced with challenges they lie, run, or hide.  If you go to random gaming boards do you think anyone will have even heard of Dragon Family?  In the whole scheme of things they're very insignificant.  I even try to help them build up by talking about their guild and posting links to their page.  I think DF should be thanking OPP!

A Link To The DF Page


Next, apparently someone forgot to tell me we have some sort of a webpage war going on.  Seems rather stupid but, umm ok...The OPP page averages over 200 more people a day then the DF site.  The day before yesterday the OPP site had 496 people visit (a good day for us) while the DF site only had 72.  DF also has their counters on every page including their forum while we are happy with just counting the stats of our opening pages (our index which leads to our news page).  So basically, more people visit this news page then the entire DF site.  Don't believe me?  Go see for yourself!

March 26, 2001-2:05 A.M. PST-Jackal

He's Back...

Yah, that's right Lep is back posting on the TBH page again about...umm stuff.  Go check it out!

March 25, 2001-2:05 A.M. PST-Jackal

Fantasy vs. Reality:

What is better to have in a game: a realistic/easy to understand (because it's based on what we know in RL) system or a far fetched fantasy system that is totally unique and different?


So far most games have based everything within their games on semi-realistic things.  For example: gold, weapons, armor, shields, landscapes, plants, etc...  If you go into a new game and pick up a halberd you already know it's a pole weapon that swings slow and does above average damage.  Games use items that exist in our world in their games because players can identify with them and learn the game easier.


With that said, where does it stop?  Where does the reality meet the fantasy?  There seems to be a lot of arguments over this very topic.  Most games thus far have managed to confuse the "historically correct" statistics of at least a few items.  I've seen 100's of people totally up in arms over the fact that a kite shield is larger then a tower shield!  OMG!  God forbid the designers of the game either confused the art or were just confused in general about the two shields!  Does it really matter?  Can't people just accept the fact that things are this way in this game and that's it?  Why do we have Joe the sixth century weapon specialist arguing with the designers of a FANTASY GAME over the actual realistic size, shape, and statistics of a given item?  I find these things amazingly ridiculous.  Does it really fucking matter!?  Are you going to quit a game over the fact that the designers confused the statistics of a wooden club with that of a steel mace?  Just imagine the time wasted on things like this.  The three major games out right now have actually tweaked items after release to make them "historically correct".  Can you imagine some game developer looking through a history book trying to figure out exactly what a longbow should look like instead fixing bugs with that very same weapon?  I'm so sick of seeing people argue over things like what the "exact" powers a Paladin should have compared to a those of a Priest.  Really...all that matters is that those two classes are BALANCED when going up against each other!!!  So what if D&D or any other game in the past did it a certain way...New game = new features!  I wish all these beta testers and fans would just shut the hell up about petty little things and let the designers design their games.  Maybe it's just time for designers to start making up names for items that way everyone will stop arguing about them...

March 24, 2001-3:45 A.M. PST-Jackal


SB Vault has an interesting article up listing the "Top 10 Pre-Season Guilds".  These guys generally know what they're talking about so if you were wondering who the big guns are going to be right off the bat, SB Vault has made a nice little list for you.  Be sure to say thank you!

March 23, 2001-11:45 P.M. PST-Jackal

"Connection Lost"

I would just like to note that this evening during a large SL raid on the TB base the majority of the SL lost connection to the UOA packet error (this is an exploitable bug to crash people).  After my error I managed to get back on in, in about 10 seconds and saw literally 20 SL all around me being slaughtered.  I didn't see a single TB not moving like perhaps they had lost connection too.  I promptly died right as I logged back in and ran around as a ghost.  Hmm, TB all fine, SL all disconnected.  I also want to note that this bug wasn't a problem with the True Brits until DF went TB.  My last note, before DF went TB I never saw TB exploiting any sigil placing bugs:

People say what bugs do DF exploit...

I think the better question is what bugs do DF not exploit?

March 23, 2001-12:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

Richard Garriott Where are You?

The people over at GameSpy Daily have a short interview up with founder of Ultima, Richard Garriott aka Lord British (you know the guy who actually made good games, then sold out to EA for big money and watched his company be torn to shreds and saw himself get fired from a company he made).

"As everyone else has heard, I have heard that Origin is now shut down both as a name, which happened a few months ago, as well as the product Ultima Online 2, and the Harry Potter game and a variety of other services. For me, on the one hand, its very sad to see the company that I founded and sheparded for 20 years to basically be coming to a close as an era, so that's kind of sad. And also to see all of my friends... I've got 85 of my best friends that just got laid off. On the other hand, personally, it could be an opportunity in the sense that my non-compete [agreement with EA] runs out here in about 8 days, and I was debating how to hire a team to get back into the business and I know a lot of the best people, a lot of my best friends who were at Origin, were very committed to their team and to their project and to the leadership around them within that company. Of course there was a non-solicit clause in my non-compete, so it would have been difficult for me to build a team. Well, suddenly now its not so difficult, so its going to be interesting for me to go back to Austin and start up discussions with the large stable of close friends who are now looking for something to do, right about the time that I'm looking for something to do, so that should be fun."

Full Story


GameSpy read my mind...I was wondering what he had been up to.

March 23, 2001-2:05 A.M. PST-Jackal

Athene Made a Quick Movie:

"My take on us losing the the cities."

Click Me 

March 22, 2001-1:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

Hasn't TL Learned Their Lesson Yet?

If you haven't noticed these peasants have been at it again.  After dropping out of factions, The Legend [TL] went Order.  OPP/099 has been Order since the end of the DF Alliance so we declared war on TL, but I guess they decided that was a bad idea and declined.  The TL guild house is located about four screens west of the X-Roads, which of course, is in our we steal from them and kill them as we see fit.  This has sparked a response from TL as they come to the X-Roads and try at kill our grays and reds.  Obviously they don't actually get many kills but they do manage to talk endless trash as they stand their blue.  So for the third time in three months TL has been looted.  This time agent 00'Xaj was responsible for the lootings:

Look! no one is home....


This took awhile since each potion weighs one stone...


Empty Chests? muahahaehehehehuhuh


Keep filling those houses for us guys...more loot = more $$ for us...

Thanks, again=)

March 21, 2001-8:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

A Community in Disbelief:

There is an entire online community in complete and utter disbelief...How could EA cancel their only hope of surviving in the online market?  As you have probably guessed I find this all horrendously funny. That is what all of you get for believing in OSI and EA.  UO2 was voted the most anticipated game by PC Gamer last month.  They had one of the biggest and most dedicated fan bases out there.  Their fan base was almost as ignorant as as EQ's.  The fan sites are so upset some of them are starting petitions to EA (now that's funny).  Some sites haven't even bothered to update about it.  Others have just put up the press release, that's it.  There are still very few details on the specifics of what exactly has happened and is going to happen (EA is always bullshitting everyone and then trying to cover it up).  Lets get to the actual meat of what happened, in the press release below EA claims:


...we need to dedicate everything we have to expanding and supporting UO. This will enable us to concentrate on supporting the 230,000 players who are already in UO, rather than dividing our resources between the game that is still growing and one that would run directly alongside. By pouring everything we have into UO, this opens up possibilities that UO has simply never had before now.


To me this means OSI/EA will be moving money and personnel to the Ultima Online camp.  However, it would appear that the entire UO2 staff has been fired, this includes everyone who was even remotely part of this project.  Rumor has it that somewhere around 100 people from the OWO project alone have been canned along with a number of other projects and their staff.  It is also  rumored that a number of the big guns at OSI have been moved to different projects.  What could this mean for UO..and what is this 230,000 number?  UO doesn't have anywhere that that many subscribers...And how many of them are in the process of leaving or planning to go to either: SB, AO, or DAoC?  Maybe half if not more?  So not only are they lying about "moving resources" but they're also lying about their player base and future player base...


In my opinion this press release means that EA will no longer be making or supporting MMORPGs and will be making very few games that are internet compatible.  I'm glad this happened and hope that EA just pulls completely out of the PC market because I'm sick of hearing my friends complain when they get suckered into buying some half done/untested game that they can't even complete without a "patch/fix" disc.

March 21, 2001-11:15 A.M. PST-Jackal

What Did I say?

Hot Damn, I got an early birthday present today.  You wouldn't believe what happened...Ultima Worlds Online: ORIGIN AKA UO2 was CANCELED.


The news about ORIGIN's cancellation is true. I wish I could say this in a way that makes everyone suddenly understand the reasonings behind it, but that way doesn't exist, so I'll simply say I'm sorry. To all the fans who have been waiting for ORIGIN, I'm sorry.

After taking a long hard look at where we are, and how much will still be needed to get us to the polished shape we would need to achieve for ship, we have come to the decision that, instead of putting those resources into a game that competes so closely with the still-growing Ultima Online, we need to dedicate everything we have to expanding and supporting UO. This will enable us to concentrate on supporting the 230,000 players who are already in UO, rather than dividing our resources between the game that is still growing and one that would run directly alongside. By pouring everything we have into UO, this opens up possibilities that UO has simply never had before now.

Again, I know this is a surprising move, and I know that some of you will understand that the gaming industry can be quite volatile. The UO2 community has been one of the brightest and passionate communities I've worked with, and I look forward to seeing many of you in UO.


I remember having very long arguments with a bunch of you out there about UO2 and why it will fail.  Hah! 


*points and laughs*


Obviously a project this large is something Origin's 10:00 dollar an hour staff couldn't handle.  Lets face it, with the departure of the original UO programmers to the now defunct Wombat Games, the loss of Designer Dragon and his group to Verant, and the loss of Origin's founder to Blizzard, Origin is doomed.  As far as I can tell EA is content to run Origin into the ground while milking as much cash off them as possible.  UO3D goes Live in the USA next week and with its amazing failure and the loss of UO2 what will OSI do?  They're going to have to do something very drastic...


Origin: We Cancel Worlds

March 20, 2001-2:45 A.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Update:

Another crappy weekly update that included something about the WP staff and four new pictures...


This update does actually prove one thing: anyone saying the graphics in SB suck is an idiot.



This has nothing to do with SB:

The Links Section has been updated and I added some crap to the Navigation Bar so its easier to find the links to each game.

March 18, 2001-2:45 P.M. PST-Jackal

Hoping for More Info?

The people at Horizons Vault put up some dev board posts made by James "Scan" Jones, Exec. Vice President for Artifact Entertainment saying basically, that AE won't be releasing all the major details of the game until open beta.  He sort of avoided why, but basically what he said was people were stealing their ideas so they will be keeping a lid on them.  Obviously this game still has quite a ways to go before any sort of beta so I guess we're supposed to be happy with our weekly dose of concept art.

Official Horizons Site

March 17, 2001-5:45 P.M. PST-Jackal

From SB Vault:

There was a post a few days ago on SB Vault regarding the PC Gamer poll for most anticipated game.  I guess last month SB got rolled and ended up coming in 10th place.  So a button has been added to the Official Shadowbane Site and SB Vault went ahead and added one too!  Basically by voting all you are doing is helping to advertise for SB, which if you think about it is a VERY GOOD THING!  There will be a lot of people in SB that won't be able to handle the play style so we need to bring as many people in as possible so Wolfpack can afford to hire enough staff to make the game what we all want it to be!  It just takes a second to email PC Gamer and take part in this poll that is published every month in PC Gamer.  Also E3 is coming up in May, so good media coverage before before E3 will attract more attention for SB!  More media coverage = more info before release and more people in the game upon release!

to Vote Either:

Click Here


Put this info in and send:

Subject: Waiting is the Hardest Part

Body: Shadowbane!


Do your part to make SB a better game!

March 15, 2001-3:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

What we Love Here:

We post stuff on this page that strikes right at everyone's huge overly inflated egos.  Obviously when we stomp someone's ego into the ground they get angry and start rumors.  If anything on this page is a lie I'll be more then willing to state an apology.  When I post, I post facts backed up by links to proof.  I say bring it the hell on.   Prove me wrong or SHUT THE FUCK UP!  If all you have to say is generalized BS without a single fact or any proof then you are openly stating that you are truly ignorant.



Clarification of UO News March 14 (below):

I just want to clarify that I meant Osiris/Ivan is now the GM of DF UO.  Sorry if that wasn't clear to everyone.

March 14, 2001-10:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

I Hate it When Our Enemies Prove us Right!

Ok so I actually like it...What happened you may be asking?  Hop Hop Hop...


Sorry, but the fact that you have massive numbers doesn't win you wars.  The Minax bandwagon began to slow down and what did DF do?  Quit and joined another Faction that had more people.  What they don't realize is that most people in CoM can't stand them because they never help anyone and they're always running.  Soon the rest of CoM will quit to join another faction and DF will have to jump again...

OPP News January 29, 2001at 2:10PM PST


Amazing isn't it?


Well its official DF is now in the True Brits faction.

Dragon Family News


Hop!  Bounce!  Jump!  So what do the True Brits think about this?  Hahahaha, they're pissed off!  You know what cracks me up?  Some of the things that guilds do when they start losing badly...Most like to HOP to a place where they can hide behind numbers.  Didn't some wise guy once say something about learning from history and your mistakes?  I guess that guy wasn't HK la.


So DF and their little followers hop to TB.  In about 10 days most of TB will have cleared out and DF will have lost their advantage again.  True Brits numbers will drop off and soon DF will have to fight even battles again.   At that point they will either drop out of factions or jump for the THIRD time!  That's loyalty for ya!  That's how you stand up for yourself and forge a powerful faction!  As Henry of DF would say to his guild mates FUCK YOU!  Or in the words of DF's friends: DF Trying to screw over the rest of CoM?  How long do you think it will take this time?



Correct me if I'm wrong but the new leader of DF is Osiris?  I mean umm...this guy isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the box if you know what I mean?

*thinks about saying something about the short bus* 


As good ol'Lancelot of FL would say...better yet why not go see everything for yourself rather then seeing my poor attempts to quote him?  I think Lance pretty much sums up everything I wanted to about this goof Ivan...err I mean Osiris...


The quote of the minute:

"Not just that.. that guy can't even type! I had a very difficult time understand what he was trying to say..."

Jen of DF

Full Post


That's got to be one of the best quotes I've ever found!

*pats himself on the back*



If you missed out on your Messiah vocabulary lesson click here!

March 14, 2001-6:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Version 1.1:

New version released today (lol, good luck getting it) with this stuff:

» Added spectator mode -» allow_spectators (0/1)
» Terrorist bomb backpack re-added
» Upgraded player models to 512X512 textures
» Terrorist defuse kit pack re-added
» Made jumping while shooting more inaccurate
» Took out sniper crosshair when zoomed out
» AWP leg shots now non-lethal
» Swimming animation added to models
» Status bar text uses team colors
» All CS Strings localized to titles.txt
» Added option to take "end game" screenshot
» Length of MOTD increased to 1536
» Added cs_thunder, de_rotterdam, de_inferno, & de_dust2
» Upgraded de_dust de_cbble, de_aztec, cs_siege, de_vegas, & cs_italy
» Logic used to cycle the map has been changed. The map will cycle if one of three conditions has been met: "mp_timelimit" has been met, "mp_winlimit" rounds have been won by one of the teams, or "mp_maxrounds" have been played.
» Fixed many cheats
» Changed logging format to meet the standars @: Several events have been added to the logs:
a) "Begin_Bomb_Defuse_Without_Kit"
b) "Begin_Bomb_Defuse_With_Kit"
c) "Spawned_With_The_Bomb"
d) "Dropped_The_Bomb"
e) "Got_The_Bomb"
f) "Became_VIP"
g) "Escaped_As_VIP"
h) "Round_Start"
i) "Round_End"


Bug Fixes:
» "Out of ammo" hint message fixed
» "Punished for tk" hint message fixed
» "Through floor" death animation fixed


New/Changed CVARS:
Toggles what information players see in the status bar
0 everyone: players see all names listed in the status bar (with appropriate team colors)
1 team only: players only see names for their teammates and hostages in the status bar
2 off: players do not see any names in the status bar (hostages included)
0 is the default


mp_fadetoblack (overrides mp_forcechasecam)
0 nothing
1 player's screen fades to black for the remainder of the round when he dies (hud still works normally so player can chat and see the scores, etc.)
0 is the default


0 free to spectate anyone when player dies
1 only allowed to spectate player's own team when player dies
2 not allowed to spectate anyone...player's view stays where the player dies
0 is the default


mp_buytime (float)
Can now designate the desired amount of buy time for each round min buy time is .5 minutes no max buy time
Example: mp_buytime 1.8 // 108 seconds of buy time
1.5 min is the default (CS 1.0 buy time)


mp_roundtime (float)
Changed to support partial minutes
min round time is 1 min
max round time is 9 min
Example: mp_roundtime 1.3 // 78 seconds
5 min is the default (CS 1.0 round time)


Will cycle the map after one team reaches this many wins
0 is the default (no win limit)


mp_timelimit (float)
Fixed to support 0 (no time limit)
Example: mp_timelimit 17.2 // 17 minutes 12 seconds
0 is the default


0 Do not allow spectators
1 Allow spectators


Now if this patch actually functioned correctly we would be all set!

Counterstrike Site

March 14, 2001-6:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Webpage Updated:

Several sections of the Horizons webpage has been updated and a new picture was added.

March 13, 2001-11:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Role-playing in a PvP Game?

I guess what I've been wondering is can this happen in the way they mean it?  Given the fact that people who claim to be "role-players" tend to be selfish, ignorant, and generally stupid...can they handle constant PvP?  This seems to be the theme of all the new games.  A large number of "role-playing" guilds preparing to go into a game that they think will have a "role-playing atmosphere" (what the hell does that mean?).  So how long will it take before these guilds realize that they will still be killed by 10 morons and called "n0ObYz"?  Will they immediately say: "This game is dumb and quit" (we all know it has nothing to do with "role-playing" and everything to do with their gigantic egos).  


Looking to join a guild that follows the backstory of Shadowbane...With race restrictions...Want to role play in the game to it fullest....Being in race restrictions by following that back story will allow people to have a reason to fight for...not just mindless killing...

Full Post


Two months into the game do you think this guy will really be interested in the "backstory" or in keeping his ass alive as 50 assorted PvPers chase his ass all over the world?  I laugh when I see these types of posts because any guild that follows any type of story has a bunch of rules to follow and character traits to worry about whenever they play compared to the average idiot who just does whatever he wants whenever he wants.  It's like saying: Hi, I want to be in a guild that will be gone in 3 months, thank you.  Those same people will say I'm the type of person who will ruin it for them...and maybe I am...but you tell me, am I some sort of a jerk for killing some guy because I wanted this pink shoes?  Does it make a difference if I stop him and ask him for his pink shoes first?  The game that I'm sort of focusing on here is Shadowbane because it will have very few PvP restrictions.  I worry because the group of people following SB claim to heavily "role-play" and to be old and powerful.  As far as I can tell there are maybe one or two of these "role-playing" types that will last.  Look at the other big SB Guilds...what do they have to show?  A long list of EQ and UO Trammel achievements?  From what I have seen it looks to me like the only thing most of them do well is mass recruiting.  Guilds will literally get slammed in SB.  They will have to be able to handle months of constantly being outnumbered and outmatched.  I guess it's just my bias opinion that anyone who claims to "role-play" ("Personally, I think saying: "I am a RPer" means you are either totally stuck up or a complete head case") is going to get a foot print permanently stamped on their forehead.


"I agree, I also fear the uber guilds that will begin popping up and making the world a pain in the arse when they start PKing and killing everything that twitches, jsut because they can."
Full Post


"Rampant DeWdery is my biggest fear. Hopefully WolfPack will not tolerate some of the things that went on in the early days on UO."

Full Post


I could go and on with posts from these morons.  Anyone who kills them is a "DeWd", anyone who mocks them is a lamer, and anyone who "kills anything that twitches" is doing it because they can.  Why do I dislike these people?  Simple reason: they will do anything and claim anything to belittle other people.  What does "DeWdery" mean anyway?  So if I kill someone now I'm guilty of "DeWdery" and should "not be tollerated"?  Psshhh...


*Looks at SB message boards*


*Takes down names in anticipation*


Yah, I'll be seein you...

March 12, 2001-5:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Updates Moved To Mondays:

Surprise!  We have recently decided to change our weekly updates to occur on Monday rather than Friday.  So, instead of making you wait 10 days to get your next update, we made you wait 3...


Announcing Part 2 of the Legend of Shadowbane!  This one is entitled The Age of Days.  Read all about the tale of Beregund Bladeseeker and the War of the Scourge.


By popular demand, we've also added mp3 versions of the two zone soundtracks featured in last weeks Movies.  You can find both The Song of Steel and The Eye of the Storm in our Multimedia Section.


Basically a useless update....


Since there hasn't been shit to update about I decided to add some stuff -------> so you can go read up on guilds and games at the best sites.

March 9, 2001-9:25 P.M. PST-Jackal


-Members Section updated with more names and profiles.

-Links Section updated with new UO and SB Guilds.

-If you haven't been to the TBH Site in awhile GO NOW!

March 9, 2001-9:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Funny Stuff:

If you haven't been to the DF Message Board in awhile its worth a look.  Pretty damn funny...It reminds me of the old NC and D&S boards where every moron around would go to argue over some strange topics.  Although I find most of it rather stupid to say the least, this one did give me a good laugh.  Now that's loyalty baby!

March 9, 2001-9:15 P.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Update:

Today we update a section not touched since Character Creation Week:  The Multimedia section.  For your viewing pleasure, we have released two videos; one feature an Elven Warrior and his party while the other shows the simplicity of equipping your character and controlling the camera. 

The Best Place for SB Info

March 9, 2001-9:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

House of Commons:

This coming Sunday there will be another Anarchy Online House of Commons chat at AO Stratics at at 2pm CST.

Best Place for AO Info

March 9, 2001-9:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

New 3D Model:

Today, we have the 3d model of the Troth modeled by Elvis Perry. You can find the Troth through this link.

Official Horizons Site

March 9, 2001-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

New Crap:

We have put a few more screenshots from the current beta III up in the Screenshots section.


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March 7, 2001-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Forums:

Due to popular demand, we have brought online two forums:  The Guild Hall and The Golden Lion.

The Guild Hall is a great place to promote your guild, recruit new members, learn more about the other various guilds, discuss Guild Warfare, and post about numerous other Guild related issues.


The Tavern of the Golden Lion is where you can share stories of adventure and bravery with friends, allies, and even your enemies. It is intended for roleplaying and In-Character discussions relating to Shadowbane.

March 7, 2001-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal


Since the topic of the day seems to be bug exploitation and bannings I figured, why not toss my 3 cents in on the subject...?


I just want to start by saying UO is a very large scale bug, the whole game is a mistake.  OSI has changed their mind countless times on where they want to go with this game.  In the process we've seen just about everything change over and over.  This equals buggy ass code=)  The most recent bannings seem to be a distant memory for me but I've decided that I will let everyone see exactly what good ol'Jackal did:


The Ultima Online Player Relations team identified your account as repeatedly abusing the sigil exploit to illegally color items on your character. It was determined at that time to permanently close the account due to the exploitative nature of the act. After reviewing your account and its associated violations, the EA Account Administration team has concluded that this termination is in complete accordance with the Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct of Ultima Online which you agreed to during the creation of your account.

Account Name: ************

Character Name: Jackal

Shard: Pacific

Items Used: tribal mask, necklace, orc mask, others Number of Logged Incidents: 340


So basically I turned about 340 items purple using a faction sigil.  Is this the exploitation of a bug?  Could be...So did I breech these terms:


15) You will not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the Ultima Online Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user of the Ultima Online Service.

18) You will not do anything else that interferes with the ability of other Ultima Online users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases the expense or difficulty of Origin in maintaining the Ultima Online Service for the enjoyment of all its users.


Ultimately who decides whether or not I exploited a bug and cost OSI money?  Well, OSI does.  Basically OSI reserves the right to ban you at any time for any reason, fair or unfair.  This pre-caution is defiantly necessary for the livelihood of the game.  However, most of the time OSI bans people because they cause other people to quit, not because they exploited some so called bug.  If I turn around and look at it from the OSI standpoint I have been a huge pain in the ass for 3.5 years.  I exploited thousands of bugs and killed more people then anyone I know (when I was on UO I killed people and that's it).  I've killed people in towns, in dungeons, and at player run cities.  I've crashed huge events, weddings, and openly insulted/harassed GMs, Counselors, and Seers.  In general, I've harassed the shit out of a good portion of the Pacific Shard.  If you know me there is a damn good chance you dislike me.  


Do you know how we used to get dragons and nitemares (ohh dragons don't spawn outside Skara Stables?)?  We used to attack them in town and run out...then gate them to our houses and tame them when they went wild.  Do you know how we used to get ingots and other raw materials?  We would use newbies with deadly poisoned daggers to PK craftsmen and their packhorses in town.  For some time OPP just sat in Deceit picking fights and killing people whenever we felt like it.  I can't even imagine the amount of complaint emails, harassment pages, and counselor calls OSI has gotten because of OPP and our friends.  This is all recent...We've been doing ridiculous things ever since we started Ultima Online.  I remember the first time back in 97 when the table bump house loot bug was used on my house.  I got pissed off and used it on the guy who did it to me, fully looting his house.  Remember back in the day when any item guarded by a blue pet would turn you gray if you touched it (any loot on the ground or doors in dungeons were quickly guarded)?  Good lord, OPP practically made those mistakes famous on our own.  Some time ago there was this great thing that turned people gray if you were gray, they had reflect up, and you casted a beneficial spell on them (see the spell would reflect back onto you, and you were flagged, so the system would think the other person casted the spell on a flagged person...thus flagging them as well).  There have been so so so many things in UO that have been unfair.  We pretty much used them all to our advantage but IMO we never crossed the line.  OPP never used the major exploits like duping or hacking.  I have stated here before when people have massively exploited UO and I have seen the majority of those cheaters be banned for it.  It is important to be able to realize what bugs are actually BUGS (if you turn 1 bless deed into 3000 you are using a bug!).  Sure the stuff we did annoyed the hell out of people but that was just us role-playing a wondering group of troublemakers.  OSI turned us into what we became due to a lack of active and constant competition we had to turn to other forms of PvP that in many cases forced PvP upon innocent victims.  I blame certain things (like duping and hacking) on people and I blame others solely on OSI.


Even with all the time and effort I've put into making UO a better game I doubt in OSI's eyes it makes up for one day with Jackal in UO.  I remember having numerous hundred kill hours as hordes of enemies would attack us at the X-Roads.  It would always start with us PKing some high ranking moron from some "good" guild and then a huge war would follow.  When the war ended we would go back to PKing, stealing, and turning people gray or red anyway we could.  I'll openly say I exploited bugs, most of the time I was totally unaware that what I was doing was, in fact a bug until after the fact.  Since OSI always wants to ban first and then let us know that something is a bug it's hard to say what was a bug and what was just part of the game.  Most bugs are just part of the game: a part of the game that someone figured out they could use to their advantage.  If that advantage got a lot of complaints then OSI would ban people.  Not for exploiting a bug or any violation of the TOS but for making people who would normally be paying 10$ a month stop paying.  Once OSI realizes that you are costing them more then you are bringing in you are SOL and banned.  That is the bottom line...OSI wants MONEY and LOTS of it!  Ever since the reputation patch UO has been all about money, sucking that last dollar out of your grasp before you realize...shit that was my last dollar!  OSI charges you to buy their game, play their game, and even to quit their game (I bet most of you who have bought accounts don't know that OSI can and will give that account back to the original owner if you haven't spent 25$ on a transfer of account document).


So what the heck are companies supposed to do?  I don't really have the answer to that question.  Logically I would say fix the bugs because after all, any bug in the system is the programmers fault.  I would gladly pay more money a month to have a bug free game, but it would really have to be bug free  (not just say it on the box like OSI products).   There are a number of approaches and opinions on this matter but mine is simple:

If there is a bug take down the servers and fix it.  When the bug is fixed put the servers back up and resume play.  I would openly give up hours of game play to avoid being fucked in the end because either I didn't take advantage of a massive cheat or because someone took advantage of me with a massive cheat.


What do you think?  If someone in a game is using something in any manner other then the manner in which it was intended, is it cheating and worth banning people over?


This is what Michael had to say: The Exploitation Question

March 7, 2001-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Webpage Updated:

All sections updated except for the UO Sections.

Expect a number of new sections to open up in the near future.

Several sections are still being updated (that's what that construction bar means), should be finished up before this weekend.

March 6, 2001-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Fucking Knock Off Sites:

First, WTF are these gaminglist people doing?  I got this email a few days ago 4 different times:


I own a website called
I really like your site and figured I would offer
You a chance to list your site on my Top 100
Ultima Online gaming sites

I am about to do a huge promotion and spend thousands of dollars on promoting this site if you list your site here you get free promotion.

There is no cost to you and there is nothing for your visitors to click on
In the end you get to list your site on my top 100 site for free and get free promotion with no work or money from your part. I plan on having hundreds of thousands of people view my site every day and they will be checking out the sites I have listed.

To add your site to the Ultima Online just go to this URL:
To view other sites just click here:

Jonathan Yantis


These bitches literally just copied the entire format from GamesList top 100's...



Second, why is DF macroing refresh on their site?  The last two days the DF site has had like 3k hits but only 50 or so unique hits...what's this mean?  It means that 50 people hit their site 3,000 times...what's that mean?  It means someone is macroing refresh on their site to push hits up..  I guess they're doing this because their site only had like 500 hits last month?  Maybe someone forgot to tell them: Running up your general hits just makes everyone laugh at you...



Another webpage update coming tonight...revamping page again=)

March 6, 2001-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Lazy Bastards!

No one has been updating their sites lately and everyone has been posting nice stuff on our message board!  What the hell am I supposed to talk about for news when everyone is being nice to me and ignoring OPP...makes me sad=(    The only pages that have been updated are of course us (cuz we're special!) and these guys (cuz they're special too!).


So I decided that I would bitch in general or semi-specifically about PvP vs PvM.  I was testing this new game for free (why do people beta test?  If everyone stopped they would have to pay us!).  Anyway I was in a group killing monsters gaining levels (because there is no PvP yet) and they were talking about how PvP will ruin the game.  They then went on to talk about how much more difficult it is to "work as an organized group and kill strong monsters" then it is to kill other players...




I ripped into them, but they kept arguing stupid points about how PKs just kill people who are hurt, and so on...  These type of people piss me off.  The funny thing was they couldn't even manage to kill monsters right.  We had 2 casters, 2 tanks, and a bard in the group.  So after about 15 minutes the other caster (I was one of um), after numerous HINTS decided to stop pulling and let one of the warriors do it.  So after she stopped getting killed constantly we started actually killing monsters.  But the damn warriors kept reacting very slow and the other caster kept mana dumping and drawing the monsters onto her (the person doing the most damage is the person who the monster goes after).  Luckily, for the most part we had the monsters outmatched so our little moronic caster friend didn't die too much and we managed to kill a decent amount of monsters.  But back to PvP vs PvM...why do these EQ playing gimps think that all PvPers are stupid and have no skill.  It takes 100000x more skill to kill a player then it does to kill a NPC.  It's simple common sense...

-Monster is controlled a by computer...does the same thing over and over...

-Player is controlled a by player...reacts to every move of its enemy...


I've heard so many different people act surprised when they learn that some badass monster basher it's some shock that they can PvP and PvM...After all, all PvM is, is practice for PvP (<--look at that sentence!).  I remember awhile ago in UO a friend of mine said "wow, you are good at killing monsters, I didn't think you would be.  All you do is PvP..."  Ok so lets make a comparison between a PC charc and a NPC charc:

When a fight breaks out the NPC will walk at you and do a preset attack sequence...It's like our friend the 8 year old kid who rides the short bus to school.  Anyone who can't kill an NPC is an idiot!  So the question of the update is: are these people that are coming to the new games from EQ going to be able to handle it?  Or will they immediately run back to the safety of their happy land in UO and EQ claiming that all the new games are "quake" and everyone playing them are "KeWlDoOdS".  I guess we'll see but I tend to lean toward option two. 

March 3, 2001-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Lots O Stuff:

Two sets of 12 pics here and here (yah, I know that's not english!)


Lots of other useful SB info here!


Beta Journal Number Two!

So yah, I'll be doing the same thing I did last time: picking out the useful stuff for all of you, but if you want to see the whole thing for yourself click here.


When I created him originally, I dropped down his Intelligence and Spirit as far down as they could go.  Bad call.  In the MMORPGs I have played, a fighter-type doesn't need Intelligence.  This turned out to be my first mistake.


In Shadowbane, your Skills are affected by your Intelligence... the more Intelligence you have, the better your skill ratings.  So, I had a hard time with Gamil Zirak the First since I bottomed him out so badly. After some trial and error he was erased and a new one was created, this time I made sure he had a decent Intelligence.


-Int affects what in other games were considered non-int related skills!  Makes sense...about time someone did this!


I stocked up on starting Talent/Trait Runestones.  Most of the Talent and Trait Runes don't help you in the beginning... in fact, they're a detriment to your character at first... but they do make a difference later on. 


How do they negatively affect my character?  Well, I had to knock down many of my beginning Attributes to compensate for all the points I would need to purchase the Runes.  So, many of my beginning Attributes were below most everyone else's.


-I guess what this is saying is that getting these runes (max 5) hurts you at the beginning but ends up being a big deal down the road when you max out your charc.  I guess I missed whatever WP said before about these things...


Every character gets a base package of starting skills based on class, and your base Unarmed Combat skill is higher than the beginning weapons skills.  Using my fists, I could not only hit them much quicker, I also had little stamina loss. Damage per hit kinda sucked, but I was willing to deal with it because I ended up doing more damage in the same amount of time. 


-unarmed combat skills starter higher then weapon skills


I am no longer a Dwarven Fighter but a Dwarven Warrior!  I have attained my first Rank at Level 10 and have enhanced my weapon skill of choice, Axe, to a pretty high level. Once my base skill went higher than 80% I got access to the Axe Mastery skill


-Dwarves gain their first rank at level 10


In game you get a person's rank when you click on them, but not their level. It's an okay gauge of how tough they are, but there's a big enough range to leave you guessing.


-When you click someone it tells you rank not level


Ashen:  Referencing screenshot to right, to get a Group going you must first start it by using one of the commands on the Rune Circle. From there, you invite others into your group by clicking on the "Invite New Group Member" button and click on the person you want to invite.  They receive a simple message asking if they would like to join your group and can click on either the Checkmark (yes) or X (no).


First, you can have a maximum of 10 characters in a group right now.  Second, when you select a formation, you must make sure that the "Toggle Following" button is set to on or the rest of your party will not automatically follow your lead. Finally, to select a formation, you just have to click the appropriate button.


-Ten people per group...easy to join a group...easy to work with formations...


Following is a wonderful thing... it helps make sure no one gets lost.  As long as "Toggle Following" is clicked to on, everyone runs to their place automatically.  It also ensures that friends with a laggy connection don't get left behind or lost.  To disengage it, just click "Toggle Following" again and each member is now free and clear to navigate.  Individuals in a group can also break from the formation if they desire by clicking this same button; leaving the control of your Character in your hands.


-Great feature for all you laggers


The rest of the journal is mostly just more stuff about grouping that is pretty much common sense...There are some pretty decent pics though, click here and scroll down to see um.

March 2, 2001-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Sections Closed:

Do to my departure from Britannia a number of UO sections have been closed permanently.  Our Sonoma Division has been scrapped as well...

March 1, 2001-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Closure to some Issues:

It's pretty clear that the "purple hue" bannings have brought definite change to UO.  The real PvP Community won't recover this time...I see a lot of my friends who made it through the bannings are selling their accounts and leaving.  I see people who used to be on UO constantly, now walking away and doing other things.  As it was said Tonight on the Dead Presidents Page:


At this time, The Dead Presidents are at a Xross Roads.  This is most certainly not the beginning of the end, but instead most assuredly  the end of the beginning.  As the Sun Sets on our days of Ultima Online we look forward to a brighter future in gaming. 


So like DP, OPP is faced with the single biggest decision this guild has made thus far: To carry on the legacy that we have forged in UO or to give up and stop.  We've been in other games and left other games, but UO was our foundation...our flag ship...  The answer to our problem seems to be rather obvious, although difficult; It's time to face the facts, UO is going down and as those that came before us have said, it's time to move on.  Personally, I leave behind hundreds of friends, which of course, was the single thing that kept me in UO for so long.  I'll miss my friends, my enemies, my admirers, and most of all those people who hate my guts.  Sorry, but I won't get into naming them all right now because my list would probably be longer then Kalibahs.  What I'm saying here is that although OPP will remain in UO till we officially move on to another game we won't be what we once were (we won't even try to be).  The torch has been passed to Orion and he is adjusting to his new role well.  He definitely has a tough job ahead of him trying to re-organize OPP UO after so many people have quit or been banned.  So the focus of this guild has shifted from one of preservation to one of building and preparing.  In the coming months we will go through some major changes.  With no UO to worry about you can bet that I will have more time for the online guild.  The OPP Elders plan to make this guild nothing short of perfection and we don't fail.  It's been a few weeks and I think it's time to list the casualties of our most recent war with OSI:









Our allies took similar loses and are in the same position.  TBH had a big meeting last night and DP had a big meeting tonight.  Both of their webpage's have been updated accordingly.  Lepper Messiah of TBH was kind enough to give me this quick statement about TBH:


For the most part, TBH is done with UO. We are moving on to bigger and better soon as they come out. The remaining TBH'rs will continue to play UO until SB or Dawn (beta) come out. Although the activeness of the current TBH UO players is slowly dwindling to nothing.


OPP has had 2 meetings in the last few weeks and our sights are set on the future.  A future that is more promising then our very successful past.  Together with our loyal allies and friends we will stop at nothing short of greatness.




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