May 1, 2001-12:01 A.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Stuffs:

The monstrous month of April comes to a close with our fourth Bestiary update.  Four new creatures are submitted for your approval:

-Artic Wolves

-Blade Drakes

-Cave Bears

-Flame Beetles


This week we are proud to unveil the second of our Racial Histories, the Lore of the Dwarves.  Within you will find an untold chapter of the Legend of Shadowbane.  Being the oldest Race, they have an awful lot to say... 


Speaking of continuing updates, the Shadowbane FAQ rolls on with another new section.  Last week you learned how to make a character, this week you will learn how to make one great.  Click here for the secrets of Character Development.


And it wouldn't be an update without a new poll.  What Guild Type appeals most to your Character?


Shadowbane News Page

May 1, 2001-12:01 A.M. PST-Jackal

Monthly Promotions:

Elder Promotions:



Full Member Promotions:







April 29, 2001-3:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Another Day...Another "Brothers" No Show:

We saw "Brothers" four times and the brothers died four times...

Your lil house can't save you even if you log on a blue to stop me from meteoring.  Didn't you learn that last time Lancey?

Opps the blue died too....

Hiding in Bucs won't save you either....

Doh!!! Almost made it in....

Ryan go down da hole again....He then proceeded to res fight with his blessed weapon for the next 40 minutes.  Lance was there blue healing and while Ryan ran around new ressed fighting.  Pretty much shows the true colors of the "Brothers".



What Does Dracus Think of All This?

Yes we are Blood
Now the son wants to replace the Father
I have given you Trust and we were
fine up till you jumped off into lamer land
You Ruled by my Side
Because I allowed it
Never forget that
Evil is evil doesn't change
Back and Here to Cause Fear Again
Dracus has risen after two weeks of macroing
FL is reborn
I Shall be Watching

Full Post


I will no longer be referring to Brothers (Lance's guild) as FL since clearly they are not.

April 28, 2001-1:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Is FL Still Talking?

*Note FL refuses to war the OPP war stone*


"We battled against the odds and if anyone says we got clobered then they sure are giving a biast oppinion or are insane in the head."

Brothers BS Section


After several weeks the "Brothers" finally decided to declare back but wait...They have refused to war the OPP/099 war stone.  Instead they will only declare on the faction stone.  Obviously we don't want to miss out on the opportunity to slaughter these complete newbies but why won't FL war our war stone like every other guild on the shard?  Well, lance knows damn well that the only way he's going to get OPP kills is to travel with factions and try to pick off hurt or already fighting OPP.  This was illustrated clearly yesterday as FL hid in their lil house for 99% of the day only coming out when a large faction battle would break out...quick explosion- flamestrike combos on one OPP then off to the races back to their houses:


"I would have loved to give you all the screenshots tonight but there were more orange tonight than I had seen in quite a long time."

Brothers BS Section


Actually Lance the reason you got no shots was because you were busy running like a bitch the whole time.  You NEVER got any loot off any of the OPP.  It was pure hit and run for the hills then: "I Ban Thee".


When I logged on yesterday I saw some Ryan guy in Brit spamming BS about how OPP won't declare back (keep in mind that both OPP stones have been declared on Brothers [FL], so lance had to declined the war then declared it to make it look like we wouldn't declare).  To bad for little lancey but Orion was online and FL got there declaration right away.  So you're asking what happened to Ryan?

As soon as he turned orange he took off from Brit Healers toward the FL GY house.  Stupid move on his part to run from a 1vs1 with me because OPP was already camped around the FL house and poor Ryan ran right into them.


OPP and TBH held Britain killing countless faction enemies all day.  During a TB attack we saw our first group of FL...Three: Derid, Cobra, and Lancelot.  They all tried to ex fs me and failed...then ran from Hate and I with a TBH healing toward the GY (to their house of course).

Unfortunately for Cobra, Lancelot and Derid left him behind to die.


After chasing Lance and Derid back to their little home we called in the rest of OPP and again sieged their house:

Derid tried to run out and drop an EV, oops he didn't get back in did he?  Our meteors got Cobra again so lance proceeded to log on his blue (Michael) and try to give us counts.

Well, that didn't help much did it?  Drake/Derid was then forced to log on his Red to res all the dead FL.  

Few more assorted kills that I wasted pics on...Notice something in common about all the death shots?  They're all face planted, trying to run.  Derid in the middle was trapped in a GY crypt and trying to get out.  It's usually not a good idea to try to go hide in an enclosed place when you have two OPP on you and your "brothers" are long gone hiding and spamming "i ban thee".


"Brothers" tried a few more attacks through out the day which all proved unsuccessful.  Every time they tried their hit, run, then ban combos at least one of them died.  They killed 3 OPP during assorted TB/CoM/Minax attacks on Brit (which OPP/TBH held all day, yah I mean ALL day and night till server down) but the best trade off they ever got was 1 OPP for 1 FL (which is actually pretty good for them).



I turned the comp on today around noon and I see this.  Now that's funny!  These guys actually logged in at server up and wasted their time doing this.  Rofl!  When we stay up all night killing you and every other orange on the shard, we won't wake up with no sleep and immediately go on UO...If it wasn't clear before I'll make it clear now: OPP won't be up, much less on UO between the hours of 6-11:59AM PST on a weekend.  Pretty tough to "Punk/Own" us when we're not even on UO...huh Lancey?


"Keep up the BS Jackal so I can laugh when it comes back and hits you in the face."

-Drake/Derid of FL

Full Post


Oops did you die, again?  I would love to see anyone from FL make anything come back and "hit me in the face".  I love how these gimps talk tough (Derid died 4-6 times yesterday and I died...umm wait I didn't die at all).  BTW we still have several different duel offers we're waiting on so that the big bad odds you keep crying about are better and we can see the "true FL".


You down Wit OPP?

April 27, 2001-5:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Factions:

Since the first day of factions OPP has been Shadowlords.  We have played an instrumental role in building the SL faction into undoubtedly the most powerful faction on the shard.  People complained that we consistently had too many people, but that is because we consistently won (people flock to winners).  The Shadowlords have been the only faction that has worked to build and dominate.  SL has had the sigils more then all the other factions combined and OPP has held the leadership position in SL more then any other guild.


Clearly the biggest flaw in the faction system is the inability to control your own faction.  In a system with such flaws a dominating faction slowly becomes hard to control.  After destroying every other faction our enemies have either left factions entirely or joined SL to attack red/grays or give murder counts.  On a good night OPP may find anywhere from 10-20 oranges who all run at the very sight of us.  Obviously, this detracts from our guild goal of having fun with trusted friends, since half of SL attack us and all of our oranges run from us.


Over the last two weeks OPP members have been actively debating what we should do about our current predicament.  Our options were pretty simple: either stay SL or join a different faction.  OPP has never been a guild that has liked change and since we have been fundamental in the creation of the SL powerhouse our first reaction was to stay SL.  So we have and it's pretty clear that SL will continue to grow while the other factions continue to drop off.  So in an effort to open up factions and provide the Pacific Shard one last big brawl OPP has decided to move to the Minax faction.  I want to stress that quitting the faction we helped create is not a decision that we took lightly.  Nor was the decision to go to Minax.  Our choice of Minax over Councel of Mages was one of major debate as well.  We based our decision on these things:

-Evil role-play atmosphere of Minax

-The location of each faction's SH

-The colors of each faction (looking good is half of UO!!!)

-The current make up of each faction


Just to make everything clear: OPP will be quitting the Shadowlords and joining the forces of Minax.  To our friends in SL we had a great time fighting and working with you to make SL the best.  To our enemies we look forward to making factions a lot more interesting and competitive.


Good Luck to Everyone!!!

April 25, 2001-2:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Bring it On!

"Duel me Jackal"

I've had about 15 duels in the last two days and haven't lost yet.  As always I won't be gloating here about the real duels, but I will talk about the people who either cheat or won't duel at all:

"only 2 peopl ehave ever killed me 1 vs 1"

"ive never died 1 vs 1 during factions"


This guy said he is Yokuni (just another factions newbie).  Last night on his blue he asked Beg For Mercy for a duel which, of course Beg accepted.  So we gated to Bucs where we were supposed to meet for the duel and he was a no show (not that we thought he would actually show).  Personally, I've killed Yokuni a minimum of three times 1vs1 and every time he was running trying to recall.  I see this guy's corpses all over the place everyday...He knows about as much about PvP as these guys.



Has anyone ever seen this guy stand his ground?  I see him constantly in Britain and every single time he runs out into the middle of the forest and then recalls.  Magius sees him and asks for a duel and of course he pusses out.  Apparently people who can back there shit up need to "get a life"?



Two days ago I was supposed to duel Parn of OWN.  We were at the X-Roads and he wouldn't agree to any rules.  Whatever, it's not like it really matters.  He gets me down to 80 health and he's at less then half running...Saying "lol" and guzzling potions like a mofo as we run North from the X.  He just runs into his Cabin north of the X (like he always does), then comes out and says this:

I drank one heal while Parn drank at least 8 potions.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering he's the GM of arguably the biggest group of skill-less newbies in Factions...has anyone ever died to anyone from OWN?  Bout the only thing these guys OWN is the cabin they hide in 24/7.



OPP has been killing countless members of Evil Empire [E^E] lately (between these guys and FU [FU] I don't think we'll ever need to restock our guild houses again).  One of their little friends Tyrel challenged EclipseJr to a duel.  Tyrel refused to fight at the X and gated to his house (which is fine).  So Ecplise went gray and Tyrel + two E^E attacked (nice duel...).  Ecplise died, I looted, and then got attacked by the two E^E (not Tyrel, he knows better I guess).  Needless to say POT HEAD got dropped in no time at Tyrel's feet and the other E^E took off.  Tyrel was actually sitting there gloating about killing Eclipse, so I ressed ecplise and gated back to the X-Roads.  Tyrel followed so I challenged him a duel.  He said "go gray" (hehe, FYI that means no).  I go gray and Tyrel begins doing these wonderful mana-dump-run combos.   Didn't help him much though:

Yah he got res killed about 30 times...


The moral of this story is:

It doesn't pay to be a trash talking newbie.



Factions would be a lot more fun if people would actually fight.  Last time i checked people in different factions are supposed to fight...not turn and run in opposite directions as soon as they see each other.  Why do these guilds even war?  I never see them do anything other then run...For Example:

I don't understand it at all...why do they war if they don't want to fight.  Is res killing for points really that fun?

*shakes head*

Shit...I remember when no one killed people who lost con.  When anyone who warred would duel.  When you could count the lamers on one hand.  I guess those days are long gone though...It's just constant trash talk, running, and ganking now days=(

Cowards of Pacific Updated


I was talking to an old friend the other night about UO and he wrote up his history in UO for me.  I'll be posting it up here soon.  If anyone else wants to write up their Pre-UO:R history I'll think about posting it if:

-is accurate and doesn't brag/gloat

-is rather detailed and global (I don't want specific histories, rather guild, shard history)

-the older the better (dread memories are the best)

April 24, 2001-12:55 P.M. PST-Jackal


Due to the close nature of last weeks poll I've decided to take the top five vote getters and give it one more week.  The Results of last weeks poll can be found below the new polls.


I'll also be adding a new poll every week regarding changes to this page so hopefully we can give you want you want.


April 24, 2001-1:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

What's a Minax?

I've noticed recently that there has been an increase in Minax Faction activity.  Unfortunately, it won't last due to the fact that the entire faction is made up of gimps.  It was hilarious watching their antics last night outside their Strong Hold (SH).  Imagine 15+ gimp warriors outside the Minax SH all saying:

"who can gate?"


They wanted to attack the SL base, unfortunately for them they didn't have a single mage.  After I was done laughing I ICQed some SL and next thing you know there's a group of SL sweeping the area.

This was particularly amusing because only two of the Minax were able to Teleport up here.  One problem...after they teleported up, then up again, they were stuck=P


Did you happen to notice the one corpse we're missing?  Yah that's right, the Minax commander: UndeadGod, who took off as soon as the fighting broke out.  With leadership like that it's no surprise that their attack force got trounced.  SL took no losses, Minax took at least 11 that I got pics of.



Cowards of Pacific Updated:

Get off our road!

We've had tremendous activity around the X-Roads lately with blues popping up everywhere.  At one point a gate opened up and 13 blues poured out stocked up and ready to, umm...wait for someone to go gray!  I haven't seen this many blues so interested in us since before factions!  It must be The Fallen Lords doing!!!


Ok, it's not...but it's still fun!


More people on our road = more taxes for OPP!!!

Just because they die a lot doesn't mean I don't get to make fun of them!



*goes back to his super secret covert operations*

*takes a screenshot of Lancelot flapping his arms, trying to bite his ear, and saying something that damn Jackal won't get the best of him this time*

April 24, 2001-12:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

Lots of Stuff this Week:

First item up for grabs on today's update is a set of four new screenshots.  After a brief screenshot hiatus, we are proud to present an Aelfborn Sentry by a postern gate, a would-be giant slayer hard at work, and an Elflord and Centaur, both in town and seeking adventure.


Our ongoing expansion of the Shadowbane Bestiary continues with four new creatures guaranteed to give any adventurer pause:



-Jungle Tiger

-Dire Wolf


Speaking of ongoing expansions, the next section of the revised Shadowbane FAQ is now ready for your perusal.  This week's update feature Character Creation.


Disciples of Malorn rejoice!  Submitted here for your illumination, we have the Twelve Articles of Faith, the cornerstones of the Temple of the Cleansing Flame.  Read, ye Confessors and Templars, for ye shall be tested later...


As a side note, we have made some revisions to the Discipline section.  The Grimskolderissaga, also known as the Sage of Cuthric Grimskold, has been moved from the Rune Caster description to the World History section where it rightfully belongs.  You can read the complete story here.


Finally, a few days after we announced the new poll, we had to reset it.  If you had voted before it was reset, please cast your vote again on "What Race do you think your first Shadowbane Character will be?".


I would suggest everyone read the FAQ on Character Creation.  That will answer a lot of your questions.

April 23, 2001-2:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

*has nothing to update about*

*connection lost*

April 22, 2001-1:55 A.M. PST-Jackal


-Updated Developers Journal (not an April fools joke this time=P) over on Horizons Vault.

-Rendered version of the Male Elf and animations added to the Models/Animations Section

April 20, 2001-9:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Meeting Public Info:

-OPP's allies and enemies have been re-defined.  Check the Pacific Allies/Enemies Section for details.


-OPP has opened up recruiting once again, unfortunately our joining sections are still under construction so anyone who wants to join needs to contact either Orion or Jackal to get the necessary forms.


-OPP Has moved all guild operations back to the Pacific Shard.  Any OPP members playing other shards will be joining other guilds on those shards with the intention of actually making a difference in the shard make up and helping to achieve something.



Private Forum:

The OPP private forum has been revamped and all profiles removed.  If you had access before contact Jackal to set up a new profile.  We are extending access to some non-OPP whom we trust so if you fit that description feel free to inquire about it.

April 20, 2001-3:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Where are All the Oranges?

The only Faction oranges I can find with any regularity are Jack n Jill and they just run from me and recall.  On our Order charcs we very rarely find a decent fight.  We (OPP and P^O) had a pretty big battle last night that left about 15 dead DF/VVV/War/Chaos.  Other then that one fight last night there hasn't been anything.

*taps his foot*



OPP and Our Allies:

OPP has dropped a few allies/friends lately do to cowardly activity that we will not be any part of.  Anyone in the guilds Clan Blood or Fallen Lords will be considered enemies and will be KOS.  If you don't want to fight OPP then quit your guild!  OPP has done everything possible to accommodate both guilds and avoid war.  However, it is pretty clear that both just want to run around talking shit and not warring (we have been declared on both and our declarations are being avoided).  We won't be any part of that type of cowardly activity, period!  I won't be responding to your ICQs crying to me about being killed anymore.  If you don't want to die then leave your guild.  If you quit and  apologize to us we may forgive you.


With that said I would like to announce that the Cowards of Pacific Section has been reopened with one change: we will only cover guilds (do to the fact that 90% of the people in UO are complete cowards).  The Heros of Pacific has received a small update but is still missing some descriptions.


OPP has an important guild meeting tonight so expect another UO Update later tonight.

April 18, 2001-3:15 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Fallen Lords Fold Before the Fight Begins:

Your guild is slowly decaying. From your players using exploits and being banned to those quitting your pathetic two-faced 099 is it? If you think for one minute I'd declare on 099 you have got to be joking. We kill 099 every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Fallen Lords News



FL will continue to talk trash while avoiding war.

The Fallen Lords have been reduced to blue healing....what next?


I would just like to note that I haven't died to a FL member since the day FL was founded.  Since FL started attacking us I have already defeated the only FL I have seen: Cobra, in a 1vs1.  I leave an open invitation as always to any guild or person that wants to duel.  So if FL is scarred to war us, how about we do a little 2vs2, 3vs3, or 4vs4?  Or do we need to start giving you odds in the fights?  Maybe 2 OPP vs. 3 FL?  We can arrange that as well...

April 17, 2001-7:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Say What?

From The Fallen Lords News:

There is nothing worse that being pk'd outside of your house. This is exactly what has been happening to DF and OPP alike. A four man guild has created havoc across Pacific once again.


Huh?  Apparently he's PKed so many of us he's still blue!  Amazing...oh and I'm just curious, when has a four man guild ever created havoc across Pacific?


I wonder if there will be a FL at the xroads. I think you can pretty much count that as a yes, we are here, and yes, we are inside.


What does this mean?  There is FL inside the X-Roads? umm....


I find it amusing that with all the comments that Jack made about quitting and UO is for people that have no life, no game, and are stupid and need to wake up, he is right back into the thick of things.


When and where did I say that?


I don't like giving out info that friends ask me to keep private, but I think just about everyone knows who you are, so when you want to post my icq messages up for peeps to read, just beware that you opened your can of beans, not I.


What "private" info are you giving out? and who posted ICQ messages "up for peeps to read"?


Quick note about pt resettings. Cobra's total was at 137 reset to 1 this eve again. Lancelot's total at 144 reset to 1 this eve first reset. I'd say that is some pretty good work for three weeks of faction play.


Yipity-do-da!  I had 181 points after the first two days of factions...Orion had over 240 a couple weeks ago.  So what?  Are you trying to say that you are almost as good as us or what?


Total TB killed was 17 by FL hands alone. OPP was nowhere to be found. They are now isolated that Orion is no longer the leader inside the SL Faction. I look for them to bail any day now, and go fight DF within the Order/Chaos realm.


Seventeen?  That certainly is amazing!  Wow a whole 17...

Orion stepped down as Commander of SL after holding it for something like five weeks he wanted to give someone else a shot.  Last night there was a group of seven OPP in Britain sitting around bored.  We killed the TB guards, we killed a group of DF/chaos, and were flagging gray in town trying to pick fights.  Where were you?  Oh, that is right you were "no where to be found".  I love that last comment about "bailing"...We're already fighting DF and have been since they dropped from TB.  Where have you been?  Apparently: "No where to be found"


The stupidity here is rather amazing.  This reminds me of Jetstar, who used to think that he could make up anything about anyone he wanted and people would believe it.  Lance, your entire post makes no sense!!!

Story Time over at the FL page!

April 17, 2001-2:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Section:

I've seen a lot of really rigged poll questions lately so I thought I would toss up a poll with realistic answers.

I'll be changing it on a Weekly Basis.  If you have any ideas for poll questions email them to me.

Go Vote!

April 16, 2001-8:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Fallen Lords:

OPP you know the worst thing in the world that could happen right now is to have FL killing you at unexpected times. If you don't learn to make wise choices and taking responsibility then I assure you, you will have more on your hands than you can handle. Any type of war relationship that was established to date has been nullified and we will no longer support your causes. I can not say that all of OPP has their brain attatched to their ass for the most part, there are certain individuals that will destory you from within. While we do feel it is necessary to find a way to achieve a common goal, at this point I can not commit to why we should.

Fallen Lords News


Although the Fallen Lords have been long time friends of OPP there comes a time when people need to step back and realize their position.  The Fallen Lords were once a very large and powerful guild, but after falling off some time ago and several failed attempts to rebuild, FL has less then five members.  Through the years OPP has stood beside FL and supported them.  I would have thought that, that would mean something to the FL leadership (i was mistaken).  A few days ago an un-guilded red was attacked at the X-Roads (as they always are for trespassing).  Apparently this person was a second character of a FL member.  Rather then trying to solve this problem like mature individuals the Fallen Lords decided it best to randomly murder some OPP members at the X.  This of course turned a routine situation into a major problem.  It appears that the Fallen Lords are content to sit around and blue heal our enemies (which is fine, although cowardly).  Cobra of FL (after running from me on a 3x gm character in a 1vs1 fight for about 30 minutes last night) decided it best to begin calling me "Weak" and other interesting names which of course is simply not tolerated.  Obviously the "worst thing that could happen to OPP" isn't to have FL attacking us.  In reality we could care's just one more guild to the slaughter.  If you haven't noticed by now, we don't care about people who decide to live by their ability to run or trash talk.  As everyone knows we don't choose our friends by strength or power, rather by goals and friendship.  This has allowed us to last as a guild since day one.  I can't believe Lancelot would say that OPP will be destroyed from within or needs to learn to make wise choices.  Hello?  OPP has been a consistent presence on this shard since 97 and we're making bad decisions?  Perhaps it's you, Lancelot who needs to learn to make wise choices if you wish to achieve longevity for the Fallen Lords and raise your guild to the level of a guild like OPP.  It's truly a shame that a guild with a history like FL could be blinded by rage and clueless to compromise.

April 16, 2001-7:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Monday Update:

Phase 1 Completion Announced!  Friday, April 13th marked the successful completion of Phase 1 Limited Beta testing for Shadowbane.  Thanks to all those who participated, and stay tuned for more news on the beginning of Phase 2, just around the corner!


The new poll is up:  "What Race do you think your first Shadowbane Character will be?".  We would like to thank everyone for participating in our last poll, which has been archived and is now available here.


The first portion of today's update is pertaining to the Bestiary.  We have added four more creatures for you to view:



-Sand Trolls

-Timber Wolves


Lastly, you know their statistics, their people, and their ways.  Now it is time to learn the Lore of the Elves!  This is our first installment in updating the Lore portions of the Races Section.


Shadowbane News


Don't forget to check the Shadowbane Vault for your daily dose of SB News.

April 13, 2001-5:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Beta Phase 1 Complete:

I'm very pleased to announce that this morning marked the completion of Phase 1 "Limited Beta" testing for Shadowbane!


Full Post

April 13, 2001-5:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Links Updated:

Out in the community, many people have been working diligently on their own Horizons fan sites. I've updated the links section with various new sites ranging from news sites to sites devoted entirely to Dwarves!


OPP Horizons Links Updated

April 13, 2001-5:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

Richard Garriott Prepares his Return:

Lord British creator of the Ultima Series is preparing to announce a new company:


Our new online games company has yet to be announced. I expect we will have full details to disclose soon though. We are finalizing some key business relationships.


Great Interview Here

Thanks Darkon

April 12, 2001-11:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Vegas Trip:

OPP is currently planning a trip to Los Vegas.  Our allies and friends have already been informed but I thought I would make this public for anyone I missed or anyone else who wants to go.  There will be a very large group of us and we'll probably be taking over one of the small hotels.  Tentative plans have been made for the weekend of July 14 (Fri, Sat, and Sun).  Anyone interested in meeting up with a bunch of crazy fucks that spend too much time on the internet Email or ICQ Me.  If you have any questions feel free to post on the message board.

April 11, 2001-4:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

TB Retakes Towns:

The True Brits retook the towns last night.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to be on much so I don't know the specifics.  However, I do know that SL made at least one major attack and TB was able to hold out.  Congratulations to the True Brits, I didn't think they had it in them.



DF Drops from Factions?

It was announced today that DF will be playing their Chaos stone again:


...DF will no longer guard sigils so they can focus on being a chaos/warring guild, because we are tired of role playing.

DF News


I assume this means that they will be paying very little attention to factions?

April 10, 2001-5:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Hi, I'm looking for a SB Guild:

Imagine this: you have visited the SB site a number of times and have finally decided that you want to play Shadowbane!  After reading the FAQ a few times you realize that you will need to belong to a guild to be successful.  What do you do now?  Well, there is a forum where guilds basically advertise for themselves.  So you drag yourself over to this cluster fuck of posts and weed your way through them trying to decide who's who?  After hours of reading you are utterly confused and left thinking...I don't want to belong to any of these guilds because they seem: small, inexperienced, and generally full of shit.  In your infinite wisdom you think: these guys are all chumps, I could run a guild better then they can.  A week later another webpage is up and there is another post on this swell forum saying the same thing the last 50 posts said:


This guild is different because (insert BS here) and our system is better because (insert BS here).  We're looking for "mature individuals" etc etc...


After that, they usually toss in a few lines about how big they are getting and how powerful they "will be".  We all know that no matter how big any of these guilds get, they will collapse.  Most of them won't even last long enough to see SB released.  Even if they do last, what are they going to do?  Take their untested bunch of mass recruited misfits into battle against a very large well oiled warring machine that has a tradition of excellence?


*points and laughs*


I think the one thing that the Shadowbane Community is lacking is a decent guild listing.  Lets face the facts about guilds in SB:

-Guilds that are coming from the EQ non PvP servers will get trashed!!!

-Guilds coming from the UO:R era of UO will get trounced!!!

-Guilds being created exclusively for Shadowbane will get pummeled!!!


Everyday I find a few more guilds claiming to be "powerhouses".  After a little investigation they usually turn out to be guilds that were started a year ago and have never done any serious PvPing.  They have unrealistic laws and a system that only works in theory.  When SB is first released there will be a mad rush for resources and hunting grounds.  Mass slaughter will be a normal thing.  Next thing you know there will be 10,000 posts on SB boards talking about how disappointed they are in Shadowbane.  This sound familiar?


"I just started Shadowbane and every time I try to leave town I got PKED!  I'm just a newbie and all these jerks keep killing me.  This game sucks!"


I hate to break it to everyone but in a game like SB you will die!  You will die constantly if you don't belong to a REAL guild.  Most people will whine and cry all day about how unfair all this is while begging Wolfpack to: "please make the bad men stop".  I'm confident that SB won't change (this is the main reason why I want to play SB.  I see it as a PvP game that won't change every 2 months.).  Anyhow, your happy little democracies and republics that are being built right now will implode.  I can promise you that.


By now you're probably thinking: Is there a point to this rant?  Well, yes kiddies there most certainly is.  People are stupid and lazy.  They don't do the necessary research when picking a guild.  People see all kinds of pretty flashy things and BS plastered all over a page and join right up (ohhhhh, this guild played EQ?).  You know what...That's the difference between the people the old guilds recruit and the people who lure their victims in with a pretty flash website and advertisements on message boards.  Lets face it, these people are victims.  They are pretty much tricked into joining some gimp guild that was created a week ago because they think that is all that exists!  No real guild is going to recruit untested people for a game that hasn't been released.  Realize that by not getting involved with a strong powerful guild in another game your Shadowbane experience will be very difficult at first.  Get that through your head, stay away from the vapor guilds, and don't cry when get killed and maybe a real guild will pick you up sometime down the road.  The rest of you will be nothing more then corpses at our feet.




Yah you guessed right, if you're coming here trying to join us for SB and we don't know you, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET IN!  You can leave now...bubye

April 9, 2001-7:35 P.M. PST-Jackal


Today's update includes a number of new monsters added to the Bestiary:

-Arctic Grobolds

-Blue Drakes



-Lizard Men

-Mountain Wolves

-Swamp Hags


Shadowbane News

April 9, 2001-7:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words:

I don't feel like typing up stuff so I give you the wonders of the jpeg:

DF Occlo House

Yah that could be a problem...

But, WAIT!  What Happened?

April 8, 2001-5:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Links Updated:

A few more SB links have been added.  If you're looking to exchange links please email us.

April 7, 2001-5:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

"Send Our People Home"

It's been way to long!  For those uninformed soles out there: Last week a Chinese fighter plane collided with an American Intelligence Plane in international airspace off the coast of China.  The American EP3 Orion was on a routine intelligence (this means they were spying) mission.  Lets cut through all the BS here...The Chinese know we spy on them with these planes as we know the Chinese spy on us with fishing boats off the west coast.  All military planes near China in International Airspace are always shadowed by Chinese fighter jets.  This often involves taunting where the agile Chinese fighters "buzz" the slow American planes (the EP3 is the size of a Boeing 747).  The Chinese are claiming that the slow American plane caused the crash:


"It was directly caused by … the U.S. plane veering at a wide angle toward our plane, making it impossible for our plane to avoid it."



Yah I bet our slow turbo prop plane packed with high-tech equipment and 20 people tried to cause a mid-air collision with a Chinese Fighter...


*shakes head*


So, apparently it's the American's fault and the Chinese want a public apology.  Clearly the Chinese pilot was "hot-dogging" it and ran into our plane forcing our pilots to make an emergency landing in a Chinese province.  They are supposedly being treated fine and are in good spirits, but that is absolute bullshit.  The Chinese government is holding US citizens as prisoners.  Either side can do all the political maneuvering they want but that is a fact. Our US Airmen are being held against their will.  The Chinese have been walking all over us for the last eight years and it's about damn time something is done to send a message to China.  As far as I'm concerned we should just park the Pacific Fleet off the coast of China and tell them to return our men now.  All this crap about avoiding an international incident is just people blowing smoke!  This already is an international incident and it's time to solve it!


Send Our Men and Women Home!!!


See DP News for more info another opinion on this incident.

April 6, 2001-10:45 P.M. PST-Jackal

Get Off Our Road!

Tonight three separate attacks on the west Britain X-Roads ended in dead grays.  Given the nature of these battles and the fact that some SL were involved I'll publicly explain our stance regarding people on our road.  Starting in early 1998 OPP moved to the West Britain X-Roads and since then we have been sole owners.  Anyone passing is required to pay taxes.  If you choose not to pay then those taxes will be extracted by force.   Obviously Allies and fellow SL may pass free of charge.  However, if any SL decides to attack or help anyone attacking any OPP affiliated character you will be promptly executed.  It's as simple as that!  If you want to carry on some sort of an event or have need for our road, OPP can be hired as protection and our road may be rented.


Of course mistakes are made and can be corrected with a simple ICQ or Email.  Feel free to contact Orion or Jackal with an explanation of any problems.

April 6, 2001-2:45 A.M. PST-Jackal

Page Update:

Members Section Updated with more names.

April 6, 2001-2:45 A.M. PST-Jackal

*Looks Around*

Where are the True Brits?  The largest faction is no where to be found?  With the exception of a few crypt assaults TB has been either not playing or on blue characters.  On that note I guess I'll also mention that the Shadowlords have managed to capture seven of the eight towns.  We'll soon have all eight and apparently with the lack of TBs not many people to oppose us?


*wonders where all the oranges went*

April 4, 2001-10:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

SB Without a Publisher:

It's still not official but its pretty obvious that Shadowbane is currently "publisher-less".  Most fan are considering this a terrible thing, but I would venture to say it could do nothing but help SB.  Godgames is hardly a big time publisher and weren't really doing anything as far as I could tell (other then funding).  So now that SB is actually in Beta and close to completion finding a big publisher that will pump in lots of money shouldn't be a problem.  I can't wait to see what will happen...

SB Forums 

April 4, 2001-7:05 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP vs Oranges:

OPP will no longer by dealing with any oranges in any way.  All OPP will be attacking any and all oranges on sight.  We no longer care who they are, what they are doing, or who they pretend to be...all they will be from now on is dead.

April 4, 2001-3:31 A.M. PST-Jackal

Damn Rumors! 

Ok, so it may be true that taketwo/godgames has dropped out as Shadowbane's publisher.  I'm actually surprised for once in my life but I haven't seen anything official yet so this all falls into the "rumor" category still.  Just thought I would toss everyone the rumor bone because I know you all love rumors oh-so-much!

April 3, 2001-4:31 P.M. PST-Jackal

Who Knew?

I had heard that UO Fun was going to be back online soon but who knew it was already back up?

*Is Uninformed*


Well Go See For Yourself!

April 3, 2001-4:11 P.M. PST-Jackal

Here We Go...Here We Go Again...

After taking control of Britain SL forces immediately put up defenses.  This included seven guards, five traps, and some vendors.  This afternoon when I got around to logging in at about 3:00PM PST I saw this:

The guards were trapped in the upper section by the TB stone.  The vendors were lined up half way across the entrance.  Notice the guards are dead and the vendors are moved.  Again I wonder how exactly these things happen?  Lets assume TB had enough people on to take on seven guards this morning (which I doubt) but they also managed to move three of our vendors and delete a handful of others?  It's interesting that when entrances in MG and Maginicia had been completely blocked by our enemy's vendors the GMs we called told us that it is totally legal to place vendors where ever they wanted.  We didn't even block a damn thing and our vendors are moved?  It's not even interesting anymore it's just outright unfair.


Because OPP doesn't have any GMs in our guild we're not allowed to compete on an even playing field?

April 3, 2001-1:11 A.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Thingy:

Hey gang,
Just a quick heads up, we're starting to wrap up Phase 1, so we may skip the update for next week. I'll see if there is anything we can release, but I'd rather give you warning now so that you don't get too hyped up about it.



Full Thread


Now that's certainly good news!  I was beginning to wonder what the heck was going on with the beta.  I guess I expected it to take less time for Phase One. we are proud to unveil the final two parts of the Legend of Shadowbane.  Part 3, The Age of Twilight tells of Shadowbane's glorious beginning, while the final chapter serves as an epilogue full of hints about The Unknown Future.

Full Post

April 2, 2001-4:11 P.M. PST-Jackal


After extended logging, we have completed a search for accounts using illegal third party programs to ?speed hack?. The programs are used to exploit in Ultima Online and gain unfair advantage over honest players. The accounts logged exploiting in this manner have been suspended and e-mails have been sent to the account holders. Additionally, the ability to use this exploit has been addressed. The total number of players affected by this action is less than 300.


We are committed to removing players that choose to exploit Ultima Online and continue to work to provide a level playing experience for all UO players.

Update Center


hah...yah right=P

April 2, 2001-10:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

The Tide Begins to Turn:

While our little True Brit friends were busy mouthing off on message boards Shadowlord forces managed to gain access four TB sigils (including Britain) and return them to our base.  Twenty-four hours later we had recaptured four towns including the TB home town.  There were about five very poor attempts to siege the SL base and it has become very clear that TB morale is very low.  After the sigil was corrupted the True Brits dropped upwards of 30 guards at the Britain Monolith.  Alas, even with the strong defenses and blues trying to block and interfere the sigil was placed and Britain is now being ruled by its right-full owners once again.

April 1, 2001-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Horizons Development Diary:

Interesting info with a focus on mounts in Horizons.

Wanna See it?


April 1, 2001-1:59 A.M. PST-Jackal

Monthly Promotions:

The Members Section has been updated again with more names, unfortunately it's still not complete.


I've decided to make the our monthly promotions public, so the first of every month we'll be listing those people who have moved up in rank:

-Trixter has been promoted to Elder Status

-Badbeef has been now an Official Member


Don't forget to set your clocks forward!

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