May 31, 2001-11:52 A.M. PST-Jackal

Cover Up?

Just to be clear. Nobody was suspended or warned just for being allied or warred with a guild. Only guild members.
Jonathan "Calandryll" Hanna
Designer, Ongoing Content


I'm not exactly sure where you're getting your information from Cal, but the initial bannings hit at least 10 people who were not affiliated with OPP in anyway.  I'm still getting emails regarding this second round of bannings but...can you explain to everyone how exactly you are still banning people who are supposedly OPP when all of OPP was already banned?

*no more OPP members, go fish*

May 31, 2001-10:52 A.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Was All Prepared to Move On From This Atrocity:

Then, OSI decides to go and send this email to a bunch of OPP friends and Allies.  Not to mention it has been 48 hours and our accounts have not been re-activated.  The sinister plot to ban the entire PvP community continues:


Your account has been penalized for it's affiliation to the guild OOP. This
guild advertises on its website the continual harassment and griefing of
other players within the UO community. This conduct is in violation of the
Terms of Service for Ultima Online. In addition to the 48 hour penalty, you
have been emailed a FINAL WARNING. In the future, should you break any
other of the TOS rules, your account will be permenantly closed. Please
heed this advice; you can and will be judged within the world of UO by the
company you choose to keep. If you wish to continue to participate in this
guild, you do so at your own peril. By your affiliation to this guild, you
are, in essence, supporting and affirming the guilds actions.

Team Lead 
Player Relations


Not only do they ban people for playing their game within the rules of their game, but now they are just randomly banning people that they think may be affiliated with this mysterious OOP guild?

*picks another name out of the hat*


How exactly do you know who our friends are?


What does the Gaming Community Think?

Lums Story on this

Story at UoChat

May 31, 2001-3:52 A.M. PST-Jackal

Go Away!!!

Ok, we're done talking about being banned (pssst, you can leave now, nothing new here).  I think we can all agree that OSI just hates anyone who mocks them (don't you?  See I'm not stupid, I know exactly what I did.  Just because I don't back down to big companies doesn't mean I'm stupid, does it?).  Basically, I would just like to let everyone know I'm sick of being the sacrificial lamb!  Ummmmmmmmmmk?


Are you still here?  Will you please stop visiting our bloody site!  You're going to give our provider a heart attack!  When our hits go from about 800 a day to around 3,000 a day is that a good or bad thing?  In this case it's a BAD thing, so you can leave now!



Oh, and when I said I wanted you to keep sending me hate mail, I WAS JOKING!!!  You can stop now.  Seriously...I'll start sending it to the authorities, you're spamming my mail box.

May 31, 2001-3:51 A.M. PST-Jackal

Well Umm..

There would be more to update about if we hadn't been banned for playing within the rules of this game but umm...

*peels the target off his forehead*


*puts the target back on*


Links Updated:

Clan Blood [CB]

The Veiled Alliance [TVA]


Expect a Decent Size UO update tomorrow, err *looks at clock* later today...

May 31, 2001-3:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

Yah I know, Don't Say It!

This week the Dragon's Children take center stage! The centerpiece of this week's update reveals the history and destiny of the Devil Men, as revealed in Irekei Lore.


But that's not all! The Irekei now boast two new Disciplines, the better to destroy the Rain Bleeders with. Step right up and meet the Blood Prophet and the Sun Dancer! The available classes for the Irekei have also been adjusted to conform with their culture and world view.


Finally, for those of you who have as of yet to see the Shadowbane E3 2001 movie, you can find a copy of it on our Europe Publisher's (SWING! Entertainment) Shadowbane website.  The movie includes ingame footage and interviews of members of Wolfpack Studios.  The movie is about roughly 17MB.


Yippy Dippy Do!  This update would at least be decent if the damn movie worked for me...


Heard there may be another update again today?

May 30, 2001-3:20 P.M. PST-Jackal


Since we seem to be getting a lot of coverage from the large news sites I feel the need to state a few things about OPP:

-OPP has very strict rules regarding talking in UO.  Basically, we don't do it.  We role-play evil lords who are too good for the common folk, thus we don't speak to them.  When we kill people we simply take what we need and move on (thus pissing them off.  *see above slogan*).  OPP does our talking on this news page and on our message boards.  I want it to be very clear that we have never, and will never, verbally harass anyone in Ultima Online (when I say harass in the below articles I mean repeatedly kill).


-We've been PKing on UO since September of 1997 on the Pacific Shard and we have not changed our tactics since day one.  We have had a number of GMs follow us around over the years and have never had any problems.  None of us had ever been banned for any sort of exploit or harassment claim up until the purple hue bannings a few months ago (which were just another example of OSI trying to get rid of the PvP Community.  But that's another story).  As it was stated in our news update regarding the PKing event, we PK for our enemies souls and for trespassing.  We don't PK to talk trash, for fame, or for loot.  Our PKing is based solely on our claim to rule the world.  If you enter our world, expect us to kill you.  We won't stop until OSI specifically tells us it is illegal to kill other players.


-OPP actually did play on SP.  Unfortunately, several months ago a number of our Elders were banned for having purple items from faction sigils.  Simply put: when our elders on SP got banned we all quit the shard and haven't been back.


-This news page has been actively updated for years.  Like most other guilds we inform our members of guild events and news via this page.  It was never intended for the general public, but we certainly welcome anyone who cares about our little Online Guild to visit.

Thanks For Stopping By


Don't forget to visit Lum the Mad and see what he has to say.

May 29, 2001-9:57 P.M. PST-Jackal


Clearly no one can argue against the fact that PKing is part of the game and part of Fel.  However, an argument regarding the disruption of an event seems to be getting quite a bit of attention.  What exactly makes something an event?  In general terms, it's something that you plan in advance, right?  If you check OPP News we clearly stated several times that we were planning to attack Kalidun that same day.  Does this mean we have conflicting events?  How exactly is that handled?  Now we know...The Trammies are always right.


Did we harass the hell out of everyone that was trespassing in our world?  Hell yes!  Have we done this on a daily basis since day one of UO?  Hell yes!


Did we kill them repeatedly for being there?  Hell yes!  Have we always killed people repeatedly for returning to the scene of a battle?  Hell yes!


Did we loot their bodies?  Hell yes!  Have we always looted the corpses of our victoms?  Hell yes!


Now, one of you wise guys go through all the BS OSI has posted and tell me exactly how what went on that day is/was any different than the PKing that goes on, on a daily basis?  Since day one of Pacific people have planned PK events around other events.  It's how a PK operates...OSI didn't like the system, so they gave PKs stat loss...Nope still didn't work, so they nerfed PvP and gave the newbies Tram.  Hasn't OSI figured out by now that if they keep bending over for every gimp that cries to them that they're just going to keep asking for more?  Now everyone in Fel has to face the fact that you can be banned for holding a PK event or PKing people holding an event.  Should PKs now walk up to folks and ask them first: would you like to engage in combat?  Why not just remove PKing completely and stop operating in the gray area so your customers know what to expect?


If you want to get really picky we can turn this whole thing around.  We showed up to our PK event (as we said we would ahead of time) and took part in the other event while holding our own.  The prize for our event was holding our territory and and role playing.  From the rules of their event:


OK pets are allowed. No limits on ne thing. If you are overloaded its up to you and your team. this is seige style so sabotage is perfectly legal as is pking and giving counts for it. Pack horses are legal. Any thing you can possibly think of that would better you is also legal.


So we took part in their "public" event and crawled through the dungeon.  OPP left with the most loot as stated in their rules:


It will be public to everyone on the pacific shard. The Quest will consist of a siege style gold getting spree. People will be broken off in teams of 5. Doesnt matter what type of chars you have, once your in the dungeon yuo cannot come out or you are done. The team with the most gold after 2hrs will win.


We won...Yet we were denied our prize of 250,000 gold.  Then we were repeatedly harassed and called racist, sexist, and downright mean words that made us all cry (see OPP News May 26).  So not only was OPP harassed repeatedly but we were also scammed out of the 250,000 gold promised to the winners.

May 29, 2001-2:47 P.M. PST-Jackal

*News Update*

Anyone looking to complain about what is going on click here.

May 29, 2001-2:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

*News Update*

So far we have reports that people from OPP, PO, and TBH have all received the below email.  So far almost every single OPP has received the 48 hour ban.

May 29, 2001-1:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

OSI Directly Targets the PvP Community:

This morning a number of OPP members were targeted simply for being part of OPP.  OSI is blatantly trying to destroy the Pacific PvP community.  Could it be any clearer?  First, a number of high ranking people were banned for turning items purple using a method that OSI/EA claimed was part of the game and NOT an exploit, much less banable.  The "purple item" ban took down the majority of the high profile PvP guilds.  The last few of us that have been scrapping for our very existence against constant GM abuse and OSI intervention are now being stomped out.  So far, the vast majority of the OPP members who have tried to log in have been blocked.  The people being targeted have no marks against their accounts, have never knowing exploited any bugs, have never used any type of third part, and weren't even online at the time of the OPP Planned PK Event on May 26.  My question is: where does this stop?  Not only is OSI/EA banning people for PKing, but they are also banning people for being friends of PKs.

Are You Next?



At this time your account has been suspended for 48 hours for repeated, blatant harassment of other players.  If you or your guild's purpose is to cause distress or problems for other Ultima Online subscribers, then this sort of behavior must stop.  This includes grief tactics, verbal or physical harassment, or any other behavior which may be looked upon as causing a problem towards another player.  Constant disruption of player-run events for the purpose of causing distress to those players involved can be considered harassment. This is the first and only warning we will give on your actions. Further improper conduct may result in termination of your Ultima Online account.  As this conduct has been the result of actions by multiple guild members, your guild has been disbanded.  These may also be considered harassment: Extreme Abuse of Game Mechanics Flagrant misuse and abuse of game mechanics to continually distress and offend other players can be considered harassment. Other Behaviors Origin considers any behavior that is incessant, inescapable, derogatory and directed specifically at you to be potential harassment. This includes any behavior or actions specifically prohibited in our Terms of Service.  If you have any question in regards to this, please email <> .

Sincerely, Maleki

Origin Worlds Online


Sorry, the only people being harassed here are OPP members.

More to Come Soon

May 29, 2001-9:27 A.M. PST-Jackal

Too Many Living Blues:

Over the last couple of years OPP has drifted a bit and slowly turned in to a pure PvP guild.  Some of our members continue to reek havoc across Britannia but there are entirely too many newbies getting away with things.  We've been wrapped up with multiple major wars (one after the other, everyone wanted a piece) and then factions for almost two years now.  Now that our enemies are finally all defeated or gone from UO, it's time to get back to our roots.  Anyone slaying the evil creatures of our world, anyone holding any sort of organized grouping without our blessing, and anyone that steps foot on our road will be targeted as an enemy of OPP.  Our main focus remains our wars, but in our ever increasing down time between battles we will be focusing on making our world what it should be.


I got an interesting Email yesterday asking OPP to do some Mercing.  I was pleasantly surprised since we haven't had anyone ask for that sort of thing in some time.  It's great to see people wanting their enemies dead constantly again.  OPP will accept any offers for work in our areas of expertise.  This includes guild infiltration and destruction or just old fashioned beat downs.  Remember if you really want something to be successful you need to provide us with as much information as possible (log in habits, house/hunting/shopping locations, friends, enemies, tendencies, favorite color, etc).


If hadn't noticed this link on our message board it's worth a look.  It would appear that the slaughter has spread to other shards.


Guild History Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned!

May 28, 2001-11:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Last Word on the Trammies:

Just wanted Thank a few people:

-I would like to thank all of you that have been sending me hate mail (send more please).

-I would like to thank those of you who compared OPP to the people at WTF Man (that's quite a compliment, thanks).

-I would like to thank OSI for allowing us to be an instrument of teaching and learning for the newbies of UO.

-I would like to thank Calandryll for locking this thread.

-I would like to thank Mr. Rogers for starting this thread.

-I would like to thank Haloran and the rest of TVA for tipping us off to this event.

-I would like to thank our new allies Britannia's Under Belly [BUB] for stealing everything not locked down.

-Lastly, I would like to thank everyone involved: the people who died, the people who lived, and the people who called GMs on us.

Thank You All!!!



Where are the Oranges?

"It's less than two weeks and Minax is slithering away. After a resounding defeat by the Shadowlords last week and then the recent victories of the True Britannians in which Minax put up virtually no opposition"

-Mythra SL

SL News Page


*scratches head*

Honestly, this last update by Mythra rivals Lancelot for stupidity.  WTF are you talking about?  We're on every day, every night, every morning wondering where the oranges are.  For maybe two hours a day we find decent fights in Factions.  We camped the SL base entrance for a good six hours a few days ago.  We killed three TB attack forces and god knows how many SL.  What?  You captured the towns?  GOOD JOB!  Now all you have to do is log on more then once every three days and come fight, then we'll actually be having some fun!  I think we can all agree that guarding sigils for 24 hours is stupid, so I'll make you all a deal:

OPP will let you have the towns, but in return you have to come out and fight us more than an hour a day.



So anyway, OPP has basically been sitting around doing nothing bored out of our skulls.  We killed some newbie guild: Ut at the X-Roads five separate times which sort of kept our attention.  We saw a FL today for the first time in awhile, but he died all too easily and of course had no back up...Saw a group of about 15 SL at their tower by the yew gate...they gated to East Britain where we attacked with five Minax and saw the entire group scatter and hide *watches Mythra recall*.  We were reduced to flagging gray at Bucs and pretending to be thieves, which was sort of fun...aside from the fact that everyone dives for the server line.  Won me four more duels today and tied some other guy I've never even heard of (yah I suck).  Another boring day on UO...Wake me up when there's some enemies out.

*passes out*

May 27, 2001-2:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Make Them Stop:

*hands the kid a tissue*

You can ban me from your message board but you can't ban me from this page.  The corruption at OSI continues with GMs now jailing people for playing their game.  Check out this little discussion on the UO Boards:


It's a good thing I play other games...otherwise deal with aholes like these all day...looking to ruin fun..
This guy was already banned, posts illegal progs to dl and he still goes after people..



I predict a guild with a gm friend followed by lots of banned grief playing foulmouth talking pk's followed in two days by incredible whining of unfair banning on these boards.



To each his own...They talk about screwing over an event, I talk about holding an event, or are PKs not allowed to gather?  Maybe we should all just stay by ourselves and die to "connection lost" repeatedly?  Remind me, what group is the one always talking trash, crying, bitching, complaining, and threatening?  Oh yah...the Trammies...


Everyone seems to be asking: Why did OPP purposely disrupt an event?

We did it for this reason: Look at all these ignorant fools crying and complaining.  OPP doesn't need your loot, we just need your souls.  If you enter our land without any protection we will swiftly strike you down.  The fact of the matter is, the majority of the people in Tram whine and cry about not starting the game with a silver spoon, five 7x charcs, and a check for 10 million gold.  That's the reason we don't like you, it IS Tram vs. Fel.  It's people who can stand up for themselves, people who didn't ride the short bus to school, people who have an IQ higher then a pigeon vs. everyone else.  Most people in Tram lack problem solving skills and logic.  This is illustrated everyday on the UO Boards.  The majority of the people posting haven't played UO long enough to argue a point.  OSI put in stat loss to stop the complaining and make it easier on newbies...Did it work?  Seems like they're all still complaining to me...The best way to stop a newbie from running his/her mouth and teach them some respect, is to lay them to rest and let them run around seeing black and white for awhile.  If they know that every time they talk trash, cry, steal kills, get in the way, bother people, loot people, etc. they're going to get killed, will they do it?  Most Won't=)

*There's my Fel problem solving skills again, eep!*


This sort of contradicts the people trying to get more people to come to fel, don't you think? I mean, shouldn't any "event" not be hassled by people, regardless of where it occurs?
Lets say you hold a grand opening of a new tavern.... it's publicized on UO's web page, you are having go to great lengths to promote your tavern and guild, with some hope that your vendor house next door will have traffic increased....... then it's swarmed in the middle of the event by 50 Reds who proceed to kill anything that moves.
Everyone complains there isn't enough events, yet people think it's funny because one is totally destroyed by grief players? They don't go there because they are red... they go there because they want to make others unhappy..plain and simple.
Now, take a look at all the threads where people actually _complain_ because no one goes to fel, and no one has events there. Would be nice if people could make up their minds whether they want anyone there or not...



Let me make this very clear for you:

We don't want you in Fel.  You don't see us complaining to OSI.  We don't bitch all day without providing a solution.  We hold events with more regularity then anyone in Tram.  Do we need to advertise on the UO page?  Nope, I would be willing to bet this page gets more hits daily then the Events Calendar.  See, when we want something to happen we work hard for it and make it happen.  We think of all possible problems and provide solutions.  Our force was totally prepared for an all out war in and out of Kalidun.  Not only did the Trammies come in slowly in small groups but they failed to even think about the fact that there may be PKs.  Looks like the side who put the most time into preparation came out on top again, huh?  I'll be a nice guy and solve your little problem for you:


If you want to have a raffle at a tavern opening, be prepared to defend those prizes.  There's always going to be someone out there that wants what you have; whether it be your items, gold, or in our case your heads.  Drop a couple prizes and hire some guilds to come watch over the event.  It's not very difficult, but again, people in Carebearland seem to lack problem solving skills and logic to do much anything other than complain.


*always saves the best for last*

Im a trammelborn ( not a trammie) and I hunt fel ALL the time. Pks come after me I know when to run.
These people choose to interupt an EVENT!
There is no khaldun in Trammel.
They said from the get go they" could not allow this event to happen"
Therefore they Pked an event.
Thast against the rules PERIOD!
Its not up for discussion. Its not up for interpretation The LAW is the LAW.
If they had stumbled upon the event and Pked everyone FINE thats ok. But they went there simply to stop an event. and they went en mass.
It amazes me that people actually defend this then in the next thread complain that no one comes to fel anymore!!!!
Its not that difficult to figure out. Eventually OSI will say to hell with it and institute Trammel rules in Fel.
And they can. EASILY! All they have to do is switch the code and then allow factions to attack each other in the trammel rules.
You PvPers who are too good for order/chaos or factions will have nothing then.
You want to PK come find me. Im a PvP mongbat! Im Lord Darwin riding my nightmare in Fel. Youd think SOMEONE would target me but NO you know why? I have the respect of most people on my shard. Im known for my generosity and my honor. I have fought beside and against reds with other characters and now Im left alone.
At least the people on MY shard understand the consequences of their actions.
How pathetic that the people on other shards do not.
PS Im on Sonoma come and get me. I shouldnt be too hard to kill. I have NO pvp subskills at all.


Pretty funny eh?  It would appear we have a new reason to disrupt events...So we can laugh at all the people crying on message boards for the next two days.  Not only does this guy make up his own laws but he claims Sonoma is his shard.  Then in the same breath he claims he has no combat skills and runs when people try to kill him.

*scratches head*

Thanks for proving my point for me Thraxas!


I think this pretty much sums it all up:

Felucca has PKs.
Trammel players know that.
When you go to a supermarket, you expect to see bananas.


Just to clarify for all you OSI employees illegally visiting this page:

-If we feel like killing people in Fel we will.

-If we feel like publicly mocking you and your game on this page we will.

-If you have a problem with that, too bad!

Have a nice day.

May 26, 2001-6:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

We Fight For Ourselves, OSI Fights For Trammies:




Sir just here to talk a min

Why am I here?

We have had alot of reports about you interrupting an event held earlier

Uh we were pking

And i just need to let you know that you really be doing that sort of thing

PKing is one thing.  Interrupting an event is another

We were there first

So went you goto an event for the sole purpose of disrupting things its not something you should be doing


I'm just letting you know you need to not do this sort of thing in the future

Thats all



If you want to have an event without PKs, do it Trammel.  Quit spamming the Gm Que and stay in your own damn world you whinny little Trammies.

May 26, 2001-5:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Go Home!

The Keepers of Maddox, in a feeble attempt to bring their cowardly ways to our world planned a "Dungeon Crawl" for this afternoon.  As stated in OPP News for May 25, this event couldn't be allowed to take place.  The turn out was great, I would guess somewhere between 25-35 PKs/Thieves showed up to welcome the participants of the Dungeon Crawl.  As you probably guessed by now they never even got into the dungeon to start the event.  As they came in they were robbed, murderer, and generally harassed:

The people in Red are the good guys, I swear!


Even after being murdered the morons trying to run this event still didn't know what was going on:

Yah!  Everyone vs. The Trammies!


No...No...I don't think so...


Aww...are we a little bitter?


The event was a total success!  I would like to thank the Keepers of Maddox for organizing this slaughter and of course everyone who was doing the slaughtering.  We look forward to more events like this in the future.

Special Thanks to TVA!!!

May 26, 2001-4:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

The State of OPP:

With the serious lack of Faction Oranges around recently, OPP has spent the majority of our time killing enemies of our 099 War Stone.  It has come to my attention that a number of people who claim to be allies are far from that.  OPP does not want to be, and will no longer with be affiliated with people who's true loyalties lie in friends (instead of guilds and alliances).  If you want to bad mouth us behind our back, attack us whenever the situation proves beneficial, or make allies with known enemies of OPP, we will kill you.  I'm tired of being the mediating force behind a chain of very weak alliances.  Alliances where maybe 1/3 of the members have been made aware and the rest either don't care or don't want the alliance.


People have been talking a lot lately about how OPP has changed as a guild and for the most part that's true.  We've become very large, we've solidified our two major online alliances, and returned to our mission of pissing anyone who crosses us.  Several new people have moved up into leadership roles and our influence has grown significantly.  Our X-Roads home is no longer attacked at all and the majority of our major enemies are in complete disarray trying to jump ship (sorry you should have chose OPP to begin with.  Recruitment into OPP is currently closed).


I've decided to publicly clarify our stance regarding other guilds.  If we don't know you, you will be considered an enemy.  If you choose not to fight us then we will harass you, steal from you, and PK you until you change your mind or go hide in Trammel like these guys.  Your very existence makes you an enemy of OPP.  We don't care if you've helped us before, used to be a friend, or "but I've never done anything to OPP before".  If you are in UO and we don't know you, we will kill you.  It's that simple.


I openly invite any of you trash talking gimps out there that want to call OPP anything other then gods to accept our duel invitation.  As many of you know OPP has a very strict dueling policy.  We gank you because you always run from us.  We kill you in duels because we're more skilled.  You mock you on this page because we can.


Bring It the Hell On!!!


Cowards of Pacific Updated

Public Duel Challenges have been issued to:

-Eyecats [EYE]

-Brothers [FL]

-Last Warriors of Vengeance [LWV]

-Own [OWN]

Care to back up any of the trash talk?


Allies & Enemies Section Updated

-Paladins of Order Cease Fire Dropped

-Knights of the Black Rose Cease Fire Dropped

May 25, 2001-2:27 A.M. PST-Jackal

Newbies Go Down Da Hole?

To all who seek adventure, The Keepers of Maddox are hosting a siege-style dungeon quest. The date for the quest will be Saturday 26th of May. We will meet outside the east entrance to the dungeon of Khaldun at 2:00 pm pst (5:00 pm est.). From there we will break off into teams of 5 and proceed into the dungeon. The object will be to bring back the greatest amount gold as a team in 2 hours. The prize will be 250,000 gold to split amongst the team evenly. Also in addition to the gold, for the first person who brings back a full suit of armor, crafted by a certain legendary smith whose name will remain concealed until the event, you will receive a properly placed house to call your very own.

More Info


Oh good lord this is a must!!!  Anyone with a PK or a few counts needs to show up for this event.  OPP will be there with bells on, ready to show them what it's like to do a "dungeon crawl" in Felucca.  If we can't PK in Tram, then they can't dungeon crawl in Fel.  Anyone who wants to join us is welcome to...any gray or red will be considered a friend until every last newbie is dead.  So bring your thieves and PKs out and lets show them what a real dungeon crawl is like.



Looking for Rare Items?  How bout a Tower?

Check this page out for a listing of people on the Pacific Shard who are selling all kinds of nifty stuff at good prices.

Check it Out

May 23, 2001-12:27 A.M. PST-Jackal

Thank You!

Yesterday marked yet another 1000+ hit day for our little guild site.  I just wanted to thank everyone for reading.  You may not always agree with my outrageous views on things but you keep coming back and I thank you for that.  On that note I want to remind everyone that feedback is always welcomed here.  If you feel like something said was really wrong then contact me and let me know.  This site is always changing and I'm always trying to find more ways to please you.  Any suggestions or comments are always much appreciated.


May 23, 2001-12:17 A.M. PST-Jackal

People Are Idiots:

I really wasn't going to waste my time ranting about useless people but, hey...somebody has got to do it!


Why has the idiocy level in UO increased so drastically (I think it has something to do with the public school system but that's another story=P)?  Well first off lets look at the people coming back to UO, yah think about it for a minute...



Not many huh?  Most of them are on the two month plan: they play for two months and "ownz0r" the shard ( FYI: this means they die constantly and hand OPP loot) then quit for two months.

*repeat process indefinitely*


All the morons coming back and starting new charcs have been handed a huge present in the form of the axer.  If you're known for having the IQ of a pigeon and serious delusions of grandeur what else can you ask for?  A massively unbalanced charc that can kill in two hits, heal while running, and has to carry basically nothing.  It's the morons dream come true!

"If practice makes perfect, and no bodies perfect, why practice?"



Then you have Mr. Trammy:  he started UO a month ago and because of the safe hunting grounds and happy land called Trammel he has 10mil in the bank and four 7x gm charcs.  Only problem is he has no clue what PvP is or how to do it...About the only thing he knows is that Axes do "l33t" damage, so he puts his axer into the True Britain's faction because UO "rulZ" and Lord Brit is the KING!  His new DSL is working great and he's putting the smack down on oranges.  Every time his 12 friends from Trammel want to kill, they all log on their axers and go to a moongate.  Next they all run to Britain Bank and hide:



Is the battle cry as the 12 axers jump out of hiding and swarm a single orange!  After collecting their loot they hide again and wait...but this time along comes three oranges...uhh ohh, better stay hidden...


"shit, one walked across me"

"he's revealing"

"run guys"

Back to the moongate and back to the safety of Trammel where they all meet up again at their houses and tell stories about how they "owned" that newbie at the bank.


This is the state of UO factions.  I could have a 30 to 1 kill ratio and still be a "newbie" in 99% of the UO populations eyes because I can't avoid that para blow or 90 point axe hit...I can name three oranges that don't run from me on site.  Is this fun?  Is it really fun to run?  If you die then die!  Jesus people, retain some fucking honor for gods sake.  All you people who are constantly talking about "owning" and "ruling the shard" are IDIOTS!  Playing an axer is easier then playing quake...Seriously, what do you do?  The majority of you run around in auto attack using your bandage self macro.  The very fact that you play a townie as your main charc tells me you have the IQ of an ant and don't understand the concept of teamwork.  You don't have "skills", you don't know how to PvP, and you don't "own" a damn thing other then your house is Trammel.  Maybe you should take the hint and go hang out there more often while the big boys try to have some fun?


I just hope that none of these people plan to carry their attitude into Shadowbane because quite frankly they will get your asses handed to them so often they won't get past level one before they start crying to the Dev Team and quit.


Bloody Idiots!!!

May 22, 2001-1:17 A.M. PST-Jackal

Beta What?

At last the wait is over and Phase Two of Shadowbane's Beta Test is here.  Read all about it in our newest Press Release.  Notifications will be sent out over the course of this week.

SB News


After last weeks flood of info that was actually useful, WP has started Beta II for SB!


May 22, 2001-12:17 A.M. PST-Jackal

People Are Idiots:

I was going to post a long rant tonight about how amazingly stupid so many people on UO are but I changed my mind.  I may do it tomorrow or, maybe I just won't do it at all=P


Instead I'll just give you a quick run down of the idiots in your area:

-Like we've been saying all along, FL is actually making fake pics for their page and TVA has uncovered it in their most recent news post.  Then Lancelot has the audacity to post that OPP are getting: "the royal ass beating of their lives" (wouldn't this mean FL would actually have to come out of Trammel first or is this based on their small collection of fake pics?).  This guy is the biggest fucken wacko/nutcase I have ever had the displeasure of meeting in UO.'s to the point that it's down right frightening.

*throws hands up in the air and walks off*


-WTF is wrong with these people?  Is it just me or does every wacko woman in UO just happen to be in the guild ESF?  The guys seem normal...then all of a sudden you have a handful of crazy chicks bitching at you like they're related to Lancelot or something.  They make absolutely no sense, but seem to have themselves convinced that by sitting on message boards all day they have a clue.  The other day they accused me of running TBH?  Umm?  If I ran TBH would there be a TBH?  Do you honestly think I would let people like Lepper and Kane into my guild!?  Are you NUTS!?  LOL...seriously though, Check out the TBH News Page for more info on the stupidity of certain people.


-This Post is amazing...Honestly this made my day and brings me to another point.  I'll give an example:

The other day during the fighting at the SL Crypts I started with something like 75 points.  I died five times and still ended the day with 92 points.  Now you tell me: How many people did I kill while fighting in the enemies crypt, ridiculously outnumbered?  This moron is proud of the fact that his entire guild killed 25+ people in a whole day while open field fighting?  OPP kills that many in 30 minutes...Just goes to show how truly clueless some people are.  I've heard the best way to spot them ahead of time and avoid their ignorance is to look for the use of the word "Own" or "Owned"...


-I log in today and find myself in Britain surrounded by oranges.  By some stroke of luck I'm still alive with less then 10 hitpoints, so I drink a heal and take off running.  I run into more oranges on my way out and some spear gimp from B+S kills me.  So I do the usual:


*deep breath*

and say: "Well that was fucking great, thanks for the revert OSI!"  But wait!  The gimp has something to say?  Well, my disappointment was quickly turned to amazement when the townie standing over my corpse looting it, started talking shit.  Then another B+S runs up and the moron takes credit for the kill bragging about how he killed me and how it was worth 9, count um, 9 points!


Cowards of Pacific Updated


Anyway, if I decide to update about the idiocy of others again tomorrow, I promise it will include a really stupid rant that will make you want to strangle me.



In Totally Unrelated News:

Mr. Nixon, Where Are You?

Ohh HERE he is!

May 20, 2001-3:27 P.M. PST-Jackal


I logged in yesterday around 9:00AM PST and wondered around thinking, where are all the oranges?  Welp, I finally found them at the SL crypts.  It's 9:30AM on a Saturday morning and I count 26 SL inside or around their crypt (we had 2 Minax on baby!).  Sam of TBH and I just chilled outside SL all morning killing SL.  Then TB gated in and the two of us killed three of the six that gated in.  Next thing I know I'm getting ICQs from TB people saying: SL has all the sigils blah blah blah...  Did I forget to mention that we don't care?  Like I've said before if we wanted to sit at our base for 24 hours we'd be doing it.  I was going post just a simple little news update congradulating SL for taking the towns and sticking with it yesterday but after reading SL comments on this issue I feel the need to respond.  I'm not sure if it's just plain stupidity or ignorance that drives certain SL, but either way I'll repost my message regarding OPP and our goal in factions:


I'll say this one last time:
OPP switched factions for fun. We didn't switch factions for any other reason. We had no one to fight as SL. That's not fun. Get it?

So we joined Minax and had lots of great battles for the first few days. The fighting has slowed down a bit and TB/CoM/SL are often all fighting together against us. That's fine because we're having fun!!!


Lets review:
Did we join minax to control all the towns? No we joined to have fun!

If the only way we can get oranges to come out of hiding is to take all the sigils then we're going to do it.


So let me ask you this: If OPP had really cared about stoping SL from getting the towns would we have attacked their base with dragons, and a full group of Minax?  Would we have attacked the first night they got the sigils?  The answer to those is: yes, and the fact of the matter is we didn't do either.  Our members were split up all around Britannia fighting.  We had duels going on at the X-Roads almost the entire day.  Our guys were busy training up other charcs and working stats...  The largest attack group we had all day was 14 as compared to the largest count we had of SL at the crypts which was 46.  What did we do?  We attacked constantly outside and just inside the doors and I have never seen so many dead oranges in all my time on UO.  At one point a member of OPP said: hey guys turn around and look at the corpses behind us...There was at least 20 orange corpses in a two screen area and not a single blue or green one.   Like I've said before: OPP will go where the oranges are, not where the sigils are.  Honestly the best way to guard sigils would be to leave entirely, if there's no orange around, then there won't be any OPP around.  So, congratulations to SL for your towns.  Have fun and may you log in once again in huge numbers to actually fight instead of just sit around doing nothing.


Well Jackal, you informed us that "OPP has been busy pulling in some of the most talented PvPers in the history of Pacific." Perhaps in battles against other Factions they will bring you an advantage and some victories. As for the Shadowlords, we hope you appreciate the stomping you got all day and all night long.


SL News


How exactly is a stomping defined in the book of Mythra?  Is it when a group of around 10 OPP attack a group of 30+ well defended SL in their base and kill them all numerous times?  Hmm...


Lets head over to the Pacific Factions Page likes Mythra likes to do:

Of the 11 people in factions on the high points board that aren't mules, five of them are OPP, one of them is SL (he rarely plays), and none of them are ESF.  Of the guilds on that same list that don't point mule OPP is again number one with almost three times as many points as ESF.  Even though three OPP members took point resets yesterday and we took an apparent "stomping" we still somehow managed to gain points (go figure).  Now given the fact that the Average OPP Member has about 17x (873 points/52 members) as many points as the average SL, how exactly did we gain points during this supposed "stomping"?  To gain points we would have had to have a kill ratio of something like 18+ dead SL to 1 dead OPP.  Now you tell me:


Outnumbered (SL had 3x as many people all day) and once again, out-gunned (SL had dragons, traps, and a base to hide in) OPP came out of the battles with huge victories (see above kill ratio).  Remind me again: who got stomped?

*Looks at SL*


Towns can only be used as a measure of success when they are something that is sought after by all sides in a conflict.

May 18, 2001-4:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Day Five:

A new section has been added under World Info entitled Economy.  What are Values, Production Transactions, Net Zero Transactions, and Value Sinks?  Your lesson in Shadowbane Economy awaits you!


A new Journal has been added entitled Tradesmen.  Written by none other than Ashen Temper, this journal accentuates the various options and aspects of Tradesmen.


Finally, here is a list of articles already coming in from the Electronic Entertainment Expo:
-Live from E3, written by Vosx, is available on Shadowbane Vault.

-E3, written by Ransom of the Crimson Empire, is available on Shadowbania.

-More Infobits, written by Fortunado, and Live from E3!, written by Omenz, is available on Shadowbane Stratics.

-E3 Day Two, written by Lum the Mad, contains a few pictures of members of Wolfpack Studios, Inc.

May 18, 2001-1:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

OMG, the Stupidity is Astounding!

Our little buddy Rich Raine saw the below posts and immediately updated his page with a new cropped pic:

*can still see the stump*


Then there's the issue of the first pic on this page that, I guess, because I didn't post he wasn't smart enough to think about?

*has been laughing all day*


Oh and BTW, everyone go to his pics page and right click the pics a few times=)  I think he loves me ^^

May 18, 2001-1:27 A.M. PST-Jackal

"My Third Party is Better Then Yours"

Ever wonder how exactly Rich Raine has been getting away from you?  You get him down to 10 life and every time he manages to outrun you?  After the 50th time you're left saying, speed hacking?  Nope, not speed hacking (well not that I know of).

The moron actually posted a picture incriminating himself for the public to view.  Hey thanks Rich!!!


This Post was posted on the OOB/SL message board on 5-17-01 at 11:57PM by Rich Raine of ESF/SL:


Little Website im working on..

Check it out if ya would =P


Following that link to his shadowlords page, then to the screenshots section of that page for "Rich Raine-ESF" you find this picture (fourth one down):

Now I'm sure these people will quickly cover their tracks so I've done my ol buddy Rich a favor and posted it here for him!


Notice anything strange about this pic?

The trees just happen to be stumps don't they?  That's because of this program which just happens to be very illegal:


Land Fix by Quentin & Manfred (5,918,736)

Also known as No Trees. This particular one is my version (turns trees and annoying crap into tree stumps). You might have already picked up Manfred's that AssMaster distributed over at LongSchlong.Com. If you did, they're basically the same, his turns everything into rocks, mine turns everything into tree stumps. It also fixes a few things with land covering visibility area and texture. It also removes animated static objects (waterfalls and whatnot), greatly reducing lag. If you're in T2A a lot (especially that spider area), this is a *MUST* because it reduces lag so tremendously you'll wonder how you ever played without it. Try using this in combination with the new verdata.mul to run through the woods--and people always wondered why they could never catch us in the woods :) As with every patch on this page make sure to back up your original files...


If Mr. Raine isn't afraid to use 3rd party client hacks like this one I wonder how many cheats this fool is actually using?

*blows a kiss to richy boy*

May 17, 2001-7:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Day Fo!

Today is the first official day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  I just talked with Warden and some of the others at E3 and it sounds like everyone there is having a great time!


Yesterday I told you that showing off the Guild Halls was a prelude of things to come.  The City Building section has been updated to include an overview of City Building, the Guild Halls, the various other buildings that can be found in a City, and the Tradesmen you can contract to work in them!


Of course, it's nice to know how City Building actually works so in conjunction with the City Building section, we are releasing Part 8 of our Frequently Asked QuestionsCity Building!


Now that you know how to build a City, though, I am sure many of you want to know how to siege a City:  Look no further!


Fanfuckingtastic!  This is all great info check it all out!

May 17, 2001-7:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

"We Have Arrived"

It's now official, Destination Games is born.  Today's Press Release states that the Garriott brothers and many of their old Ultima staff will be teaming up with Korean based NCsoft and NC Interactive to create and produce the next generation of online games:


"Garriott, and his brother Robert, a co-founder of Destination Games and the company’s president and chief executive officer, have assembled the top talent in the online gaming industry. The team includes Starr Long, who along with Richard Garriott created Ultima™ Online, the first commercially successful subscription-based online game. Other members of the team previously worked on such titles as Asheron’s Call™, Air Warrior™ and the Command and Conquer™ series. Together they will join forces with Lineage creator and NCsoft Chief Creative Officer, Jake Song, to form the most prominent and experienced group of online game designers in the world."
Press Release


Destination Games Home Page

May 16, 2001-9:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Day Tree!

As a prelude of things to come, we have added a new section under World Information labeled City Building.  Within this new section you will find rendering and information pertaining to the various Guild Halls.  We have also updated the Guilds section to reflect the individual Guild Halls.


Come back tomorrow when we reveal a large portion of the E3 Mega Update in conjunction with Warden and the rest of the E3 Team vice these small nibblets of information we have been teasing you with!


Cool pics of the guild halls in the city building section!

May 16, 2001-2:27 P.M. PST-Jackal

Destination Games:

Richard Garriot (aka Lord British) has spoken about his new company for the first time.  Gamespy has some info up about his upcoming venture.  The new Company is to be called Destination Games and they will be doing both game design and publishing.  So far the company is being fully funded by Garriot but there is a press release expected sometime tomorrow that will announce a major business partner.

For now all you get is this...

May 15, 2001-10:07 P.M. PST-Jackal


I can't think of a way to start this news post...words can't describe how incredibly humorous the last few days of faction warfare have been.  Thinking about it right now is making me laugh...


This is bound to be a stupid update because I can't stop laughing=P  I know you love it!!!


I have never seen a more backward and screwed up group of people in all my time on UO.  I wonder what motivates people to want to be some incredibly ignorant?  Do they say what they say to convince themselves that they aren't nuts?  <---that's my theory=)

*is still laughing*


Lets start off with a little history lesson:

Just to make everything clear: OPP will be quitting the Shadowlords and joining the forces of Minax.  To our friends in SL we had a great time fighting and working with you to make SL the best.  To our enemies we look forward to making factions a lot more interesting and competitive.


Good Luck to Everyone!!!

OPP Archives April 27


Since our departure from the shadows of SL, a rejuvenated and blood thirsty OPP has set out to slaughter all of those in our path.  It has been some time since OPP has had an opportunity to show our true might.  Last weekend I decided to make my presence known once again.  Minax forces were gathered for three straight days killing everything in sight.  On our blood soaked steeds several small and organized Minax forces repeatedly cleansed the world of our enemies.  The group of OPP/TBH was never larger then 13 and we won each and every battle against larger/less organized groups of SL and TB.  With our enemies on their heels they retreated to blue charcs and message boards.


OPP, after conferring with TBH, withdrew from the Shadowlords to Minax. They've experienced a resurgence in membership and were joined by DP members. They're buffered by other independent or little known faction hoppers. They're having their moment in the sun.


As I said initially, they've had a couple good weeks and they may rightfully crow about 5 towns. I expect that they will not diligently pursue their current enthusiasm. I predict that they will claim victory with winning 5 towns & in a couple week's time whither away to Order/Chaos fighting.


History will repeat itself. The Shadowlords, not dependent upon numbers, dedicated to the communion of our constituency, deriving strength and determination from our principles, will rise out of the bowels of the earth to walk the land and as our spectres pass, no city shall resist our caress.
-Mythra of SL

Full Thread


*is still laughing*

If history is to repeat itself we will see OPP/TBH/DP on top of factions again, won't we?  Hey, I agree.  Now she's predicting (uhh ohh)?  OPP already Order/Chaos fights on a daily basis (since we  have so much trouble finding oranges), so maybe you're confused...again?  Basically you're predicting that we'll do something we're already doing...hmm that's bright!  I mean seriously, WTF is she talking about?  Who was out fighting since day one of factions?  When SL won, who was leading the pack?  Point is: SL is falling apart, with every passing day we see less SL.  So you group up with the True Brits and still lose...Then you group up with TB and CoM...and still lose.  Now ESF is teaming up with FL too and guess what's going to happen?  YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE AGAIN!!!  Quit talking like you have something or have built something.  When you win some battles against OPP then you can brag, until then...

*puts his finger up to his mouth*



ESF has been a part of SL but nothing more, during raids the ESF force was rarely larger then 3-5.  I guess ESF members don't have enough time between song writing sessions to log on to UO and back up all this trash talk?  Speaking of history: before factions ESF was nothing more then any other warring guild that was constantly crushed.  Maybe once a month the ESF stone would jump above five members and we would actually see a few.  Now what is ESF?  Just another clueless warring guild...While you've been busy recruiting OPP rejects like Rich Raine, psychopathic head cases like Athene, and making friends with people like Mythra who doesn't even understand herself...OPP has been busy pulling in some of the most talented PvPers in the history of Pacific.  It doesn't matter how many times you (ESF) draw out plans or mathematical equations, you can't win with any consistency...See, you lack the things that are needed to win in factions: strong leadership, loyalty, and talented PvPers.  You want to know how ESF members really feel?


Athene/Sherry (ICQ#********) Wrote:

you win, i'm sick of resetting them , did it all week alone. me against the world, you win you can have your fucking cities, i'm qyuitting uo, factions and everything. You assholes are no lponger my friends/.


Athene/Sherry (ICQ#********) Wrote:

bull shit, all of sl left, you win take your cities, hope you have fun you;ll have no one ledft to fight. big fucking deal me against like 30 ppl, i vccan;'t win i give up


It wouldn't be right for me to say that all of ESF are complete head cases (Thomas, Boz, Leroy, and Mark are good guys), but a good majority of these guys/girls are quite frightening.  Half of their messages don't make any sense.  I see the messages on their board then think to myself...Who are these people again?  They talk about some standard of success like they've done something.  Someone refresh my memory, what has ESF/OOB done other then survive?  


Oh Jackal! You forgot this, so I'll add it here:
And we kill Nadia Silkworm or Betsy Ross or Leroy or Hermes when they enter our base in 9 vs. 1 gnaks because we're meanies! It has nothing to do with that fact that you're thieves & you might take our sigils!


Full Post


Does OPP kill oranges when we see them?  Yes, and that's all there is to it...

Like I've said 1000 times before: if you have a problem with ganks, OPP will gladly set up a duel so you can show off your amazing talents to us.  Go ahead and post on our message board so everyone can see.  Anyone else think they won't post?


There's about five hysterically funny posts on the SL Board for your reading pleasure (this one is particularly good and this one's not too bad either).  

*isn't done laughing yet*

May 15, 2001-10:07 P.M. PST-Jackal

Day Number Dos:

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends!  Day Two of the E3 Mega Update is here!  Today we have for you:


Another section of our Frequently Asked Questions, this time shedding more light upon Guilds.  Read carefully, because some things may have changed...


The Guild Type page has been updated, incorporating three new Guilds along with the revision of one of the previous Guild Types.  What type of Guilds are they?  I don't want to spoil the surprise but I will say that your input was greatly appreciated.

SB Recent News


Three New Guilds:

-Dwarf Hold: Race Specific Guild Type for Dwarves...

-High Court: Race Specific Guild Type for Elves...

-Virakt: Race Specific Guild Type for Irekei...


Up to this point the guild types had all been pretty much based around character class.  Not sure what they're doing now...

May 14, 2001-11:07 P.M. PST-Jackal

OMG What is This!

Today marks the first installment of our Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) week-long mega update! Today's update consists of:


The addition of a section detailing the Shadowbane Party System to our ever-growing Frequently Asked Questions.


E3 Announcement Number One! There's been much speculation about which members of the Wolfpack Dev Team will actually be on site at E3. Here, at last, is your answer! Behold the Wolfpack E3 Attendees List:


-Ashton Kai












As you have no doubt already noticed, we have updated the organization of the website to make it more user friendly (if you haven't noticed, look at the menu on the left edge of the screen).  For those of you hungry for new content, note that the Classes section has been updated so that the Priest, Thief, Warrior, and Wizard Professions now have their own unique write ups. 


Let me guess, this isn't enough for you, is it? Don't worry, we're just getting warmed up! Instead of dropping a ton of information on you at once, we decided it would be best to build up, increasing the size and coolness of each update day by day.  In other words, stay tuned tomorrow, when more will be revealed!


Did he say coolness?

May 12, 2001-1:11 P.M. PST-Jackal


Artifact Entertainment joins forces with the largest, most successful Massive Multiplayer Online Game Company in the world.


MESA, Arizona - May 11, 2001 – Artifact Entertainment Corporation announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Korean behemoth NCsoft to publish and operate the eagerly anticipated MMOG known as HORIZONS throughout the Asian market. NCsoft, known for their incredibly popular game Lineage, has more than 2,000,000 active subscribers in Korea alone, making Lineage the most successful massive-multiplayer on-line game in the world. The agreement allows for the simultaneous release of HORIZONS in the North American and Asian markets with Artifact operating the North American servers and NCSoft operating the Asian servers. In addition to the licensing agreement, NCsoft has also made a substantial investment in Artifact Entertainment for the support and continued development of HORIZONS. The two companies will be working together closely to form a powerful alliance to push forward the Online Gaming services offered in both markets over the coming years.


"Everyone at Artifact is extremely excited about working with NCsoft – we will be focusing on the Asian market in conjunction with our US release, and addressing the international needs of massive-multiplayer on line games on a worldwide scale,” said David Allen, CEO and Founder of Artifact Entertainment. “We couldn’t have found a better partner to work with in the Asian market


While details of the agreement or NCSoft's and Artifact's marketing strategies for HORIZONS have not yet been made public, players all over the world can be assured that the future of HORIZONS is not only bright, but will be carried out in many languages as well.

May 11, 2001-2:11 P.M. PST-Jackal


Site going down for awhile...I'll continue to update the news so when we get back up you'll have plenty of pointless stuff to read up on! 

May 10, 2001-2:11 P.M. PST-Jackal

Lord British Visits E3:

Richard Garriott will be onhand at this year's E3 to introduce the gaming world to his newly formed Destination Games and to announce the company's first title. The announcement is planned for Thursday afternoon at an off-site location.

No word at this time about what the game will be or whether it's related to the "Game X" he hinted at over a year ago. On hand with Lord British will be Robert Garriott and Starr Long.

More Info



May 9, 2001-8:11 P.M. PST-Jackal

OSI Prepares to Drop their North American & European Shards:

OSI has taken the second step (the first step being the cancellation of UO2 and firing of all related staff) in there preparations to close down all North American and European shards.  Stay tuned for step 3:


Effective today, May 9th, Ultima Online will no longer host Interest Volunteer, Quality Assurance Volunteer, and Counselor Volunteer programs in North America and Europe. Though it’s a difficult decision for us, it is based on the reassessment of our online, company-wide business structure as we address growth and changes in the online entertainment industry. As a result, volunteer programs throughout all of Electronic Arts have been affected by this reassessment. This decision does not affect the existing volunteer programs in Japan, nor does it currently affect the Companion program.
OSI Update Center


*gets ready to watch UO go down in flames*

Taking Bets on when EA/OSI takes down the American and Euro shards

May 9, 2001-12:11 P.M. PST-Jackal

Don't Forget that Casting Spells Near a House is Illegal:

A friend sent me these pictures yesterday and I have chosen to keep him anonymous so the yellow text will be what he said:


"So whats up?"

This was followed by a short discussion clarifying that it is illegal to cast certain spells near any house (not just sandstones), when asked to clarify further, GM Raiden said this:

"So casting any spells other then the ones you mentioned is considered an exploit?"


Isn't this one of the most ridiculous things you've ever heard?  What the...?  What's OSI going to do...just ban every mage now?  Nerf the fuck out of them, and then ban them...great plan.  So next time you're fighting house hiders like SDS keep in mind that they are committing illegal acts when they cast out their door or off their roof! hahahehe



Minax vs. SL and TB:

After several coordinated TB+SL attacks on Minax it's pretty clear that these two factions are working together.  Not that it will help them much but it does significantly put the odds further against Minax.  Last night we heard that SL+TB were holding the sigils in the SL base so we killed them.  That's about it, here's a pic...

May 9, 2001-12:11 P.M. PST-Jackal


The whole site has been updated again (sort of) with new links and info.  Sorry for the lack of updates lately but there has been a serious lack of of gaming news recently.  I assume this is because everyone is saving all their chips for E3 this weekend.  So hopefully early next week we'll know what's up with all the new games again.  Until then I'll just pelt you all with useless UO news because I know you love!

May 7, 2001-12:51 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP vs CoM, SL, & TB:

After four days of handing all three enemy factions an absolute beat down they seem to have decided it best to team up when possible.  To be totally honest we expected a lot more resistance from SL.  They only manage to put up one or two good fights each day.  There's plenty of oranges online, unfortunately they seem to group around the Yew Moongate where they all have houses near by.  If it's not 2-3 to 1 odds (and sometimes when it is) it's off to the races for a little house hiding.  I don't know if that much has really changed since OPP/TBH left SL or we just made them that much better, but I don't seem to remember so many of them being so afraid to fight.  Hopefully they're just a little unorganized right now and the fighting will pick up next weekend.



Last Night:

Last night we had a group of 15 or so assorted TB, CoM, and SL all trying to kill us.  Actually they did get about 5 kills which was quite an accomplishment (we only killed 7 before we had to leave).  I find it interesting that  everyone is so quick to team up against us.  TB and SL are both still larger factions then Minax.  I'm not complaining, just stating the facts, we welcome the challenge now that we know what to expect.



Minax Takes Towns:

Minax has managed to take 5 of the 8 towns.  Our forces have been outnumbered and outgunned as our enemies have more people and number a of stealth/thieves, trappers/trap removers, and tamers.  Watching OPP/TBH fight the last few days has brought back some good memories.  Good clean fun with very little trash talking and most importantly no one losing con or being killed in one hit.  The only thing that has detracted from the last few days is of course, the DF lamers in Minax deciding to help who ever we happen to be fighting by blocking or taking counts.  It's funny how these guys never came out until we made the move to Minax.  Now all of a sudden they're playing again...hmm.  Now DF has to bandwagon to OPP/TBH to win?  One word to describe them: cowards.  They get beat down in factions, jump sides 3 times, then quit.  Get beat down by P^O, never log in.  Join SL to give us counts and harass us so we move.  Now they have joined Minax to continue their cowardly campaign.



Cowards of Pacific Updated:

With our recent faction change I've had the opportunity to learn about some guilds in SL. This means I once again I get to publicly mock some people for being spineless.




UO Links Updated:

The UO links section has been updated with a few more guild links.

Check it Out


TBH has moved their site off that god forsaken free server!  Check it out, now at:


The TVA Site is now up and running (click the picture already!):



Allies & Enemies Section updated:

Allies & Enemies Pacific Section updated with new info regarding the Minax Move and updated allied links.



The Brothers Still At It?

No, not really.  We haven't seen a "Brother" with intentions of fighting (recall precast) in a few days now.  Yet lance is still updating his site with pics and BS about how great FL is doing....Ummm what?  Seriously, taking pics of faction kills after the fights are over makes you look really stupid Lancey Boy.  Just a quick comment on this section recently added to the "Brothers" page:

I don't know about the first two pics but I was on during every other kill posted.  Michael and Balth died due to being attacked by about 10 blue VVV that were camped outside Minax trying to give counts and harass reds.  The rest of those pics from brit were from a large TB vs. Minax fight that turned into a bloodbath with the arrival of SL in the middle of the fight.  Some OPP died but I can assure you no "Brother" was involved in their deaths.  Matter of fact one of those pics is quite old because the person has been out of town.  Also note in the pic of Hate that there is a dead TB next right there (but then again its the "Brothers" that got that kill, right?):


"Odds heavily favored in OPP's direction, but you see the result once again. 8 OPP, four died."


You have to be fucking kidding me?  Do I need to point you to OPP UO News for May 3?  Do I need to start posting pics of the half dozen times Houdini killed u in a duels Lance?  Do I need to start posting pics of assorted other dead FL that tried to duel?  Do I need to start posting ICQ logs of how you backed out of the fight Cobra asked for last Friday?  Or do I just need to remind you that we have been asking for an even fight since before this war started?

*shakes head*

Ignorance must really be bliss...

May 7, 2001-12:51 P.M. PST-Jackal

Progress Report:

-There's a short Horizons Progress Report on, its worth a look if you've been keeping up with HZ.


-Human Female updated and Griffon model added to the Models section.

May 3, 2001-11:11 A.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Number 19 Pre-Season SB Guild?

Huh?  Who the hell decided to vote for us and why in gods name did they do it?  Everyone please do us a favor and realize that OPP are a bunch of newbies and don't vote for us on Polls!!!

SB Vault Top 25 Pre-Season SB Guilds

May 3, 2001-10:51 A.M. PST-Jackal

3 OPP vs. 3 FL...wait 4FL...wait 5 FL:

Yesterday 3 OPP gated to an FL house to fight the three FL inside:

Derid, Cobra, Lancelot vs. Josh, Ty'orthor, Houdini


"When Derid fell at their two story he ran inside and a red FL came out we kept fighting then when another one died another one came out so in the end we killed 4 of them."

Ty'orthor of OPP


So basically FL comes out to fight a 3 vs. 3.  OPP members drop Derid so Derid logs onto his secondary FL charc: Drake.  OPP drops Lancelot so Lance logs on his friends charc: Ryan.  OPP drops Drake so Derid...oops out of charcs huh?  OPP gets Cobra down to nothing and he decides his life is more important then his "brothers" and ditches Ryan who was quickly dispatched without any back up.

Check out the Pic


"Props to OPP for the skirmish at the Chaos House. I'm sure there will be more in the making provided you guys can maintain some sense of control and stop with the field trash talk, namely Ty and Josh. If you can't be sportsman about playing the game we won't be doing this type of scenerio with you two."

From FL BS Section


"The extra FL that showed after the dying began will not be tolerated nor will it happen again, you have Lances word on that."

From FL BS Section


Keep in mind Lance himself was doing this.  Is he for real or just saying this?  I guess we'll see...

May 3, 2001-1:51 P.M. PST-Jackal


OPP is finally Minax!!!

Yesterday was one of the most full filled nights I've had in factions.  There were actually groups of oranges smaller then 20!  We had a few good fights but for the most part is was still: "OMG oranges run!!!".  Unfortunately, about half of the people we killed were spamming: "I'm going Minax, Stop"...Stupid Bandwagoners!!!

No time to do a big update but lets just say that a whole lot of Shadowlords died.  I mean a whole lot!

*passes out*

May 1, 2001-11:51 P.M. PST-Jackal

UO:R PvPers:

What's up with people like this?

So I'm watching this fool run from Blaze all over Moonglow and I see him say:

"you're an amateur"

So I busted out the Screenshot utility and grabbed these two:

Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't seem to remember anyone named Marlo ever dueling a damn thing.


On that note can someone point out exactly what is going on in UO right now?  No one wants to duel but everyone wants to claim they "can duel" or "did duel".  Dueling right now is a sick joke compared to any dueling of the past and the sad part is PEOPLE ARE STILL AFRAID TO DO IT!


These pics just happen to be the perfect example of what has happened.  Every newbie and his dog seem to think they are godly somehow.  I just wanted to point out that this guy is an idiot and I'll leave it at that.  All you mages who don't duel are fools!

May 1, 2001-12:01 A.M. PST-Jackal

Weekly Stuffs:

The monstrous month of April comes to a close with our fourth Bestiary update.  Four new creatures are submitted for your approval:

-Artic Wolves

-Blade Drakes

-Cave Bears

-Flame Beetles


This week we are proud to unveil the second of our Racial Histories, the Lore of the Dwarves.  Within you will find an untold chapter of the Legend of Shadowbane.  Being the oldest Race, they have an awful lot to say... 


Speaking of continuing updates, the Shadowbane FAQ rolls on with another new section.  Last week you learned how to make a character, this week you will learn how to make one great.  Click here for the secrets of Character Development.


And it wouldn't be an update without a new poll.  What Guild Type appeals most to your Character?


Shadowbane News Page

May 1, 2001-12:01 A.M. PST-Jackal

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