June 30, 2000-9:15 A.M. PST-Jackal
Diablo II In A Store Near You:
More Info

June 25, 2000-9:25 P.M. PST-Jackal
Quote of the Day:
Why Does Pacific Suck?
"You are right, I did say OPP was unbeatable... but not because you were a hard opponent, but because you would never undeclare even while losing. We were in no way even in risk of losing that war... we always chased you to your house, sure we may have lost 1 or 2 battles... that that is all. I undeclared because it was boring and I like to focus on 1 or 2 guilds at a time, and to stay declared on you would mean you could come out of the woodwork and ally up with who ever it is we war. As for going into war with OPP right now, I would be more than happy to, but not until our war with VVV and D&S is over."
-Sephiroth TL

This coming from a GM who just undeclared war on the likes of VVV. It takes a lot of nerve to make this kind of BS up considering Sephs crew lost every battle during our war with the exception of one. I'm sure they're better now after having all their half-assed newbie townies beefed up but lets face it here. Pacific sucks because idiots like Seph and Nur (morons who run around talking mass trash and not backing it up). Just imagine what kind of people follow leaders like that! So now I guess according to these types of people the only powerful guilds are PH, HH, TL, and VVV! I can't help but laugh at all this. WTF is wrong with people?

Recent Victories:
The Artist Collective
The Four Horsemen Of Apocalypse
Order of the Gimps
The PotHeads
The Secret Service of GMS
Strong Island Boys

OPP is down from 42 wars less then a week ago to 28 as of today. Pacific sucks.

June 24, 2000-6:35 P.M. PST-Jackal
Because of the connectivity issues affecting the Napa Valley and Pacific shards, we have decided to hold these shards at Phase One and reschedule Phase Two and Three of their staged house placement. The following is a revised schedule for the Napa Valley and Pacific shards:

Phase 1 (castles only on Trammel and all house types on Felucca):
The shards are currently in this stage.

Phase 2 (large houses and castles on Trammel and all house types on Felucca):
9:00 PM PST, Saturday, June 24th

Phase 3 (all house types, all facets):
9:00 PM PST, Sunday, June 25th

In the event of a server crash during any of the rescheduled stages, we will stop house placement and recommence either the next day, or the following weekend, depending on circumstances. We will announce revised dates and times here as soon as they are determined.

Several difficult situations occurred on Friday evening that affected the release of staged house placement on the North American shards. Internet connection issues blocked many people from accessing the shards and reduced our level of customer service. The turnout of potential homeowners was beyond our estimates for the early phases. And we watched game servers and our web server stretched to their limits. The Internet and login server issues were such that even our GMs, Counselors, and our Programmers were often unable to access the shards. All of these factors combined created an experience for our customers that we do not want to revisit.
We were committed to meeting our latest target for house placement and expected these conditions to improve. We were caught up in the flow of trying to get houses delivered to the players. In retrospect, we should have pulled the plug earlier.
Thus, we’ve decided to go “back to the drawing board” with our house placement plans. To address the situation created Friday evening, and to ensure that it does not happen again, we will be scrapping our existing house placement schedule for all shards that do not currently have available house placement. The Baja, Sonoma, and Great Lakes servers are continuing to move through Stage Two of staged house placement, and we will be monitoring them throughout the night. If they successfully complete Stage Two, we will continue to take these shards to Stage Three placement according to their schedules. The previously posted revised schedules for Chesapeake, Atlantic, Catskills, Lake Superior, Napa Valley, and Pacific should be disregarded.
We will be reviewing the experiences of Friday evening on Saturday. We will determine ways in which we can improve house placement before re- opening housing on the remaining shards. We will review options to optimize our server loads, plans to guarantee substantial customer service presence, and methods by which we can communicate important information during the entire house placement process.
We will release new schedules for all shards as soon as they have been determined. We will update the website by 5:00pm CST Saturday, June 24th with a report of our progress.
I'd like to extend a personal apology to all our customers who were affected by our poor execution of house placement. The situation on many of the North American shards last night was unacceptable, and we will do our best to ensure that it does not happen again.
Gordon Walton
VP Online Services
Origin Systems, Inc.

We have created a revised house placement schedule for certain North American shards that will go into effect over the next several days. We have chosen to limit the number of shards completing house placement this weekend so that we have a lesser chance of repeating the experience of Friday night.
Some statistics from the completed house placement stages on Friday night include:
Shards that completed only Phase One (Napa Valley and Pacific) had over 125 houses placed in Felucca on each shard.
Shards that completed Phase Two (Sonoma, Baja, and Great Lakes) had an average of over 750 large houses and castles placed on the Trammel and Felucca facets.
Shards continuing with house placement this weekend include: All North American Shards Open housing in Felucca, for all house types, will be active following server maintenance on Sunday morning, June 25th. Open housing in Felucca is already active on Siege Perilous, AOL Legends, Pacific, Sonoma, Baja, Napa Valley, and Great Lakes shards.
Sonoma Shard This shard will continue with Phase Three House Placement (all house types, all facets) on Sunday, June 25th at 8:00PM (PDT).
Atlantic Shard This shard will commence Phase One (castles only on Trammel and all house types on Felucca) and Phase Two (large houses and castles on Trammel, all house types on Felucca) House Placement on Sunday, June 25th. Phase One will begin at 7:00PM (EDT), and Phase II will commence at 10:00PM (EDT).
We will be announcing revised schedules for all remaining placement phases on the North American shards, as well as revised schedules for all overseas shards, by 3:00PM CDT on Monday, June 26th. We will be monitoring all shards closely for the remainder of the weekend to determine a new schedule strategy. Because of the upcoming holiday weekend in the United States we will be considering weeknight placement during the upcoming week. We will provide at least 24 hour notice before commencing any further house placement stages.
In closely reviewing the server logs of the affected shards, we have determined that a significant amount of the problems we experienced were based on balanced population load. Ultima Online shards are set up to go into a “panic” phase, called “telestorming”, in the event of extremely high load on the various game subservers. When a server “telestorms” it has reached a state where it must move players from subservers immediately, so it pushes them to other subservers – resulting in players in these areas being moved, with no notice, to another part of Britannia.
Last night, we experienced a “telestorm” state on five North American servers, four of which subsequently crashed. It was the first time we’ve reached “telestorm” state in over a year.
We are working on several fixes to help the servers avoid reaching this state, but we would also like to ask for your assistance in this matter during house placement stages. All of the shards that experienced the “telestorm” effect did so for the area surrounding Trammel Britain. We urge that during house placement, unless you are attempting to place a house in the direct Britain area, you choose alternative banks and shopkeepers rather than those in the Trammel Britain area. Additionally, as the Britain bank is traditionally one of heavy population concentration, we will be actively monitoring the area. Should it become necessary, we will forcibly move players to other bank locations around Britannia.

More Info

Umm WTF?

June 23, 2000-12:35 P.M. PST-Jackal
Staged house placement will adhere to the following schedule:
Stage 1: Only Castles may be placed in Trammel for the first two hours after house placement commences. Any housing types may be placed in Felucca at this time.
Stage 2: Only Large Houses, Castles, and Large Keeps may be placed in Trammel for 24 hours following the end of Stage 1. Any housing types may be placed in Felucca at this time.
Stage 3: All house types may be placed in both Trammel and Felucca.

Western USA (PST/PDT)
Baja, Napa Valley,Pacific, Sonoma
9:00PM Friday, June 23
11:00PM Friday, June 23
11:00PM Saturday, June 24

Unexpected Downtimes
In the event of a server crash during any of the stages, we will stop house placement and recommence either the next day, or the following weekend, depending on circumstances. We will announce revised dates and times, as soon as they are determined, via the http://www.uo.com website.
If a backup has been recently completed prior to a crash, we will stop house placement at that phase and continue at a later date.
If a backup has not been completed prior to a crash, leaving us no record of any houses being placed, we will stop placement on that shard and continue at a later date.

More Info

June 23, 2000-2:15 P.M. PST-Jackal
"Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,
As we promised, we wanted to alert you that the Diablo II Battle.net stress test will be coming to a close this Monday, June 26th at 8:00 a.m. PT in order for us to prepare for next week's launch of Diablo II. We want to extend a sincere thanks to all the beta testers who have logged many hours helping us optimize servers during the last few weeks.
But, before we bring the test to a close, we want to push the servers to the maximum by getting as many players online in one day as possible. To that end, we are asking that all beta testers log on and play this Friday, June 23. We hope we can count on each of you to log on and take your stress test character for one more adventure through Act I.
Thank you again for all your time and effort in making our stress test successful. We hope to see you on Battle.net after the game launches.
Blizzard Entertainment"

June 21, 2000-2:50 P.M. PST-Jackal
Official Shaowbane Site Updated:
Sign up for the SB News Letter.

June 21, 2000-2:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
Official Anarchy Online Site Updated:
Be sure to go edit your Beta Applications!

June 20, 2000-1:35 A.M. PST-Jackal
Official Anarchy Online Site Updated:
Some new previews and info. It looks like they are keeping to there schedule relatively well so beta should start soon.

June 18, 2000-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
PvP vs Grief Players:
I was reading this thread over at the EQ Boards and it got me thinking:

Why does everyone seem to think that a game where you can be killed is bad? I mean seriously EQ is just one big single player game with other people around. Sure you have to use a group but really there is NO challenge to it what so ever. Not to mention the fact that the whole game is based around "loot" the very thing that most of them complain about loosing in a PvP game (can we say greedy?). As I read through those posts the absolute ignorance of people kept amazing me over and over. Not only did the majority of the people insult the idea of a PvP system they had no clue about (in regards to Shadowbane) but the examples they stated were absolutely ludicrous. The best argument I saw was:

"A pk game won't work."

At least I didn't have to waste my time reading some long ass posts by someone who is stating facts about a game that he/she obviously knows nothing about. I look at the world of UO and think about how many people actually do PvP? And who are they? Well just in OPP Pacific I get at least 2-5 emails a week from people wanting to join OPP with no PvP experience but 6-7x gm charcs. Sure they have played UO for a long time and they all have one thing in common: "I want to try my hand at something more complicated then killing mindless computer controlled monsters." Once you achieve all the loot and experience you can take what do people do? IMO the majority of them turn to PvP or quit the game. So in the end a PvP game will be able to hold onto more people because at least those who do PvP will have a dynamic changing world to log into every day (instead of a world like EQ that is the same every day). Then there is the revenge factor. The whole reason stat loss should be removed in UO. People are assholes (That's nothing new, they claw and scratch through anyone that gets in the way of what they want). So why is it that both UO and EQ have no real system for dealing with these types of people? They claim stat loss and the PvP switch stop the "grief player", if you ask me those systems promote the grief player by allowing them to do whatever they want with no penalty. I know damn well those same people who loot other players, talk big, and make a lot of enemies will think twice if they know there is no PvP switch or blue barrier protecting them. Granted that person still may kill you but AT LEAST in a PvP system you can go back and kill them without having to worry about major penalties.

So why would anyone want to play a game like UO or EQ after SB comes out? EQ and UO promote the exact thing that everyone is complaining about. They're just not thinking clearly. Sure there will be grief players in Shadowbane; they will loot you, attack you, pk you, cuss at you, and maybe even insult your mother! In the end that person will be hunted down 24/7 by just about everyone. You can look through the UO guild msg boards and just pick out the people who bitch (like the idiots on the EQ boards), they complain no matter what happens and its not because they got Pked or called a not-nice-guy! Its because they can't handle the fact that they lost. They seriously lack the maturity required to make the right decision. Instead they attack that newbie who is at half life to loot his Rusty Sword of Newbieness then bitch when some badass comes down and pulls out his Magical Sword of Whoopass. Sure that newbie got screwed over by some immature dipshit but those experiences give you a reason to continue to play. When I die I sure as hell want to go grab more stuff and go kill that person that got me (or at least work harder on my skills so I can eventually get them)!

Like the Shadowbane Dev Team said this type of game isn't for those that go hide in the corner when shit hits the fan. I'll laugh if they really do ignore the idiots who call a GM every time they die. Those people don't belong in any sort of virtual world because they just can't handle adversity. So I see Shadowbane as a game that will give me the opportunity to smash the grief player instead of a game that will allow the grief player to smash me and then hide. In the end no matter what type of person you are in a game its Role-playing! No one really acts like that in RL, maybe they would if they could, but they can't, so they won't! The "but I just want to role-play" excuse won't work in SB. In other words SB will be a game that caters to the more mature side of online gaming. The people who like the challenge and adversity it takes to reach the gold at the end of the rainbow. The people who always play games on the hardest version!

June 18, 2000-2:35 P.M. PST-Jackal
Quote of the Day:
OPP Revamped:

Do to the rampant exploitation of bugs (especially related to the healing skill and duping), massive growth of the blue healing force, and exploitation of warriors re-equipping abilities (+bless weapons) OPP has decided to change our warring policy. Rather then warring anyone and everyone potential enemies will be evaluated on what type of a guild we feel they are. Guilds that are deemed "trash guilds" (guilds that rely on warriors who never equip with more then a weapon and a few bandages) will be ignored. Do to the new OPP expansion to Chesapeake and Siege Perilous we no longer need to lower our standards to keep oranges around. In other words if you wish to war OPP be prepared for war and go in with the intention of winning (have a well rounded group of sufficient/equipped people willing to fight).

OPP Pacific Recruiting Suspended:
All outside recruiting will be suspended indefinitely. OPP Pacific will strive to remain the tight group of good friends we are now without any outside interfearances while we expand on new shards and games. If you still wish to join continue to send in aps but expect to be turned down unless you have multiple sponcers.

June 16, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Recent Victories:
ArcherYYZ IS the best
Death Jesters
Daemons of Hades
Defenders of Faith
Dogg Pound Gang
We Kick A$$ [WkA]

June 14, 2000-11:35 P.M. PST-Jackal
Pacific PvP Ladder Update:
The PvP Ladder is scheduled to start this coming Monday, June 18. Be sure to sign up if you haven't yet! If you already signed up make sure you know the rules.

June 14, 2000-3:15 P.M. PST-Jackal
What is wrong with UO PvP and how to fix it?
Warrior vs Mage:
The biggest problem in the current system is the damage a warrior can dish out for just going into war mode and running around. Meanwhile a mage has to use timing and conserve mana all while doing less then half the damage a warrior can do per hit. First off all damage on all spells and weapons should be taken down about 30%. Weapons and spell damage shouldn't be random that way when going into battle each side can plan around what type of charcs they have. Rather then how it is now that the best advantage you can have is the luck of OSI's random code. Take away all unbalancing features like the "special moves" (which do nothing other then throw off the balance of a fight and add to the luck factor). Make warriors weapons (larger weapons would take more while small weapons would take very little) take a certain amount of stamina per swing (much like mages mana). Put a 10-second timer on red potions (like the one on yellows). Take away stamina loss from maces. No weapon should do more then 40 damage (that way it takes at least 3 hits to kill people). Totally revamp the healing skill: to use the healing skill a warrior should have to have one hand empty and stand still. It should take no more then 5 seconds to heal yourself (much like magery) and shouldn't heal anymore then 50 (like magery). Being interrupted once would mean loosing half the heal and being hit twice would mean having to start applying again. I would also like to see bandages take 3-4 cloth per bandage to help counter the price of regs and balance charc costs. Healing another person should take on the same features as healing yourself. Speed limits would be put on people on horseback and people on foot to make connection speed less important and remove running as a "tactic". With warriors having equal healing privileges as mages along with similar restraints (mana/stamina) it would even the playing field a bit. Also by making weapons and spells do less damage and be less random you could plan out more carefully and use tactics in battle (rather then run kill die! Like it is now). Taking out those worthless "special moves" would take away more of the luck factor that UO PvP is plagued by.

Purpose vs Pointlessness:
There has to be some purpose to pvp other then massive slaughtering of the other side. This purpose could be something like the faction system (capture the flag) or something like evil vs good. Either way there HAS TO BE A REWARD FOR WINNING! Every single idea the dev team has come up with has been ok but has had no real reward. People want fame and fortune so the best rewards would be stuff worth a lot of money and some sort of a public list of the "best".

Accountability vs Chaos:
There is absolutely no reason for stat loss in Felussia. I would like to see all shards take on the no recall or gate into dungeon policy. Imagine this for a minute:
Groups of good heros gather in the Trammel to enter the evil world of Fellusia which is controlled by evil murderers (get rid of stat loss!) and powerful warlords (get factions in!). These Heroes pass through a massive battle for control of Britain and head to retake control of the dungeon Despise. On they way they come across thieves and solo evils battling amongst themselves. As they arrive at Despise a huge battle breaks out, gates from Trammel open and Heroes rush out while gates open from murderer strong holds and murderers rush out. The battle rages leaving the strongest side victorious not by luck but by skill and planning because of the above changes. Grand battles based around evil, good, and power. It would be possible to role-play and fighting would have a purpose! This is my idea of what UO should have been and should always be.

Post your responses to this please

June 14, 2000-1:15 A.M. PST-Jackal
Bunch of Reveiws, Some Info:
The Official Shadowbane Website has been updated with some stuff.
Check it Out

June 13, 2000-5:15 P.M. PST-Jackal
Housing Update:
"Recent shard stability issues have left us unwilling to introduce staged house placement, a major system change, until we are confident that we can provide acceptable stability during the transition period. We have isolated and addressed the major issues previously affecting our decision to delay housing, and we are confident that, once published, their effect will allow us to proceed with staged house placement in a rapid manner. Until these changes have completed testing and been released to the shards, we must withhold the opening of staged house placement by at least one week.
In the next several days, we will be updating all shards with a patch to include several fixes for housing related issues and changes to enhance server stability. We will release additional details on a patch schedule as soon as they are determined.
We are focusing on opening staged house placement on most Ultima Online shards on Friday, June 23rd. House placement on the Formosa, Arirang, Balhae, and Oceania shards will begin on Friday, June 30th, local server time. The schedule for house placement on Japanese shards will be released at a later date. AOL Legends and Siege Perilous will have open house placement available on return from an upcoming maintenance cycle to be announced at a later date.
A complete schedule of placement times for all affected shards is available here.
We will update this section of the site, at least 24 hours in advance of the opening of the first scheduled phase. We will release any revised schedules as they are determined."

June 13, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Quote of the Day
Pacific War Updates:

Well TDP pretty much died a few months ago and I was going to put them up in the victories section but I decided it wasn't worth the message board spamming we would have to endure. So what is my point? Well, TDP membership is down to 10 although the other night a few NPK members logged in and got killed a lot. So I guess they're not all dead after all. Ohh how I missed the incessant nagging of them yelling "duel me newbie" while you kill them 1 vs 1.

As posted in OPP News on May 14th:

"BTW HH have been public now anyone can join HH."
-Avatar GM of HH

HH grew from a pitiful 10 to more then 90 in less then 3 weeks. The hordes of bandwagoning fools crawled out of their holes and joined up. Eager and willing to go into battle and risk loosing that non GM weapon and those 3 bandages HH bandwagoners attacked Occlo about 3 times. After massive losses HH moved back to concentrate on holding Moonglow. A now virtual graveyard where HH and other orders die at an astounding rate. I have been in some very big wars but never one that leaves so many corpses. I mean these guys drop like flies to shit. Anyhow a couple weeks after the bandwagoning peak HH has dropped back down to 69 and is almost off the top 10 vet members list. I'm sure they will try to make more pushes toward greatness but HH's time is pretty much up. They're out skilled, outnumbered, and well outmatched in every aspect of UO. Or as one new ressed HH said today:

"Fuck this shit"
"I resign from my guild"

TBH vs X?
I had the privilege of watching a umm...I guess you would call it a battle...between TBH and the guild known only as X. You truly know your guild is in deep trouble when you call in help and the help are GoL members! I guess this is a month of firsts for me because between HH and this X guild I think I have seen it all! These fools had TBH way outnumbered and had at least 5 blues to heal. So what did they do!? Sat in their tower and shot arrows out the door. A few even got ballsy and tried walking out the door a little...well that didn't work either...

Dirty Ebay Monkeys! But wait there is something worse!
I've always thought the people who buy stuff constantly off ebay were a bit nuts to say the least but ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! I read this and couldn't stop laughing. What the hell is wrong with people? The week of firsts continues! I wonder what will be next!

Yes you guessed it!
Michael of KGB actually said something nice about OPP. Before we all give up on going to a firey hot hell because it just froze over drop by and check out Michael's Battle Log. Him putting us on that list at least deserves a shameless plug right?
Speaking of shameless linking: click here and here and here and here and here to see the best things you've ever seen in your entire life!

June 12, 2000-2:50 P.M. PST-Jackal
This off the VVV Message Board in Response to a question regarding the reasons for VVV being afraid to war OPP:

"first off
we have warred you before.
second off, we cant fight every ally you got, so there is going to be alot of blue healing going on as people and guild jump on the chaos bandwagon and "ally" with you.
thirdly i know damn well how the war is going to go, we win a fight you'll either log or get df to hop on your stone.
we win alot you'll go into hiding and come out on the weekends like before.
none of us wants to war a guild like that.
we lose a fight, we will either hide or log off.
we get ganged alot people will start not having fun. I dont think anyone of us minds loosing a fight, i dont mind getting ganked now and again either, but the constant blue healing makes it
no fun. none of want to be a part of a guild that is the focus of that.
I think you guys are going to have to sit down and ask yourslef a few questions.
What is the purpose that you war?
if it is to gang everyone you certianly achieved that, although it wont last for long. guys like orion and magius will simply go to your side and join in. guild like mine will refuse to play your game. in the end you lose.
if it is to make people quit? i think osi and sp does alot better job of that at least in our guild, no one i have ever talked to said they quitting cause the war isnt going well.
fourthly we just fought df, you, df are same guild are you not? We arent stupid jackal we know damn well you guys want to gang up on us. we know exaclty what is going to happen win or lose, wtf kind of war will that be?
i personally would rather war tbh and tsl, we like tbh and we respect them, although lately i have been wondering about them, but they are fun to war win or lose. they want to war d&s, D&s wants to war them. Since tsl is going to stick there noise anyways, they arent as bad as df for blue to green ratio but close enough to be like you guys. but they going to be there anyways might as well make it official. So nah, you can go around allied with 80% of the pacific pvp world, you can gank, blue heal, bust gates, zombie (dont think that it slipped by jacked had only a hally a sword 5 bandages and a leather chest on you last night) and do all the shite that chaos occlo is known for, but we aint going to be your whipping bag, you can gank hh running around new res cause that is the type of people that will war you because you dont really deserve any better."

I'm going down this list of reasons and laughing. What of the above things does VVV not do? What is it ok for VVV to use blues, hide, and never log on? These guys are mostly X-KGB right? Those were KGB's main tactics! OPP doesn't even bother to gate blues or DF around with us anymore. We don't need them and they don't need us. Look around, all you will see is DF, OPP, TSL, TBH and CH standing over our enemies corpses. Now most of this post by Nur is just pointless insults and slander but I feel it necessary to look at a few quotes here:

"i know damn well how the war is going to go, we win a fight you'll either log or get df to hop on your stone."

In our last war VVV won less then a handful of battles and in every loss OPP regrouped and counter attacked very quickly and won. Why exactly would VVV do better this time?

"we win alot you'll go into hiding and come out on the weekends like before"

This statement is idiotic at best. OPP members spend the majority of their time alone or with one other person. We have never nor will we ever go into hiding. For him to say that OPP would even be phased the slightest bit by a VVV war is rather cocky and rude. OPP is almost totally inactive on weekends as many of us have families or are out on the weekends. Personally I play maybe an average of 3 hours per weekend (the only time I play regularly is Sunday nights). So basically what he's saying here is VVV will win and OPP loose and that's not fun for VVV?

"i dont mind getting ganked now and again either, but the constant blue healing makes it no fun."

OPP doesn't gate blue healers around which is something VVV does do. So again Nur wants a war where he can using everything at his disposal and slander the enemy for doing exactly what he does?

"We arent stupid jackal we know damn well you guys want to gang up on us. we know exaclty what is going to happen win or lose, wtf kind of war will that be?"

In closing it has nothing to do with ganging as most of us like the challenge of the fight. Like in the last war small OPP groups will constantly beat your larger groups. OPP has kept no secret of the fact we have good tactics and are well organized. We will attack a large group of VVV with a few people and win every time. Obviously Nur just turned my post into his own personal slander-fest. He managed to insult TSL, TBH, DF, and OPP in his "reason". OPP doesn't expect anyone to like us but we do demand respect, especially from those like VVV, KGB, and D&S, who are terrified of war with us. This response by En Sabah Nur is a perfect example of why OPP wants to war VVV. Nur if you think you can sit back and insult us while staying blue you are gravely mistaken.

June 11, 2000-2:15 A.M. PST-Jackal
Housing Update:
We have determined that we will need to delay housing at least one week and begin scheduled placement on Friday, June 16th. Housing itself, as an independent system, feels stable and ready for release. In fact, our delays actually have very little to do with the housing issues themselves. It will require minimal effort to complete work on the issues directly related to housing.
What we face at this time stems from the overall growth of our service and the increased item count in the world that has been created as a result of doubling the land mass to provide non-PvP areas and more housing space for our customers. Certain deep systems within the code structure of UO require maintenance at this time, as they were not originally designed to support the scope of the game world as it is today. Unfortunately, these flaws could not be revealed until they were stressed in real world situations on our production shards. However, now that we are aware of the situation, we are confident that we will find resolution and are devoting most of our energy to this matter so that we may begin house placement. Our goal is to provide a uniform transition during the opening of house placement, and we feel that the issue would have an unacceptable affect on our customers.
On the upside, we have recently completed hardware upgrades on several of our server machines around the world. When we resolve the above concerns, we expect to see improved performance, as well as a lower frequency of the issues that are gating housing at this time.
At this time, we are planning to open staged house placement on most Ultima Online shards on Friday, June 16th. Additionally, AOL Legends and Siege Perilous will have open house placement available on return from an upcoming maintenance cycle. We will announce the scheduled date for these two shards at a later date.
House placement on the Formosa, Arirang, Balhae, and Oceania shards will begin on Friday, June 23rd, local server time. The schedule for house placement on Japanese shards will be released at a later date.
A complete schedule of placement times for all affected shards is available here.
In the event that we are unable to resolve the coding issue to our satisfaction, in time to open house placement next weekend, we will update you as we know more.
We will update this section of the site, at least 24 hours in advance of the opening of the first scheduled phase. We will release any revised schedules as they are determined.

June 11, 2000-2:15 A.M. PST-Jackal
Diablo II Update:
Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,
We wanted to personally notify you that Diablo II has gone gold and the master CDs have been released to manufacturing. We expect the game to begin shipping to stores worldwide as early as the end of June.
Even though the game has gone gold, the stress test will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. The optimization of servers is completely independent from the game going gold, so you will continue to see network improvement up until launch. We also will be sending out access keys to European and Asian gamers shortly, so we can fully test those local servers prior to the game hitting stores as well.
We encourage you to continue playing over the next few weeks to help us test the servers as much as possible before the game ships. We will email you prior to the stress test ending.
Thank you for the hours you have committed to playing Diablo II on Battle.net. We hope that you will enjoy the game.
Blizzard Entertainment

June 10, 2000-1:15 P.M. PST-Jackal
Move Complete:
Our move is complete and there are a few new sections open for everyone to look at as well as many new sections to come.

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