June 20, 2002-1:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
"opp started it":
Someone sent me this thread...
*looks around*

Isn't that kind of odd? No, not the fact that another KGB member is showing that he has the IQ of a gnat. A DF and PO arguing about OPP? I think Ivan is obsessed with OPP, not only does DF have OPP in their charter, they now incorporate us into their board signatures. I feel special!

"what ever dude you obviously just don't understand some people just can't stand opp and how people stick up for them like they are in the guild but are not in the guild."

It's pretty easy to bash people when their entire guild is banned from your board, isn't it? Wait, i think I understand...Since OPP are banned from the DF board and DF doesn't want anyone outside of OPP defending us then they must just want to post their immature little comments and have everyone agree! I think they should make another SL forum and only allow people who agree with them to post!!!

Ever thought that maybe the reason that non-OPP defend OPP on your board is because you say amazingly stupid short bus stuff that even our worst enemy's can't stand? I think the one thing most people hate more than OPP (well not the SL guilds, we all know they hate OPP more then anything) is someone who's totally obsessed with an online guild in an online game. I could be wrong though...

"Aight here is more to your liking. We cant post on OPP board they delete our shit. But I agree with you Ivan is just being a bitch. :/"

Lets just clarify this for everyone:

"Ive had my post deleted just for saying "owned". That was the whole post so I think most are just boycotting their board."

Umm...yah ok. I think we found someone else to add to the KGB gnat category.

"I had a post mentioning Yokuni losing to Jackal deleted from this board. I reposted it and once again the post was deleted. You are no better than OPP."

"Dont post here then..."

...and they call us hypocrites?

Just remember the moral of this story is:
"opp started it"

PS: What just happened here?

June 17, 2002-2:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
OPP is looking for wars on our O/C stone. We've been declaring as fast as we can, but we've had a real problem with getting people to declare on us. When we switched to Chaos we had hoped to pick up more oranges in new wars with PO and PH. Unfortunately, those two guilds are MIA most of the time and now everyone and their sister is Chaos with us. So we've tried declaring on everyone, but we can only declare a few wars at a time and it takes people weeks if not months to finally declare back. So this is an open challenge for anyone on the shard. Please war Disciples of Darkness [OPP], we'll accept any wars, are very active, and will give you some good fights!!! This includes anyone that is currently at war do to Order/Chaos because we may be switching back and forth a bit to mix things up and kill the bandwagon affect we've created.

June 13, 2002-1:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
The Idiocy of the Average Person:
So many people talk about the "real truth" or the "other side" of the story after OPP News Updates. Certain things are opinion, while other things are fact. I don't believe there is any confusion between the two. Therefore, I'm constantly amazed by certain people's assumptions and confusion of the facts. What makes something fact? In this reality the only thing that can be fact is something backed by a very thorough report of the situation and pictures/video to back it up. As I make posts I strive to backup all far reaching claims with pictures and/or quotes and a link to their origin. From the last update there is no doubt that members of SL, including the SL commander used a number of separate exploits to gain an advantage during their guard. There is absolutely no doubt, in-fact Viper openly admited it.

Other people still try to discount those facts, no not the person who did it or even their friends. Other people, who are bound together by one common theme: a hatred for OPP. Perhaps it's their blind hatred that drives them to such lengths or maybe they're just very misinformed and confused. Whatever the reason, it never ceases to amaze me when posts like these (Here and Here) are made. Is using the Z-axis bug really an exploit? Of course it is! Is healing other factions an exploit? Of course it is! No GM said hey it's cool man you can go ahead and heal other factions while bouncing up and down levels of a structure in an instant. In-fact when an OPP member paged a GM to verify this the GM confirmed our News (see they're facts because we actually verified them before posting them).

I ask myself how stupid does someone have to be to make that sort of a claim? How uninformed and clue less does someone have to be to attempt to tell a story without any factual information what-so-ever? I could post a story here and start half way through making one side look totally stupid, but we don't do that. Our news updates are posted from start to finish. If we aren't sure of the facts of the situation or don't have any proof to back it up we won't post it.

Guilds like RF get utterly slaughtered time and time again and do not fight alone on the field, yet feel the need to lecture people on PvP. Guilds like DF use point mules to boost their fame, yet dare to call other's fakes or liars. People in DC are constantly paging GMs on their enemies for the same cheats that their friends and guildmates use right under their noses. Guilds like KGB who, even with huge alliances have always been on the losing end of history constantly pretend to have some claim to fame.

I have no problem giving our enemies props when they deserve it. There has been countless guilds who have put up constant, unrelenting wars that have carried out on the field. That's how UO was meant to be played. No Mythra, not on the GM Que. No Yokuni, not on message boards that entire guilds are banned from. No Coltrane, not in your house while you're on a blue. I don't like you people because you're cowards. Plain and simple, you don't have any honor. You throw away any legitimacy you have by attempting to best your enemies through lies, exploits, and cowardly tactics. If you can't beat a game then keep trying or give up. You people remind me of the kids who would get a brand new nintendo game and immediately plug it into their game genie so they can beat it without ever learning to play. It's sad and from my perspective very pathetic.

June 10, 2002-3:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
UO Updates...and There's A Lot:
The whole warring scene has changed since we last updated. On the faction front we have some regularity. The Trammy guilds who were so eager to disrupt the CoM faction and talk trash made one showing and then completely disappeared, thus ruining the entire faction's stability and activity. TB is pretty much the same with the same faces, attempting to guard every few weeks and putting up a few fights a week. The SL bandwagon continues, but it continues in a different form. B&B and TL have dropped factions and moved on to a warring league that OPP is also participating in. Order vs. Chaos wars have picked up quite a bit. Unfortunately, OPP's move to Chaos brought the bandwagon of guilds who are afraid to war us. We continue to have trouble finding wars on our O/C warring stone even with the increased activity in the system. The new warring league is still very much inactive but the few fights there have been have been very fun and worthwhile. OPP looks forward to an increase in the warring league's activity.

And What's This Here?
After being defeated once and "moving to SP" and then being defeated again and "moving to DAOC", DF forces (who all still very activity play UO) are attempting to make third major come back. Interestingly enough their return directly corresponds with the release of a new working speedhack. A rather routine cycle can't possibly go down without a certain flare! With DF's loss of their last point mule (Weak III) a brand new point mule has emerged to attempt to trick Trammys into thinking DF can compete and want to join. As defeated DF flock back to their stone their hiding average quickly rises and their resist average falls (when you speedhack and have GM hiding who needs skills anyway!?) Really though, enough newbie bashing, we're glad DF is back as it has rejuvenated a defeated RF and TVA (who have lost the majority of their membership) into actually logging in somewhere other than Trammel. We're also glad they have finally embraced the fact that they (like all the other guilds we've defeat on a regular basis) exist to attempt to kill a few OPP (DF Charter: Taken down OPP).

Stop the Madness!
After holding the sigils for several months Minax lost the sigils to a newly revived SL force a few days ago. Of course, as all things with the SL guilds, this guard didn't go down without a number of hitches, exploiting, and massive blue interference. SL guilds reportedly stole the sigils around 9PM Thursday night. By 10PM OPP was grouping and moving in for the kill. I would like to say to our surprise, (but it wasn't much of a surprise) SL had at least five Minax in their base ready to give us counts and turn us red so their other blues behind us count attack and trap us between the faction zone line and SL forces. As we gated in and moved up to begin the siege we found ourselves taking numerous counts. To avoid going red in this flurry of murder counts we were forced to gate out and respond accordingly. So we quickly switched to other characters and added them to SL to kill the count givers.

As we moved in we were met with SL trying to PK us, which lead to dead SL, which lead to a number of CoM and Minax characters trying to kill us while SL members still attempted to take counts, which lead to dead SL, CoM, and Minax spies, which lead to SL exploiting flagging bugs to heal CoM and Minax spies (Shown Here: 1, 2, 3). After several hours of this exploiting we were finally able to clear out the cowardly exploiters, count givers, and take down the SL trying to PK us. Unfortunately, by this time most OPP were in bed for work and SL still had well over 20 defenders. We attempted to siege anyway and were once again met with count givers and even though we were able to push the SL back they were very quick to exploit a Z-Axis bug to move up behind their defenses (Shown Here: Ryu, Viper). Due to the count giving and exploiting we were forced to try to siege with some Minax characterss while leaving some people on SL characters to attempt to stop the count givers and pick up boxes so SL couldn't exploit bugs to move up and down levels. Needless to say we couldn't even come close to matching their numbers with our forces split to prevent the SL exploits and blue interference. By this time of the morning, we had all gone to bed eager for subsequent full day of faction fighting.

To my utter surprise when i logged on around 2PM SL had already corrupted 7 of the 8 towns. The few Minax that were on were trying to defend the town sigils from SL placement. We quickly grouped up and squashed the SL force who had moved out of their base and where they could no longer give murder counts, thus losing one of their two major advantages. Unfortunately for them, their other advantage: large numbers, didn't help as they scattered and died. In the process we pushed into the SL base with a quick rush (to avoid murders) and reset the remaining sigil. Apparently satisfied their their success SL logged out and all but disappeared for the night.

Now depending on whatever action OSI chooses to take we'll see if the massive exploiting of all the major SL guilds will pay off or not. Either way, OPP is now preparing new ways to counter count giving/blue interference issues as well as SL exploits and will reclaim our cities in no time.

OPP UO Status:
Due to very big changes in the form of Publish 16, OPP members are busy altering some characters and finishing up others. The last few weeks has seen the OPP Faction Stone's Resist Average move up to 100, something we've very proud of because it's something that no other guild in all of UO even half our size can boast. Along with steady skill increases we've also revitalized our XRA stone and changed our 099 Stone's name back to OPP. Again, our 099 stone's abbreviation has been changed to OPP (all sections updated accordingly).

Our recruitment policy continues to grow more strict as OPP grows in size. To join you must now have at least one completed 7x main character. We feel as if we've graduated from the character training stage thus no longer want or need that burden from new recruits. OPP strives to continue to increase our veteran membership with only the most dedicated and skilled new recruits. As we make the first few stages of OPP recruitment more difficult we've also altered the later stages of OPP recruitment. Once accepted as an OPP recruit, recruits will no longer work to the time limit of 3 months. Instead recruits will only be promoted when they are ready to take on the responsibility of an OPP Member and hold the skill and experience needed to be an OPP Member.

Cowards of Pacific

Expect Updates Soon:
Major Victories

June 10, 2002-11:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
OPP News Re-Coded:
I recoded this page changing a number of things. Now it will load faster and the theme matches the rest of the pages that were re-coded not to long ago with the new graphics. If anyone has found a dead link, error, or just has a comment feel free to Email Me.

June 09, 2002-10:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
OPP CS Server?
The OPP CS server is up and running. We just put it up today so bear with us while let everyone know. Please just log in and help us keep the server active until we spread the word and have people playing all the time.
New Sections --->

June 09, 2002-6:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
OPP News?
OPP News is back up and running. Look for more specific gaming updates over the next few days. OPP has been re-organizing over the last few months. We've been busy updating guild policies and planning for future changes. Every major area of this page has been updated with new information and additional sections.
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