July 30, 2000-7:20 P.M. PST-Jackal
"We will be publishing the changes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Pacific shard on Monday, July 31st. The publish will be active on the Pacific shard following its Monday, July 31st (local server time) maintenance period.
We will monitor the Pacific shard on Monday, July 31st, and will then proceed to publish all remaining shards. All remaining North American and European UO shards will have the publish active following their Tuesday, August 1st (local server time) maintenance period. All Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and Australasian shards will have the publish active following their Wednesday, August 2nd (local server time) maintenance period.
The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards."

July 30, 2000-7:20 P.M. PST-Jackal
Two new SB quicktime animations up:
Jumping & Swinging

Still no word on when we'll see the new movie that was supposed to come out this month...

July 30, 2000-7:15 P.M. PST-Jackal
"We are at the end of July, but nobody has yet received any beta-CDs. So what is happening? We still need more time to make Anarchy Online ready for the beta test. I hope you will support this decision.
The faq will be updated next week. And let me remind you that some of the people we would like to pick out for the beta has yet to fill in their address in the beta form. All the activity in the community at the moment is a big boost to the team while they are laboring over the keyboards. Thanks for your patience!"


July 23, 2000-2:15 A.M. PST-Jackal
This page will not be updated for a week. All news and changes that take place over the next week will be recapped sometime after July 30. On a good note the UO invite only tourney was yesterday and I managed to claim my 20k prize for first place. Who says speed isn't important in PvP? It would be cool if the PvP community could get some tourneys going again.

July 21, 2000-3:15 A.M. PST-Jackal
What Happened to VVV?
Anyone else wondered why the VVV membership has dropped by more then half recently? BrahmaII has a few comments on this subject:

Mass recruiting does wonders for guilds doesn't it?

Cowards of Pacific Updated:
Ever wondered what motivates these people have to talk endless trash? They hop around guilds and message boards mouthing off all day and avoiding fights with real PvPers. Here's a little story bout a boy named Frick. This guy seems to always be on UO and although he never really wars anyone he likes to attack them, then run away. I saw him yesterday mouthing off and offered a 1vs 1 which he declined. So today I decided I would play the good ol "LOOK! Jackals a grey incoged thief!" routine. Strapped with my cape and fisherman's hat snooping Frick's pouches he attacked. Frick died... Not long after I saw good ol'Frick again in Deceit this time I was under attack already so he jumped in. Problem was the person attacking me was a guildmate. Frick died... Later in Bucs Terak and I came across good ol'Fricks corpse and well looted it. He came out talking all kinds of trash and well died again. Which leads us to Yew where Terak and I went on a polar bear killing spree. Some OoB (probably one of the ones who sings songs at the RL UO meetings: "Just Yew IT" it is the new single I believe) had a line of white bears which died to our amazing talent and umm...demons. Anyhow back to Frick: He attacked Terak and fought for a short while only to end up attacking me because there was 2 useless townies on me. Again Frick died but before he got wacked he had a few things to say:

Being the incredibly nice folks we are we decided to let Frick join OPP! Well that's what he thought.

Anyhow Frick died again...At least one thing stayed constant: He talked trash till the end! Go Frick!

Ever had a problem that needed to be fixed right away? Not long ago a friend got caught in the ground somehow at 9:30PM PST. He re-logged hoping that would fix it with no luck so he paged a GM to help. Well, 3.5 hours later apparently the GMs just packed up and left him hanging. So not only did they waste 3.5 hours of his time but NEVER even came to fix a problem that THEY CREATED! Ain't UO grand?

July 20, 2000-9:45 A.M. PST-Jackal
Planned Changes to Looting in Trammel (guild warring):
Several new rules will be added making it "fair" to those who participated in and/or killed the enemy. These new changes seem like a good idea but I only have one thing to say:
Several other fixes are also listed.
More Info

Recent Victories:
Cibay Kontol Bangsat [WAR WAR WAR]
The ConClave of Vindication
Inspired By Hate
killing for culture
Rip the System
Sorcerers Of The Black Dragon

July 18, 2000-9:40 P.M. PST-Jackal
"Recently, we completed a search to expose a number of players in the game who have been using an exploit commonly referred to as “duping” on the North America Shards. This exploit allows players to abuse systems in UO to gain an unfair advantage against honest players, greatly hindering UO’s economy. Currently, all accounts flagged by this system have been suspended pending further investigation. Each account will be thoroughly investigated individually before a determination is made whether to ban the account permanently or reinstate it. Every effort is being made (such as checking each account individually) to ensure that we do not erroneously ban accounts, while at the same time removing those accounts that are truly guilty. At this time, e-mails are being sent out to the holders of the suspended accounts.
We expect to have all investigations completed by the end of this week. The total number of accounts affected by this action is less than 250. We estimate that after the duped items attached to these accounts are removed from the game, over 50% of the gold on these shards will be removed from the economy.
We are committed to removing from the game those who chose to exploit Ultima Online and will continue to do so in the future. We thank all of you for your patience during this matter and assure you that we will conduct these final investigations in a thorough and fair manner for each individual account holder."
More Info

July 18, 2000-1:40 A.M. PST-Jackal
OPP is What?
've seen several news posts lately on other pages claiming OPP was either banned or dead. Let me make a few things clear. OPP is very much alive and in force. The problem is we are almost completely unopposed so we spend most of our time on Chesapeake or on other games. Although the other night we got word that there was oranges around so we logged on Pacific. In no more then a half-hours time we were left without any living oranges to kill.

TSL No Mercy Site:
TSL has a new page up for the red faction of their guild. Go check it out.

Sea Creatures:
I was out on a boat the other day and I saw these two creatures which suprizingly I had never seen before in all my time on UO. Looks like OSI actually put some work into these creatures animations, to bad the best looking creatures are the ones no one ever sees because there is no point to being on a boat!

July 18, 2000-12:55 A.M. PST-Jackal
GA-RPG has a first look at Anarchy Online with two exclusive screenshots.

"He couldn't confirm that the Beta was maximum 12 days away..."
AOBasher has a News Update up saying it has been confirmed that Beta will start in no more then 12 days!

July 15, 2000-2:05 P.M. PST-Jackal
Customize Your Very Own Vendor!
This has to be the most exciting change OSI has come up with yet! Considering the recent failure of UO: R it's good to finally see them tackling a project they can handle! The fact that UO: R really did nothing other then crash the servers about 50 times and people actually dished out money for this product shouldn't have anything to do with trying to get all the things "offered" in UO: R in the game. I guess since factions don't actually exist and housing (as complicated as it was considering people have been placing houses since umm alpha testing) is done we can all rejoice now because our vendors (that no one bothers visiting because it's easier to go to trammel and make a million gold an hour killing mongbats) can look nifty! Isn't it reassuring to know that your 10 dollars a month are going to keep the vendors of Britannia looking stylish?
More Info

July 15, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Official Anarchy Online Site Updated:
Bunch of New Interviews and a new preview, plus another reminder to fix your beta applications!
Anarchy Online

July 15, 2000-1:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
"It was announced today that Origin Systems Inc. based in Austin, TX has recently acquired Blizzard Entertainment for an undisclosed amount."

This was posted on WTF Man earlier this week. I can't tell you if this is true or not because neither Blizzard nor EA have anything on their websites. So I guess we just have to count on Greybeard bringing us the whole truth and nothing but the truth like always!

July 14, 2000-3:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
Warring News/Green Horde:
Well, well...I can honestly say these guys are the worst opponents we've faced. Laughable at best! I find myself saying this every new war which scares me and tells me one thing: all the vet players are gone. Most guilds like GH are little rabbles of unorganized, untrained, newbies (for lack of a better word). They rarely equip, they rarely even try to fight, and they talk enough trash to make some of the biggest trash talkers of old (KGB, TDP, etc) cringe. I feel like a jackass because all I find myself doing is laughing at them as groups of 5 just turn and run as soon as I begin to cast on them. They've taken the whole HH thing to a new level. HH knew they were going to die so they equipped minimally (but still fought). These guys equip minimally but for some reason don't even want to fight. So why do they war!? As far as I can tell it's just to support their trash talking habits (or as one GH said after I killed him: "I just mess around a lot"). These guys are a perfect example of what UO has become...simply said it's just a huge mess. Which reminds me of something I heard yesterday about the Purple Horde: I guess there are several members of PH that are millionaires (Suprize! Suprize!). It's a well-known fact that no one in PH fully equips (with the exception of Eder). So what causes these people that obviously can afford to loose (and in the process get better) to fear loosing so badly that they end up killing themselves (by not equiping). I guess in their minds they're not loosing because the "war declaration" stands. Here is a news flash for you: If you can't afford to equip or are afraid to just give up and take on less skilled guilds until you are prepared for the top guilds. The average OPP war probably lasts less then a week. At any given time we have roughly 3 guilds that have more then 10 people in them warring us. No one is organized, no one is leading, and no one has any respect. In the end I guess it all comes back to stat loss and the removal of the veteran player. It's funny how one mistake can totally destroy a whole system and what makes it even worse that the people who implemented that mistake think it worked! Ohh well, before I go off on a 5 page rant about stat loss I'll end this update with this pic of the amazing GH tactical planning:

See they hide inside until the unsuspecting victim opens the door and then they all attack! Therefore saving them the risk of loosing equipment, the public embarrassment of loosing 4 Vs 1s, all while tricking each other into believing "theres 2 idiot!" (Even though there wasn't we both know 4 GH isn't enough to kill 2 enemies!). Hrm, maybe one day they'll actually kill someone this way!

July 13, 2000-3:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
Official AO Website Updated.
Anarchy Online

July 11, 2000-2:35 A.M. PST-Jackal
Final Word on HH:

"oh yeah you guys better watch out jackal might do this guild banning thingy where he put his accounts with dupped item in your guild and email or call OSI to banned the guild. That is what he did. REmember all the blessed weapons and free give away DR$ does? DR$ is just part of OPP, only different is that they put all the accounts that dupped before in that guild. anyways let me know if you guys want some help from me, not all my accounts is blocked =P and for those who got banned for unreasonable reason let me know we putting something together to suit osi"

I'm going to just clear everything up here for everyone one last time. OPP obviously has/had no one on the HH stone (we would have been banned). We did however have friends on and off the stone/on ICQ list/etc for general warring reasons. The only direct action OPP took against HH was a huge list of accounts and users put together against the known duping of blessed items by HH members. OSI did an investigation (which I commented on several times below) and banned people that they thought should be banned. For the record OPP does have members on the DRS stone which (as shocking as it may seem) have OPP in their name (which I require). These people are on that stone for warring purposes and many of them are friends with DRS leadership. ALL OPP accounts were searched for duped items at the request of several guilds. No one was banned, yet HH was searched and all were banned (you see the trend here?). They duped and we didn't! Hell, why would anyone in OPP have any reason to dupe? About half of OPP membership is still living off investments made in the Dread Lord days and the rest are independently wealthy from OPP warring (the majority of us maybe have 200k in the bank because we never have and probably never will use it). Anyhow I'm done ranting about HH in UO although I might cover Avatars lawsuit as a joke if he actually goes through with it (what is he going to sue for again?).

July 10, 2000-6:25 P.M. PST-Jackal
Links Section Updated
I'm trying to put together some of the best Links Sections for OPP supported games. If i'm missing any good links let me know.

July 9, 2000-1:25 P.M. PST-Jackal
Order Guilds Galore!
Order guilds are popping out of the woodwork lately. There is a definite lack of chaos as OPP ends up going into battle almost always outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1. VVV, ROB, OOB, and the remains of TDP (in the guild MG) all went order and have been attacking non-stop. We've had some fun battles with us being outnumbered most of the time.

Recently the cowards known as the Order of Balance attempted to go Order on their warring stone (ESF). The results were rather amusing:

1, 2, 3 blue healers and 1, 2, 3, 4 oranges vs Veracho and I? Hmm...As one of the OoB said "That didn't go well".

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 blue healers...?

Guess that is still not enough...

After handing every order group their asses in MG tonight we ran into none other then DoH trying to blue heal the remaining Orders. They had some interesting things to say about OPP (Keep in mind no OPP was banned and DoH undeclared on OPP):

Who are these loud mouthes?

Ohh...just DoH...

Recent Victories:
Devilish Phantoms
Newbie Pkers
Role Players
Major Victories

July 7, 2000-5:05 P.M. PST-Jackal
Update Tommarow:
More Info

July 6, 2000-11:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
OSI Responds to Recent Bannings:

"Greetings, We have reviewed the account in question per your request. It is clear that the actions on this account violated the rules and regulations of Ultima Online, justifying immediate termination. We are never happy when we have to close an account due to exploitation with the game as we value the members of our community. Records indicate that the account/s were in possession of exploited items, thus providing an unfair advantage within our service. and items gained from these exploits have altered the game balance of the Ultima Online service and necessitated your accounts closure. As Ultima Online contains numerous players, our decisions are based on the benefits of the community as a whole. After our investigation of this matter we believe that the closing of this account is in the best interest of our community. As of this time this account is permanently closed."
UO Account Administrator
Origin Systems Inc.
"Please do not call our Account Support Department, as they will not be able to help you or discuss this matter. Our decision is final and further email or other contact concerning this account will not be answered."

To the best of my knowledge the above message was sent to everyone whose accounts had been blocked do to the duping bans of July third. The problem here of course is we all know that OSI "reviewed" nothing. They just sent these out, basically saying screw you this is how we solve our problems. Was there a massive duping problem in UO? Hell yes, but problem solving skills and common sense seems to be something pretty much everyone at OSI is massively lacking. It's ridiculously clear that ALL the people initially blocked were not duping items. Situations like these should be dealt with quickly and carefully to stop the spread of any cheats and to preserve the atmosphere of the game (OSI is trying to "build worlds" right?). In this case it took OSI damn near 4 months to solve this. By the time the problem was actually looked at it had encompassed the whole shard. At this point I think the best solution would have been to just delete all duped items. I bet every account on Pacific has duped items on it because of OSI, so how can they turn around and say: Because we can't control this problem we'll ban you for playing our game? Seems to me that EA Online/OSI have proven time and time again that they can not nor do they want to have a successful online game. Clearly their employees aren't qualified enough and management isn't motivating them. The funny thing is this same company is building a new online game. One that was once supposed to carry on the legacy of UO but now the entire staff is trying to distance Origin Worlds (UO2) from UO as much as possible. They know they have problems and rather then fixing them they turn around and cover them up. It's bad enough our whole governing body acts like complete cowards with thumbs up their asses but that's now spreading to free enterprise? I got several ICQs today from banned folks asking me if I was planning on playing UO2? WAKE UP PEOPLE! Look around at UO, do you really thing UO2 will be any different? Newer game, same people, and same problems! On top of that the same people who complain on a daily basis are the ones looking forward to UO2? Maybe it's stupidity or just laziness. Either way I hope this short rant makes just a few people think about it. Don't go out and buy UO2, there is going to be at least 2 (AO SB) online game out before next summer that will blow UO or UO2's socks off. The whole EA Online staff is incompetent and clueless. The only way to wake them up is to stop being lazy ignorant dumbfucks and look into other games. They're out there and they're twice as good as UO!

July 5, 2000-6:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
Official AO Website Updated.
Anarchy Online

July 4, 2000-6:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
It seems OSI finally got off their asses and got to work on this issue. Although many innocents were banned this week we all know that OSI isn't trying to take down just the founders of these bugs but everyone and anyone associated with them. They wanted to get rid of all cheating/duping without actually having to put time into a massive investigation. So basically they did a few things that pointed out those that were blatantly duping items. So in the end I would say OSI achieved their goal of eradicating people that were massively exploiting bugs.

Current Casualties:
-The guild known as Hounds from Hell (HH)
-The guild known as Hong Kong Union (HKU)
-Various members of TBH, DF, OPP, DRS, and just about every other guild on the shard

Although we won't know the true extent of these banning for a few months when the banned accounts are finally deleted I think I can safely say that OSI did nail almost every duper on the shard. Although I think the long term affect of these bannings will be negative for Pacific (because of the massive amount of innocent people banned) it should clean up warring for the time being (which is basically what everyone wants since I doubt many of us are planning on staying in UO past this Fall).

Disgruntled HH in Denial:
"There is no reason why we get banned. just watch this is will be a sue against OSI, they not very good with their law. Just watch"
-Avatar of HH

"now i am banned for fucking affiliating my self with your guild. can someone give me a damn clue that this would happen? can someone tell me HH mass dupe like a mofo? I am the one totally screwed by this. Never gotten shit, but are being thrown on the band wagon."
-Achilles of HH

"i did nothing wrong getting an item from another player through trade of money is perfictly legit in my book"
-Miner Slayer of HH

"keep checking your account.
Just chill for a bit, I have been speaking with a couple GM's on another shard in mIRC that i have known a good year and 1/2, some things happened that should not have.
It did not go through the right channels, your chars are still there. Account is only in suspend, there are a few pending issues."
-Azmodian of HH

"OPP have bunch of blessed weapons as well, it just too big to get banned all at once (40+ people). On other hand according to Bob HHs are grief players (they dupers but not greif in any way, they don't PK they PvPed) and I considered them way better then OPP. On pacific OPP most hated guild - they do most gangbang, they do most ress kill and ress kill healer camping."
-Mr Sinja of HH

So basically Avatar is going to sue OSI for doing what they said they would do in the terms of service. Achilles is mad because he bandwagoned onto a guild he knew nothing about then got caught up in it and is paying for his lack of preparation. Miner Slayer thinks it's ok to buy legit hammers with duped gold. Az thinks he's going to get his account back because he is a good friend with several Game Masters. Lastly Sinja is just pointlessly lying in a pathetic attempt to slander OPP. I just find this all funny. How many of these guys were all over our message board calling me a lamer/liar when I told them they would be banned after May 19 OPP News. Now look at them complaining, threatening to sue, and slandering. If you were in HH you had PLENTY of warning to get out and those who just joined SHOULD have done at least a little research before joining. All I have left to say is good riddance to HH.

Fitting that this all goes through on Independence Day!

July 3, 2000-4:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
HH Guild House?
A Friend told me to drop by the HH Houses and look what I found:


Vendor House:

July 3, 2000-4:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
Rumors are buzzing around that several 100 UO accounts were banned this morning pending a 3+ month duping investigation. More info to come as it makes itself available.

July 3, 2000-1:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
"In order to encourage players to test house placement on the Catskills Test shard, we will be offering a reward to 50 random players who log onto the shard and successfully place a house during the Thursday, July 6th, test period."
More Info

I guess OSI is having some trouble getting their player base to test there system for them.


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