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Site Updates:

Links Section Updated

All Joining Sections Updated

Members Section Updated <--look for a somewhat major members update 8-1-01

July 27, 2001-7:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Keep Entertaining ME!


Looking for some entertainment?

This forum is damn funny!

A Comic

That's all...

July 25, 2001-1:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

I am whatever you say I am:

Factions has dramatically picked up lately on a flurry of trash talking.  The majority of True Brit and Shadowlord forces continue to spend the majority of their time in Trammel role-playing newbies.  Meanwhile, OPP and CoM have been going at each others throats for the last few days.  Good 10 vs. 10 battles have been happening with consistency in Magincia and Britain.  Here's a quick run down of each faction's activity:


True Britains: TB is falling apart.  When they lost their towns several weeks ago, they lost their ability to horde 20+ TB around faction guards outside their stronghold entrance.  This sent the majority of the faction back to Tram with their tails between their legs.  A few weeks ago a good portion of their active PvPers left for CoM and since then there has been a stead exodus from TB, concluding with the commander stating he's leaving factions all together.  The remaining TB are totally unorganized and for the most part loners (because they're loudmouths and no one wants them in their guild).  TB is all but dead with their last hope being roof hiding with dragons.  I doubt XX or any of the other new TB guilds will be able to hang in TB and will leave as soon as they have the opportunity to make a clean break and join up with a more stable guild.


Shadowlords: What happened to ESF?  SL's most active guild is in a downward plunge due to weak leadership and recruiting mistakes that caused internal conflict.  With the loss of some key players, SL has all but fallen off the face of Britannia.  Like TB, SL is riding the backs of a few trash talking trammy gimps who really have no prayer of ever making any sort of an impact.  The days of the SL power house are over and have been for some time, but it would appear the days of SL anything are over as well.  SL is by far the weakest faction now with just a handful of loyalists (even though they are the biggest faction still).


Council of Mages: With the addition of TVA, TL, and other assorted guilds CoM has picked up a nice bandwagon effect.  At times CoM has had upwards of 20 people hanging around Magincia guarding sigils.  Unfortunately, I don't see this level of activity lasting due to the fact that they don't have the numbers to gang Minax forces.  Most of the bandwagoning CoM guilds will fall off soon and be replaced by more stable guilds who may rejoin factions.  Without some serious help CoM will be forced to cut back their activity.


Minax: Non-OPP Minax activity has picked up significantly with the abundance of oranges.  There has been a somewhat constant amount of activity at the Minax Laghold with some folks trying to get towns.  Minax forces continue to come out on top every night but, not with the ease of the past.  There has been some very good, well planned (by both sides) battles.  I think the Minax push will no doubt parallel the CoM push.  When the CoM bandwagon starts to level off so will Minax.


I've hear rumors of a push to get a lot of the trammies out of SL so that guilds like DF and their followers could join up and start another anti-OPP alliance of guilds.  To be totally honest I think it would be fun but from what I've heard DF doesn't want to go CoM because of they can't defend the weak base and won't join factions unless they can be SL.  Again, these are rumors.  Only time will tell...


Something for you people who aren't smart enough to figure it out on your own:

All OPP members are on OPP affiliated stones.  Those blues or oranges who are NOT on the OPP stone are NOT OPP (yah that's a shocker).  I can't tell you how many times I've seen oranges take down a non-OPP and then proceed to talk shit about OPP.  Are you people really that stupid or maybe it's just the inbreeding?  Think about it...

"Ya'll some girls...Ya'll some god damn girls...Why do you act this way?"

July 25, 2001-1:40 A.M. PST-Jackal

This Page:

Well kiddies this site just reached 150,000 hits since the first of the year, which is a whole hell of a lot of hits for our little guild site.  Just wanted to thank everyone for visiting and ask you all a few things:


-Does anyone know of any "gaming guild site listing" type pages?  There used to be two that were very large but they're both down and as far as I know not coming back up.  Sites who rank guilds based on out-going hits don't count either...


-Does anyone know of any online gaming web rings with a good amount of decent sites listed?


-What changes would you like to see to the page?  Ideas for new sections?  Comments about our current sections?  We're completely re-vamping the page and are open to any suggestions you may have.


Email Me or Post Here


July 24, 2001-3:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

UO Pages:

I was reading through some UO guild pages with some friends and ran across some either amazingly funny or incredibly stupid stuff:

The Knights of Valor's Guide to GMing resist (in 3 easy weeks)

These BUB guys are hilarious

This is For Daryoon



Some other Funny Shit:

As I stumbled around UO pages I found Shadow Lord Clan which is also Shadow Lord Faction.  These guys have been fighting us for months and have yet to win a battle.  


SLF is where it belongs in Guild standings on Pacific, #1. Thanks to the addition of Sisqo we are currently at #1. Good Job guys, keep goin at it and beat the &%($ (trying to keep site "G") outta OPP.


Gambit, Raynor and Sisqo are on the top ten board for Shadowlords on Pacific. We are gonna try to dominate the top ten board, help us out.


This is down right hilarious.  It's a weak attempt at a joke, but this is one of those laugh at them, instead of laugh with them pages.  I've been laughing for the last 10 minutes straight while reading the two above pages.  It's like Trammies revenge!  Runs for the hills!  There's Trammies on the loose in Fel!  I guess they were counting on the fact that no one from a real guild would go looking at Trammy webpages (buaha good ol'Jackal knows all).  Their entire page is one huge session of bragging.  I can see it now: Gambit and his little buddies back in Tram talking to their 100 person newbie guild about how they're "#1" in factions and rule the world!  Damn funny!  Trammies never cease to amaze me...It's constant entertainment I tell you!

Now these are the skill averages of the rulers of Factions!



One thing trammy guilds are good for is good links for programs.  We all know that OPP in no way supports use the use of macro programs or any illegal third party programs so I feel it's my duty to bring this link to the attention of OSI and the Pacific Community.

July 24, 2001-12:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Lore of Shades:

Good morning!  Another unscheduled update for you; there have been some of you out there who have clamored for more lore.  Meridian is happy to oblige.  Though it might be odd to present it in broad daylight, we're going to anyway.  Click here (or check the Races section) for the Lore of the Shades.

Shadowbane News

July 24, 2001-4:10 A.M. PST-Jackal

Same Ol'Shit:

There is literally nothing going on in online gaming.  The most exciting "news" is that Vivendi Universal Publishing will be publishing Dark Age of Camelot (swell...).  I've been pretty damn disappointed lately with the way things have been going in the industry.  A bunch of major news sites have gone down as well as a few smaller networks.  The content on the bigger sites has taken a serious turn for the shitter and no one is picking up the slack.  The few games slated to come out sometime this century have almost completely cut off their fan base (it's like a media black out).


As I look around for things of interest I find very little.  OPP has been going through somewhat major changes, which have kept me busy and add to that I have to look twice as hard to find anything to update about.  Needless to say I've been spending a lot of time doing stuff and I see very little result.  We'll be totally revamping the site, same lay out, but everything else will change.  At that point the entire news section will be improved and updated very frequently.  Until then I'll be updating on anything major that happens in the online gaming community like I always have, but I won't go digging for news during slow times like I have in the past.  So if there is a slow down in updates that is because there really isn't anything going on.

July 22, 2001-4:10 P.M. PST-Jackal

SL Gets Stomped:

The new breed of Shadowlords, lead by none other then Gambit and his horde of house hiding gimps have been somewhat active in recent days.  Last night a group of four OPP took down three SL in a 4 vs 13 + SL guards at Brit before retreating to the X-Roads where six OPP were attacked by 15 SLF and again came out victorious leaving SL forces cussing and spamming (hey, I would be upset to).  Lay off the message boards unless you're ready to put your money where your mouth is, Dark Satan.  


This is from the night before when Xena and I attacked a group of seven SL in Britain:

Let it be said that OPP officially challenges any member of SLF (particularly this little trash talker, Sisqo) to a duel or even fight.


The trash talking from both SL and TB has been at an all time high lately.  With very few wins for either TB or SL and the majority of both faction's PvPers fighting John Lenon style:

Even with the ridiculous amount of "running PvP", OPP has been doing very well.  I'm pleased with our progress as CoM, TB, and SL have all picked up new members and a bit of steam.  The four way faction war is on.  Members of TL, WAR, DF, and TVA are all now active in CoM.  Now our only hope is that we can catch up to our TB and SL enemies as they run for the hills.  Come back John!

Cowards of Pacific Updated

July 20, 2001-3:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

CV Tournament:

The CV trammy tourny was yesterday and it went about as I predicted it would.  50 newbies running around wondering what a duel is.  Orion of OPP won with Smiley of OPP in second and both were ripped off on prize money.  The morons running the tourny saw that none of their friends would be getting the grand prize so they simply changed the rules.  That's how trammys operate, they have no reason to be fair because no one can do a damn thing to them in their nerfed little world.

Orion's Story of the Nights Events

DF Update regarding the CV tourny


Lets just look at it in a good light.  OPP members walked out with 400k more then what they started with and now we have a reason to seek revenge and punish CV.

July 19, 2001-1:30 A.M. PST-Jackal

OSI Continues to Punish Player Killers:

I recently Submitted this event to the OSI Event Staff:

Title: Blue Player Training 
Location: West Britain X-Roads 
Facet: Felucca 
Shard: Pacific 
Starting Date: 14 Jul 2001 12:00AM PST 
Ending Date: 1 Aug 2001 12:00AM PST 
Frequency: Monthly 
Sponsor: OPP 
Email: jackal@opponline.net 
Short Description: Free Combat/Tactics Training for both PvP/PvM, Guilds Welcomed 
Long Description:
OPP will be holding live combat training for all guilds and individuals who seek to advance their fighting skills. Everyone is invited to come out and have a good time training and practicing with all of us. 

Not only was our event denied, but it was outright ignored.  I have received nothing regarding the publication of our event to the Events Calendar.  Apparently its unfair for a guild like OPP to have our own events.  Then they wouldn't be able to unfairly and illegally punish us for disrupting other events, right?  Hypocritical bastards...



UO PvP as we know it:

Not only is she running and laughing but the charc chasing is a tamer with low skills, so she has a definite advantage.

After a 20 minute run we ended up at her house which I was promptly banned from and the house fighting began.

After several failed mana dumps, Jezabella just sat in the house.  Several minutes later she recalled away.



Last Night's Battles:

TB Attempted to fight us

SL Attempted to Fight Us:

The one constant in the majority of our battles (other then obvious piles of dead oranges) is as soon as the fight gets going the leaders of both TB and SL run for their safe houses.  God forbid you cowards die fighting and risk losing one of those hard earned five points you've accumulated from res-killing trammies!  It's ridiculous that these people "lead" their faction mates into combat, only to ditch them the second the fighting gets going.  In the above TB attack, assorted TB regulars ran into the TB base and hid.  By the time we broke through their faction mates (who were now outnumbered because their so called leaders ran and hid), we got there just in time to see them recall.  In the above SL battle they wasted their time setting an elaborate trap in the Music Building only watch Gambit and Myhtra run out the doors as soon as the fight started.  As you can see we didn't let Mythra get away but Gambit ran all the way to his Log Cabin west of the Brit Graveyard.  The ultimate newbie award definitely goes to Leroy though, who ran to the back of the building and hid while his faction got slaughtered.  We saw him run, so after dispatching his friends we went up, trapped, and revealed.  He recalled, and there's no way his combat flag had worn off that quickly which tells me, he never even attacked anyone.


Take note TB and SL: the reason you lose is because the people you allow to lead you are complete and utter cowards.


Check Here for some of the kill pics from today's fighting (ignore the pop ups).

July 18, 2001-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Houses and Dwellings:

It's been said that a man's home is his castle.  It turns out that in Shadowbane, this is actually quite true.  A character's home can indeed be their castle... if they can afford it.  Player Housing has been added to City Building section.  See Houses and Dwellings for all the details!

SB News


For some more decent info read all the updates under July 17 at SB Vault.

July 18, 2001-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Anarchy Online Review:

Anarchy Online has been live long enough to get a good idea of how good it's going to be.  From what I've heard the game is good, but not great, and because they may not be able to patch AO into greatness because there are a lot of major flaws.  Anyway, I'll leave the reviewing to the professionals over at GameSpot.

July 18, 2001-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

Pacific Fighting Championship:

Are you the best of the best? Do you constantly tell your friends you can beat anyone in the game?  If you do this is your chance to prove it. Fighters of all kinds are invited to join the Pacific fighting championships sponsored by the Companions of virtue. The total winnings are 1,000,000gp.  600,000gp first place, 300,000gp second place, and 100,000gp for third place. The entry fee will be 5,000gp.

More Info



DF allies TVA and Goes CoM?

It was decided today that DF will stay in chaos for a little longer.  Once DF gets bored with chaos/order we will join our new allies TVA in COM.

More Info



Updates to the Faction System in Testing:

-Faction messaging will be re-enabled.

-Faction messages increase to 4 per hour.

-Issues with murder reprieves are addressed (some characters were not getting the reprieve)

-Minax stronghold will become part of the map -this will address the load times and people being stuck there.

-Faction vendors will not block players.

-Sigils will remain at the correct elevation at all times.

-Sigils cannot be stolen unless you are the same z or lower and have clear line of sight.

-I honor your leadership will work for all faction players.

-Faction skill loss penalty will affect all skills.

-If you are quitting a faction and hold an office you will be removed from office.

-Issues with players not getting a faction robe when joining a faction have been resolved.

-Issues with players not being able to equip the correct number of faction items have been addressed.

-Issues with characters being stuck in order and chaos guilds and thus not being allowed to join a faction have been resolved.

-Faction vendors and guards can be dismissed using a targeting cursor.

-Issues with warhorses not highlighting the correct color have been addressed.

-Faction warhorses will not respond to orders from anyone not in their faction.

-Faction warhorses cannot be transferred or friended to anyone not in their faction.

-Faction warhorses can only be retamed by someone in their faction.

-Issues surrounding houses above the yew crypts blocking access to the shadowlord base have been addressed.

-You can no longer heal a faction guard if you aren't a member of its faction.

-Faction guards will call guards if they are attacked by non faction enemies (same faction and blues)

-An issue allowing young players to join a faction temporarily has been addressed.

-Faction titles will no longer display in trammel.

-Faction enemies will hue blue in trammel.

-Faction war horses will require rank 2 to ride.

-Players flagged as aggressors will not be able to use public moongates.

-Sigils will not be stealable for 1 hour after a server starts.

-Issues involving the rules of moving around with sigils have been addressed meaning the rules governing what you can do while carrying a sigil will work in all cases.

-Faction warhorses will not be as deadly an offensive weapon in combat.

-Issues with silver for killing enemy monsters and players have been addressed.

-Issues with faction traps not giving correct silver to trap placer have been addressed.

-Issues with faction allied mobs not highlighting and giving silver in all cases have been addressed.

More Info

July 18, 2001-12:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

The OPP Online Elder Council:

Due to the ever increasing growth of OPP Online we have created the OPP Elder Council.  The restructuring of OPP is almost complete with the promotion of our Ultima Online Leaders and the addition of our Online Gaming Council.  The specifics of the changes, will of course be kept private but I will say that you will be hearing from the Elder Council a lot in the future.

Members Section



Vegas Trip Update:

I'm still gathering pics from the trip.  I'll be posting them when I get them ALL together and labeled.  Some of them still haven't been developed so quit asking me and relax.  They'll be up in due time.

July 16, 2001-3:50 A.M. PST-Jackal

Vegas Trip:

People are finally arriving back from Vegas and passing out.  We will be posting some of the pictures we took a long with some other stuff, maybe.  Was a fun trip, thanks to everyone who came and met up.

I'll update later after I sleep...

*passes out*

July 12, 2001-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

Orion's Kill Gallery:

Orion has started up a kill shot page.  He'll be posting the pics he gets through out the day up there.

Check It Out

July 10, 2001-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

The OPP Stance Related to UO:

Incase I have failed to make this crystal clear in the past I will state it again for the last time.  OPP doesn't have a solid set of rules.  Our guild evolves based on changes in both gaming rules and in the online community.  The leadership of this guild has a firm grip on our basic stance regarding everything, and enforce it very strictly.  Sometimes a member of our guild steps out of line and makes a mistake.  These mistakes are often dealt with in the harshest possible way.  It is our goal in OPP to build a loyal membership of mature people who lead by example.  If you do not fall into that category you will not make it in OPP.  I believe our enemies have called us: an exclusive guild, and I would tend to agree with that.  We don't like people who aren't OPP.  Those of you that we do waste our time on are being tested for possible recruitment.  There will be a major change in OPP Online after our Vegas trip this weekend which will tighten the iron fist that runs this guild.  If we do not know you, we do not like you and if you wear the color of our enemies, we will kill you.  We will not claim to be the best, nor will we claim to be the worst.  OPP is what it is and nothing more or less.



Alliances and Faction Warfare:

OPP has built several long lasting alliances in our time.  Lately new guilds have popped up with poor leadership that have attempted to start alliances with us.  OPP will not be joining forces with or allying anymore guilds on the Pacific Shard of Ultima Online.  Although we belong to the Minax faction we do not consider our Minax team mates allies or friends.  If you think by clicking a faction stone you suddenly ally with us you are dead wrong, and often times just dead for trying.  We do not like you, we do not trust you, and we would rather have you orange.  Keep that in mind before joining our faction.

Pacific Allies & Enemies Section Updated



Cowards of Pacific Updated:

A few guilds have been added and removed from our Cowards Section:

Do to the fact that these guilds are no longer active or no longer exist they have been removed:

Black Hand [BH]

EyeCats [EYE]

Brothers [FL]



Black Watch [TBW]

Bringers of Darkness [BOD]

Close Quarter Combat [CQB]

Magnificent Gummy Bears [MGB]

The Legend [TL]



Short of adding the entire TB Faction (which would have been a lot easier) I've added the major guilds.  It's unbelievable that one faction could gather so many of this shard's trash talking cowards.  Its rather amazing if you think about it.



July 10, 2001-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal


The FTP is up and running so here comes some updates:


Members Section Updated with New Recruits and July Promotions


The Links Section has been updated with new Guild links and News Links


All Joining Sections Updated to reflect changes in OPP Recruitment and Promotion Policy.  Keep in mind that OPP UO Recruitment is Invite Only and we have changed the way we Promote people to Elder status.

July 9, 2001-8:41 P.M. PST-Jackal

Lack of Updates:

The lack of updates to this section is due to the fact that we have moved servers and are still in the process of setting up the FTP for the site.  Since I have a serious dislike for updating any other way I have been dreading each update.  Instead I have been re-building the site and updating each section.  So when everything is up and running again the news page will be more actively updated and the entire page will have new info.

July 9, 2001-7:41 P.M. PST-Jackal

SP PvP vs. The Rest of UO:

Our most recent Poll regarding SP PvP is now closed and the results weren't surprising at all.  The majority of you seem to think that SP PvP is "not that great, but definitely better then average".  I'm not shocked that people would say that, however I am shocked at what I have seen on SP thus far.  Maybe, one out of every 20 people is even equipped.   It looks like a damn newbiefest.  The scene a few days ago was three half done OPP mages with screwy skills and stats fighting eight members of some CoM guild.  After killing 5 of them, they left only to return with more people.  Half of the people on the shard don't ride horses and from what I've seen the other half don't have a clue what a spell combo is or just play gimps.  Sure, I haven't gone up against the elite of the shard yet but come on, what's the point if there's only a few small guilds that can compete?  I'm thoroughly disappointed with the PvP on SP.  My newbie 2x GM charc can take on the majority of the shard and I'm NOT THAT GOOD!  I was being told over ICQ that the organization on SP is much better then other shards but what good does it do you to have good organization when you can't PvP for shit?  I'll give the SP population the benefit of the doubt and assume that I just happened to run into the worst of the worst from the big guilds but my first impression has been one of massive disappointment.



New Poll Up:

The Development Team has been discussing putting in some form of Pre-Casting.  If you haven't played Test lately you should try it out.  Here's Adrick's Post regarding it:


The argument could be made back at the time precasting was removed that it could be used to pk and was a mystery to those who did not understand how to do it.

As it stands today given the tram fel ruleset and various other avenues for consensual pvp - precasting if restored to the game would effect pvpers - those who want no part of precasting and pvp have the means now to avoid it altogether. A vast majority of the posts, emails and general conversation in the pvp community is that restoring precasting to the game would make pvp more fun for them, more of a matter of player skill in who wins a fight.

The concern for us going into this is to ensure that characters with no magery can be competitive in pvp. The insta hit will not be returning which was one of the obvious unbalancing features of the old style.

The introduction of special moves, lumberjacking along with anatomy healing and med, swing timers with hit times based on dex have added more choices that will not be available the same to a mage/warrior as before when precasting was removed.

So we are looking at the feedback - and we are discussing what the end result will be when the combat changes listed in concept are finally published to all the shards.

So I ask you: What do you want to happen?

Go Vote!



OPP 2 vs. 2 Tourny:

OPP held our first 2 vs. 2 tournament this weekend and the winners are as follows:

First Place:

Orion & Magius

Second Place:

Houdini & Jackal

July 9, 2001-7:41 P.M. PST-Jackal

No More Monday Updates:

The Monday Updates that we have been receiving for the last year or more are now officially gone.  I think this means that WP has finally hit crunch time and realized they are taking entirely too long to get their game out.  Bravo for this most recent decision.  Cut the updates and get the game out!

Check SB Vault for your up to the umm...day Shadowbane news.

July 7, 2001-3:41 A.M. PST-Jackal

War Updates:

There has been very little faction warring lately due to the fact that the True Brits are all in Tram stocking up on Orc helms and ring mail for the next time they have to do their duty and guard the umm...guards (yah I said guard the guards).  We've had a few brief skirmishes with SL but nothing consistent.  Luckily, OPP has managed to scrap a few decent fights out of our war stone.  Last night's battles were pretty much complete blow outs.  I have to admit the highlight of the night was watching VVV, and TL attack WAR when DF called them in to group up at Occlo.  Good coordination guys!  Good some-what clean fights, though.


We've been playing SP a little more lately and I've been laughing pretty damn hard at that shard so far, but that's an entirely different update that will come tomorrow sometime.



OPP Policy Changes:

As you all know we've changed our recruitment policy recently and become much more choosy.  I would like to point out a few things to those trying to get in:

-there is a damn good chance you won't get accepted, you accept that chance when you are invited to go through recruitment.  Being invited into recruitment is just the beginning.

-expect to be doing a lot of ass kissing

-direct all questions to your sponcer

-And lastly, remember that OPP Elders have been known to take bribes (Magius especially, psst click his Pic!  That's really him!).

Expect a number of somewhat large changes to OPP coming soon.



The Moral of this update is:

Anton is an ugly Trammy!  Please take a moment and spam his email with anti-Trammy hate mail!

Thank You

July 7, 2001-3:41 A.M. PST-Jackal

New SB Poll:

We've added a new question to our Polls section on a subject that's both timely and controversial. This topic has swept through the Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming community and also rocked the Shadowbane boards. Many sides of the argument has been heard and now it's time for YOU to voice your opinion with your vote:  How many characters per account do you think you should have?  Have more to say on the subject? You can discuss your views and why you voted the way you did in this thread.

Shadowbane News

July 4, 2001-12:01 A.M. PST-Jackal

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.


Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.


But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.


-The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies, July 4, 1976

July 3, 2001-1:42 A.M. PST-Jackal


This week's update has been prepared in conjunction with one of our fan sites, Shadowbane WarCry!  Today, our pals at WarCry will be posting a detailed interview with Dodger, one of Wolfpack's newest employees.  Dodger is currently working on graphics and visual effects programming, and has been refining some of the newest and flashiest elements of Shadowbane (like terrain multi-texturing, environmental effects, and magic power particles and animations.)  The interview will also feature some all-new screenshots of Dodger's work in progress. Check it all out here.


Also, make sure to check out the Articles section for recent articles about Shadowbane.

Shadowbane News

July 2, 2001-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

The Slaughter Continues:

Yesterday, all day and most of the night OPP held down Britain.  We removed all TB traps and even placed a few of our own.  It was some funny shit watching the TBs run to the protection of their guards only to find no guards and themselves dead to Minax traps.

Later that evening SL took Britain.  This will spell certain doom for the bandwagoning side of TB.  Without guards to hide behind we won't be seeing many True Britain's.

July 1, 2001-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal

The Slaughter Continues:

Yet another great night of active fighting, but this time with a bit of a twist.  OPP grouped up, swept Britain, obliterated a TB attack on the X-Roads (like whoa!), swept SL out of their crypts, swept TB out of the SL crypts (huh?), and then finished up by killing TB again in Britain.  That's the quick easy review for you A.D.D. kids.  Somewhat normal night of big fighting with the exception of a TB assault on the SL crypts that we interrupted.  It was perfect, I mean perfect.

They tried to hold their ground

Hold your ground against OPP?

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