July 27, 2002-6:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
Publish 16 Gameplay Fixes:

Champion Spawns:
-The spawn rate at the Rat spawn needs to be increased
-Rat Champion (Barracoon) needs to do more damage with direct melee attack
-Undead Champion (Neira) needs to do more damage with direct melee attack
-Forest spawn (Oaks) needs to be toned down a lot and it shouldn't be karma based
-Remove the Pixie Queen spawn when Lord Oaks spawn
-Dragon (Rikkter) Champion needs to fire his attack more often and at anyone near him
-Can not walk on or cast on an active champion alter
-Once completed a champion spawn can not begin at that same alter for a set amount of time

A few of the champions have exploitable weaknesses that make them very easy to kill. The Oaks spawn is way too difficult and the Barracoon spawn is way too easy. People crowd the alters making it difficult to see spawn progress as well as making it hard to target the champion once it spawns. Repeated spawns at the same alters make the whole system less interesting and too easy to manipulate.

Scroll Spawn:
-Directly based on the percentage of monsters you kill, to total monsters spawned during the entire spawn
-The person who kills the most monsters at a spawn should automatically receive the champion skull

The people who do the most work should get the scrolls and the person who does the most should be rewarded. Right now everyone stands around doing nothing while a handful of people complete the spawn. The fact that anyone in the area can get a scroll promotes griefing and takes away from the potential of the justice system.

Guaranteed Gain System:
-Set amount of time between gains regardless of skill total

People shouldn't be punished for having more experienced characters. The GGS timer should be ridiculously high so that people can't rely on it alone to gain skill. It should exist as a guaranteed gain for those people who have tried and are stuck or have the patience to wait a long time to finish their characters.

-Implement an option to stop your pet from auto attacking
-Set base skill levels to control each creature in the game

Pets auto attacking every monster you pass is just a huge annoyance that isn't necessary. As is pets not listening to commands when fully fed. Either you can control a pet or you can't. This half way stuff is a waste of everyone's time.

-Fire Horns only hit NPCs

The bard as a PvP character just isn't a good idea. Stop trying...

-Remove all non champion spawn from a dungeon when an alter is activated
-Low level spawn at Despise is a pain

Get all the other junk that's not associated with the champion spawn out of my way!

-Bucs Den: Red supported town with the exact same rules as Blue supported towns. Red guards wack any criminal activity as well as any blues.
-Dead red players would be teleported to Bucs Den
-Papua and Delucia: Negative Karma towns

Segregating play styles takes away the role-play possibilities of the game. Punishing a player for playing the game creates a boring game with very little variation. Every type of player should have a safe area to call home where they can have access to the full features of the game. No class or style should be shunned by the gods of the game. It should be up to the players to decide such things.

Justice System:
-Can only protect one person at a time
-Only gain for killing reds inside Dungeons or Lost Lands
-Increase the decay rate
-Tier 1 and 2 Justice Knights fully lootable

The justice system has some real possibilities. Along with the scroll spawn changes listed above, it would make sense for a PvP character to protect a PvM character at a champion spawn. The PvMer wouldn't have to PvP as much, and the PvPer wouldn't have to PvM as much. This would create a more inclusive atmosphere between opposing play styles and perhaps mutual respect for each others abilities. PvMers wouldn't risk their loot unless they killed reds, but Blues who PK would have the same risk as Reds who PK.

Good vs. Evil:
-Create one evil "Virtue" for reds
-Red flagged characters are not flagged criminals for beneficial acts on other red flagged characters
-Red flagged characters are flagged criminals for beneficial acts on blue characters
-Add a counter for Blues that keeps track of all Red kills
-Reactivate bounty system for both Good and Evil

The evil "virtue" would work much like the Justice Virtue with the same decay rate. An Evil player who kills a certain number of Justice Knights would earn the ability to protect other players and have an increased chance of getting a higher level scroll. With this system reds could also participate in champion spawns and guard PvM characters who are just there to kill monsters. Obviously not all reds would only kill justice knights but it would benefit the PvMer to not get involved (gain justice) and would give reds a reason to not kill the PvMer. Instead they could offer them something like protection or death and protect the PvMers until the spawn was complete for a scroll. Justice Knights need a counter to see how many reds they have killed, much like the "I must consider my sins" option for reds. With the counters and Bucs changes the bounty system could be re-implemented for both blues and reds giving full time PvPers an alternative to killing monsters to earn money and keep equipped.

July 21, 2002-5:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
It Pays to be a Coward:
As UO has changed over the years the Dev Team has molded the game so that anyone can jump in and kill anyone else within a week. This steady stream of changes spawned things like Stat loss, med/eval/anat, Trammel, axers, special hits, etc. I've watched thousands of friends quit UO because OSI tied their hands, gimped their ability to play the game. Guilds of hundreds just up and moved and were replaced with new players who thought it was cool to be able to make a charc in a week and 1 hit kill or run every time they were in trouble. The trammel economy took over and UO went from being about reputation and style, to who has the biggest "balance" as they sit and show off. These changes have been so gradual that a lot of people haven't noticed the real reasons. They just recognize things changed and have quit the game.

There's very few people left over from the old days of UO. It's no surprize that those players have left and moved on to games where they don't have to deal with greed and ignorance. Publish 16 changes were an attempt to regain lost momentum. They caught everyone a bit off guard. I sure didn't expect a patch that would partially undo what the last 10 major patches piled on. Nerf the two major Greed classes? Nerf skill gains? Make mages do more damage? Create a spawn system that may even work? Wow...Here on Pacific we've all been playing with Publish 16 for awhile now. When I began planning for guild changes in response to publish 16 my number one concern was, will the trammys come? To be honest I just figured the entire PvP community would PK the hell out of everyone: huge battles for control of spawns, new alliances, and reds vs reds vs blues like the old days. The skilled players would fight for Champ spawns leaving no room from the random trammy. I figured after a few days most of them would be content buying the scrolls rather then actually gathering them, themselves.

Thinking back now I guess what I missed was the fact that the vast majority of the people in the active PvP guilds are Trammys themselves. They grew up in trammel or were complete newbies when trammel was implemented. You know the guy who would go fight skels at the BK wall but tell all his friends he was at the duel room? Now I realize just how few of us are left from the days when PvP wasn't shunned and nerfed. It's funny because I should have expected things to go down as they did. The older players go PKing for control of spawns while all the newer players band together to get a scroll. What I missed was the fact that the majority of the faction PvP community fall under the newer player category.

I've been looking at guild rosters for a bit today and it all makes sense now. OSI has been telling everyone that the PK existed to ruin their fun, that the PK was the same as the grief player. This is the Trammy attitude, anyone red is trying to kill them so they can get their loot or talk trash. It's not just red vs blue, its an ideological battle:
-The Blue greed type player plays UO to get stuff thus earning Trammel bank sitting bragging rights. They believe that anyone who tries to stop them is trying to ruin their fun, their chance to be "cool". So they all band together to fight those reds who try to kill them.
-The Red PK type player was once a blue greed monger. For whatever reason this player didn't buy into the whole: items = respect system. He/She comes from a dying line of people who believe in real respect. No not respect of their social skills, moral beliefs, or ability to say balance as they sit at a bank with a pure mare and an ice staff...respect of their loyalty, dedication, and ability to PvP against the odds.
As blues hate reds for ruining their chances of being an elite Trammy, reds hate blues for being groupies. Most reds see it as intelligent people vs. the average idiot or the mob. Most blues see it as mature people willing to work together vs. immature kids who take out their frustrations on the game.

The truth is UO has revolved around getting items since mid 98. It's the only unique thing UO has had to offer since they abolished player justice and skilled PvP. OSI has provided no RP background for the players and has carefully sat on the fence between PvP and PvM. Publish 16 seems to be a legitimate attempt to bring UO back together. I applaud the effort and believe that UO can't survive without making these types of changes. The problem is it will take some time for the player base to to catch up. They're all still too fixated on getting items and loot to realize that the Dev team just gave the players the ability to partially control their destiny again.

Since the patch hit I've been pretty disappointed with everyone on Pacific. I've seen no guild other than OPP attempt to control spawn points. Has any guild laid claim to a dungeon yet? Right now almost every person who is participating in the champ spawn system just wants scrolls. It seems to me that they will do whatever they can to get those scrolls. I've seen bitter enemies ask for truces and notorious PvPers turn into complete trammys. I'm disappointed to say the very least. There's an interesting Thread on the DF Forum that further proves these points. As you scroll down you'll notice these two basic arguments stated over and over:
-Reds can't loot so why go red and not loot when I can stay blue and loot reds?
Again, it's hard for me to relate to people who's main motivation is to get items. These people just want to whore the game and be done. Get all the scrolls they need and then quit because they have all the items again and they're "bored". People who are using this type of reasoning are classified as Trammys in my mind. They play to brag and show off and that's all there is to it.
-Blues have all the advantages!
Blues have always had the basic advantages. That's why red players have always been the more seasoned and skilled vets. The lack of leadership talent on Pacific is apparent. Basically these people want the quickest and easiest path to victory. Having fun to them is winning, nothing else matters so they do whatever is easiest.

They're all just making excuses (whether they believe them or not, I don't know). It deeply disappoints me to see UO continue to go down. Even after OSI finally does something to revive PvP and Roleplaying everyone continues to shoot themselves in the foot. As far as I'm concerned anyone from the PvP community that doesn't have a red is just a greedy coward. It doesn't even come down to fighting even fights anymore, it comes down to fighting at all. The Anti-OPP faction group are more pussified then ever. They don't have red characters and they won't log on their faction characters anymore. They'll only fight when they know they can't possibly lose. Right now people have a chance to build up the community and make UO fun once more, they're just too concerned about themselves to be bothered with it. Even if it will make their gameplay more ennoyable.
Cowards of Pacific Updated

July 15, 2002-10:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
"Mom I finished my homework can I play the computer now?"
Every night you play your favorite video game and PvP with your guild. You enjoy the challenge and have a great time goofing around and battling other guilds. Pretty soon some of your victims begin Emailing you or ICQing you with hateful things. As your guild grows in power and dominance you receive more of these messages. It spreads to forums, chats, and message boards. Shortly after you start receiving Real threats from these people. They tell you they're as big as Shaq and Kung Fu Masters. Surely you should stop messing with them on a video game or they'll come to your house and get you!

This kind of stuff is usually dismissed as misguided anger from highschool kids who just need to get laid. However, to most folks surprize these kind of threats usually come from older folks. I'm not a shrink but I assume the stresses of daily life get to these people and they begin blurring reality and online gaming. A couple years ago I would have never made this post because I didn't believe that these people were serious. I rip you off on a video game and now you're going to come get me IRL? LOL! Right...This last week has been hillarious to say the least, half the Anti-OPP community has lost it completely. Is there really anything more pathetic than people who jump the gap between reality and online gaming? Imagine a 30 year old married man with kids who gets home from work every night, eats dinner, and plays the comp where he threatens and challenges people half his age all night. You PK some idiot who's causing trouble in a video game and your neighbor throws a brick through your window? HAHA!!! I mean seriously this is how far it's going. Grown adults lacking self-estime so much that they actually threaten people when they die on a video game. I'm not sure that I've ever experienced something more comical and at the same time pathetic in my life...And that's just the tip of the sword. Most people only experience this kind of stuff from a distance via message boards. People in prominent positions in online gaming communities get threatened regularly. I'll be the first to tell everyone it's not the highschoolers or the immature college kids doing it. It's middle aged wackos whose personal life consists of a cup of coffee and 8 hours of online gaming. When they are rejected or defeated they are crushed because this is life to them, they have nothing else.

From my experiences I've seen things like Jetstar of KGB offering to order people Pizzas IRL for killing his enemies on UO. Who can forget all the times people have tricked others into cybering or sending videos just to post them up and embarrass them? Funny...but fucked up! Or the anti American propiganda posted by Punishment of Asia [POA] on American guild's forums. WW3 Online!!! I've received hate mail from about half the major guilds OPP has warred. The GM of the Purple Horde [PH] threatened to hack my accounts and blow up my computer (Log in Archives August 22, 2000). A member of Dragons Family [DF] threatened to eat my dog among other things and even Emailed me my own address once, i guess to prove they could? Scarry! HAHA! Members of TVA were going to kick our asses IRL at our Vegas meet last summer and they still talk about how they were "going to", to this day. Funny stuff, but sad...

In the continuing saga of short bus losers who need to be locked in a round padded room we bring you PYA! As we always do, following OPP tradition we'll uncover yet another culprit of this phenomenon and well...do what we always do: laugh in their faces! UO IS NOT YOUR REAL LIFE! LOSERS!!!

OPP Opporation Codename: JackaFOO
Target: PYA
Objective: Sieze Control of a Stat Scroll
Lead Agent: 00'Houdini
After receiving his new shiny Stat Scroll from the OPP summoned harrower last week, Mr PYA was attempting to smuggle it to Trammel where he could sell OPP goods (yes everything in Felucia is ours) under the protection of OSI! Four OPP agents caught wind of the the foul PYA's plot and made a plan. A perfectly executed trap landed a new shiny Stat Scroll in the hands of none other then OPP Co-GM Houdini's hands.

The Following Log is between PYA and Cally of TBH:
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:43 PM hello?
Sandman 7/15/02 2:43 PM Hello
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:44 PM what can i do for ya?
Sandman 7/15/02 2:44 PM I needed your ICQ yesterday for someone else, so Super Cow sent it to me. This is cally of TBH
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:46 PM who?
Sandman 7/15/02 2:47 PM Orion
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:48 PM o i deleted you odd...dont wanna be associated with any of you...you have no idea how much RL pain you guys caused me now its payback time
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:48 PM time to take a drive to CA and visit my boy houdini
Sandman 7/15/02 2:49 PM what did i do? I live in massachusseets?
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:50 PM your name was used as a person i thought i could trust....if you let a family member toss your name around and then runs it into the mud then thats ur schoice....this isnt gonna be pretty im afraid
Sandman 7/15/02 2:51 PM Well i am pretty trustable. And this is the first time ive ever talked to you in my life.
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:51 PM oooo hehe im sorry cally i thought this was orion
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:52 PM sorry man got fucked over by opp so i dont trust em for shit
Sandman 7/15/02 2:52 PM Ya well, i am friends with most of them.
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:53 PM they set up a trap yesterday and pk'd me and got a +25 stat scroll
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:53 PM so now its time to pay back
Sandman 7/15/02 2:54 PM i dont blame you, i would want to kill them back too. I havent even tried out pub 16 yet though
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:54 PM ah...
Sandman 7/15/02 2:55 PM it sucks. Ive actually gotten somethign that sorta ressembles a RL
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:55 PM welp houdini has no idea who he messed with....if i were him i would be watching over his shoulder....
Sandman 7/15/02 2:56 PM When did Houd come back to UO anywyas?
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:56 PM no clue
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:56 PM but he wont be able to play soon
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:58 PM So did u need anything in general to ask for my icq orrr???? I need to start packing gonna be a long week in cali :P
Sandman 7/15/02 2:59 PM No not really. No offense here, but i hopeyou are joking about goign down to CA to beat up Houdini
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 2:59 PM bro i am hurting for RL money and i had someone willing to pay me $225.00....That to me is worth a asskickin in RL specially since i have just enough money left now to drive to CA.
Sandman 7/15/02 3:00 PM Wait? someone is paying you to go beat up Houdini?
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:01 PM no i got pk'd yesterday with a +25 stat scroll over a deal where i was supposed to trust houdini...he fucked me now its time to fuck him
Sandman 7/15/02 3:01 PM hmm ok
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:02 PM since he doesnt wanna talk it out over icq and hasnt responded to anything i had to say after he killed me and took it with his buddies then i have no choice but to go have words
Sandman 7/15/02 3:02 PM I still dont get the whole fighting irl over a video game, but thats just me
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:03 PM plus CA is nice this time of year
Sandman 7/15/02 3:03 PM ya so ive heard. san diego is supposed to be nice all year round
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:03 PM well when that video game pays your bills that are past due and some punk kid screws you outa it then its time to teach them a lesson about the real world
Sandman 7/15/02 3:06 PM Well again no disrespect, but shoudl you really rely on an unstable video game to pay your bills?
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:07 PM naw it was a fluke that i got that scroll and i dont rely on it...it just lifted alot of the rl stress...now that stress is back and its because of some lil punk that told me i could trust him and used friends names or what i thought were friends
Sandman 7/15/02 3:08 PM Ya, dont get me wrong. I can see why you are pissed. hell id be pissed over this too
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:09 PM i had a guy willing to pay me $225.00 that nite for the scroll.....I can't do a dam thing about it so fuck Houdini and the rest of OPP...I never did anything to em
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:09 PM yet
Sandman 7/15/02 3:10 PM Well just dont do anything stupid that will send you to jail over this. Thats all i can say
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:11 PM o i wont get caught...just like he did to me its gonna be a hella cheap shot
Sandman 7/15/02 3:11 PM well good luck
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:11 PM ty
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:12 PM i used to laugh about people gettin mad over a video game and wanting to fight someone in rl over it...now i completely understand why this happens
Sandman 7/15/02 3:14 PM I am laughing right now. I still cant imagining fighting over UO
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:14 PM yep
Sandman 7/15/02 3:15 PM that and im 5'6 and would get my ass kicked more than likely
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:15 PM im 6'2 250
Sandman 7/15/02 3:16 PM My best defense for a fight, is kick the person in the nutts and take off running
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:16 PM he wont even see my face man
Sandman 7/15/02 3:17 PM what are you planning on doing? Stalking him till hes by himself then whacking him over the head frombehind with a 2x4?
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:17 PM never know :P
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:22 PM he jumped me with 3 friends so one of my friends who just got out of prison hates the outside life and wants to go back.....lets just say we had a dam good talk last nite
Sandman 7/15/02 3:23 PM That really is screwed up. But hey i am sure ill read about thisin teh newsin a few days
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:23 PM maybe that is if he is caught
PYA(PO) 7/15/02 3:24 PM welp its go time my ride is here....
Sandman 7/15/02 3:24 PM alright. bye

The Following Log is between PYA and Commoner of OPP:
D-MAN 6/14/200 6:47 PM hello this is PYA's wife, I'm not sure where he is he just said he would be gone for a few days...I am worried so i have been looking through his icq logs trying to find out what is going on....
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:05 PM Why wont anyone talk to me? My husband just ran off with his friends in a rage and no one will talk to me. What do you know?
Commoner 6/14/200 7:37 PM lady, your husband is a moron
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:40 PM ?
Commoner 6/14/200 7:40 PM but really he is...he is going after one of my friends becuase of a video game
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:40 PM What?!?
Commoner 6/14/200 7:40 PM and considering all he knows is that he lives in california
Commoner 6/14/200 7:40 PM it might be kinda hard
Commoner 6/14/200 7:40 PM here, read
*The above chat log was sent*
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:42 PM ok Thank You Finally someone that is talking. I really appreciate your help.
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:48 PM Oh my god I have never heard him talk this way.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:49 PM well it keeps going, and i dont wanna copy and paste anymore
Commoner 6/14/200 7:49 PM basically he is gonna kick his ass supposedly
Commoner 6/14/200 7:49 PM so your husband does crack a lot?
Commoner 6/14/200 7:49 PM or just occasionally?
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:50 PM Please don't make fun of him right now. I dont need this.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:50 PM lol
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:51 PM He doesnt do Drugs. He does drink though.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:51 PM well lady, your husband is going after a guy he has seen only pixels of, and he is searching california for him
Commoner 6/14/200 7:51 PM i dunno, call me crazy, but i really dont think he wil find him
Commoner 6/14/200 7:51 PM unless he is wearing a res robe and riding a horse.....which he might be
Commoner 6/14/200 7:52 PM but i didnt tell you that if houdini asks
Commoner 6/14/200 7:52 PM so your honeslty married to this retard?
Commoner 6/14/200 7:52 PM or is this jus d-man's alter, more womanly ego?
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:53 PM Well...You dont know my husband. He never came to bed last nite. He and his friends know computers very well. I have seen him run traces to find people. This isn't good. What was this over?
Commoner 6/14/200 7:53 PM he does sound like a tough computer nerd...
Commoner 6/14/200 7:53 PM ill tell houdouni
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:53 PM I think I am going to call the police.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:54 PM lol
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:54 PM I don't know why you find this funny.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:54 PM if you are really a woman and married to d-man, i pitty for you....
Commoner 6/14/200 7:54 PM are you kidding me?!
Commoner 6/14/200 7:54 PM some guy threatens someone over a video game
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:55 PM I dont he is a caring and loving man who takes care of me.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:55 PM and i tell his "wife" about the whole incident
Commoner 6/14/200 7:55 PM and she is gonna call the police and tell them, my irate computer nerd husband is gonna beat up someone with the character handle houdini
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:55 PM All I know is I got a call today while i was at work from him saying he was leaving for a few days.
Commoner 6/14/200 7:56 PM to search all of california for someone
Commoner 6/14/200 7:56 PM AHAHHA
D-MAN 6/14/200 7:58 PM I am done talking because i am sure as hell not going to let you degrade me or my husbands relationship. You dont know me or him or the rough times we are going through so please do not judge us.
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:00 PM And believe me if I were your friend, I would go somewhere else for the night. Some place safe.
Commoner 6/14/200 8:05 PM he will be in orange county if your wondering
Commoner 6/14/200 8:05 PM now its only 1 out of 50 million instead of 200 million
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:05 PM pardon me?
Commoner 6/14/200 8:05 PM pooor houdini
Commoner 6/14/200 8:06 PM he will be in orange county
Commoner 6/14/200 8:06 PM im on the phone with him now
Commoner 6/14/200 8:06 PM and we are both laughing
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:06 PM My husband is???
Commoner 6/14/200 8:06 PM thanks for the fun
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:06 PM Your talking to him?
Commoner 6/14/200 8:07 PM yeah, do you/ other ego d-man want to talk?
Commoner 6/14/200 8:07 PM i can be the mediator
Commoner 6/14/200 8:07 PM hail young traveler, from houdini
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:08 PM This isnt Dman. I wish you would realize how serious this is. Maybe I should call and talk to your parents.
Commoner 6/14/200 8:08 PM alright
Commoner 6/14/200 8:09 PM my number is (i really put it here...)
Commoner 6/14/200 8:09 PM houdini is now at my house if you want to talk to him
Commoner 6/14/200 8:10 PM please call
Commoner 6/14/200 8:11 PM my mom is waiting, i woke her up from a nap
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:11 PM I have to go buy a phone card. Long distance was disconnected.
Commoner 6/14/200 8:11 PM we will call you
Commoner 6/14/200 8:11 PM whats your number
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:12 PM If you really think i am going to give you my number while my husband isnt here then your crazier then him.
Commoner 6/14/200 8:13 PM why, do you think i am as stupid as your "husband"/you
Commoner 6/14/200 8:13 PM im not gonna drive to antoher state to harras a poor lady/ strange man
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:14 PM I try not to judge people.
Commoner 6/14/200 8:14 PM then gimmie your #, and we will tell you the whole story
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:15 PM I am not going to give you my number.
D-MAN 6/14/200 8:15 PM ok this conversation is over

*all units be on the look out for gimp fencer looking to gank nude man riding a brown horse with OPP tags*

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