August 30, 2000-7:45 P.M. PST-Jackal

Allies & Factions:

OPP is currently looking for a guild of group of craftsmen that would be willing to work together in the faction system.  We'll need tailors, smiths, tinkerers, alchemists, and carpenters for sure.  Email me if you are interested or know someone who may be.

August 30, 2000-3:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Factions Do Exist!?

They really thought this through!  The only thing that is stupid is 30% stat loss for a ridiculous 20 minutes (way to long).  The faction monster system could be improved on (as stated OPP News August 2).  Everything else looks good.  I can't think of anything they missed (that is a first).

More Info (It's 3 Part)

August 28, 2000-2:37 P.M. PST-Jackal

New Patch!

If you don't have sound after D/Ling the new patch go get the new version of DirectX.

More Info

August 27, 2000-4:15 P.M. PST-Jackal

DOH Returns:

The off and on Order group led by none other then Cpt Nemo and his band of warrior want-to-bes is back.  This time as the Paladins of Order [P^O].  I guess they took enough time off to make enough money to get into warring again.  P^O has recently been sighted several times in all of the major hot spots.  Although the majority of the fights (actually all except one) have been lost by P^O and their merry band of blues they did manage to win one the other day in Brit leaving a few OPP dead.

After getting their first taste of victory in months they decided it would be great to do this to remind us why we war them (it certainly isn't for the loot or the fun since they don't equip and rarely put up a decent fight).  With the TSL vs. DR$/DF war raging it's been OPP vs. all combined Order lately which has been fun in most cases.  I hope this time they all don't back out like last time.



Likwed of OPP:

Likwed has been having some fun with his murderer lately and managed to kill enough to be exhibited publicly as foul scum on top of the bounty board.

August 22, 2000-4:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Triad of Sosaria Auction in Progress!

There is some great rares and other useful items up for bid over here.  Go check it out!



Testing for Next Update:

Section Updated with changes to lock downs/secures, dye tubs, new players junk, tamers, thieves, and boats.  Some fixes and other useful stuff.  Nothing great except maybe the thief changes.



Speed: GM of the Purple Horde:

Normally I would tell people being possibly the most hated person on several UO Shards is great, but sometimes people loose touch with reality (which scares me).  Like I was saying awhile ago when I found out about the UO World Faire: I'm honestly scared of the majority people that play UO.  Not only because UO is something that doesn't take any real talent but because people who are mentally wacked out can easily take part while hiding behind a fake virtual character.  But as usual the real person shines through in the end.


As in the case of the GM of PH:

Speed of PH had been working with myself toward the eventual goal of an OPP/PH alliance.  Although PH isn't really the type of guild OPP would be interested in allying I've known Speed for a long time so it was worth a shot.  This road has been very bumpy as Speeds loudmouth mass recruited members often pissed off OPP members which brought any talks to an immediate halt.  After several attacks on OPP members in Britain by PH and other Orders last night OPP grouped and came through in force taking down 15+ oranges and taking no losses.  A second attack came as OPP was gating out.  Of course I was the last one to take the gate so I ran around the bank to buy the rest of the guys some time to get out.  I was then attacked by a somewhat large group of PH (5+).  It turns out an OPP member had lost con away from the group and was killed by a PH dragon.  OPP quickly gated back in to dispatch these enemies.  Our attack was executed perfectly as we slaughtered the enemies again without taking any losses.  Included in these casualties was Twinkle (AKA Speed) and his dragon (which he had attacked OPP members with).  Here was the ICQ chat log that followed a blue Twinkle/Speed threatening to hack me:




UR an asshole jackal


u gate in and ur guild attacks me twice, so we gate in and fight...
then u come back and threaten to hack me..
now u want to be friends?





i want it now
jackal all my shit i didnt have much
but its sign of respect
i really dont want to mess with ur account


u want ur comp to shut down in about min 
in ur little war and they rape u
answer me now


still got it
bye bye


don't start doing illegal things because i promise you will be fully investigated which is something not worth doing over a game...


been there done that
all asked is for my stuff back 
im35 yrs old
been compd for 15 yrs


thats fine if thats where u want to be...
i was attacked by ur guild when u gated in twice tonight both times ur dragon was orange which means u attacked people with it. Don't act all innocent


this aint a game issue no more
either u give me my shit back
which was 45 of each reg
which all i ask then go
real reason im pissed cause i tried to be friends witb u for long time


ya i was going to end the war then u declared order




so what ur saying is u want us 2 to be cool but the rest of ur guild will attack me and u and the rest of ur guild will attack my guild?
that sounds fair...



as a sign of trust and respect towards me
pay for my loss


ur guild attacked me when i was alone at wbb. I gated in OPP and u all died for it. Thats what happens live with it.


k fine
live with ur account gone
all i wanted was 3k
i have 3 mil
all i asked was for respect


u have respect but i'm not gonna ask my guys to give ur stuff back because u died...i've never once been given my stuff back by ph when i died


hope ur account makes it thru the next couple days
dont log ill cause 


sure thing have fun in jail


Interesting little conversation eh?

August 22, 2000-4:15 P.M. PST-Jackal

Beta Phase II:

Anarchy Online begins phase two which means 500 more testers.  This also means we're only one phase away from the phase that will involve 5000 people worldwide.

Did you get picked?  I somehow doubt that anyone I know got picked and instead received this swell letter:


"I am sorry, but you were not picked out for the next phase of the Anarchy Online beta test. However, there is still hope. Funcom will have several phases in the beta test. Each time we will select more people among the registered beta tester applicants. In the meantime I hope to see you on message boards, chat channels and fan sites. We appreciate all the activity in the community."


But if you did end up getting picked Email me or ICQ me please!

August 22, 2000-11:20 P.M. PST-Jackal

Official Shadowbane Website Given a Massive Facelift:

Tons of new info is available!  So rather then telling you about it go see for yourself.

Sorcery Section updated with 9 new screenshots, a new Multimedia section with short in game clips along with theme music, and a new Concept Art section with 7 new additions.

Divination Section updated with a Bestiary which contains info on monsters.

Theurgy Section updated with a list of Classes and Disciplines.



Shadowbane Official Newsletter:

The first copy of the SB newsletter was sent out today containing a basic over view of what will be talked about, info on the new dev team members, and some basic background info on SB.  If you haven't already signed up go sign up for the newsletter and keep yourself up to date.


August 21, 2000-11:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Major Website Revision:
"The relative silence was actually more due to two other issues : one, we've got a *major* site revision coming up in the next day or two, and so we've been putting off the small incremental updates in lieu of the revision; and two, we just completed a major milestone with the engine -- that results in a more playable game."

J. over at Dr Twister SB reports that in the next few days we should see a major website revision with a dump of new info at the Official SB Site.

August 20, 2000-11:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
VVV Tournament:


The VVV tournament tonight was a huge success!  Congratulations to everyone in VVV and everyone who was involved in the planning for pulling this off.  I think everyone involved had a blast (I know the OPP did).


Mage 2vs2:

Yaz/Jackal of OPP

Warrior 2vs2:

Beast/Cpt Nemo of P^O

5vs5 Mixed:

Blaze/Haze/Jackal/Orion/Yaz of OPP


Congratulations to the winners, this tournament had some stiff competition so they truly earned it.  More to come tomorrow on this: Runners up and pics of the event.

August 16, 2000-4:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
Cowards of Pacific Updated:

As stated on OPP News June 25 The Legend (TL) have acted in a cowardly fashion in the past.  After there recent declaration of Order OPP members had given TL some credit for biting the bullet and warring some big guilds.  Over the last week or so we have had several OPP vs TL clashes each ending in dead TL.  As stated on OriMag TL has obvious respect for OPP regardless of numbers.  Personally I had been ressing and gating TL members out of battles.  Several times even returning loot and saving horses.  I have had several 1 vs 1s with the GM of TL: Sephiroth, which he fought most of the time without recalling.  After every 1 vs1 with Seph I ressed, healed, saved his horse, and gated out (I also left most of the loot).  This brings us to today where a red OPP member was being res killed in Bucs by TL (note the people ressing were never attacked even though they were flagged).  I came in and quickly dispatched 2 TL.  They continued to come back and attack new ressed with newbie knives and other "blessed" weapons.  Seph then recalled in along with Cid something of VVV.  The fight continued in my favor with them running the majority of the time even though Link (on Flint Fireforge) was blue healing.  Then Link switched accounts and joined the fight new ressed with a spear and bandages (I had killed him a few minutes before I went to Bucs).  More and more TL gated in to fight along with the new ressed warriors, Cid, and Seph.  I started moving around and trying to separate them which worked several times but as soon as I started to cast they would run back to the group or to the sever boundary (and then go back and forth so to avoid me).  Finally after about 20 minutes of this my horse got fatigued and I got boxed and killed by 6 TL (my first death to TL ever).  Several racial slurs and comments were made after I died.  I was called a "newbie" and Seph quickly killed my horse.  I was then followed to the healers and res killed repeatedly while being cussing out.  I guess this goes to show what I get for giving these cowards the benefit of the doubt.  It is very clear that they are complete and utter lamers who deserve nothing from OPP.  From now on all TL members will be killed on site, hunted down to there homes, and all horses/aids will be killed.  I extend myself to people but I do not tolerate this type of cowardly behavior after everything I had done for TL.  TL prepare to feel the true wrath of OPP and all it's resources.

August 1
5, 2000-10:30 A.M. PST-Jackal
Beta Beta Beta Beta!

"The external beta test will be executed in four phases. The first phase, being presently launched, involves a limited number of external testers. As the beta test progress, more testers will be accepted to the playing field. In the forth and final phase, thousands of gamers will take part to test game functionality and server scalability and redundancy during massive pressure. Funcom will involve the community in every part of the beta test because of their unique experience with these types of games."

Although the first phase is limited to people in Scandinavia at least we have a new hope out there.  They are still planning on a Winter 2000 release so watch this one closely!  Things should be moving along fairly fast.

More Info

August 1
5, 2000-10:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
What Happened to Jackals First Round Match?

Link's Sign Up Form to DP Tournament Last Week:

Name: Flint Fireforge
Guild: TDP
ICQ: ********
Email: *********
Type: Mage
Action: Submit
oh god give me Jackel

Link/Flintfireforge is put up against Jackal of OPP first round.  Link ICQs Richard Nixon the Night Before the Tournament:


"wanna post pone tornie til saturday -_-"

"lol if i did there'd be 30 pissed off peeps."

"lol well my uoa seems to not want to load for me.......
lol jackel is pretty good and i don't think i stand a chance without uoa hehe
i get new comp saturday hopefully hehe"

"lol you'll do just fine!!!"


"ill still come if i don't have it can't mess up tornie hehe"

"rich let blackmoon take my place
even though i have something to prove to jackel proving it won't come with me and no uoa ill come to the tornie still and watch black or u can go with my plan and postpone it muha ........
he also has something to show jackel like i do so i decided id let him take my place"

"aight what's the name of the character replacing you? and what guild is he from."

"Sir Blackmoon

"Ok Now u got it :)"

UOA problems?  Ya ok...  So Blackmoon steps in and fights me first round only to break tourney rules by drinking more then the allowed amount of potions to avoid death.  Blackmoon is given a second chance in the tourney and looses again.  Shortly after this Link, Blackmoon, and several others jump the tourney.  After the initial attack Link is killed by disgruntled tourney participants.  Meanwhile Blackmoon is hunted down by OPP members.  Minsc and other TDP tourney jumpers make a quick exit to avoid death.  I've heard a lot of talk about what "really" happened.  Well there you have it.

August 11, 2000-11:50 P.M. PST-Jackal
Tournament of Champions:
Tonight's tourney started out fine with dueling down the posted brackets. There were several interruptions mostly from sore losers who obviously couldn't handle the rules (the rules were clearly posted). After the TDP rejects (since TDP is dead) lost their duels along with Sir Blackmoon (who was disqualified once because he was drinking to many potions then given a second chance and lost the again this time he just got dropped) started attacking the duelers and flagged participants. We all know what type of people these folks are and it has become pretty clear to me that they no longer want to be any part of any events run by the Pacific community. I urge everyone when planning events to take these cowards into consideration. On a good note the tourney was moved continued (some people just left so it was not a full field). The event was won by Stormbringer of TSL with Yaz of OPP in second and Joe and myself in 3rd (since we didn't duel to determine third and forth). Even with the few problems the event went over well and I hope DP chooses to continue these tourneys on a monthly basis. While on the subject of Tourneys I would like to announce that OPP will be putting together a 2 vs 2 tournament sometime in the near future. This event will be very well organized and very closely guarded. Everyone except the above mentioned and the people listed here will be allowed to take part. I'm thinking that we'll probably go with a field of 8 teams of 2. Official sign up will be posted sometime later this week or next week but I would like to invite the top guilds on Pacific to send a team. You can e-mail me now to get yourselves on the list ahead of time (if I decide your guild is one of the top guilds).

August 11, 2000-11:50 A.M. PST-Jackal
Crest Interface:
Wolfpack has released a few screenshots of what the customizable guild crests will look like. You can get a pretty good idea how it will all work by these.
Stratics Pic 1
Stratics Pic 2
LumCorps Pics

August 11, 2000-11:50 A.M. PST-Jackal
Tournament of Champions Tonight:
The Tournament of Champions is tonight at 8 PM PST. More News to come tonight or tommarow on the winners.

August 10, 2000-1:20 P.M. PST-Jackal
Cowards of Pacific Updated:
I added Danny to the cowards page some time ago after he offered to duel me then tried to get his friends to jump me (there were also about 100 other times he did cowardly things but that was the single thing that got him up there). Just recently Danny and 3 of his friends tried jumping me in Deceit only to end up getting killed by Terak. Afterward Danny logged on his other character and started talking extraordinary amounts of trash about Terak, OPP, and myself. He then refused a 1vs 1, 2vs 2, and guild war claiming he was "lagged". So the next day (yesterday) Terak saw Danny in Deceit and Danny began mouthing off (again) and of course Terak offered him another duel. Obviously Danny didn't want to look like a complete idiot in public so he accepted and was gated to Terak's Tower with a friend where I met them to watch and make sure his friend didn't jump in (like the last few times I tried dueling Danny). Here are a few choice quotes from the conversation that followed:

"like i can trust you"

"the minute i go grey 10 of your friends can recall in"

"i am laggin"

"this is lame"

"he can recall back anytime"
After basically royally pussing out of the duel we followed Danny through his gate and he continued his verbal assault on Terak calling his mother a "retarded munchkin" and other flavorful insults. It's pretty clear what Danny really wanted: he wanted Terak alone with him and his friend so he could jump him. As soon as he realized it would be 2 Vs 2 (if anyone jumped in) he got scared and left.

Tournament of Champions Bracket Posted:
The Tournament of Champions bracket is now up on the The Dead Presidents webpage.
Go check it out

August 7, 2000-11:50 A.M. PST-Jackal
Tournament of Champions
The Dead Presidents are holding a tournament Friday, August 11 at 8:00PM PST. I can guarantee this tournament will be highly organized and tons of fun. I hope everyone who is even remotely interested signs up and shows for this event.
Tournament of Champions

Ultima Online World Faire
Come join friends from around the world at the Ultima Online World Faire! Join us in Austin, Texas on November 10 - 11, 2000 for an exciting two-day opportunity to meet and mingle with friends and UO staff members under the Texas sky. Space is limited, and early registration is now open!
-Meet and speak with the Ultima Online team -See an exclusive premiere of the future of Ultima Online
-Enjoy an exclusive peek at Ultima Worlds Online: ORIGIN
-Take part in over 50 informative Panels, Workshops, and Roundtables
-Explore a Renaissance Village of Vendors with exclusive Ultima Online merchandise and more
-Take part in a fantasy art show and charity auction
-Raise your glass at one of two special Happy Hour events
-And most important of all, gather together with thousands of Ultima Online players from around the world!
Registration is now open! Act early to get the best price, and as a special bonus, we'll personalize your commemorative World Faire badge with a portrait of your Ultima Online character!
$125.00 - Early Registration (through Aug. 31)
$160.00 - Main Registration (Sept. 1 - 30)
$200.00 - Late Registration (Oct. 1 - Nov. 11)
Ultime Online World Faire 2000

I pity anyone that is interested in this. Even if you were to sign up right now it would cost 125$ plus travel and lodging! We're talking 500+ dollars to go to a meeting of people (who frankly scare me in game and god knows I would seriously be scared to meet a lot of them in RL. I think just about everyone sees people that they would consider "unstable" on a daily basis in UO. I somehow doubt these people "role-play" an unstable fuck up, sorry) and OSI slaves where they will try to rob you blind while they sell you on "the future of UO". WHAT FUTURE OF UO? Am I the only one that wishes these idiots would pull their heads out of their asses for a second and look around? Their is a mass exodus from UO happening right now, the server stability is more of a mess then it ever has been, and there are massive cheats being exploited on a daily basis. I can't imagine this "World Faire" being anything except a huge bust. Is it possible to milk a game anymore then OSI has done to UO?

August 3, 2000-10:50 A.M. PST-Jackal
TBH Tournament:
The TBH sponsored tourney Saturday night was a complete success other then a few expected delays (like always happens with mass groupings of people). The tourney was double elimination 1vs 1 which although it took longer was better in the end because it helped cut down on the "luck kills" that occur with the screwy luck based OSI PvP system. There were several other sections of fighting but I'm not sure how they ended (sorry). However Veracho of OPP won the Mage 1 vs 1's with myself in second place. Thanks to all TBH and everyone that put time and effort into setting this up. Special thanks to Moraine of TBH for being the lead organizer ad getting everyone there ready to fight (so many tournaments never get started because of all the confusion).

OPP Recruiting:
Given the fact that Factions do actually exist, DiabloII sucks, and Anarchy Online Beta has been delayed indefinitely OPP will be re-opening recruiting. This does not mean you get to flood my Email with things like "I have a 2x GM warrior and want to join". I want people who are fully prepared to fight all out war outnumbered with no back up all day. If that sounds too harsh then don't bother emailing me. When you join OPP u do so with all your charcs (I am going to be very careful about letting warriors in so if that's what u want to do you had better be very talented). Our plan is to have a good/active squad ready for factions.

August 3, 2000-10:50 A.M. PST-Jackal
WTF am I Grey? How did I take a Murder Count? WTF did I get Guard Killed?
Yes that's right our genius leaders over at OSI have managed to put in a buggy ass looting system that manages to turn you Grey, get you guard killed, and give murder counts!
Want more Info on this Mess?

Click Here for Other Proposed Changes

August 2, 2000-1:20 P.M. PST-Jackal
The Wonderful World of Factions:
The Test Faction server is up and lagging. Basically it's a huge guild war; I have yet to find any purpose behind the mass slaughter of enemy factions. So again the problem is "why should I join a faction?" If you drop by the COB Development Board there are countless suggestions about how to make this system better but here are mine. I figure there are 3 types of people in UO:
-Money/loot hoarders
-Hardcore PvPers
-Non PvPers

I think all of these people could enjoy factions if they were done right. Factions just need to be more elaborate and need perks for each type of person.

-I think there should be some system of gold distribution for holding a town: Make the NPCs killable to other factions members (so holding the town would mean defending everyone in it) and make a daily payment to every faction member that logged in for each NPC that is alive. Or Make something like 1-5% of all town revenues everyday goes to each member of the faction holding that town (that way it would be worth it to add vendors and make prices cheaper). Or do both.
-The Hardcore PvPers are easy to please because they will join factions just for the fights.
-I'm not really sure how to please the tavern owner/non pvper type (since all I ever see them do is bitch and complain about everything) but I have a few ideas: Make the political and military part of the faction stone more complicated so the people involved will have to think and take some time doing their job. Make towns very secure so it will take a very large organized attack (NO GATES OR RECALL INTO FACTION TOWNS!) to take it back that way they could do there thing without being constantly bothered by hit and runs.

Mainly I would just like to see Factions as complicated as possible. I would love to see some sort of a rule put in so that everyone in UO would have to join a faction so when they came to Fel they would be orange (to avoid blues getting in the way). I would also like to see dungeons part of factions. It would be cool if each faction was neutral to a certain type of monster:
-Shadowlords = undead monsters (deceit)
-Councel of Mages = elementals and npc mages (shame)
-Minax = dragons and drakes (destard)
-LBs Guards = orcs, orges, trolls, and ettins (wrong)
Then remove all non-faction monsters from the above dungeons (rats, snakes, scorpions, and other useless monsters). These same monsters could spawn all around each factions stone. That way each faction would always have somewhere to go that was relatively safe. Remove all animals, monsters, and reg spawns from anywhere except dungeons (the necro dungeon and orc forts would keep spawns). You would not be able to attack your own faction's monsters (so people wouldn't use spies. If you need money go to Tram). If the whole world were one big platform for factions it would make factions huge and epic. All towns should be faction towns (even Cove)! The only way Factions will work is if it involves everyone and everything in Fel.

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