August 17, 2002-4:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
The Dust Settles...
The dust has settled on a new era of UO and things are going well. We now have Fel people playing UO again as well as Trammys coming over. A closed community that was brainwashed for years is finally starting to open up to new ideas and challenges. Unfortunately, all is not by any means perfect. There's still some major balancing problems in the current system.

One major problem is undoing all the brainwashing that has gone on for the last 4 years. "Reds are evil, they eat their own children and worship monkeys, they kill you just to talk trash, they're grief players and should be punished!" etc etc...The fact of the matter is a certain segment of the online player base are idiots. They're red, blue, green, and orange!

Therefore, when patching the Dev team can't just fix the mistakes of their misguided predecessors. They have to ease into things which is hanging Reds out to dry and making powerscrolls easier to get then something Shinny in Trammel. There really isn't much challenge to going to a dungeon and standing there for 10 minutes, is there? Sure, your chances suck because there's 60 other blues in the area but you have nothing to lose. You don't even have to cast one spell and you may get a scroll. There's no risk of reds because there's blues coming into the dungeon faster then reds can kill them off. So a random blue can just stand at a spawn and watch the scrolls fall from the sky, weeee. If nothing happens soon, this will continue and scrolls will be become worthless.

Rather then going over what should be done again I think it's important to look at what's happening here on Pacific. The whole PvP community has been tossed on their heads with no sense of what's going on. Many people who were from Trammel with the greed mindset PvPed to gain wealth. They would run, hide, and only gank to increase their riches and they continue to do so today. Others were looking for purpose and either play a true anti or evil character now. While others just want to kill everyone in sight, but can't support their desires so they run around half equipped opportunist PeeKaying! Factions is dead for a number of reasons, first and fore-most guild consolidation and massive gank squads. How can a new player hope to compete when they face alliances of 5+ guilds who refuse to log in alone or fight 1vs1s? How can a skill-less guild get their members to continue to fight when all they achieve is death? They can't, so they either try for a few days and fail or never try at all. Big Order vs. Chaos guild are all but non-existent as most have moved to camping spawns on a blue all day to get scrolls and gank reds. Why risk stat loss or losing your loot when you can just play a blue, get scrolls, and mass gank reds? That's Trammy paradise right there.

Most guilds have chosen to stay blue because it's easier and you get more stuff (Trammel Raised Folks). Long standing Anti guilds like KGB have gained more then 6x their previous membership under the new rules. Evil guilds like FL have also done well recruiting a large number of Evil players. The SL horde has also gained momentum by become a big anti force (ironic isn't it?) at spawns, usually trying to grief the reds so they can get their loot. TB guilds have even made a bit of an appearance in this whole mess playing their faction characters at spawns. The majority of the big Trammel guilds seem to be uninvolved at this point content buying scrolls from price gauging salesmen.

Thus far both the Anti-Red and Red communities seem to be working well together. Although Reds are usually so hopelessly outnumbered it doesn't matter. Some spawns have as many as 150 people come in and out during their duration. To this point it hasn't been possible for any group of reds to control a popular area during prime time. This is mainly due to the fact that the majority of the faction community stayed blue and is now working with Antis and Spawn monkeys to pretty much grief Reds. I say grief because generally they don't kill reds to defend the spawn or innocents. Their motivations tend to be loot and bragging rights which will keep them on whatever side happens to be bigger and stronger at any given moment. I believe that the vast numbers difference between reds and blues will even out as more Trammys get used to PvP and the Dev Team balances out miscalculations in their thinking.

At this point spawn campers and antis have a huge advantage in scroll gathering. The most accessible dungeons are the most popular as not too many spawns are completed in T2A. To my knowledge the Harrower has only been spawned three times since no one even bothers to go to do Oaks Spawn. Factions have dried up and only consist of yew gate fighting and random SL gank force that sometimes gives Minax a group to fight. Order vs. Chaos has also died off a bit but still has a few active people that keep things interesting.

The Guild Front:
OPP is currently in the process of updating out Guild Information and revamping our Recruitment again. We hope to have some new ideas in place soon that will make our current system more Publish 16 friendly. As a reminder we still have the OCC Minax stone for people looking to get in with the core Minax group quickly. nBc is holding down the Minax front pretty strong as OPP does more and more Dungeon PKing. TBH is also back to some degree with a handful of returning players. In conjunction with other GMs I hope to put together some sort of Red alliance that can make a real impact on this shard. So keep checking back for updated information. It will be changing on a daily basis until we've completed our plans.

August 6, 2002-1:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
The Return of Justice:
From time to time the brave and skilled warriors who rule worlds need a wake up call. The big Trammel guilds give us exactly what we feed on. These greedy haters motivate us to stay ready for all out war...Days when the blood of cowards flows like rivers back to Trammel, from where they came. Those of you that play Red characters have a quality that no blue will ever understand. You see what I'm getting at here, but for the others...the ones from Trammel, I must explain.

Since all reds who are killed are gated to Chaos Shrine, we spend some time everyday in control of that area gating people out. Why can't reds just res and recall away like a blue who is killed in a dungeon? Because honorless guilds like GoL camp the Chaos Shrine killing new res Red Players! No, they don't actually go to dungeons and kill equipped reds and they certainly don't have reds characters of their own (Maybe they have tried, but going red involves killing people who are equipped so that counts their little rabble out). I assume they partake in these activities to raise their justice so they can gather better scrolls and add to their gold stacks back in Trammel. We see them quite frequently at champion spawns, although it seems to be their backs that we see. They always end up face planted as they try to run away and believe it or not that furthers my point. I have yet to actually be attacked by a GoL anywhere except chaos shrine when I'm new ressed. When I'm new ressed? Yah, if I go on my red when I'm equipped they avoid me. If I bring a thief and steal from them then they still won't attack me. They just tend to spam out some pointless trash and run away. Starting to catch on?

The thing that is ironic about this example of typical Trammel behavior in Feluccia is how they speak out against these same things when they happen to them. If you go read Trammel Guild Forums *edit* there was a great post where a number of ranking GoL were cussing and spamming RL insults at Dracus when he asked for war but they deleted it when i linked it=\ edit* or the UO Forums you will see complaint after complaint from Trammel players about griefers, exploiters, res killers, dry looters, horse killers, etc. Stuff like: "Reds deserve stat loss because they murder other players" and "Reds only target players who are hurt from fighting monsters". These comments from the same players who will avoid retribution at all costs, the same players who camp chaos shrine for easy kills and good loot, the same players who explioted short term murder bugs, the same players who continue to expliot gate bugs to get back in dungeons ahead of their timer, and the same players who are the first to spam out some idiotic remark as they flee in fear.

This is the common ground that sets the two major play styles apart. People say there is no motivation to go red and kill at dungeons. After all, you're grossly outnumbered fighting people who have every possible advantage, right? If you ask me or any other OPP we'll tell you we would have it no other way. The fact that the odds are against us is what makes things interesting...Toss in a chance to see a dungeon full of corpses (corpses of people who represent the greedy hypocritical attitude that we resent so much) and we're there all night hunting! People like us aren't motivated by greed. We're motivated by the common belief that people like GoL should be punished for their actions. OPP represents Justice in a world populated by cowards and fiends who would backstab their own brother to further their own goals.

To these so called Guardians of Light and all those like them. Be very scarred...cower in the safety of your Trammel homes knowing and waiting for that fateful day that will come once more. The older ones remember what happens when you cross us and step beyond the confines of your Trammel prison into our world where all your wealth can't protect you from us.
Your Day Is Near...

August 1, 2002-2:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
OPP vs. Reds?:
OPP will not attack reds unless we are guarding an area or consider you a threat. Obviously this policy is open ended and up to each individual member to figure out. The impact of this change is simple really. OPP members will not gun for reds unless we're forced to. With this change we hope that other red players will realize that this kind of thing is generalized and if either side holds grudges it won't work. We're actually fighting for something other then ourselves now.

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