September 30, 2000-1:40 P.M. PST-Jackal

Want Horizons Info?

I put a few links together to help organize the info about this game.  Most of this stuff is from Horizons Vault and Dr Twisters Horizons.  They seem to be the most organized and they seem to have the most info.

The World of Istaria (regions map) (area map)

Cities (size & race)

Monster Info

Race Info (race relations)



Trade Skills

Screenshots (concept art) (architecture)


September 30, 2000-12:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Horizons News

Horizons will now be covered here at the request of viewers.  If you haven't been to the Official Horizons Site yet it's worth a look.  The Links Section has been updated with all the Horizons links you will need.

September 29, 2000-2:55 P.M. PST-Jackal


When I got word that the SB beta was close and confirmations were out I got really excited and checked my email.  I had gotten no word so I began looking into the reasons why.  Apparently there was a problem and some people who had been signed up didn't get accounts.  This problem was supposed to be solved but still hasn't.  I Emailed Ashen (SB staff) and received some BS thing about how I had never signed up for beta and he made up some info about my registration to the Dev Board.  Again, I find myself so incredibly disappointed with another gaming company.  I haven't logged into UO since Sunday and I see no reason too.  I see UO in SB now and I can't tell everyone how disappointed I am.  I really thought SB would be different.  I really...really did.  Being the trusting moron I am I still have hope that the SB staff can solve this but I also find myself thinking they won't (I guess I'm used to being fucked over by these money grubbing companies).  After being screwed over so many times by Origin I refuse to put up with it anymore.  Why do these damn gaming companies think we are here for them to kick around and stomp on?  I guess it's the American way to rip people off and laugh in their face.  No one likes being lied too and I simply feel used because I had been supporting Shadowbane as much as humanly possible.  I can't even count the number of people I sent to the SB website for the first time (from this site, ICQ, IRC, in UO, and various gaming message board).  Isn't there an old saying "never bite the hand that feeds you"?  I guess none of these people have ever heard that one.  I still hope that Wolfpack can turn it around and make SB a great experience for people but before that can happen they need to learn that customer support comes before anything else.

September 26, 2000-11:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Beta!  Beta!  Beta!

You heard right, the long awaited Shadowbane beta seems to be within reach.  Beta confirmations were sent out today along with the release of the Confessor and Crusader Classes.  If you haven't been keeping up with all the recent developments now would be a great time to drop by the SB website and see what is new.

SB News*updated*

Class List*updated*

Disciplines List*updated*

September 25, 2000-2:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

What Happened to The Green Horde [GH]?

Chat Log Between an OPP member and Nose Goblin GM of GH:

Nose Goblin/Sir Josh


"What happened to GH?"


"not much just no war...hehe"


"whyd u drop all the wars?"


"dont feel liek getitng raped 24/7"


Do to GH dropping all wars and Speed of PH quitting (then rejoining) UO DP has jumped up to number one on the war list.



Update on September 24 News Regarding Skin/Lazurus:

It would appear that he has actually gotten several people wrongly banned for harassment and macroing.  Apparently he has been camping peoples house looking for macroers (macroing and harassment aren't a legit reason to ban anyone, actually you should be banned for reporting someone of either).  It's pretty sad when someone has to go to these extremes to take things out of game because he can't handle himself in game.



Recent Victories:

Amazing Midget Circus

The Artist Collective

Choatic Horde

Defenders of the Dragon Knights

The False Prophet

A Fire Inside

The Green Horde

HapPy LiL KilLeRs

Knights of the Black Rose

Rest In Peace

The Superfriends

September 24, 2000-8:25 P.M. PST-Jackal

OPP on DP?

Yes it's true OPP is currently on the Dead Presidents stone.  Those of you that are warring DP and are complaining I only have one thing to say, to damn bad.  There are literally hordes of 10+ attacking DP all day.  Most of the time there is 2-3 of these groups out looking for them.  Uhh...Ohh...A handful of OPP on the DP stone is going to make the odds more like 9 to 1 rather then 10 to 1 better run and hide!  Stop complaining, don't undeclare, and war, you all still have a huge advantage.  If you can't handle this what are you going to do in factions?

Grin and Bear It

September 24, 2000-1:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Taking a Game to Seriously:

Is it going to far when you start trying to get people banned when they have done nothing wrong?  Hell yah, but Skin seems to think he should waste GMs time with pointless crying because he was picked on and PKed.  I don't know if he has actually gotten anyone banned but this is just another example of someone taking UO WAY to seriously.  UO is a game people, just relax and have fun.  If someone PKs you and makes fun of you seek revenge IN GAME!

Chat Log 1

Chat Log 2

September 23, 2000-12:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Jackal kills me so he sux dood:

"I was in deceit yesterday on my newbie and I watched Jackal kill like 6 people in a row. He did the same thing everytime, and when the most minor damage was presented upon him, he ran like lightning, and came back a second later..tries offensive, repeat. What blows my mind is how people can die to him. He does the same thing everytime. If anything at all, the fight should be a draw, or if you can kill him before he runs away. Jackal, and his guild, have NEVER been a threat, and have never been a factor on this shard. Until now, where they have actually not earned, but self proclaimed dominance. Which still has nto happened. I would not even rank Jackal in the top 30 of all time pvpers. Nor his guild in the top 10. Its really funny how he claims to have victory over all major guilds on the shard..when as a matter of fact, each and every single guild war OPP ever had, OPP was literally CRUSHED into the ground, without question. It was not until OPP diminished, and the bigger guilds moved on to other things, undeclare, and Jackal would claim victory. Then, when 99% of the shards pvpers leave, he claims to own the whole shard. I just wanted ppl, and Jackal to know, that I have no respect for him; other than the fact that he DOES have balls. When the game requires no pvp prowess is when you come out of the shadows, sporting your 5ms ping, your fully stocked keg of potions, and your repetative pvp tactics."


Original Post


Pretty damn rude ehh?  Considering I've beaten Proudmore pre-patch, post-patch, and post UO:R I'm not exactly sure why he would talk (other then I assume he is saying he is actually worse then all the things he says about me).  Hell, I don't even remember what he is talking about since I pretty much kill people non stop when I'm at Deceit.  But the fact of the matter is no one in Deceit ever fights alone.  So lets just assume it was 2vs1 (which it probably was more or 6vs1 like he said) and I was running around casting and moving.  Or maybe I just turned and ran for it while still managing to kill them all with fireballs from my ass as I ran away? Is it somehow cowardly to try to separate and confuse your enemies so you can get a decent combo off?  People have been doing this since day one, the entire guild of NC was based on this tactic alone.  I don't see Proudmore insulting them do you?  Or maybe he's just trying a little pointless slander because he is jealous.  OPP has never been a threat?  OPP has been involved in every major war on Pacific.  We openly declared war on both PGCs and both times we were ignored and had to stone hop (but hey we sucked, right?).  You can argue that KGB, D&S, TDP all left but I'll argue that they left because they were getting their asses kicked on a daily basis (and they were, see my post below about people leaving UO for a week to end wars and save face).  I would love to hear what guild ever crushed OPP by themselves (SM is the only one that defeated us alone).  I have never and nor will I ever claim OPP or myself are the best at anything (more pointless slander).  I suppose when I used to sit in Shame on my Dread Lord that I was hiding in the "shadows" and when I used to sit in the duel room I was hiding in the "shadows", and now that I finally have a ping better then 250 and an open declaration on every non ally on the shard OPP and myself are just "hiding in the shadows".  Proudmore get a clue, if you want to insult me or OPP feel free but don't start making up facts or lying about the past.  I thought you were above that.

September 22, 2000-8:35 A.M. PST-Jackal

"I Count on Luck"

I've heard so many idiotic arguments about all the amazing skill it takes to play a townie.  I'm disgusted with almost everyone in UO.  They're either ignorant newbies who think they know everything or trash talking dumb asses like TDP who wouldn't even have a clue if it was handed to them.  It's gotten to the point that not a single person or guild in UO will fight OPP.  Yet somehow we always have oranges and wars.  I'll run up on a group of 5 oranges and they run and hide or recall.  This happens everyday over and over.  So OPP is forced to travel in groups and use lame tactics to stop everyone from running from us (which isn't at all fun).  When we kill them with numbers while they're running for their lives or trying to recall we become "gangers" yet when we fight outnumbered and die were "owned".  Then every blue in Britannia has this incessant annoying need to help anyone we fight while calling us "lame newbies".  There is a definite difference in attitude between types of charcs:


-Tamers are generally conceited pricks who talk endless trash about how godly they are (when its actually a massively unbalanced dev team fuck up which enables them to control godly NPCs).


-Townies talk endless shit and do everything possible to make themselves hypocrites (it's like they enjoy knowing they are completely full of shit).


-Mages are often trash talking runners who spend most of there time casting mindblast/poison over and over (although I find more decent people to be mages then any other group).


I deal with tamers and mages ok because I'm usually fast enough to out run dragons and keep up with marathon running mages.  The thing that pisses me off is townies.  They sit at town borders cussing and talking trash.  They stand outside the healers res killing and laughing.  They grab a sword and 2 bandages and then call you a res killer when you kill them before they can get to a bank.  They visit msg boards multiple times a day bragging about how godly they are when they get a kill (given their kill ratio is usually about 1 to 50).  They run around spamming 1vs1 but won't fight out of town and consider running a valid 1vs1 tactic. They consider summon demon, paralyze, and e-field "lame ass newbie" spells.  Then they have to nerve to say things like "I own you" when they got a luck kill (yes every legit kill a townie gets is based on pure luck and speed).  It takes about 4 macros to play a townie (heal self, drink GH, drink GC, drink TR).  They have no limitations and cost nothing to play.  They simply follow people around in attack mode.


"hmm...last time I checked I push as many macro buttons as the toughest of tough mages...Feeble, poison, mindblast, heal?"

-Cpt Nemo of (guild of the week)


I would love to hear exactly how a townie hits as many macros and manages  stats constantly like a mage does.  Ok so lets give Nemo the benefit of the doubt and say he hits a total of 7 different macros in a fight (which I seriously doubt he does).  In the average fight I'll hit more then 20 different macros while watching my health (sorry I can't just hit a heal macro and keep running around fighting), mana (yes mages have to worry about mana, which there is no potion for), and trying to get spells off in the right order to kill the enemy before they start running (since townies can heal as they run for their life).  Meanwhile a townie is simply following me around in auto attack and making sure they keep their heal up every 15 seconds.  Is it harder to stand next to someone and hope for a random (luck based) "special" hit or to cast various combinations of spells based on about 10 different factors (which you have about half a second to evaluate or you die) while being disrupted by the guy standing next to you (who is probably reading the newspaper while his charc is on auto follow and auto attack).  Anyone who says a dex gimp takes skill is a complete clueless fool.  They were put in by OSI for the average idiot who was to lazy to work up a real charc or didn't have the mental capacity to play one.

September 20, 2000-12:15 A.M. PST-Jackal


"After days of not seeing any action with the TSL war, I have ended it. They can talk all the shit they want, and I am sure they will, but anyone who was involve knows the lack of action was really beginning to bore everyone. Simple fact that TSL would hide all day long till we all log before they show up. Dr$ is a warring guild not a camping one. I rather have us warring someone than waiting around for our enemies to have enough courage to log on. TSL war had it high point, but in the last few days they have proven how tough they are when facing multiple enemies. I have delcared on them as soon as I undeclared giving them a chance to redeclare if they chose to continue the fighting, but after a whole day and night of them hiding in tower even after the war has ended, it is clear they do not wish to war us any further, knowing exactly what will happen again."

"Now that TSL war is over, I'm moving on to TBH war. I have removed all members from the stone cuz of many reasons. One being faction, another being that many members were only on board to fight TSL. DF has an agreement to leave Dr$ once the war is over and this was the best way to do it. I'll be re adding people to the stone who wish to fight TBH. Faction is about 2 weeks away, so this will prolly be the last war we'll have till warring changes forever. I've sent the declaration and have waited for TBH to accept, but thye have not done so yet. I do not know why, but hope they do so soon."


This is another perfect example of a guild losing control of their membership and being forced to declare an "undeclare victory" before their guild begins to fall.  Frim did do one of the best jobs of this that I have ever seen at undeclaring and making it look like a win by dumping his membership leaving no trace of what was really going on.  In the end did TSL win?  Yes, DRS undeclared.  There is always an argument for both sides and in the end it comes down to why the war ended (DRS undeclared).  Apparently DRS will be warring TBH now while again ignoring OPP.  I have gotten a few reports that DRS will war OPP but all my posts and requests have been ignored by DRS leadership.  War us or not, OPP will be involved in this war.  Make it easier on all of us and declare war on us.  Or maybe DRS is just like every other guild that starts trash they can't handle.

September 20, 2000-12:15 A.M. PST-Jackal


I just heard that DRS undeclared TSL.  No clue why this would happen but I also heard DRS undeclared DP.  No idea what is true and what is not and I don't have any time tonight so stay tuned for an update on this tomorrow when I have time.

September 18, 2000-1:15 P.M. PST-Jackal

Message Board Tough Guys:

Seems everyone always wants to take a few shots at OPP:


"I'm also waiting with baited breath to hear how Jackal somehow tries to justify selling out his allies like this to guild values and people he trashes all over his page."



"Quite the situation we have here. OPP caves to the demands of DF, undeclaring against OPP and cowering in the corner."



Why exactly would OPP jump in to kill DF for TSL?  Both are allies.  Although by slandering OPP you have certainly made me want to help whoever is killing you.


"Nur stays with us til we win or we die, he isn't Cpt. recall Jackal is"

-Masaharu of VVV


"We undeclared on opp because we never ever saw any of them during the week."

-En Sabah Nur of VVV


War us or STFU.  You people backed out of the war because you were getting killed.  It's that simple.  Masaharu I'll be glad to duel you anytime and I would love to hear about all these times I've recalled..



TL Disbands:

The Legend disbanded as of September 17.



OPP Meeting:

OPP held an allies/faction meeting yesterday which didn't produce any real solutions but did get the ball rolling.  Hopefully in the next few days things will be solved and those solutions will be posted here.



Members, Links, Info & Joining, Cowards of Pacific, Major Victories Sections Updated

September 14, 2000-11:15 A.M. PST-Jackal

OPP Joins War Against DRS:

A few members of OPP have joined the TBH stone since DRS has refused to war our main stone.  Sorry DRS, you started this war and now you will have to fight it.  Refusing to declare back isn't going to save you.  I had heard comments about blue healing being a serious problem in this war up to this point.  I had dismissed those comments until last night.  In every fight the blues literally outnumbered the oranges.  I am immediately reminded of HH as all we saw was new ressed townies with duped blessed vanqus and blue mages.  I won't get into the specifics but OPP will be handling this conflict very much like we did the HH war.  If DRS continues to use dupe bugs and blue healers we will counter with the proper and most efficient responses.

EEEPP!  Help me blues! Look Frim only has 3 blue healers right here.

September 13, 2000-1:15 A.M. PST-Jackal

DRS War Stands, OPP officially drops all ties with DRS:

Do to the constant (I mean constant/hourly) attacks by DRS on OPP it is necessary to take action.  The OPP war declaration stands and I retract my last statement of looking for a peaceful resolution.  DRS has proven that they want no resolution to these problems.  I have piles of reports of DRS members talking behind our backs, added to the blue healing of OPP oranges, and outright attacks on OPP.  I have received no word from DRS leadership (if there is any) seeking any type of peace.  So as of now OPP will be fully involved in the battle to rid Pacific of DRS.  Any person on the DRS stone will be considered an enemy of OPP.  I hope our friends that are still on that stone understand what is going on.  We no longer have any choice in this matter.

September 11, 2000-12:35 A.M. PST-Jackal

OPP and our Allies going into Factions:

As a preparation for Factions OPP will be reviewing all alliances.  Several OPP allied guilds have recently made changes that the OPP membership does not agree with.  From this day on OPP will have no unlisted friends or alliances.  If you aren't listed on our allies list you can go ahead and consider yourself an enemy (as OPP has no need to keep unallied friends).  I have a long list of current and proposed alliances that I will be looking through very carefully.  If you feel like your guild may or should be on this list and have something to say either email me or use the public forum.  However, this doesn't mean all alliances will be reviewed (since a few of the older alliances are set in stone).  OPP preparations for factions are nearly complete.  We will be fully prepared the day factions hit.


As many of you know there has never been an OPP/DRS alliance.  In the past my opinion of this guild has been somewhat low to say the least.  During the VVV/DRS war OPP and DF members joined that stone (which at the time had a membership of less then 5).  When the TSL/DRS war started OPP was forced to take seat and watch do to our somewhat long standing alliance with TSL and our good DF friends on the DRS stone.  At the time it was my view that TSL was at war with a second rate DF stone (the majority of the DRS membership was made up of third or forth DF charcs).  As the war has progressed DRS has suddenly taken on their own identity.  Which at first seemed rather refreshing.  Soon DRS pushed membership up over 60.  Do to the DRS mass recruiting OPP has watched members of TDP, P^H, and other assorted Order join DRS and proceed to start trouble and act like complete idiots.  In the last week alone there has been more then two dozen reported incidents between OPP and DRS members.  Each started by DRS.   This has boiled over to DRS members outright attacking OPP and making ridiculous claims.  The current situation is unacceptable and after the last incident with TDP( DRS) members I chose to declare war to get some attention. OPP does not plan on actually warring DRS but we will take any action necessary to safe-guard our well being.  We don't like being threatened nor do we tolerate being attacked.  Since I have no way of contacting or even knowing who the current leader of DRS is I chose to use this page to let everyone know what is going on.  OPP is to consider DRS a threat although do to the DF still on the DRS stone we will still not take a stand in the TSL/DRS conflict.

September 10, 2000-4:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

New Dungeon:

Sounds stupid to me but I haven't wasted my time trying it out.  myschyf over at Lum The Mad posted some info.

Check it Out

September 9, 2000-2:25 A.M. PST-Jackal

Guilds Section Updated:

New info on each type of guilds there will be.

Check It Out

September 9, 2000-1:55 A.M. PST-Jackal

The Attitude of a Townie:

I got thinking about how screwed up and segregated UO is the other day and made this post on the TSL msg board.  Today while fighting in Britain I got thinking about "townies".  There are some definite differences between a townie and a warrior.  Townies hide in town at all costs knowing there charcs aren't complete enough to handle pure PvP.  A warrior will kill enemies anywhere.  So why do people play townie charcs?  I realize its easy but you can't possibly win a war by just controlling towns (that is assuming they can do that).  Everyday I get these idiot townies yelling "duel me", but they have some insane notion that mages should duel in town while they use magic weapons, potions, and pouches (which all help a townie while a mage has no "magic spellbook of vanquishing", potions of mana, or "spear para breaker").  After they get energy field boxed or demon wacked they complain how lame it is (it is lame but what option does a mage have?).  So any tactic that works for a mage in town isn't fair?  It amazes me that these people still complain.  Since the beginning they have seen there charcs go from useless to gods.  Dex monkeys are clearly the easiest and most efficient charcs to play.  While mages have watched their charcs go from gods to semi-useless.  No matter what a mage casts they can't kill a battle ready dexer in 2 hits (not to mention the mana factor).  Yet any type of gimp can kill a mage in 2 hits (sometimes right through RA).  Or maybe they will just hit you with a para-blow a few times in a row.  But hey this really does take skill so "duel me".  Every time I log in I want to blame the idiots like TDP, then I remember it's the Dev teams fault.  They make these types of guilds that run around talking shit and playing gimped charcs powerful.  It makes me sick to know that the whole development team wants PvP to be luck/connection based.  The answers have been thrown in each dev team members face for years now.  Yet I have seen none of the balancing suggestions implemented.  So again it just comes back to another mistake by a worthless/clueless dev team.  I've decided to become a promoter of all non EA/OSI online games.  They can add factions and make a perfect warring system but the very basic parts of PvP are terribly flawed.


Anarchy Online


September 6, 2000-8:50 P.M. PST-Jackal

Have You Ever Been Stuck?

LOL , this guy tried following us around after we killed him at the Graveyard.  Oops!  he doesn't have any teleport regs!

"you are now number 400 on the querry"



OPP vs PH (1997):

An old friend dug up this pic from the old days when PH was just a bunch of sorry want-to-be dreads who PKed outside there guild house.  Good ol'Kodiak Jack, he came across a key to the PH GH and we robbed it on a daily basis.  Since they had no other place to store loot we would just take it daily.

The guy in Red with Bone is me!  The other guy in red is my brother wearing OPP uniform.  The guy in brown is Kodiak Jack.  The guy in plate with a kilt is Pheonix GM of LOL (Legion of Lightbringers) and the guy with a white tunic is Spellblade of LOL.  I'm pretty sure the dead purple fool on the upper right is Speed of PH.



Sonoma Dies:

I have been playing Sonoma for quite some time now and the PvP population has slowly died.  A couple weeks ago I dropped in and killed 5 orange then PKed the entire population of Deceit.  Amazingly I didn't go red but that is how sad Sonoma is now.

September 6, 2000-8:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

AO Movie:

The trailer for Anarchy Online is available for download here.  It's worth the wait, it's one of the best I've ever seen.

September 5, 2000-2:35 P.M. PST-Jackal

Chaos Wins Again:

Several major guilds have undeclared on OPP lately which was topped off last night by one of our major enemies, TDP going Chaos.  I don't really blame them for wanting to stay alive but this isn't fun anymore.  Our most active war is against who?  I can't even think of a guild that fights us on a daily basis.  M^B declared on us last night and only managed one half assed attack with a tamer.  I bet they undeclare within 2 weeks.  About a week ago C^H and -V- started major attacks on us which have diminished to nothing since then.  What is wrong with people?  Isn't there any drive to win wars?  I remember when OPP was fighting just about every major guild on the shard.  We didn't give up.  So why are all these big guilds just throwing in the towel and giving up?  Don't they want to win and have fun?  I know they all have millions in the bank so what do they have to loose?  Ahh well...


Recent Victories:

Anonymous Online


Iron Fist Mercenaries

Knights Of the Purple Horde
Orcish Horde of Fire Island


Sinful Bliss

The Six Pack


Varsity Blood



September 4, 2000-12:154 P.M. PST-Jackal

Seers Live:

These 2 were spotted in Skara yesterday helping out with an event.  Shortly after they left this guy popped up at the Brit Graveyard:

And this from a few days ago at the Brit Graveyard:

Although killing the useless NPCs they spawn is stupid it's fun fighting stuff with 10000 hit points (would be better if they knew how to pvp).  Maybe sometime big groups of seers will get together and attack the GY without spawning hordes of NPCs to lag us and piss us off.



Cowards of Pacific Updated:

I've been slowly adding to Pacific's collection of cowards.

Go check it out

September 3, 2000-3:55 P.M. PST-Jackal

Queen Arafel of S&M:

The creator of the guild known as Steel and Magic was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident last month.  She was one of the sweetest people I met in all my time on UO.  Although we had totally different views of UO, to me she was what this game was all about and she will be sorely missed.  Words can't express how I feel so all I'll ask is that everyone take a moment of silence to remember Lady Arafel Queen and Creator of S&M.  A shrine has been erected by her friend JADE:


It is named "In Loving Memory of Queen Arafel (S&M)" and anyone who wishes to visit it is encouraged to do so ( 44 44 N, 67 08 E, Pacific, Trammel).

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