September 18, 2002-2:39 P.M. PST- Jackal
A Dream Come True:
The Marketing team over at OSI has really outdone themselves these last few months. First that ever so successful name change program that was such a huge failure that they started having GMs broadcast Advertisements for it in UO and now the "Advanced Character Service" for all your newbie character needs! Why spend a day macroing to get your charc to a level where he still sucks when you can pay OSI to do it for you!?!

September 15, 2002-3:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
OPP Joining SL
OPP has decided that we've been Minax long enough. We were going to join CoM, and then maybe TB, but ultimately came to the decision that SL was best for us. It fills our RP needs and since everyone else is SL we can all hide together in all the Yew Forest houses, which are almost entirely owned by SL members now. I also heard our good buddies from TL are joining SL soon! OPP looks forward to good relations with, well...everyone, since they're all in one faction and we will be soon too!

With all this talk about only playing UO to win and there being no point in learning to PvP so you can stand alone, I thought this would be best for everyone. We can all win UO together!!!

*Shakes Head*

Rant Time...
What has Pacific turned into? The whole PvP scene is an embarrassment. I'm embarrassed when I log in and see all these Trammys running rampant all over dungeons finishing spawns in 30 minutes and killing champs five seconds after they spawn. As if the whole Anti vs. PK scene wasn't bad enough, the warring scene is worse. Chaos vs. Order consists of a bunch of gimps running around in circles carrying 10 bandages and a spear or axe. Factions used to be a 3-4 way war. Now it's SL vs. Minax since literally every major TB or CoM guild has joined SL making the faction HUGE, but even less effective. I ran through Yew tonight and counted 13 SL hiding in houses around Yew. None of them would come out to fight me. Why should I even bother?

This Trammel reward without risk attitude makes me sick. No one cares about anything except getting the new item, having the most stuff, the most money, the most points, the biggest guild, the most wars, etc...Everyone is content to whore the game to it's fullest extent and then throw it to the great Ebay god and walk away. Are you all really so ignorant that you can convince yourself that having the most wars means you're the best warring guild? Or because you don't die much that you're a good PvPer? Or maybe because your charc is 5x legendary that makes you the best Blue PK?

UO is still a great game. It can be very fun to work together in a non-exploitive way against the odds to achieve something. Whether that be doing a spawn, running a guild, or PvPing. I remember before publish 16 the most controversial topics around here were: factions, tamers, house hiding, and exploits. Look around, at least the topics haven't changed...
-Factions is a joke with our entire opposition in a house 90% of the time, only coming out when a group of 10+ rolls through (turning it into 20+). They post up and down the Forums about only playing to win, nothing else matters to them.
-Every other gimp newbies main character is a Tamer. I guess it's the evolution of the mindless Trammy. Be the class that takes the least skill to play and has the most "stuff" to show off.
-Exploiting is now Legal as long as you're not PvPing. I remember some idiot got caught using the Z-Axis bug at the SL base and was banned last year. I can't even begin to remember how many times OPP members were thrown in jail because someone reported us of exploiting that bug (which was stupid to begin with since we would just walk in the front doors every time). Have any of you been to Terra Spawn? Apparently it's only OK to exploit if you're not one of those evil PvP types. After all, by the updates of the last 4 years it's pretty clear the entire Dev Team and GM Staff play Tamers and Bards and love to frollic in the woods with the short bus kid and those wonderous flowers!

UO has turned into one huge wasteland of people who will do anything and say anything to "win" (note. win: to do anything humanly possible to have the biggest bank balance and "coolest" items so people will like you as you sit at a bank in Trammel) because OSI refuses to take action to ensure fair gameplay. Their GMs are as corrupt as they possibly can be, the support staff doesn't speak or understand English, and the Development Team is too busy role-playing orc bards in trammel and role-playing out their UO fantasies in real life to listen to their playerbase and make some popular fixes.

Despite their best efforts, every so-called Development Team we've had since the original Dream Team still hasn't been able to run out the people who they appear to truly hate. For me, UO will always be fun as long as I have trash talking, exploiting, skill-less newbies to turf. There really isn't anyone left to challenge us or give us constant action, but there's something about killing that guy who can't shut his mouth over and over that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just can't help it=P

So much wasted potential...

September 14, 2002-12:00 P.M. PST- Jackal
Umm Yah
Pacific is still down. We going for a new record fuck up here? When they said the server would be down for one hour maybe they meant one day?

Shard Issues

September 13, 2002-7:50 P.M. PST- Jackal
We will be taking the Pacific shard down within a few minutes in order to perform a necessary maintenance. We regret the necessity of taking down the shard outside of normal maintenance hours, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will post an update once the shard has returned to service.
Shard Issues

After being down about three hours Pac was brought back up. Who knows what our brilliant friends over at OSI actually did (they certainly don't seem to have a clue) to the shard but the result is a pre-publish 16 sort-of server. The champ alters are gone and you can recall anywhere. Killing a blue results in a short term murder no matter where you are.

No word from OSI in regards to what's going on. In-fact they never even updated Shard Issues when the server came back up so it will probably be going back down soon.

*logs off and leaves*

September 11, 2002-12:01 A.M. PST- Jackal
United We Stand

September 2, 2002-4:00 A.M. PST- Jackal
This Has No Point!

SO! It was an average night in the land of SL...

EQing over and over began to take it's toll...

It was time for desperate measures!

Posing as your average everyday icy wildlife (umm an ape?) we snuck up close!

Alas! They were prepared for our sly plan...

A new plan was in order!!! God (Disguised as a Demon) pretended to abduct none other than none other than Fluffy while the rest of us snuck close disguised as chickens!

Unfortunately, they saw through our plan and quickly rushed out, killing The Slime before our chickens could heal...then retreated back to the safety of their home!

The Moral of this story is:

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