• Ultima Online Heroes of Pacific

    This is a short and distinguished list of people past and present who have made a positive impact on UO through the years. This list will NOT include anyone who consistently used any illegal methods to gain an unfair advantage. This does also NOT include anyone who has made their claim to fame after UO:R.

    Art: X-Dread, X-Anti, Art never really conformed to anything except himself. Art was a great leader and he excelled at helping people train up skills. I think Art was the founder of the Orc Axe, he would run around and beat down NPKs will just his axe. Art was a general in OPP and a great friend.


    Binbs: Although I don't think we never saw eye to eye on things this guy showed what he was made of everyday. In my opinion he's the best PvPer to ever play Pacific. Binbs played with us on a number of UO shards over the years.

    Blade: Blade was the guy who got me really into UO in the first place. He was one of the founding members of OPP, one of the most active, and most powerful. After OSI nerfed the game (stat loss) Blade started looting houses, and ohh�did he loot houses. He had a number of simple tricks he would use to get people to open their doors then he would run in and loot (he also had a number of tricks he would use to stay inside. Many of you may remember Bob/Behemont/cpccz looting your house. I think his full house loot count was over 200 and his partial loot count was about 500. Everywhere we would go we were banned from houses. I had some of my best times on UO with Blade looting poor smucks houses. Ohh and he never used a single bug in any of his house lootings. Everything was just stupid little hiding tricks and newbie gags that worked to perfection.

    Cinder Silverleaf: Back in the day this guy was the man. I remember watching him beat down groups of Dreads all at the same time. I have nothing but respect for Cinder. There aren't many that had as big of an effect on the shaping of the pacific shard as Cinder did.

    Clyde/Mog Durok:

    Dracus: Creator of Evil and father of destruction Dracus was the first to give the Dread Lord a truly evil purpose. Along with the Fallen Lords he brought rping into PvP and was the GM of the most dominating guild to ever exist on the pacific shard. Dracus kept evil alive even after stat loss and the death of the Dread lord.

    Dragon: An original CB member, I spent a lot of time PKing with Dragon WOH (Dragons first character). I can't even imagine how many people we dropped together. No one got away from good ol'Dragon.


    Houdini/Terak: We started UO together back in the fall of 1997 and I have to say we've been through tons and we've had some hell of great times PKing, NPKing, Dueling, Sparing, practicing PvP, or just kickin it. I think we were one of the first groups to incorporate the phone into PvP. One time we took on a group of 12 KGB antis at the X-Roads and killed every last one. Houdini of Thugs was probably one of the most well known duelers and the first person I saw beat Binbs with any sort of consistency. Now known as Terak is one of the most skilled PvPers to ever play UO.

    Juha Elyst:

    Kodiak Jack: I met this guy my first day on UO and he helped me out a lot. Kodiak was the first person I met who could Flamestrike! He would help everyone that called the West Britian Outpost there home. Alot of people owe Kodiak alot. One of the best friends I made in UO. Loyal to the end my friend.

    Lonestar: GM of Heavens Gate LS was a good friend to many and a great PvPer. I think he's still playing UO on one of the Euro Shards.


    McCheese: The first PK to ever kill me. The Dread lady McCheese ran rampant all of Britannia killing people left and right. I just remember getting hit with explosion back when it took a bunch of mana and looked like a red bubble. WTF is that! Uhggg..OooooOo.

    Mysterio/Ranker: Although I never ran into Ranker until later in my UO career this guy was a legend. Leader of the original Dread army and founder of The Mafia, Ranker and TM had complete control of the area North of Britain based around the Britain Graveyard.

    Menzobarenzane: One of the creators of Clan Blood and the guy who turned me to my evil ways. We definitely had some good times together blasting antis left and right. CB was the first was a close group of great PvPers, i miss the old CB days.


    Saria & Roady: These two and their guild are probably some of the nicest people I've ever met in any game. They would give everything they own for a good friendship. I really appreciate everything they have done for OPP and I. Life on UO for newbies would have been a lot harder without these two.

    Sodom & Herself: Two of my best friends in UO, I met these two one day at the X-Roads and after killing two CB members they got automatic respect. We went through a lot together and through it all I still consider them great loyal friends.


    Strum & Lorenda: These two were also great friends who helped everyone out. They were part of the original X-Roads crew back when Saria had a Tavern there. I remember always wanting to be as good as them.

    Wil: Actions speak louder then words. I have never seen this guy spouting off to anyone; he simply lets his skills speak for themselves. One of the few humble PvPers that has ever played.

    Wilson/Helmet: One of the creators of Clan Blood. I can remember his Dread; Helmet, taking down mass blues. He traveled alone a lot but this guy truly kicked ass.

    Yoda: An old timer, Yoda was a damn good PK but often would just kill anyone that was acting like an idiot. He founded Care Bears, which quickly became one of the most powerful guilds. Care Bears was just about the first guild that stressed PvP and dueled constantly. Even after stat loss Yoda led a kick ass group of Stat Loss PKs that killed everything in sight.

    The people listed on this page have been selected based on the opinion of Jackal.
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