• Ultima Online History

    The guild that’s name would soon be OPP was founded in September of 1997 by a group of eight friends from Southern California in Ultima Online. The eight founding members were: Aragon, Blade, Houdini, Jackal, Malius, Mcwop, Shag, and Style. As newbies in a new world, they stumbled upon an outpost along the road between Britain and Yew, which had five re-spawning chests. These chests spawned every 22 minutes jam packed with armor and weapons. After several weeks of sparing for 22 minutes, then raking in loot from the re-spawning chests we were all nicely equipped, had decent fighting skills, magery, and good stats. We placed our first small house in a heart shaped clearing just east of the outpost and filled it to the ceiling with loot. An eight-man guild of swords mages wearing almost black robes and blood red capes was born by the name FUCK (Fearless Untouchable Crimson Knights, yah we liked making friends then too=P).

    Our outpost had been discovered by a lot of other players so onward we moved to the Dungeon Shame where we got our first real dose of Dread Lords. We weren’t ones to ever run from a fight and by most standards we were already rich so we didn’t care about the loot. This spelled certain death for us for the first few days. We quickly learned that we couldn’t count on anyone else to fight the Dreads and stuck together killing Orcs and an occasional Liche in Shame. Together we were always safe and the Dreads didn’t bother us. We began taking down names of people who ran when dreads came and shared them, so we would know whom we could and couldn’t count on. As our gold stashes grew so did our intolerance for so-called “antis” who would run at the first sign of trouble. Along with a number of other well-known Shame Antis we continued to stand our ground and win against the Dread Lords that attacked us at Shame. We began to buy and place other houses in the area between Britain, Skara, and Yew. Our neighbors and friends began enforcing order in the area and ensuring safe hunting grounds for newbies.

    Unfortunately, it was near impossible for our members to stay blue do to the constant fighting we were doing, the lack of a “noto querry”, and people running through our field spells. We would also get fed up with the people on our now very extensive list of cowards and kill them if we saw them. Do to our red status we were continually being attacked by anti groups and finally decided we had, had enough. We began our reign of terror sometime in late October/early November of 1997. With an anti mentality we would only attack those who attacked us or mocked us. This brought our little guild newfound attention and a name change because FUCK was deemed an illegal name (go figure=P). Along with some new Dread friends, Clan Blood (our PK guild) and THUGS (our main guild) were born. THUGS recruited people from our old outpost home and residents of the West Britain X-Roads. Clan Blood enforced justice along the roads, killing anyone that played like a coward. THUGS bought a tower and placed it in the heart shaped clearing where we had put our first home.

    With a new guild house and established hunting grounds both THUGS and Clan Blood memberships slowly took off. We slowly but surely grew in power and wealth for the next several months. In the late spring of 1998 another outpost guild: The Legion of Lightbringers (LOL) approached THUGS with interest of merging and strengthening both guilds. We decided this would prove mutually beneficial and do to new restrictions coming down from OSI we heard we would be forced to change our abbreviation to four letters, so we adopted a new name KAOS. After several weeks with our new name and new merged guild mates OSI decided that the post on their webpage was a typo and it would actually be three letters for abbreviations. After a lot of discussion our name and abbreviation was changed to OPP. We worked hard on guild structure and recruitment for the next weeks when OSI dropped another bombshell on us…

    Reputation was implemented and almost immediately our Clan Blood PKs took stat loss. We lost a good portion of our membership due to this massive shift toward carebear policy and UO almost seemed dead for a few weeks. All the active PvPers were in absolute shock. Guild warring became the alternative and OPP was very quick to declare war on the anti guilds, but none declared back. Luckily, a falling out between the Fallen Lords (FL), The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB), Xlords (XL), and Crimson Sky Empire (CSE) sparked the Pacific shard into a massive war. The Pacific Guilds Coalition or PGC was a coalition of the three major pre-rep anti guilds. It was formed to enforce hand holding carebear gameplay throughout Britannia and to stop the Fallen Lords from PKing. In response, the Fallen Lords created the Dread Imperial Alliance (DIA) and a huge war followed. X-Dreads flocked to the DIA and X-Antis flocked to the PGC. OPP was asked to join the DIA, which we declined because we wanted to retain our own identity. To help OPP declared war on PGC but our request was ignored/declined.
    Our opportunity to get involved presented itself in the form of an anti guild named: Sosarian Militia (SM), who declared war on us and had already taken sides with PGC. The war raged and I mean raged! We fought all day everyday for some time. Back and forth between the X-Roads, the OPP Tower, the SM Forge, and Deceit we battled. OPP membership topped out around 70+, while SM sported well over 100. These wars carried on for several months and all guilds involved had a great time. Unfortunately, the PGC began to loose people, and do to a lack of enemies the DIA began to PK again, which caused quite a bit of internal conflict. SM picked up X-PGC and was now warring both OPP and DIA. About a month later OPP undeclared our SM war in defeat. We simply couldn’t put enough people on the battlefield to compete with their hundreds of members with weakening DIA support. With the loss of OPP support and the massive internal conflict the Fallen Lords pulled out of DIA and the Dread Imperial Alliance was no more. The first server war was over.

    After a long grueling war OPP fell back to the X-Roads where we continued to PK and hold our territory. Several small warring guilds and groups of antis that would attack us regularly at the X-Roads which kept us busy for some time. We started another guildstone for The X-Roads Assassins (XRA), our horde of X-Roads thieves who would extract taxes from anyone who used our road. No one opposed us on our road and our influence once again spread from Britain to Skara and Yew. OPP warred Punishment of Asia (POA) for sometime and learned the true definition of exploiting. Next, OPP teamed up with the Pirate Overlords (PO) to war Nightmare Clan (NC) and Dragons Family (DF). We had several short wars; one to note was our war with The Black Hand (TBH), which ended in a long-term alliance. Guilds came, warred OPP, and then left. We warred pretty much anyone that would declare back. People got tired of the repetitive nature of guild wars and the bandwagoning war guild of the month and left UO. OPP was already on our third generation of members due to OSI changes. Most of us had lost interest in this new nerfed version of UO and the lack of warring. EQ came out in the spring of 1999 and we saw a mass exodus from UO. The majority of the OPP elders still around left UO for good and took the OPP name with them to EQ.

    With the dismissal of most of the older guilds, massive amounts of people quit UO. There was very little leadership and very few wars to fight. New guilds popped into the warring scene and do to the lack of leadership and they bandwagoned like crazy. One of these guilds was TDP who declared war on OPP. We warred TDP for several months in the late spring and early summer of 1999. They began to mass recruit to knock their members way up. At first they took one hell of a beating from combined forces of LCN, CH, and OPP. LCN began to fall apart and TDP undeclared on CH, leaving OPP alone in a guild war against a group that had 5x our numbers. We continued our war for another couple weeks and finally undeclared when a new war popped up in the form of KGB who we had been declared on since the summer of 1998 (the PGC war). Our win streak was over and it was time to change our tactics. The majority of our enemies were using Dragons and selective warring tactics (they would only come out when they had enough people to overwhelm us). Most of our elders and founders had left and we hadn’t put much effort into recruiting. Unfortunately, the new KGB employed the same type of tactics: they would only come out when they had massive numbers.

    The good news was: KGB was not anywhere near as big as TDP, so we stayed in the war and had a good time killing them (even though they only came out a few times a day). KGB started to pull back and disappear for several days at a time so OPP took on a number of other wars. In early October OPP declared war on a somewhat well known ally of KGB: D&S. OPP also declared war on a few upstart guilds like: The Brotherhood of Darkness (BD) and Order of Blackmoon (OBM). With our membership growing once again, OPP was hungry for more wars and declared Chaos. In late November of 1999 OPP began to shut the door on our many wars. Old wars with D&S, BD, OBM slowly ended one by one. The New Year came and OPP was on top of the Pacific war board, declaring war on anyone and everyone we could. Out for blood and now used to being outnumbered all the time OPP stood out. KGB was getting trampled and in one last ditch attempt made a new PGC and undeclared on OPP. OPP moved to our allies stone Chaos from Hell (CH) and continued the slaughter of the new-formed PGC. Our enemies all flocked to this new PGC but it was too little, too late. With a little coalition of our allies: CH, TBH, and TSL we tore apart the PGC handing them loss after loss. By mid February the PGC disbanded and KGB had left the Pacific shard. OPP returned to our own stone and started declaring war on everyone once again. Unfortunately, our enemies that had all teamed up in the PGC had all be defeated and were in hiding. The following month was filled with complete boredom and a serious lack of warring. Our last few wars undeclared in mid March and OPP was left with just a handful of inactive wars.

    A very insulting public challenge was posted on March 12, 2000 by OPP in an attempt to stir up some wars. After our challenge a number of guilds teamed up with TDP in an attempt to take down OPP. Once again the wars raged as our many enemies, who had been defeated, flocked together again to take another shot at OPP. No more then a month later, TDP and their allies were defeated and OPP was left war-less again. By early May OPP had achieved victory over almost every single war we had. Several other short-term wars came and went in the form of Demons of Hades (DoH) and Hounds from Hell (HH). Longtime OPP enemies like KGB even tried to make a comeback to Pacific and got stomped back into oblivion. For the next several months OPP was left with no one fight. OPP fell into a lull and cut recruitment.

    By early August wars were picking up again and OPP members were coming out once again to pick up where we left off. A number of tournaments were held throughout the month of August, which repeatedly sported OPP members in the winner’s circles. The PvP community was picking up again. Some of our enemies returned to UO and started warring again. TDP returned in the form of an Order guild and was trying to war again. There were several major wars raging between the large warring guilds. Unfortunately, TDP had undeclared again and gone chaos so OPP was left out in the cold with no wars. Fortunately, there was plenty of warring going on around us, so we were able keep busy helping allies. Most of our X-Enemies were busy being blue to us so OPP turned to spying and destabilizing our enemy’s from within, which was fun for a while. By late November our allies were all fighting due to the lack of organized resistance. OPP was caught in the middle of two alliances and eventually one of our allies: Dragons Family (DF) turned on us and war began. A number of our old enemies like TDP quickly jumped on with DF for another shot at OPP and the bandwagoning began. However, our warring only lasted a few weeks due to another major change in UO.

    On December 5, 2000 Factions were enabled on the Pacific Shard. OPP and our allies joined the Shadowlords faction and began our reign of domination from day one. Huge hordes of enemies joined the Minax faction quickly making it the largest faction. Within a month Minax was being stomped, so the bandwagon moved to Council of Mages. By mid March the Council of Mages faction was falling apart and the bandwagon switched to True Britains. By this time OPP had been on cruise control for some time. Our membership was totally solidified and all the kinks had been worked out of our system. By mid April factions were dead and the bandwagon was gone. Every faction had been defeated and the Shadowlords were without a doubt the top faction. Boredom struck once again and once again a number of OPP Elders left UO.

    UO History Through April 24, 2001
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