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    The OPP Online Gaming Family was founded in 1997 in an effort to create a uniquely competitive gaming experience for our members. Since our beginnings OPP has strove to remain small and highly active. We focus on organization and player skill. OPP is still run by our original founders and supported by long time members. Our goal in game is to mold our environment to the point where both hardcore and casual members can jump in and have fun. We host weekly events and promote community.

    Over the years OPP has grown to support divisions in numerous games. We've played every competitive game that has hit the market since our founding. OPP is recognized among game developers as one of the worlds premier gaming guilds. Our dedication, gaming know-how, and skill along with our record of never breaking a NDA makes us a valuable asset to developers looking to test their games. OPP members have played a role in Beta testing every major MMO since 1997.

    Our success and longevity is due to member retention. This allows our Elders to focus their efforts on extensively training new recruits that are brought in by our very selective recruitment process. OPP recruitment is Division/Game specific and is only opened for short periods throughout the year. The most important values to OPP are loyalty and leadership. OPP is the kind of guild were guildleaders go to have fun once they've been there and done that. Anyone can be trained to be a great PvPer. However, natural leadership and willingness to be a productive contributor are rare.

    Our recruitment process can be exhausting for people without the proper dedication. OPP generally recruits as a way to bring in friends and family to the guild. We do recruit outside of our circle because it's a great way to change things up. So if you do not have any friends or family in OPP you will have to contact us in game and prove your worth. In these cases we prefer to recruit groups of friends in a group of 3+.

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