• TWO III Take's Their Ball and Goes Home

    Awhile back I made a post about dominions where I outlined some of our accomplishments through September of last year. As we come to the end of this era of Archeage and the start of a new era where OPP is pirate I was reflecting on it all. In the most recent mega thread on the Kyrios forums our enemy's project their insecurities by calling us nonfactors. When in-fact, throughout the history of Kyrios OPP has been the difference maker. In each zerg war OPP has held off joining a side while supporting the underdog. In each of those wars once OPP joined in the underdog side won decisively.

    I want to be clear that I'm not claiming credit for everything that has happened. What I am saying is that the RESULT of this most recent war was a lot like when OPP joined GA to fight TWO: decisive victory. GA had been consistently outnumbered losing fights and had lost all of their sieges prior to OPP joining. Once OPP joined, GA went undefeated demolishing TWO and taking each of their castles. Given our history with these guilds I believe that the threat of OPP evening the odds in the pirate war was more than enough to scare them.

    In reality it only took us a long holiday weekend of fighting TWO III with NaCl/CD to disband them. I guess it makes sense if you think about it. The largest most geared alliance in the history of Kyrios couldn't defeat two guilds. The prospect of throwing OPP into that mix didn't look good for them. I'm sure the constant beat down they took 3-4 days looked a lot like they had imagined. There were several even numbered fights where they got blanked over and over. It can't be great for the morale when you can't even kill one person in the opposing raid.

    The part that's so ironic is that it was their propaganda and behind the scenes manipulation that made us even consider going pirate. By corrupting western leaders with promises of gold and gear they made our decision a lot easier. What's funny is then they get crushed and complained that it wasn't fair. Want to know what wasn't fair? An East + West + pirate alliance that outnumbered NaCl/CD 3+ to 1 and outgeared them by a significant amount. People run their yaps about numbers on the forums constantly so I'll break it down here very simply once and for all.

    A bunch of guilds merged to form one guild that filled up. That's 100 active main characters that moved to pirate together. But wait, there's more...they formed two additional guilds with GB making their own and TT6 doing the same. So even if we put aside the two extra guilds how many of that 100 could they field in a night? Really think about it, these are neckbeards that play a fuck ton. 100? Seriously, the vast majority of them play every night of the week. Their contention is that they never fielded more than 50. You're telling me 100+ of the most active geared people in the game go pirate and under half of them login each night? That's simply complete bullshit. They could field 75 on a bad night and that doesn't include their western buttbuddies that would follow them around with a raid of 30+. I talked about several fights where the TWO III zerg fielded well over 100 players in a news post a few weeks ago.

    So what's next for Kyrios? I think things will look a lot different in a couple weeks but only time will tell. What I can tell you now is that I would like you all to join me in giving TWO III a warm and fuzzy NICE DIE!
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