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    by Published on 04-07-2013 10:59 AM
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    OPP has dropped GW2 as our Sponsored game. Many members still play but there just isn't enough PvP content without any kind of "Guild Wars" in Guildwars (I know right?). OPP played thousands on Tournys participating heavily in paid tourneys until they were removed and helped Blackgate become a Tier 1 world. So GW2 has been put on the backburner until they give us a PvP reason to pick it back up.

    OPP is currently playing War Thunder for our FPS fun. It's a flight sim but to me it's just a different kind of FPS. The game is Free in Open Beta if anyone is looking for a quick games.

    OPP is currently playing UO Immortalis for our open world fun. It's old school precast T2A era fun with a lot of the good features from other eras all in one.

    OPP has no plans to play the relaunch of Darkfall because of the grind. We're watching a number of games currently in Alpha and Beta and will post as we test and decide on our next Sponsored ...
    by Published on 12-31-1999 06:00 PM
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    The OPP Massive Multiplayer Division played Ultima Online on OSI/EA Shards from September 1997 to March 2003 on every NA server. We supported an active unit on our home Shard of Pacific as well as: Chesapeake, Siege Perilous, and Sonoma. OPP is indefinitely boycotting Ultima Online OSI/EA. See our Major Victories and History Sections for a recap of OPP UO OSI/EA.

    Over the years OPP has made a few comebacks to player run servers like IPY/Divinity/UOGamers, but never had enough fun to stick around. ...
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