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    by Published on 12-31-1999 06:00 PM
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    This is a short and distinguished list of people past and present who have made a positive impact on UO through the years. This list will NOT include anyone who consistently used any illegal methods to gain an unfair advantage. This does also NOT include anyone who has made their claim to fame after UO:R.

    Art: X-Dread, X-Anti, Art never really conformed to anything except himself. Art was a great leader and he excelled at helping people train up skills. I think Art was the founder of the Orc Axe, he would run around and beat down NPKs will just his axe. Art was a general in OPP and a great friend.


    Binbs: Although I don't think we never saw eye to eye on things this guy showed what he was made of everyday. In my opinion he's the best PvPer to ever play Pacific. Binbs played with us on a number of UO shards over the years.

    Blade: Blade was the guy who got me really into UO in the ...
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