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    by Published on 12-31-1999 06:00 PM
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    The guild thatís name would soon be OPP was founded in September of 1997 by a group of eight friends from Southern California in Ultima Online. The eight founding members were: Aragon, Blade, Houdini, Jackal, Malius, Mcwop, Shag, and Style. As newbies in a new world, they stumbled upon an outpost along the road between Britain and Yew, which had five re-spawning chests. These chests spawned every 22 minutes jam packed with armor and weapons. After several weeks of sparing for 22 minutes, then raking in loot from the re-spawning chests we were all nicely equipped, had decent fighting skills, magery, and good stats. We placed our first small house in a heart shaped clearing just east of the outpost and filled it to the ceiling with loot. An eight-man guild of swords mages wearing almost black robes and blood red capes was born by the name FUCK (Fearless Untouchable Crimson Knights, yah we liked making friends then too=P).

    Our outpost had been discovered by a ...
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