I posted this on the Official Kyrios Forums:

Sorry in advance for the TLDR but I have something to say here...

When TWO started mass recruiting and trying to buy their way to victory, OPP focused our efforts against that play style. We helped create an alliance of guilds to win several major sieges with the promise that when all was said and done the alliance would disband and we would get back to smaller scale competitive PvP. We did not ask for a castle or gold in return for our efforts because since 1997, all OPP has been after is servers/games with competitive balance. That way we can go play the game and find semi-even fights.

Fast forward several months and the mass recruited TWO zerg has been replaced with an unopposed mass recruited GA zerg. GB has…quadrupled it’s size in the last couple of weeks? I see no difference between the current GA guilds and the TWO of a few months ago. It’s this kind of anti-competitive cluster that makes the game unfun. Because of GA’s unwillingness to stick to their original goals the East has started to zerg up and remaining west guilds have done the same. This is NOT a good thing for Kyrios because there’s less small scale fighting which results in fewer opportunities for newer players to engage in PvP.

When OPP left GA we left on friendly terms and had talked to The Guardians about sieging for fun. Yesterday Asphodel made a post reiterating that exact sentiment. So, with all of the Gankbus girl scout drama aside. OPP has procured the Heedmar scroll and intends to siege Gardians on Sunday. We will include anyone on our side that wishes to participate in Siege content and we encourage Guardians to do the same.

If GA wants to continue to do what they’ve been doing and bring some of the most geared people in the game to mow down people trying to have fun that’s their choice. Either way, from now on I’ll be referring to Gank Bus as The White Order II. Isn't it ironic that OPP is frequently called immature and childish for promoting PvP while many of these other guilds make 12+ page forum threads about a video game crying back and forth like 3rd graders?

If you would like to participate in the siege on the attacking side please contact your friendly neighborhood OPP representative or email Jackal@opponline.net. The only requirement is that you’re level 55. It’s going to fill up immediately and be chaotic so first come first serve. I’ll try to let everyone know if they’re in or not tonight and I’m sure we’ll have some no-shows so we may spam faction for more tomorrow.

If you don’t get the chance to participate this time we’ll try to do more of this in the future (The White Order II drama permitting).