It's a well known fact that the guild formally known as Gank Bus (now The White Order II) has been using their alliance to horde gold to sell for cash on player auctions. Most PvE guilds are willing to accept that and eat the scraps off their table...and that's about it. No PvP guild is going to waste their time watching to see what monster they're trying to kill next. Yawnfest. It's not worth the effort when there's fun to be had PvPing all over the place.

Where is crosses into PvP is when they involve themselves in western fun. I made a post on the Kryios forums outlining the hypocracy of the whole thing. To sum it up, guild X that is part of a huge zerg alliance with guild Y and Z said that they wanted a fun PUG siege. Guild X said very clearly that they would not include guilds Y and Z. With them saying that, OPP muddled through a lot of drama to finagle the scroll to offer Kryios a fun PUG siege. Then Guild X called in guilds Y and Z and spawn camped all of the PUGs that came to check out sieging. Classy right? "That will show them for believing we're not total bitches and thinking people can have fun playing with us!"

They're so cocky that they didn't even bother to hide it. They nuked another castle and a bunch of housing just to make it so that guilds Y and Z could be there to zerg down newer players. Fine, people are bitches and we're all used to that. What's lame is their shortbus retards went on the forums claiming "good fight". As if everything that happened didn't happen or wasn't planned. I guess they were thinking this would hurt their enemy's morale? or something? I don't know. Good luck with that.

So good job, you fucked up what should have been a fairly even siege and wasted a couple hours of people's time. Nothing has changed except the evaporation of your credibility Guardians. As always, I'm stuck frustrated that people's fun revolves only around winning. Fuck any semblance of a an even fight, your friends, your class, and your credibility as long as you can win and as long as your friends can keep raping people on player auctions.

Oh Well...It's effort on our part to try to organize fun things for the server. It hurts everyone when guilds make huge alliances and it hurts them even more when they setup an elaborate lie to try to ruin what should be fun player run events. Today was a bad day for Kyrios.

I leave you with a pic of people following us through a gate to one of our guildhouses...splat.