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Thread: TWO III Pirate Zerg Grows, West cowers, East dies...

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    TWO III Pirate Zerg Grows, West cowers, East dies...

    As I talked about in my last post; the most active and geared East and West guilds merged into one zerg. Keep in mind that both of these sides had the numbers and gear to fight within the faction system which would have kept a healthy and more fun 1v1v1 fight. There's been a lot of talk about this on the Kryios forums that can be summed up with one post from a vocal member of the TWO III zerg:

    Jackal...the point of any boss fight is to kill the boss, obtain the loot, then give the loot to a member or sell it. If this is contested by anyone the best course of action is always to kill anyone not on your side.....i figured this was common knowledge.


    We are not here on pirate island to fight fair. Its a civil war. Survival of the fittest. We will either win or we will lose. Time will tell.
    So TWO III will do whatever they can to gain an advantage and "win". Look, this isn't groundbreaking news. Their existence already tells that story. What bothers me is that everyone else on the server is so incredibly cowardly that they are willing to let 10% of the players on the server ruin the end-game for everyone. In-fact, the cowardly leaders "heros" of the west are such groveling bitches that they'll help fuck up Kyrios for a head pat from the mega TWO III zerg. I'll get more into that below.

    Since TWO III was created they've been fielding more each day. It appears as though their win-at-all-costs zerg will take anyone with a gear score and a pulse. Last week when they went pirate they could field the most geared raid in the history of Kyrios. But that wasn't enough, Two nights ago at ghost ships TWO III had 1.5 raids (~75 people) vs. ~30 pirates. At yesterday's Red Dragon they took it a step further. They had 2 raids + a west pug raid helping them vs ~30 pirates. I'm talking about ~130 players to fight 30 people! Last night they attacked Morpheus AND Anthalon at the same time to force the pirates to pick one to defend. The pirates picked Anthalon. So TWO III hid in the NUI denying them PvP. When the pirates moved to Anthalon TWO III would move out to disrupt and then run back to the NUI and hide. It's not just their stupid numbers advantage, it's the fact that they will do anything to win like I quoted above. Cheating and abusing mechanics to "win" is all fair according to them. These are toxic server ruining zergs that liken back to PGC in UO and the Chinese in SB.

    The fallout from all this the East can't even fill a PvP raid because the three most active east guilds merged into TWO III, the West is in full nutcup mode with the super zerg, and the real Pirates are left to fight the entire server. I can't emphasize enough that these guilds (east and west) field similar numbers as the pirates on their OWN and have similar if not better gear. If the TWO II guilds weren't such giant bitches, a unified West had the most people. That's what's so ridiculously bitchmade about this whole situation. You have a group of players with retardedly high gear score, that won't go anywhere without full pots, that are so incredibly bad at the game that they need a 3-4 to 1 numbers advantage to beat a couple AA founded pirate guilds.

    Like I said above, I've seen some pretty retarded shit over the years but the gear differential in AA makes this the funniest. There's some known gamers in TWO III. If I were them I would be so embarrassed right now.

    Since people have a tenancy to dispute numbers we have started taking more videos. Here's a couple screen caps from them.

    In the distance you can see TWO III under the dragon. Behind my view and on top of me there's about 40 members of the west pug. I have Kittens, Monopoly, and Alpaca (all west "heros") in these videos working with the TWO III zerg attacking OPP and downing Red Dragon.

    In this one you can see ~40 TWO III hiding in the nui from about 25 pirates at Anathalon.

    There will be more to come on this...
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