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Thread: The West Joins TWO III

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    The West Joins TWO III

    A couple nights ago 12 West guilds held a meeting where they ultimately decided to officially join the TWO III alliance. They will remain West but enforce a "ceasefire" pretty much anywhere and everywhere. As I pointed out in my last posts, that means that it's basically the entire server vs two pirate guilds (NaCl and CD). If I were the pirates I would be flattered that it apparently takes an alliance of ~20 guilds that can field 5+x their numbers to fight them. So it's basically worst case scenario for Kyrios. The mindless zerg has decided it's in their interest to try to grief an active guild off the server because they aren't individually skilled enough to fight them with smaller numbers. They're all a bunch of cowardly little girlscouts if you ask me. So the only question that remains is, what will the pirates do? We'll have to wait and see on that one.

    Due to these developments OPP will be formally retracting all of our "Pro-West" policies outlined on this news page previously. It simply goes against everything we stand for to allow anyone to form an alliance that encompasses 90% of the active players on a server. We've seen this kind of bullshit in other games and it always ends bad for everyone involved.
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