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Thread: OPP Goes Pirate

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    OPP Goes Pirate

    Last weekend OPP made the tough decision to go Pirate. This was obviously not a decision we came to easily but one that was the best for us given the current makeup of the massive TWO III zerg. As we discussed, last month TWO III pirate zerg struck a deal with all of the populated Western guilds to attempt to exclude OPP from western events. Although they weren't really able to exclude us from anything, they did successfully stop any chance of a real western alliance. Several guilds refused to group with OPP which frequently led to two western raids that were "by themselves" not large enough to fight either enemy side. The west needed OPP to be able to compete with The Pirates and/or TWO III. This originally why we changed our "whats best for OPP" to a "what's best for Kyrios (0ro western)" stance. A stance that the East/West/Pirate TWO III alliance manipulated and baited some western guilds into rejecting.

    As a result of TWO II merging with the major east guilds to form TWO III the Eastern players that had been dominating eastern gear drops left the east high and dry.

    As a result of TWO III lying to Western guilds about gear and gold drops they have eliminated any chance of there being a functional Western alliance.

    I'm very concerned with how the TWO III super zerg's actions will effect the health of Kyrios going into server mergers. Either way we can say that OPP was the one major guild that made a serious effort to keep a healthy three way faction war going. Keep in mind that we made this effort to promote competition even though it went against our roots. Now that effort is done and OPP has moved to Pirate under THUGS as a throwback to our roots.

    OPP has had quick success as pirate that I expect to continue. We have clearly defined goals that we and are actively working toward.
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