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Thread: The Shit Talking as we Wait to Learn the Fate of Kyrios

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    The Shit Talking as we Wait to Learn the Fate of Kyrios

    Despite losing a desperation war where they outnumbered and out geared their opponents, the now scattered forces of the old TWO III alliance continue to fight their battles the only place they can - the forums. The most recent thread is 20+ pages of rehashing what already been rehashed 50x. I summed up the numbers discussion in an earlier news post:

    A bunch of guilds merged to form one guild that filled up. That's 100 active main characters that moved to pirate together. But wait, there's more...they formed two additional guilds with GB making their own and TT6 doing the same. So even if we put aside the two extra guilds how many of that 100 could they field in a night? Really think about it, these are neckbeards that play a fuck ton. 100? Seriously, the vast majority of them play every night of the week. Their contention is that they never fielded more than 50. You're telling me 100+ of the most active geared people in the game go pirate and under half of them login each night? That's simply complete bullshit. They could field 75 on a bad night and that doesn't include their western buttbuddies that would follow them around with a raid of 30+. I talked about several fights where the TWO III zerg fielded well over 100 players in a news post a few weeks ago.
    Enough with the past. Lets talk about the future: With server mergers coming up there's really only two things that can happen:
    1. Trion opens Mergers to Kyrios and guilds come over that can lead the broken East and/or West. A number of guilds that could do that have already committed to doing if allowed.
    2. Trion only allows mergers off Kyrios and the disbanded forces of TWO III leave the server which basically forces everyone else to do the same.

    Either way it's been a great run. If it's the end of Kyrios we leave with OPP sitting on top of the Dominion Ranks. If not...more to come.

    I leave you with a Leviathan doing backflips...
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