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Thread: OPP Drops Archeage as a Sponsored Game

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    OPP Drops Archeage as a Sponsored Game

    OPP has dropped AA as a sponsored game. We had hoped that after server mergers some competitive players would merge to Kyrios. Unfortunately we came to the realization that the only guilds left are large gear driven gimps. Nearly all of the fights are Zerg vs Zerg based around PvE content. Maybe 1 in 50 players will even entertain the idea of a competitive fight and there's only a handful of players on the server that can consistently win a fight without gear or numbers advantage. The playerbase is just bad so we just roll over people which is not very entertaining. It's definitely not the kind of fights we look forward to.

    Most core OPP Elders have moved on. OPP members are free to continue to play under non-OPP tags.

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    AA was a wild success for the guild. We had a lot of folks (including myself) return from inactivity, and we picked up a number of quality new players who love the OPP culture and will be continuing on with us to the next guild sponsored games. One of my favorite times in AA was the early game Hellswamp tractor blocking, where we would do a double line of tractors to make riders escape ineffective. The scathing insults spewing from the hopelessly stuck pack runners made my drunken sides hurt from laughter. When Trion moved that from the game it really set the tone that they valued carebear protection over our open world create-your-own-content playstyle. All good things come to an end, as AA has, but we are well poised now to dive headfirst and make a big impact in the next chosen game.

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    Reminder for AA friends, you can use the tab at the top of the page to join IRC and catch up on what OPP's doing, what games we're looking at next, etc.

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    I had a great time, and will continue to play intermittently until the pvp/game dies. It was great to reconnect with old friends, and meet new friends after being away for so many years.

    I leave you all with a friendly message from your local dictator.

    Rejoice in the good times that were had -- Don't be sad because they're over!


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    Had a ton of fun in AA with OPP, can't wait for the next game.

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