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Thread: OPP Albion Recruitment

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    OPP Albion Recruitment

    OPP has been participating in the final phase of the Albion beta. We are ramping down and finalizing our launch plan. We always open up recruitment at the launch of a new game and this will be no different. For those of you who are new around here: OPP generally doesn't recruit and when we do it can be very difficult to get trial access to the guild to even get into the recruitment process. This is an opportunity to get into that trial access if you know someone in the guild to vouch for you or you can try to contact someone in the guild and convince them you're worth our time.

    Recruitment will remain open from now until we get through launch. Good Luck.

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    hello Jackal its sweets from Archeage i see guys are going to play this game and is wondering if u are still looking for people to join the guild i had to make a new opp account since my old one would not password reset

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