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Thread: The Good, The Bad, and the Win-At-All-Costs

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    The Good, The Bad, and the Win-At-All-Costs

    Guildwars (Dominion) are active in Archeage. Although there's a number of limiting factors that tone them down, in the end it equals more competitive fights for us. Most of Kyrios has spent the better part of a year cowering from competitive PvP while running their cock holsters in faction chat and on the Kyrios Forums. They can no longer do that, even if we can only war them for a few hours. I wanted to take a minute to recap our accomplishments so far and look at OPP's start to Guildwars in AA.

    • The Import/Export Business: After a successful land rush and a very aggressive land expansion campaign OPP controls key points in each important zone. Key to all of this is our control of the most important land in the most profitable zone: Hellswamp. From there we run a very lucrative business.
    • Pillaging: OPP members have infiltrated each coward loaded guild on Kyrios. Our efforts in this area have lead to the looting of thousands of packs through intelligence and straight up plundering. Most notable was our complete looting of Dream Evil: Operation Pornstar. We would have done a couple more mass lootings but we've been grabbing packs from these guilds everyday for months and they haven't figured it out so I think we have found a better niche. It's the OPP Kyrios Guild tax. If you have a guild full of fuckbags we'll take a tax of packs from guild land each day.
    • The Protection Business: Our most profitable business is our mercing and protection businesses. Each day OPP protects the transport of hundreds of packs. Over the last year OPP has overseen hundreds of thousands of packs safely to their destination. OPP will guard anything anywhere for the right price and we essentially never lose them.
    • Siege Effort: Sieging has been a low priority for OPP due to the political climate of the server. The cutcupping that goes on leads to uneventful sieges. However, there have been a half dozen meaningful sieges. During that time OPP chose to get involved in sieging and it lead to victories each time. It's worth noting that the General Assembly Alliance (now known as TWO II) lost each of their offensive sieges prior to OPP involvement. While OPP participated in GA we were undefeated. Since OPP left GA they have siege blocked each attempt going as far as abusing exploits to destroy their own castle to prevent a loss (I still consider it a loss but I'm sure they don't). OPP News on that.

    I'll make an effort to cover our guild wars here. We've had a number of interesting wars the last few days. We've been focusing our efforts on guilds that are generally toxic and filled with loudmouth scumbags. That said, we also drunkenly declare just for fights...especially in the evening. We'll do what we can to generate competitive PvP for our members. But wars don't always generate competition of PvP. I'll give you a couple examples.

    OPP declared war on Dream Evil a few days ago and it lead to some even fights. Even fights that Dream Evil leadership have been claiming they win for months now. Even fights that they got completely destroyed in once their ego's forced them to actually do some. Competitive? No. Did they come fight? Yes. So Nice die which is more than I can say for the next war.

    Guardians have been peace blocking us since they upgraded to level 3 a few days ago. At 2 in the afternoon on work day they finally dropped peace and declared on us. What happened after that was hilarious and fits perfectly with their reputation saying one thing and doing the complete opposite. It's mind boggling that people belong to a guild like this. I get Dream Evil: their members are little man syndrome types. I don't get Guardians: their members are just complete cowards and OK with that?

    So what happened? The Guardians declared war and then hid in the basement of a building in a city with tanks spawned to guard the door and green healers setup in a zone where we couldn't kill them. Shocker, another GA guild openly exploiting game mechanics right? The kicker is that they had use outnumbered by over 2 to 1. Now I understand that they know we'll beat them even numbers and probably even 2+ to 1 odds. But still...war dec and then hide for an hour? I go back to not understanding why anyone would want to be part of that guild. It makes me sad for gamers everywhere.

    Beyond those two we've had several smaller scale fights that have ended in fun for both sides. More wars to come this weekend!
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